Inchcock: Monday 10th October 2022

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06:25hrs: After what must have been a dozen waking-ups with the shudder and or jerk since about 01:00hrs, I finally forced myself to stay awake this time. Well, when I shone the torch on the clock, I got shocked; when I saw how late it was.
I battled my way free of the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner. Did the waking exercises to catch my balance, grabbed Wooden Wally, gathered the clothing needed, and hobbled off to the wet room to get the ablutions done.

I got the shaving done first, and there was deserved afterwards! , why you ask? total? None! Of course, I knew it had to come one day. A curl of the top lip, self-satisfaction, and even an imitation moment of cockiness was enjoyed. Which was too much, of course… , a put an end to my smug mode and smarminess straight away! I’d stubbed it against . Back to my regulation state of uneasiness, agitation and apprehension. Humph!
The teeth cleaning produced another lump of tooth falling off of the double molar.
The showering was going along fine… Until I dropped the shower gel bottle and bent to retrieve it. I headbutted the power box! It’s all right, though; the shower was still working. Then my were tackled. I was overjoyed to see that had not been bleeding. Thus, the ointmentating was almost a pleasure this time.
The Phorpain gelling went smoothly. The knees, chest and ankles were done. Although the ankles were a pain in the neck, back and doudounes to get at.
All done, leaving the dressing to be done. Today, this meant tackling the sock getting on with , who’d already had a go at me with the toe-stubbing! As per the instructions, I got sat on the Throne and struggled to fit the small sock on the grid, but suffered no injuries on the first one in fitting and using the glide. Any . For the more troublesome right foot had yet to be done.
Nervously I made a start on getting the sock fitted onto . I wee bruise on the right middle finger. Then getting the foot through the wires and into the sock… A cut, bruising and scratch-free operation!  , I just couldn’t help but do it!  Two functions of the fearsome , for only one tiny bruise on the finger! Out of the wet room, and no walking or banging into anything hard. It’s going well here! To the kitchen to get the kettle on.

As I was filling the kettle, I saw how clear things looked outside. Time to get the Lumix and try for some good photos to be attempted taking!

I was as pleased as punch with the first one.
The second one, a close-up of the moon, was not so good. No moon landscape definition at all.
Still, one out of the two is not so bad… is it?

I took the camera to the computer to see if the Lumix had taken recorded them on the SD card I got the computer booted up and was pleased to see the photos on there. Then I got carried away starting to update the Sunday blog for an hour or so. Then realised I had not made the brew of tea. So, back to the kitchenette… but…

and !!! I’d left the hot water tap running in the kitchen sink! .
All the good luck I’d had, shrivelled in my memory. Replaced by this stupid, gut-wrenchingly depressing cock-up I’d made with the hot water, yet again!

I cursed . So venomously, viciously and angrily that it almost immediately, kicked off, giving me some stick again. For five days now, she’s been enjoying herself at my expense. Tsk!
Not that it calmed down my annoyance with Dastardly Dementia Doreen at all.
Blimey, it getting late now. Anytime now and or the DVT Warfarin Haematology nurse may be arriving to see me. As I thought about this; sounded, and in walked .

Richard soon detected that I was all uptight and asked me why. Told him about the hot water farce and Anne Gyna coming back on. I mentioned how she always starts in the same place and then moves around the chest cavity randomly. This got a surprising response from Richard. “That’s not Angina then!” “It always stays in the same place!”

Well, I could remember when I mentioned the moving chest pains to the Doctor… years and years ago. And her reply: “That’ll be again, I’ll put some tablets on your prescriptions” And that was it for a year or two until Anne Gyna got worse, and I visited the Doctor again… She put an under-tongue spray on the list. And it terrific, practical ease of the pain. Then out of the blue, she took it off of the prescription, telling me it has (Whatever it was) in the spray that was affecting my Warfarin level.
Do you remember the days when you could go to see the Doctor face to face? Happy times, but no longer.

So now, I’ve got to go see her about the… what she told me was Angina, and it was getting bad again. Well, getting an appointment to see her about the Severe Frailty Test took me a few months to get to her. The Queen dying got the first two appointments changed until later – naturally, I forgot to get Deana to change the Easy-Link lift, and I went to an appointment that had been cancelled, and the last appointment was changed as well. Anyway, Richard and I had a natter after he’d given me the medications. I gave him his Monday treats, and off he poddled, taking the waste bags with him.

Minutes later, the DVT nurse arrived; a lovely lady, but so busy. I had to push it to get her to take a thank-you treat was

Was clattering about again, but I didn’t bother banging back cause my spirits were sinking. I tried to contact Warden Deana about ringing Easy-link to confirm the bus for Friday, filling in the Easy-Link questionnaire, phoning the doctors for an appointment about the Angina, and something else I’d forgotten what that was. They all need sorting, though… but how am I going to do it? and now.

Finally, I got the Sunday blog finished and posted it.

Problems with CorelDraw, Word and WordPress got me feeling even lower. I lost many hours with these problems knowing they would return. Fed up, in pain (), and now Saccades-Sandra is really making seeing hard work on the computer.

Sorry but I’m giving up on it. It’s getting close to the Evening Carer call anyway. I’ll get summat to eat. Rice, methinks I should be able to eat. TTFN.

Took a couple of snaps from the kitchen window. I won’t get any food yet; it’s later than I thought.

I’ve not done the !
I have now!

Jodie arrived as I was just starting to tuck into my delicious 7-vegetables and BBQ sauce bowl of rice. The Lumix has stopped working again; my photo of the bowl of rice and vegetables, and the evening view from the kitchen, sadly, never made it onto the SD card!
Jodie found my lost Wooden Walter walking stick for me. Bless her! We had a natter and laugh.
I gave her a large bar of Cadbury’s Caramel chocolate extra to the regular treats for finding the wooden stick for me. It was in the kitchen. Where I’d looked for it on several occasions? Jodie took the waste bag with her to the chute.

He was not interested in allowing me to get to sleep. I spent hours trying. I stayed up – no sleep again! It must have been around 05:30hrs that I gave up and rose for a wee-wee.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock: Monday 10th October 2022

  1. It’s so easy to get distracted and forget things. Excellent moonshots. It’s a super bright moon. Hard to get detail. Excellent ode as always.

    • Merci Mon Ami. Aamable di su parte. (Bet I got wrong?) Deana told me.
      Got some Duracell hearing aid batteries today. Great tabs on them, that make it so much easier with the PN, to put im the aids. Grrreat!

      • Blimey, I don’t believe it! Hehe!
        Well pleased with the battery tabs, Tim. Never seen these before.
        First Report Exclusive: Inchcock makes and EATS a complete meal!!! Hehe!

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