Inchcock: Tuesday 11th October 2022

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35:30hrs: I gave up trying to get any sleep. Disentangled my blubbery body from the c1968, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner.
Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, initially, but it turned out to be, yet again, a long, drawn-out session.
I’d got the wrong glasses on, so there was no counting the cracks in the ceiling tiles this morning.
A proper, painful one, dead on the flipping right foot’s . Argh-Ugglethump!
It’s now 6½hrs later, and it’s still tender. Humph!

Arrived, and he seemed in decent spirits, although his yawning and talking had returned. Odds are the lad will be well-knackered by tomorrow! We had a little chin-wag after he’s done the medications. He shot off smartly, bidding me farewell, taking the black bag to the chute.

Started earlier with his clumping and tapping. ON and off all say. (As of 13:30hrs)

Lap-Top Dancer Warden Deana to the rescue again!

I rang ILC (Independent Living Coordinator). Obergruppenfhüreress and Lap-Top Dancer/Desk-top dancer Warden Deans. I’ve been trying many times on Monday to catch her. But the gal is so hectically busy, I don’t know how she manages with all of the tenants needing help. I got through this time; her tone of voice immediately indicated she was up to the neck in it again to me. Bless her; she’s an important meeting to get through today; if she gets free in time, she’ll try to get to me. I did mention the Easy-Link booking for Friday and the new times and that I needed help with filling in a form that I just cannot read; the print is that small. Still, there are a few things of the miniature size I’ve had to live with. Hahaha! Hard to believe, but I forgot to ask her to ring the Doctor’s for me. To book an appointment or talk to the Doctor on the phone (which is most likely nowadays). Of course, they often cancel or move the day and timing,

I took this snap from the kitchen window.

And the Asda order arrived…
Grated Leicester cheese, potato Rosti, fresh leeks and spuds, and another bag of just leeks. Then:

I ordered some more of the take-your-breath-away and burn-your-tonsils Salt & Pepper chips – my mistake! The sliced spuds looked okay. A can of chilli con carnie for Josie’s on Sunday, and a Mexican bean chilli for me, which I may regret when I have it. Hehehe!
Naughty mini-packets of Jacobs Leicester Cheese and BBQ flavour.

.Minutes afterwards, the Amazon man cometh.
Bearing two boxes of goodies.
The bacon-flavoured bits. To go in the rice of chilis.
And the Duracell hearing-aid batteries. The sticky tabs on these made it a breeze to fit them into the aids. They cost a lot more but are worth it.

Then as I was getting the hearing aids in, along came ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana. She looked a little stressed. But I soon had leer smiling and laughing. She filled in the questionnaire for me and said she’d post it as well, bless her cotton socks. Then she called the Doctor for me to make a telephone appointment. I got one for Tuesday the 18th of October: in a week’s time. So, another week of agony with Anne Gyna to put up with. If it starts getting any worse, I may phone 111 and ask for advice.
Deana told me she had arranged for the lift to the Diabetes meeting for Friday at 10:30hrs, returning at 13:30hrs. She is good to me! ♥ I gave her the spice potatoes and the bag of prepared leeks. And a jar of the Dolmio 7-Vegetable sauce to have with the vegetables. Tickled-pink with them, she was.

Off she trotted, and within minutes, I was tackled pink – I’d got into the WordPress Reader at last! So I dived in for a good read of the other folks’ blogs I’d missed so much. Dozens of them to get through, but I like it!

A mug of tea, and I got something to eat. Just as started to kick off again… Grrr!

For the Asda (Walmart) Parmentier potatoes, I had to cut some of the larger pieces so that they all cooked at the same time. The veggie-burger I could fo in the microwave while I got the potatoes out and 7-roasted-veg sauce added; the mini-burger takes just a minute.+
I got the spuds in the oven. I had 25-minutes while they cooked. Do put the TV on and got sat down: This could have proved fatal meal-wise!

Waking up with a jerk and jumped 40 minutes later, and could smell the aroma of the sauce in this room! I suppose there was a mini adopted. The brain was talking to me, anticipating a burnt offering in the oven, and a slight annoyance at myself…

But things turned out great. I must remember this next time I get some of these spuds from Asda. Give them 40-minutes to cook, not the recommended 35-minutes on the label.
They were delicious! Taste-Rating: 9/10!

Arrived, the poor gal was in pain in both of her thighs. Sam’s Doctor told her to take Paracetamols. We had a natter about the shop prices etc., telling her of my idiocy in ordering the Salt & Pepper chips from Asda. Sam selected a thank you drinkie, and she took the waste bag out when she left. ♥

22:00hrs: The unloquacious, haughty, pompous, pretentious, uppity, snobby, toploftical, smug, stuck-up, bloody-noisy neighbour in the flat above started banging about again! After four of his bangs were replied with Wooden Wally Walking-Stick on the top of the high bookcase, he stopped. Hurrah!

But of course, I was expecting him to start again, so getting to sleep was out of the question, yet again. And the management of Nottingham City Homes will not hear a word against him!

“He is a wonderful man, makes steam models for charity! “The fact that he stops me from getting to sleep didn’t come into the equation!”


13 thoughts on “Inchcock: Tuesday 11th October 2022

  1. That political cartoon does hit truth. What gives with all that regalia weighing down his jacket? Yet…they may help him secure a position in a tough job market. At least we may laugh at it without fear of being locked away in a garret. Just as we must laugh at the celebrities of Hollywood — and not *just* Hollywood — who command the attention of the tabloids as well as every other “news” outlet out there. Worra Waffle, innit or innit not?
    Richard the Knackered Yawner. A stalwart fellow and caring Carer. Wish I had a magic elixer for wot ails the chap. Drats, I do not.
    Then there is Deana, who manages the impossible with grace and charm. Your humor is well-timed, genuine, sharp, and much needed. Internationally of course.

    • His Highness (?) has had little to do all his life he’s spent talking to tomatoes (No faukt un that, mind), and waiting for his Mother ti retire or depart this mortal coil, but it tool her too long. He now looks as old as his Mother did? Hehehe!
      According to the Royal Purse Controllers, that set-up he had on cost half a million quid to restore for him to wear it? Apparently, originally made for King George VI 1936 – 1952, but he never wore it? The medals were changed to suit Charles.
      Worra Waffle, innit or innit not? It be!
      I gave the lad a extra load of food in thanks this week. Each time he calls, I cunningly ask if he likes this or that, and get some for him. Not veggies though, he doesn’t like leeks! And was not impressed with the 7-Roast Mediterarian Vegetable sauce – and the lad will never grasp why or what we are trying to achieve… But, Bless him, a more caring Carer does not exist! I’m lucky to get him! As yesterday and today proved – a natural born natterer – an excellent quality, methinks! And as Yawners go – I’ve never seen a betterer one!
      Deana is so special! As is HRH, so I have two Angels in my life! ♥ Cheers to all. ♥

      • The only life he has known is waiting to become a King. Nowt but a year younger than us, at a time when the British Empire was rapidly disappearing and the US presence was ever widening…We should invite him to join the NonFitterInerers. HaHa!! Well, I must admit that my medals are few, how’s about you? There are those bullets you have…another waffle then. I enjoy our wafflings and faffings about.
        Never say veg… Stopped myself there. Ha!! Natterings go well with waffles and faffs 🙂
        Two angels are better than nowt. Sayeth Bill’s.
        Cheers to all who enter Flat 72!!

      • Worra brilliant idea for Charles Billum! I like it.
        Carer Sinnead called last night, Billum. A lovely gal. Always smile-Laugh-ready. Her laugh is a quiet one, and cute. You and HRH would like her, Billum. Non-pretenious. (Hope that’s the right word). ♥
        Two angels are a blessing, Billum. And the odd twinkle from Pinkie! ♥

      • Ah, the Special Carer Sinead…
        Who my appreciate she does feed,
        Looks after me when I’m in need…
        In ratings, she is in the top three indeed…
        When she calls on me a bottle of Meade…
        From my treats drawer, will be freed!

        Cheers, Billum, hope you are doing okay, Sir.

      • Sinead is now among my favorite of your Carers.
        Visited the Gastro, Dermo, *and* General Physician (GP) this past week. My DVT leg was sore, so my new GP referred me to a Vascular specialist. Had I mentioned that a new technique not based on Warfarin is becoming available? Will find out more about it on 1 November methinks. I’m glad you asked, because we are going to Lisa’s dental connection in Lexington, Kentucky (the one 72 miles away). Leaving tomorrow (Sunday) for an early morning appointment on Monday. Hoping that the computers work this time.
        Hence the delayed responses. Haha-Groan.

      • Fine news Sir, on the non-quack front & Dentist.
        I oray that things work out smootherer and less hassled this visit. I’ll be wishing through the ether for you both on your marathon dentist visit. Fitting in your multitude of medicalisational is going to be a trial, I understand that, Billum. So please do your besest to ‘Keep-Calm’ my friends.
        Fingers corssed on all fronts! ♥

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