Thursday 27th October 2022

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At 02:00hrs, I burst awake with a twitch, tremor, and judder. The reactivation of my brain cells concentrating only on what it was that awoken me so abruptly.
Within a minute, I’d risen, struggling like an elephant would, and as on my feet, Wooden Walter (the walking stick) in hand, and had a look around every room nook and cranny; to find the root cause of my rude awakening.
Nothing untoward was found! Maybe I was dreaming, and something happened that shook me awake? No, not likely, is it?
As I investigated in the kitchen, the early morning sly caught my attention, and I fetched the Lumix to take these shots. Although they were disappointingly poor, the top one has Venus in it. My cyber buddy Tim in New Mexico, a brilliant photographer, tells me that Venus is brighter at the moment.
It’s just a shame I am not bright enough to take decent photos anymore. You can hardly see the planet at all, but even to my cataracted eyes, it shone out like a bright pin in the darkness. But not on the Lumix. But it didn’t bother me much.

I got the done while my mind was still working.

The figures were all recorded and transferred to the NHS analysing site. Still up in the Hypertension Red area. In fact, the SYS: 169 and DIA 78 resulted in my being in Hypertension-2?
But that is better than the previous two days’ checks. They were in Hypertension 3+ – then 3, so they seem to be coming downwards, now at Hyper – 2!

Mind you, the body temperature was virtually spot on!

Got on with updating the Wednesday blog and got it done by about 05:00hrs. Which was quick; I fear I may have missed something off; that helped time-wise but not news-wise. Hehehe!

I visited at 05:20hrs, then 6:20, and the third one at 07:40hrs. All calm since, but things can change. Har-har!

Did some Pinteresting of photos. Then had a right farce with creating the CorelDraw graphics. Freezing, foreign to me messages coming up in code of some sort. I just crossed my fingers and waited, sometimes for far too long, and it stuttered back to responding each time.
But when I went on Word to create the daily ode, that was toying with me as well. The darned thing was changing things as I was typing more?

I was getting more and more uptight.

arrived as I was just going on for the fourth time to the Porcelain Throne. But each visit is pain, blood and effort-free! !
Richard was so tired-out, bless him. His last shift of this session. The lad needed some R&R. He checked the dates on some foodstuffs when I asked him to. He took a carrier bag of fodder to the waste chute with the normal bags as he left. And his bag of treats in thanks.

Got some spuds in the slow cooker, seasoned with sea salt and Balsamic vinegar. Black pepper and a splash of the Hickory Liquid Smoke.

Got the can of the 400g Princes Plant Based Mexican Bean style chilli in the saucepan.
It smelt a little too strongly seasoned for my tastes.
So, I added plenty of tomato passata and some of the 7-veg roasted Mediterranean sauce.

Warmed it and tried a spoonful…
is not going to take to this… Way too hot for me, even with the sauces. So as a last effort, I added some of the distilled vinegar, stirred it well on to saturate through and turned off the heat.

Pressed on with this blog until Esther arrived. She went through my pockets to look for money again when I told her I was struggling to find coins to pay for the EasyLink bus in the morning. She took £20 and went off to see if she could get some change for me.
She returned later with ten pounds in change and a tenner. That saved the day!

Checked on the meal – Disaster! Just too hot for me to cope with. I threw it away, washed the pots and started again on another meal.

A can of ‘All Day Breakfast. The one that Carer Richard found to be almost out of date on his checks this morning. I added half of the jar of 7-Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable sauce and nothing else… Oh! sorry, I did put some tomato passata with basil in as well.

The substituted curly fries by Asda were crap! Rubbish! But I managed to eat most of the other stuff. A taste-Rating of 6.5/10 was given, but I may have been a smidge over-generous.
Back to rice tomorrow? Oh! I might be able to get some of the imitation belly pork when I go to Bulwell in the Morning? We’ll see! I’ve got to see if I can be there in time and not forget about catching the EasyLink bus first.

Life with in your brain is not easy… Your best-laid plans mean nothing! Frustrations, failures, and Depression is guaranteed!
I put the nearly eaten meal in the kitchen, and fatigue hit me; no choice other than get sit down and accept the upcoming sleep that the body is demanding.

Burst forth and roused me from the sweet dream I was having, and my brain was struggling with the rude awakening. I lay there waiting for the to come in.
No one did? So, I hauled my hippopotamus-like but wobbly frame up from the recliner, and I went to investigate.
I had left the door locked? I must have locked it after Esther left? It was arriving. I apologised for locking him out. The lad was okay and looked a little tired but soon got the medications sorted out. He was soon off, taking the waste bag with him to the chute and a cold drink from the fridge in thanks.

I resettled in the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, itch-producing, none-working recliner. And woke up nearly five hours later, much refreshed at 01:00hrs.

6 thoughts on “Thursday 27th October 2022

  1. You struck out on food. Maybe the Plant Based Chili was hotter than you anticipated. Often extra spices are added to plant-based products trying to give them some flavor. But there is no excuse for making bad curly fries. At least your photos came out great.

    • Baffled myself with the fires, mate. I took one out of the oven to test it to see if it was cooked, tasted crispy and okay to me. But once on the tray, they went so suddenly-soggy on me? Humph!
      Saw Jupiter again this morning by the way. But by the time I got the Lumix, the clouds has hidden it again.

  2. Complete Hogwash, Gibberish, and Utter Nonsense…just what I was looking for, mate. So good timing brought it to the Manor.
    Jittery photos make it real, do it not?
    Dangspranged BP color was decidedly too red, Sir. May the last of Oktober and the advent of November find your caricature less red. And therefore not so attractive to any raging bulls that might be frequenting Flat 72.
    An image of Esther shaking yer trews mightily just played in me head. Whar’s that change, Ger?
    I hopeth that we witnesseth a little RichardR&R for the next few days.
    And I agreeth that that-there nosh might have deserved a rating less than 6.5. A 4.5? Wer weiss. 🙂

    • WE could mayhap get together, offering ‘Random Balderdash at Reasonable Rates’, to the population of the earth? Billum? Hehe!
      Jittery photos, ah, I’m becoming s specialist in creating these. Haha!
      Just made a check, Bill, can’t see any raging bulls, Phew!
      Billum knows, I knows Billum knows.
      Hello… the Thrones calls again… TTFNski, Sir and all the Manor Residents I love.

      • Brilliant plan, mate. Finding decent Balderdash that is both reasonably priced *and* randomly available is near to impossible, innit? Gad! You might find raging bulls on one of the jittery photos. And when the Throne calls you must heed, of course.
        Much love from us guys!

      • Ah, or in the clouds Billum pareidoliaing? Haha!
        Guess who got all confused this morning thinking the Carer came late… then out his computer on to find it showing an hours differentce to the cell phone, wristwatch and three clocks in the flat? I did feel a fool when I rang Jenny to ask what the time was… Dementia Doreen assessment on Tursday at the Doctors, the Wednesday the cataract final assesment and hopefully operation. Virgin internet going down on Wednesday for upgrading… not that I could use the net for a day or two, or until the bandaging comes off the eye, all hassle here, Billum.
        Thanks for the caring Sir, I would love to come over and see you all at the Manor. ♥

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