Inchie: Thursday 1st June 2023 – Cataract Operation Day

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IT’s no good, I just can’t see we;; enough yet to do anything-

Evening: Try to catch up in a bay or two, and see how it goes

I can see now why they told me to get a Carer to stay with me for 24 hours- it’s horrendous.

12 thoughts on “Inchie: Thursday 1st June 2023 – Cataract Operation Day

    • (Forgive any mistakes, struggling here… and to hear… by dear.)
      Ah, Caregivers, the one who went with me, had to leave part way through. That really confused mem. and I was confused enough before she left. She arranged a lift back for me before she left while I was in surgery. Nice gal, had no choice got to to get to her normal shift duties. She looked so tired, poor thing. No complaints from me though. Just utter confusion when I got back out. Har-har… nothing new there then.
      No Carer to stay with me was available. But a 6’4″ young man (Chris) called to put the drops in five time next day… well, four he missed one, and issue medications.
      Sticking the pad back on was a hard job, it kept falling off and I had to ‘patch-it-up’ Hehehe!
      I’ll get (hopefully) back to blogging in a few days, Rachel. I can manage the odd quicky I think. Written Blog, I mean. Haha!
      Difficult as well cooking and handling the catheter. And the unmended WC tank refilling is worserer on Back ~Pain Brenda… why, I think the eye drops have given me the runs. Chris said it was a side affect, I’ve been upo since 0400hrs for the first visit, and have had two more since (0605hrs), messy! That’s 12 buckets of water lugged from kitchen to tank, and Brenda is not happy with it. I can feel more gurgling from the innards as I type this.. ~OH dear…
      Thanks Pet, appreciate it. ♥

      • Oh dear! Lovey, if I were across the pond, I’d gladly give you a hand. I hear the first couple of days are the worst, then you should feel remarkably better. I pray you’re on the mend SOON! Hugs, Lovey! <3 xoxo

      • Thanks Flower.
        I’m still struggling. Now I swear I’m poring things not mugs it whatever, that I’m over the pan, mug or whatever. I’ve missed totally. Hehe! Spring water, tea, washing powder, toilet paper and ‘other things’ have found there way to the table or floor instead of the target receptacle. Can’t bend down to clean it up… well I can, but can’t get back up again. Haha!
        I love a hug… even an ether one. ♥♥♥

      • ………………..
        Sorry to keep you waiting, I was savouring the Ether-Hug, sweetheart.
        Back to the EENT Hospital next Tuesday. To find out if a nee Cornea is needed, my flower. I think and hope not. This morning when the carer came, I could see every tablet, first time for a long time. Bless you for caring.

  1. I hope you got a carer to stay overnight with you. Eye eye! Being a cyclops pirate is tough going.

    • No luck with the Carer, Tim. The nice lady who went with me had to leave while I was in surgery, to get back to her own job and shift. She arranged a lift etc. with things taking so long with the ‘Problem’ they found. I had to sign a thingamabob accepting I knew the chances of success (Age & ailment the surgeon said) was 30% of me needing a new cornea afterwards. I think he said cornea? apparently something in the eye had ‘cone loose?’
      No in flat Carer available. Can’t be helped with the Hospital giving us such short notice.
      Got back, phoned to tell them, and Carer Chris, called from 1800 to 2200 three times to put the drops in and medicate me. The eye pad fell off after each occasion. He took a photo… reminded me of a horror movie, what I could see of it. Hahaha!
      Also, this morning I’ve had three trips to the ~Porcelain Throne. Liquid messy!
      12 buckets of water carried from kitchen to not-working WC tank. Back-Pain-Branda is not happy. Took an extra Codeine, and will ask the Carer to put on some Phorpain gel as soon as he/she arrives.
      Walled on a bit there, sorry.

      • That’s a heck of a note. Not surprising there were other problems after they took so long to perform the surgery. Hope it comes out well.

      • Cheers, ~Tim.
        This lasr day and this morning, I’ve missed so many targets with liquids and solids, the flat looks terrible.
        Trying to get a blog done – Liberty-Global Virgin, who went down the day before for “Essential upgrading”… went down eight times yesterday, losing me work in progress… /Fed-up!
        Cheers mate.

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