Inchie: Monday 19th June 2023: Ablutionalisationing Trials & Accifauxpa

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I was no sooner down in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable,  decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, creaking, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner, and I was off in a deep cataphora! But, it only lasted a couple of hours. I was more like a catnap! Thanks to…For the first time ever, Colin was affecting both hands and fingers! Naturally, I coped in my usual pain-bearing way. Being the calibre of man that I am. (Cough, cough!) Any wailing noises heard by my neighbours would likely have been in my sleep while having a nightmare.

Here is the drip tray with the night bag in it, catching the state of my water-leaking, one swollen, one not, legs. With Lymphorrhoea Leslie, Odious Odema Diana, and the ankle ulcer; leaking fluid and the odd tiny globules of blood. I could feel and see some more storage space they had made for themselves just under the ankles. It’s a game, innit?
A slightly better measure in the bag, especially for five hours.

No immediate call for the yet, so I had a rare mug of tea and just three dunked bikkies for breakfast.
Naturally, the tea was decaffeinated. Again,

Well, I knew today may well break the time taken record again. I was right! You see, I’d been walking about the flat for ages without any socks or slippers on. That is because it’s such a hell of a painful arduous task getting them on.  (Pity-Search-here?)
I can’t see very well since starting the Opatha and Maxitrol eye drops. The soles looked almost black to me, so today, I’ll stand in a bowl of soapy water when I take the shower; I might put a tiny drop of bleach in it. The morning exercise time… yes, the – well, not exactly, the action bit is in agonisingly carrying buckets of water to refill the unmended W.C. water tank and not working cold tap. Still, it’s only been about three months since the problem was reported to Nottingham City Homes maintenance, and I’m in pain hauling the water every time I use the . But I don’t want to rush them… Let’s face it, what’s a little agonising, painkiller-needing bother from once or twice a day… Surely whoever reported it for me, must have told them about this problem? Int life good?
Anyroad, today I wore the reading glasses just in case the torpedoes need a lot of prompting to escape my innards. Now I could at least have a go at the crossword puzzle while waiting.
(More Pity-Searching Here?) But it caught me out today, and came out quickly; it was a deep orange colour and stunk to high heavens? And I only ate a pot noodle yesterday, and three bikkies this morning? Messy too, which cost me even more time to get cleaned up. What’s going on here? Tsk!
The shaving went well, just two tiny cuts. The teeth cleaning was put on the back burner; until I find where I left the toothbrush? Got the bowl filled with water from the shower, added Dettol and washing-up liquid, and stood in the bowl, ready for a good scrub-up…
As I reach up to get the shower thingamabob, my feet slipped on the bottom of the bowl…
I knocked the bowl over as I lunch at the grab bar, holding onto it for dear life as I spun round and hit my bum on the tiles, but prevented a proper tumble.
Apart from agony from the bum, , pouring blood, a bruised knee, giving me some, and the valve getting opened in the shuffle and merrily releasing pee all over, it wasn’t too bad.
It took me ages to get the place, and me sorted out. I was a smidgeon shaken up but persevered with the showing, but at a reduced rate and with extra care. I dare not use the bowl again. So I thought, “Ah, I’ll use the loofah to reach the feet’s soles…” but that seems to have joined in the toothbrush in the AWOL list? Some days are not good… well. all of them for me!
However, things may have been a lot worse if I’d missed or failed to hold on to the grab rail. I’m sure the soles of the feet were not cleaned properly. But did I care by then? No, not a lot!
Finished the shower, got the reading glasses back on, and towelled off, then started the medicationings.
I actually counted them today, but I forgot how many.  More than on here me, methinks;
❶ Olive oiled the ear holes.
❷ Little Inchies Fungal Lesion creamed.
❸ Ointmentated the Catheter straps, and dried the pouch.
❹ Dried the , both
and .
❺ Germolened .
Phorpained as far as I could reach.
❼ TCP’d the Mystery chest-tummy, whatever they are.
❽ Then, the painful and impossible one! Daktacorting Little Inchies Fungal Lesion. Which is usually the trickiest of them all, pain-wise and tactically.
Having the Catheter tube inserted, and refitted so often over the last… how long has it been? It must be three or four months by now; it has and is nigh-on impossible to get the cream where it is needed to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, it is easy to get the medication onto one’s testicles. Arrgh!

The Second-Worst Dressing Job First
Getting into the protection pants!
The knees and water-filled legs do not want to raise enough for me to get the second leg in! I can’t use the picker-upperer, because it tears the fabric it pulled at. So I’ve worked out a sometimes successful trick. I get myself either back to the sink, or in the corner of the room, for best. But the legs do not want to bend enough, so I lean to the left and often get the foot in the lefthand side after getting the right one in.
Then getting the pants up to the intended area is obstructed by . Many tears happen when I do this, and I have to start again, win, or lose at this stage,  I can assure you starts kicking off!
Thank heavens I only wear trousers when I have to go to the hospital, Dentist, EENT or any other medical calling.
Cause they are so painful to wear.
As for wearing socks, without help from a carer, it’s virtually out of the question. Not long ago, I had to use the dreaded
Now as my faculties and body deteriorate, I can’t even manage to use her. , the Papules, , even can stop any chance of using the blood-causing Glenda anymore.

and pool together, to somehow make me forget to ask the Carer to help me get socks, shoes, or trousers on, on the day needed.

I got carried away there. Better put summat else other than tales my sufferings and woes, Hahaha!

Where was I?
Who am I?
Why am I?
Oh, yes…

The feet and legs were always changing, leaking, then drying, growing, or shrinkingHey-ho!

Well, what a record… 2hrs-25minutes
to get the Throne & ablutions done!

Little Inchie off again, poor little mite!

Nice morning

Pondered over what to have to eat later…
The result was nothing. I’m just not hungry.
Meals over the last few days have been
tasteless anyway. I did have some biscuits, though
with my two cups of tea.

Hristina, the wonderful haematology DVT Warfarin nurse, arrived to take some more blood. ♥

A little uncertain as to why I took this one?

Confusion today over the eye drops, but I had them all.

The end car park now the short rain had stopped.
You can see the mudslide from the cut-through on the right into the Woodthorpe Park area. And my neighbour’s balconies!

I took another shot to the left of the balcony.

Then around 17:00hrs and over the next few minutes, I took several shots of the oh, so wonderful puffer clouds.
Pareidolian’s Delight!
Pareidolian’s Delight!
Pareidolian’s Delight!
Wow, Gorgeous! Took this again to get the sun

Gawd knows what happened here.
I seem to know that Carer Chris came twice more.
Vaguely recall taking a tumble, well more a stumble.
Then nothing for three hours or so. (I think)

Got on with this blog, until the fatigue came over me.
This is unbelievable, cause apart from the wet room battle, I’ve had the easiest day for ages?

But I still fade as the day progresses.

Not hungry yet.
The .
I’ll finish this in the morning…
All being well!

I had a tasteless Pot Noodle, I thought I’d better eat something, even if I can’t taste anything nowadays.

Carer Chris made the last call. Medications were given to me, and Maxitrol and Optha eye drops were inserted. Night Catheter-Pouch added to .


Inchie: Tuesday 5th September 2023 Expecting Nothing, and Got it!

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Thought-Storming-Trevor Inspired
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I Struggled With This One… Humph!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
You may not hear/read this very often again… but apart from the eyes and a little bother in the lower regions. There was nothing bleeding or bothersome when I woke up in the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner. It’s true! But being the warranted pessimist I am, I crossed my fingers!

It was later than usual as well. And I cannot recall waking up with the usual jumps, jolting, jarring, buffeting, or twitching very often, only a handful of times. The miracle was not having any interference from ! I do declare I think I just may have smiled to myself… Yes! And, smugly, too! Of course, my experiences in life, are not good enough for me to accept or to so with pessimism, that this situation… this one every 25 years happening; euphoria-moment, can last. I have a personal conviction that the bad luck I was born with and into, has been with me for so long, and will be so until the end. I’ve still got most of left! No false hopes for me! Anticipate the worst, and accept with penitence, disillusionment, and maintain my belief in necessitarianism. I can’t help but involve myself in self-philosophising, and fatalism, yet try to do it with resignation and stoicism. Thus, I’ve managed for many years now to handle defeats, failures and guilt.
I’m well-practised in being defeated, beaten, ignored, failings, mentally and physically, and sinking into momentary depths of depression; by convincing myself I don’t deserve any better. I think my teen years activities, are now being repaid. Fair enough!
Yet I love to help others when I can. Later Life became difficult and lonely. Cecutiency, deafness, and all the ailments have gathered together to affect my body and mind.

I almost feel guilty, and wonder if some of them should have been given to someone else. Too late now. Hehehe!
Crikey, I waffled on there… Sorry about that.

I thought I’d try to tidy up the Carers desk, in the hope that I could think of a system for doing the eye drops so as not to miss any of them. !
As I bent down to Hoover the carpet underneath the table, I , not that it bothered me, of course. I scoffed at it, grinned and then a belated time-warped pain arrived from the toe nail. Swear? Curse? Spit? Me? Well… yes I did a bit, actually.

I sorted the four waste bins out into one black one. And hobbled with it to the front door. I knew the start today was too good!
I bent down to straighten the bag, and my mind engaged, and I realised I’d not cleaned up around the Carers table yet. That (2  things) were enough for me, to jump in and get me to lose my balance, assisted by . Great! Now I’ve broken the new two-week-old varifocal spectacles, as I caught my forehead on the corner of the wall! . But all these things are down to either the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits, or the Fata Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind, or my born with and have onto ever since, Bloody Bad Luck! I suppose that has to take his share of the blame as well.

Well pissed off, and I went to get a bottle of water from the kitchen fridge. Lovely shade to the misty view this morning.
So I got and took this snapshot.
Made a mug of Glengettie and got the computer on. Carer Candis arrived, so the tea was allowed to get cold again. I have done that regularly recently. Nice to see her again.

An email from Iceland was checked. Some non-instock items. One milk loaf and one vegan slice, which means I lose out on both 3 for £5 offers. Oddly, they could manage to find two others of the same products, which I had to pay full price for. Hey-Ho! At last, got back on the blogging. Sorting the SD card photographs out, and I started involuntarily crying in both eyes! I wonder if the dry-eye spray should have been stopped taking? I’ll have to try and find out about this. I got an email with a link in it for the Iceland Delivery. I clicked on it, one stop away, but some distance away.
So, I had time to respond to my second call to the .
Trotsky was in charge again. And the colouring and odd flat shape as the content escaped from my innards with ease and haste.
Still no Germoloid cream arrived. The Sudocrem is of no use at all. No pain relief at all. It just stains the protection pants a greeny-yellow colour.
Aha! The Iceland order cometh.
The kind driver carried the bags through to the kitchen for me. Glad I ordered some more toilet rolls, what with the evacuations under of control of Again the shortbreads were on offer, as were the cookies, and Carers ice cold coffees
The baking potatoes were expensive. The baby new potatoes were too as it happens. Look fresh, though!
The meat ends ham 3 for £5 all came. One for me, One for Carer Kara & one for neighbour Josie. That’s the plan! Hehe! I’ll see if we like the ‘Free’ strawberry yoghourt later. Same distribution plans for them.
The freezer was well-filled. Cram packed!
I struggled to get the Wholemeal bread inside but gave up in the end.
I can get Kara to pass it on to someone who will get benefit from it. Got the fridge filled as well.
Just after putting away the food and bags, Carer Kara came again.
She liked the meat; and took the loaf to a resident who she said would appreciate it. A good gal, Kara.
My last job with the foodstuffs was to top up the Nurses’ and Carers’ nibble & drinkies shelves.
Back to the computer…
Unfortunately, the Oligarchs went down for the fourth time this morning… oh, it’s well into the afternoon now.
Where did all the time go?

I’m going to have the small potatoes, burnt ham, and tomatoes for my meal.
I may be back! Hehehe!.

I’m Back! Wednesday morning to update what little happened next.

An especially good-looking meal was prepared.
Potatoes, tomatoes and end cuts of whatever it was. It looked fantastic!
Put the TV on and got settled with my feet up, the food tray balancing rather dodgily on my knees, and started to tuck in! chimed out, and Carer came in. Pulled his leg a bit about his bad timing at first, but it was my own fault for not realising how late it was. Home-based guilt! He got the medications sorted and eye drops in, in a short time, and even replaced the tray on my knee as he departed.
Disappointed at the meat being 70% burnt skin. That is how I used to like it… But the decaying teggies bled and I broke a bit off of bicuspid as I did my best to eat some. Ah, well, my own fault again for buying it!

Had a go on the computer, but had several more brown-outs from famously inept mob from USA Liberty-Global. The number crunchers and Smoke & Mirrors Oligarchs.
This took their tally of failures today, up to seven.
Sad, innit? Computer off, and I fell asleep in the c1966, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner. Carer Benjamin woke me again, and I got the eye drops, and night bag attached to the . I wished him a thank you and a good break. I think he said he’s back on Saturday. A good lad.


Inchie: Sunday 18th June 2023

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I woketh up, well pleased with the few hours kip I’d attained.
Then noticed the legs. The left one was flaming bloated, massive, the right all skinny. And, water was spouting out of both leg ulcers and the papules on the left one. Tsk!
When I moved in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner; to get to the night bag for detaching from .

The urine in the bag in the drip tray was a little too coloured, but it’s been worse lately, so no complaints.

I took another look a few minutes after sorting the bags out, and the water was still coming out of the ulcers and papules. Although more slowly than earlier.

Off to the . I didn’t get out of the room for over an hour. And that was to lug the water to refill the non-mended W.C. water tank. I had not had a shave or shower, so no cuts or nicks this morning. What delayed me this time, was the agony, of waiting for the action to start from the rear-end department! The regulation two torpedos took a long time to begin its journey. The eyes were not able to read the crossword book clues, which disappointed me a little. I couldn’t see the cobwebs or cracks on the ceiling to count! I imagine the new eye drops were the cause of this dilemma.

Cleared up the used pouch, wrapped and sealed and into the waste bag. Then I titivated the kitchenette a bit. Not a lot!

Got the computer on, downloaded the photos from this morning and last night and…
went down on me. Well, well!

I made up some drink mixers while waiting for the Smoke & Mirrors: (someone who draws attention away from often embarrassing or unpleasant figures or issues) Oligarchs at Liberty-Global to get a signal to me.

When it was the Carer. I was Gobsmacked at the time. He’s not been informed of the changes. He said he’d inform whoever was coming next time; it was not midday, but 13:30hrs or thereabouts. To get back on schedule. to give the four-hour break. The gal arrived near midday.
No problem with this at all. I just got a little confused. Which takes no effort at all nowadays. Hehehe!
The Carer, who came second, was okay about things. She’d not been told either. And she returned later and did a great job with the drops before rushing off. Hope she wasn’t too messed about; bless and thanks to her. The 1800hrs call next, back in order again. I thought we (well, they) handled these issues with efficient aplomb, as well.

Finally, I got the Saturday blog posted to WordPress.

Emptied the day bag.
The papules (Lymphorrhagia Leslie) and both of the ulcers (Odius-Odema) were no longer leaking fluid, well, just the odd tiny bit bubbling out now and then.

I got the cover on the computer swivel-chair rearranged.

Found this snap I took early this morning.

The White Toe End

The Hallway

Little & Large…

Bottom Car Park

Today’s Mystery Photo?

Cor-Blimey! What a mess the feet and legs are in!
Odius-Odema and (build up bags on the feet) Lymphorrhagia Leslie are having a ball with me. Ulcers, papules, and the heels keep spewing out liquids in varying degrees. looked up the feet-fluid bags. It’s the great escape of the lymph from lymphatic vessels that have been injured. Of course, I knew that. Hehe!

I took a few snaps of the ever-darkening late afternoon.
Rain on the way, methinks?
The clouds still hold a beauty for me
Pareidolian’s Delight

The first evening Carer arrived.
Did a grand job on the eyes for me.

Back to the kitchen window as the rain started.
Naturally, I took these through the window.

Good Heavens, Little & Large again.

I’m not really hungry, may just have a pot noodle and bread roll, methinks. I’ve lost my appetite and my taste buds these last few days, seem to be on strike?
I had a pot of Sweet & Sour Noodles, with added sauce. And defrosted two bread rolls. Again… little taste came through. Glad I didn’t waste time, effort and money trying to make a ‘so-called’ favourite meal this time. Sad innit? 

The last of the day caller, arrived, Richard.
He got the night pouch attached. Maxitrol Eye Drops in did the medications during the five minutes break between drops applications, then did the Optha drops. Left me with my 3-minute finger in the eye near the nose process as instructed, and got off on his rounds.
Richard said that the NHS was now using Gaviscon instead of Peptac. But, the flavour is even more vile than the Peptac was; that was a horrible taste. This new one is made with… and the thought makes me want to puke… ANISEED flavour!
Ah!… I wonder if this almost poisonous-tasting medicine, combined with the new Optha eye drops, could be what’s causing my taste buds to revolt? Hehehe!

But, the eyes are worse than ever this morning. I’m assuming they will remain the same for the two months I’m on them?
Then hopefully get the eye done that needs the cataract that was repaired removed, and lasering off. A stitch in the eye for the crack. Then start again with another cataract procedure.
Then, if I live long enough, the left eye cataract to be done.
Then, the Glaucoma (No idea what the treatment is for that, I’ll look it up later) in the left eye needs doing.
I looked it up on the NHS site:

There are several different treatments for glaucoma, including eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. The best treatment for you will depend on your circumstances. Treatment can’t reverse any loss of vision that has already occurred, but it can help stop your vision from getting any worse,
Well, that’s cheery news!

Sleep Glorious Sleep was attained within seconds of my head downing! I’m serious, I was off like a log!
I burst awake, in agony from my old foe, A pincer movement attack this time – both hands and fingers.
Hours later, I managed to nod off, but it was not worth it; it was only an hour away from when I needed to get up; So I could spend the 2 hours ablutionalisationing. No doubt with a visit being activated as well.

Still, I’m not complaining really.

Inchie: Tuesday 6th June 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Great shade of urine…
And it’s all mine…
So, no need for me to whine…
At last, a positive sign!

Body Checks
The IV bruise looking a little better.
The legs – a little fatter?
Also, better feet and ankle ulcer!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hard but still messy.
After using the stored-ready water containers to refill the non-working W.C. water tank (Waited Ten weeks for a repair up to now, and not due until July 7th) Thus, I am sentenced to agony on every visit to the Porcelain Throne or WC.
Has anyone told them? I was forced to take some decent painkillers in an effort to calm down my anger-ridden . It’s a cruel world!

I rang to see if I could get a lift to the bank on Wednesday; they told me to ring back in case there was a cancellation – but, no such luck. . It was still slightly The conversation was difficult, and , and , not to mention my troublesome .
But the Lady was patient and made sure I’d got the right details, when I booked a trip with them for Tuesday 13th June; to the .

Carer Kara, ensured a lift to the bank with a taxi company for me and a Carer (Christopher?) for Thursday.

I tried to sort out the things I need to take to the EENT with me for the visit, but I was struggling. So, I’ll ask a carer to make a list for me. Shaquille?

Asda food arrived.

The fridge & freezer are full now!

And Iceland delivery arrived.Which, I could swear I made for next week.
Another cock-up on my behalf!
I must get a grip on these date mix-ups!
Even more, food is crammed away now!

Started to prepare the meal of the day.

Got it served up with some added beetroot and the last of the bottle of Borscht, and some Zirnelial peas. Sob!
The meal was one of my tastiest yet.
A quarter of the way through it… and
. No Carers
were due? So I put down the delicious
food, and off to the door to investigate.
It was . She couldn’t get her remote control to change the sound on her kitchen TV. It really bothered her. So I went in to have a look, thinking that the remote might need new batteries. But no! Poor Josie could not see which buttons controlled the sound on the panel. It took a long while to explain, and she kept wanting it louder and then quieter. She could not grasp which buttons to use. Bless her. And with her bad sight, had difficulty in her seeing which ones to use, and kept pressing the ‘Mute’ button in mistake. I drew a map, if she can see it, of where the volume buttons were. Eventually, I got it how she wanted it and departed back to my cell… er… flat.
And the cold meal on the tray. Hehehe! I still ate it without microwaving it to warm it. With a glow inside, cause it’s marvellous when for once, I can help someone else. I ate it all up with a wholemeal roll, and still enjoyed it!

Must have been tired, I can’t recall the evening caller; what happened or when I got to sleep?
Nothing until waking up in the morning.
Another strikes!