Inchie: Sunday 18th June 2023

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I woketh up, well pleased with the few hours kip I’d attained.
Then noticed the legs. The left one was flaming bloated, massive, the right all skinny. And, water was spouting out of both leg ulcers and the papules on the left one. Tsk!
When I moved in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner; to get to the night bag for detaching from .

The urine in the bag in the drip tray was a little too coloured, but it’s been worse lately, so no complaints.

I took another look a few minutes after sorting the bags out, and the water was still coming out of the ulcers and papules. Although more slowly than earlier.

Off to the . I didn’t get out of the room for over an hour. And that was to lug the water to refill the non-mended W.C. water tank. I had not had a shave or shower, so no cuts or nicks this morning. What delayed me this time, was the agony, of waiting for the action to start from the rear-end department! The regulation two torpedos took a long time to begin its journey. The eyes were not able to read the crossword book clues, which disappointed me a little. I couldn’t see the cobwebs or cracks on the ceiling to count! I imagine the new eye drops were the cause of this dilemma.

Cleared up the used pouch, wrapped and sealed and into the waste bag. Then I titivated the kitchenette a bit. Not a lot!

Got the computer on, downloaded the photos from this morning and last night and…
went down on me. Well, well!

I made up some drink mixers while waiting for the Smoke & Mirrors: (someone who draws attention away from often embarrassing or unpleasant figures or issues) Oligarchs at Liberty-Global to get a signal to me.

When it was the Carer. I was Gobsmacked at the time. He’s not been informed of the changes. He said he’d inform whoever was coming next time; it was not midday, but 13:30hrs or thereabouts. To get back on schedule. to give the four-hour break. The gal arrived near midday.
No problem with this at all. I just got a little confused. Which takes no effort at all nowadays. Hehehe!
The Carer, who came second, was okay about things. She’d not been told either. And she returned later and did a great job with the drops before rushing off. Hope she wasn’t too messed about; bless and thanks to her. The 1800hrs call next, back in order again. I thought we (well, they) handled these issues with efficient aplomb, as well.

Finally, I got the Saturday blog posted to WordPress.

Emptied the day bag.
The papules (Lymphorrhagia Leslie) and both of the ulcers (Odius-Odema) were no longer leaking fluid, well, just the odd tiny bit bubbling out now and then.

I got the cover on the computer swivel-chair rearranged.

Found this snap I took early this morning.

The White Toe End

The Hallway

Little & Large…

Bottom Car Park

Today’s Mystery Photo?

Cor-Blimey! What a mess the feet and legs are in!
Odius-Odema and (build up bags on the feet) Lymphorrhagia Leslie are having a ball with me. Ulcers, papules, and the heels keep spewing out liquids in varying degrees. looked up the feet-fluid bags. It’s the great escape of the lymph from lymphatic vessels that have been injured. Of course, I knew that. Hehe!

I took a few snaps of the ever-darkening late afternoon.
Rain on the way, methinks?
The clouds still hold a beauty for me
Pareidolian’s Delight

The first evening Carer arrived.
Did a grand job on the eyes for me.

Back to the kitchen window as the rain started.
Naturally, I took these through the window.

Good Heavens, Little & Large again.

I’m not really hungry, may just have a pot noodle and bread roll, methinks. I’ve lost my appetite and my taste buds these last few days, seem to be on strike?
I had a pot of Sweet & Sour Noodles, with added sauce. And defrosted two bread rolls. Again… little taste came through. Glad I didn’t waste time, effort and money trying to make a ‘so-called’ favourite meal this time. Sad innit? 

The last of the day caller, arrived, Richard.
He got the night pouch attached. Maxitrol Eye Drops in did the medications during the five minutes break between drops applications, then did the Optha drops. Left me with my 3-minute finger in the eye near the nose process as instructed, and got off on his rounds.
Richard said that the NHS was now using Gaviscon instead of Peptac. But, the flavour is even more vile than the Peptac was; that was a horrible taste. This new one is made with… and the thought makes me want to puke… ANISEED flavour!
Ah!… I wonder if this almost poisonous-tasting medicine, combined with the new Optha eye drops, could be what’s causing my taste buds to revolt? Hehehe!

But, the eyes are worse than ever this morning. I’m assuming they will remain the same for the two months I’m on them?
Then hopefully get the eye done that needs the cataract that was repaired removed, and lasering off. A stitch in the eye for the crack. Then start again with another cataract procedure.
Then, if I live long enough, the left eye cataract to be done.
Then, the Glaucoma (No idea what the treatment is for that, I’ll look it up later) in the left eye needs doing.
I looked it up on the NHS site:

There are several different treatments for glaucoma, including eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. The best treatment for you will depend on your circumstances. Treatment can’t reverse any loss of vision that has already occurred, but it can help stop your vision from getting any worse,
Well, that’s cheery news!

Sleep Glorious Sleep was attained within seconds of my head downing! I’m serious, I was off like a log!
I burst awake, in agony from my old foe, A pincer movement attack this time – both hands and fingers.
Hours later, I managed to nod off, but it was not worth it; it was only an hour away from when I needed to get up; So I could spend the 2 hours ablutionalisationing. No doubt with a visit being activated as well.

Still, I’m not complaining really.

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