INCHY: Thursday 7th September 2032

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Today, I almost relaxed; It went less rancorously!
I still hate HMG for living costs & acting recessionary…
It’s down to them, and the power of the Oligarchy!
Thought Storms were there,
But somehow, I coped uncaringly…
Not that the day went happily or cheerfully…

, was a bully,
Concentrationless, confusionableness; barmy!

There was sparse logic or congruency!
Decisions, and actions, were taken bathetically,
Indeed, the whole day went chimerically,
Hence I wrote this piece of cacography!
The day was full of anfractuosity…
I didn’t get much worthwhile done, you see…
Spent most of the time self-admonishingly!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mmm… a little dark this morning?

Sorted the waste bins into one bag, and put it near the door.

Looking good?

Mist clearing sooner today.

Made a brew of Glengettie, and dunked a few (3) of my newly discovered favourites biscuits. Tasted buttery, with an iota of salt taste. No bother to the bad teeth!

Aha, at last, some relief from pain, from !

Worked conscientiously on getting the Wednesday blog done.
But with so many interruptions, and me forgetting I’d not done it, it was well late by the time it was posted.

A couple of snaps were taken.
Both through the glass in the balcony.
The top one didn’t come out well. Tsk!
The bottom field shot was an improvement.

Started cooking the meat for the stewpot.

Potatoes in the slow cooker.

Then did a search of the web, to see where I may be able to get some of the Samaritan Olive Oil, for the ears. I’ve only got a day or two worth left to use. Spent yonks on searching and failing. The only one available was from Amazon, and I’ve finished with them, because their last three deliveries were left by the driver down in the main lobby, and I didn’t even know they’d been delivered! Other stuff left as well. I’m not up to going all that way down repeatedly in hopes that they will be there. I used to check on the internet tracker, but of course, often this was not possible; Due to failing… I found one other company that delivered it. Made an account with them (that took me an hour). Filled in the contact details, and as I was about to put the bank details in, I saw an icon: ‘Click here to ensure we can deliver to your area’; so I did – and they couldn’t. Shit!
What a waste of time! I’ll ask if any carer is on Amazon and I can pay then and ask if they can order some for me. I’ve asked Chris, Benjamin and Marie for now, but all a no-go. Someone must be on Amazon who can help me? Never mind, I’ll investigate if I can use cooking olive oil on the web tomorrow. I can search the supermarkets for olive oil sprays as well.

More searching on the web, and I spotted that Morrisons claim to sell it. This brought forth great joy, and I got on their site to order some Samaritan Olive Oil. I nearly broke into a smile!
My favourites came up, and knowing that a minimum order of £40 was needed, I ordered other stuff to make the required total.
When I put in ‘Samaritan Olive Oil’ it indicated that this is not recognised or in stock! Another hour-plus lost without any luck!
Made worse by… you can probably guess what’s coming…
Yet still, it didn’t get to me like it usually would have? Worrying this is. Also, I had a few visits from , and the days mock, unexplainable accepting of things, no came to an end.
I poddled to the wet room to have a shave and en route, had an ; it didn’t have me over but caused my right shoulder to wallop into the door frame. And all was forgotten about the minutes-earlier farces, and all felt, was how lucky I was not to have gone down on the floor! Even when burst into life! I’d drifted back into my earlier mode of ‘Hey Hoeidness!’ Of course, how long this will last, depends on the aggressiveness of my ailments, getting the flu jab done, and finding a way to get some ‘Samaritan Olive Oil’ for the ears. Also, depending on the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, grotesque succubae, Whoopsiedangleplops, ailments, extraterrestrials, ectoplasm, spirits, accifauxpas, rent increases, food price hikes, and the Fata Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited, currently contented but pointless, insaneness of mind?

The evening looked very nice.

Good heavens. look at the time!

Oh, the food! Crikey I’ve left it on the hob cooking!
Turned off the computer, not even having made a start on this template yet… All save! Phew!
By gum that was nice!
Flavour-Rating: 902/10.
Worth all the time and effort to make, for once!.
As I started to eat it, the Carer Arrived!

Finished the nosh and went to clean the pots & dishes.
Beautiful night sky again!
Straight ahead from the kitchen window…
Then to the left a bit…
Does anyone remember the ‘Golden Shot’ quiz on the telly?
Bob Monkhouse compared it…
Left a bit… Up a bit… A smidge right… Shoot!
A great show, I thought. Produced by ATV for ITV between 1 July 1967 and 13 April 1975, based on the German TV show Der Goldene Schuß. The hostesses distracted from the games sometimes, but… Hehehe!

TTFNski, Each!