Inchcock: Tuesday 1st November 2022

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Gave up trying to sleep again after the wee-wee. Decided to get the ablutions done, being as I was wide awake yet flipping well again!
Apart from one issue, the ablutions went fantastically well this morning! Only one minuscule cut shaving, and I was rushing things a bit. I wanted to get the Monday blog finished and posted before going to the doctor. I had a feeling, well, EQ told me, that things would go okay with the results of the Severe Frailty Test Results… meaning I take it that someone would take notice and action on the problem? The Easy-Link bus that Deana ordered had been confirmed for 10:00hrs, so I do not have much time to get the blogging in. And with Liberty-Global going down tomorrow, I wanted to catch up as far as possible. But I felt a spot of good fortune was on the way? That in itself is a kind of miracle… as long as it comes.

As I was considering which manner to use to get the socks on, I spotted and photographed my left leg’s ankle. I seem to have gone all pale suddenly? What’s more, the ankle ulcer didn’t look too good a shade of colour? I think there is a furuncle or two coming out as well?

I did the washing and medicalisationing and feeling good, and with foolish bravery, I used , a mistake if ever there was one! I ended up with a cut shin and agony from the right foot delicate, , when I had a trying to rearrange the sock that had attached itself to the toenail!
Of course, I just laughed it of. What’s a spot of agony to a man like what I am, a mere tribulation. Being such a pain-bearing, heroic, brave, handsome young man?

Tidied up in the wet room, put the bloodied paper towels in the bin, took them into the kitchen and deposited it in the big waste bag.
Tried to take a decent photo of the morning view. Failed, of course, probably through
having fun with tearing the toenail and shin cutting, which has led to such a loss of blood. Hehehe!
I made a brew of Thompson’s Signature tea and tried to concentrate on updating the Monday blog.
I made a mess of the next two hours and spent more time correcting things than writing them. I realised later that I’d missed the Health Check graphics and a photo of my bleeding toe. Humph!

Came in, and I shook his hand on welcome. That confused him a bit; haha! I proceeded to tell him how much appreciated him and Deana and would struggle even more without you two. I think he liked that, but there were no signs given, just a feeling I got.
Richard got the medications sorted and checked on the whiteboard he’s bought me the previous day, and I reckon he liked my having used it. He had a read and pointed out that I’d got something down on it twice, bless him. I’d got some bits for him out of the fridge into a bag, and he had to fly; he’s got an extra call to do again today. Bade him farewell and all the bestestest… and got back on the computer, and hastened to get the blog done and posted before I had to go out… it was close, but I got it done. Turned of the computer and started getting the things needed for the surgery visit ASAP. As I was doing the checks, and as the rain began to fall, I spotted this fly/flea on the outside of the kitchen window. I wonder how it flew up all that way? Did he need to rest his wings?
Off I went down in the shuddering lift cage to the main lobby.
I’d made it in plenty of time.
Eighteen minutes before the Easy-Link bus was due to arrive at Winwood Heights prison camp… I mean Winwood Heights Independent Living Complex. Hehehe!
I had a poddle around the foyers, settled at the front next to the main doors, got out the crossword book and had a go at it. I did rather well, actually, I solved about five more clues. Although it may have been three, five sounds like I’m cleverer. Does it not?
I moved into the outer lobby, so I could see if the Easy-Link electric minibus arrives. Which it did spot on time. The driver had a bit of bother finding somewhere to park, but he handled it with a certain aplomb, and I went out to the bus and got in. Well, it seemed the right thing to do. Har-har!

I arrived at the surgery!

The chap didn’t ask for any cash, so he’d been informed of my being on the accounts for monthly charging.
We were soon in Carrington, and he dropped me off in front of the surgery.
I hobbled as the rain started again into the surgery and reported to the receptionist. Who pointed to the chairs and said something I could not hear, “Take a seat”, presumably? So, I did.
Five minutes later, Doctor Vindla summoned me into her room.
She seemed a little more interested in what I was saying and asked about how my Anne Gyna was? A rare happening! Then I realised there was another woman in the room, taking notes? Student? NHS Monitor, regulator? I didn’t know. But it got the Doctor showing interest in my health for once.

Ah, EQ’s message, this makes sense now.
The Doctor told me I didn’t do very well in the Frailty Test. Would I like her to refer me to ———- I didn’t hear what she said, just answered, ‘Yes, please!’
She went on her computer, left the room, and returned telling me that I needed a —?— test before they (?) would accept you, and Nurse Nichole had made time to fit me in, go to her room straight away, and she’ll do it now for you. So I did. Not knowing what test this was.
But it was nice to see her again. It was a blood test she took.
Then I didn’t know if I was to go back to see the Doctor or go home? Cause no one had told me. Nurse Nichole phoned the Doctor and told me to go home. It’s no wonder I get confused. I’ve no idea who I’m being referred to for help, either.
So, out into the rain and I had a hobble down to the Lidl store. Prospectively financially fatal, me, doing this! Hahaha!
I came out a good few quid lighter. With some cans for the Carers and Wardens, fresh tomatoes, Frikadellens, yoghourts and other bits. The trolley was pretty full and out to catch a but back into Sherwood.

Took the first photo on Mansfield Road. Well, all three of them were taken on Mansfield Road.
The first was from lower down the hill, where the Haydn Road bus stop was.

The second down photo was taken near the mass of closed-down shops after I’d gone over the pelican lights to the other side of the road.

They are out of order I think I took this one getting off the bus. Nottingham’s famous deadly free electric scooters.
Four deaths this year so far with these. One rider and three pedestrians. But the Council members must be getting back-handed to keep them on? Just a thought, like!
I called at the cash point to get some readies. Then in the Co-op, I got some cobs, vegan butter, cobs, and imitation smoked bacon.
Then hobbled up the hill to the bus stop to the flats. I had the pleasure of seeing Margaret from Winchester Court, and we had a natter en route on the bus. ♥

Back at the flats, I slipped her a can of Gin & Rhubarb, said my farewells and walked through the Winchester Court flats link passage into Winwood Court.

Met Frank and Esther, and had a few words, then into the Winwood Court Foyer. Where I met Deana, slipped her a can of Gin & Orange.

With the cheesy cobs, I’d got from the Co-op proudly displayed on top of the three-wheeled Walker basket, I proceeded in a Northerly direction along the link passage to Woodthorpe Court.

I was doing so well; it worried me! Hehehe!

I got to the end of the passage and recorded the rain that had started again, pelting it down and windy with it.

It went a little dark too!

I got up in the lift and went to take a photo of the downpouring rain from the window near the waste chute room.

I took a picture that caught the rainstorm beautifully, I thought when I looked at it on the screen.
But another of the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, Fata-Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind, occurred.
When I got into the flat, the picture was no longer on the SD card! How, why, does this happen? It must be something I’m doing wrong. A great photo as well. Schluberduberski! 

It took these shots of the rain as it was stopping.
Then made a start on updating this blog.

It was hard, slow work. I seem to be making more errors than getting things right lately?

I stopped for a break and took the large potato out of the slow cooker, added some cheese on top of each half, and got it in the oven, to cook the cheese.


Back to the blog again. I thought the break might have helped me to regain my concentration… Things got more farcical, not better!


Then, around 15:00hrs, a sudden darkness came over everywhere within a minute!

I got the Lumix and took photos of it around the flat so you can see how dark it really turned.

It was eerie how quick it fell. Not scary or anything like that, but so unexpected. The changing seasons and clock changes might have had some effect on this little miracle?

That’ll be the changing of the clocks forward an hour. That I forgot all about and rang lovely neighbour Jenny to ask her the right time, last weekend. That was with the aid or insistence of my brain’s interloper, of course! Tsk!

Yet, looking at the picture where a window is, it looked so light outside?

My Cyber buddy, Billum, in Cincinnati, will know. He’s a bit of a boffin and clever with it, you know. A grand chap, a great partner in HRH Lisa-Petal, and a son to be proud of, Alan.

They show me care and understanding, yet they have so much to contend with themselves medically. I just thought it a suitable time to let them know my feelings and thank them for being them. ♥ Below is one of my favourite graphics that I’ve ever done.

Showing Bill and HRH Lisa-Petal in their make-believe time capsule, built in their underground laboratories in Cincinnati! Their senses of humour are so precious to me! Note the Dalek they took? Santar-Ha! Thanks!

Arrived in a good mood, and after giving me the medications by hand into my mouth, we had a natter. Shannon showed me, on her mobile phone, a photo of her baby in the womb. Bootiful! I think she said it is due in May… but I could be wrong. I insisted on her selecting a nibble and can of pop of her choice in thanks. The gal took the waste bags to the chute for me on her way out. ♥
I got something to eat, potatoes with cheese, tomatoes, sourdough bread, and two Frikadellens... which I am now going to eat! Hehehe!

Sorry that the picture didn’t come out very well.
Food Rating: 7.5/10.
Well worth the effort to make it.

I put the utensils in the kitchen bowl to soak and realised I’d not done the yet. So, I did.

WHOOPS – Up to Hyper- 2 again.

Inchcock Today Tue 28 June 16: Mega-Whoopsiedangleplop Discovered! Well, two really.


Tuesday 28th June 2016

Woke at 0440hrs with the £300 second-hand recliner chair firmly refusing to lower itself – I climbed out feeling depressed with things: The Grammarly not working again and no idea how to sort it, CorelDraw8 playing up something rotten, England making a fool and embarrassing themselves against a deserving winning Iceland, Olive finding another skin cancer spot on my back when she pain-gelled me, the wet-room bare woods needing painting… all in all, I am in low spirits. Tsk!

To the porcelain throne, no hiatus there. Worried about how I’m going to find time to get the painting done, I’ve got the brushes, paint and cleaners all ready to go. Getting up the ladder and down on the floor into the corners might be interesting. INR blood test today and Chiropodist tomorrow, must get some fresh veg and fruit in today somehow as well. Seem to be fretting away over everything again this morning.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Grammarly not working, so I tried a Restart – and the laptop froze midway? Force closed and started again, it opened but still no Grammarly apt?

Then CorelDraw8 froze on me! Tried to use the old CorelDraw7 and had to input passwords to access it? Did the graphic at the top of this page and tried loading CorelDraw8 again. Very very slowly it opened, with it seeming reluctant to do so?

Finished the Monday post, and started this off. Made another cuppa, with all the hassle the first one went cold, then realised I’d not taken the morning medications. Huh, fool! So I took them around 0715hrs.

Feeling rather melancholy, gloomy, dejected, sad and miserable now, I can’t help it. Made even worse when I read what the swearing on the pitch, gambling mad, overrated, High Class Hooker user Rooney said after the defeat on the BBC News site:

  1. Going into the last 16 facing Iceland we were confident we could win the game. It’s disappointing but we have to move on. Have you no shame to go with your excessive salary, hooker visits and gambling addictions?
  2. “It’s tough. There are always upsets in football – it’s not tactics, it’s just unfortunate. We know we’re a good team. You know your a good team? So did Iceland mate!
  3. “I can’t stand here and say exactly why it’s happened. Roy Hodgson will look back and think what he could have done differently. Well fancy that, blaming Roy for everything, I am surprised!

Rant over… I think?

Checked with the Google Calendar for the timings of the next few days appointments: 1040hrs today INR blood test, tomorrow 1030hrs Chiropodist to have my toes and feet done, must remember as it is the first visit, I have to get there early so I can give them a list of the medications I’m on and fill in medical forms. Thursday I hope to get to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and take some photographs and then get to Asda (Walmart) for fodder and get the photographs printed.

Looks like I might get to tackle the cleaning and painting in the wet-room on Saturday? He says, hoping he’ll be a bit less down then and no ailments playing up like.


The new umbrella, that claims to be ‘Unblowoutable’

According to the weather forecast, I’ll need me brolly today. Taking the new ‘Can’t Blow Inside-Out one with me. We’ll see about that. Hehe!

0746hrs now, and the second cup of tea has also gone cold.

Posted yesterdays diary and did a bit of Facebooking and some more graphicationalisating for the TFZers Girls in long dresses series. Taking ages this one.

Time had shot by, so I got the ablutions done, a quick shower, changed into me togs, things in the bag, and off at 0955hrs I was off on a walk to the surgery in Carrington, taking the rubbish bags to the chute on my way down.

Walked  easily, nice and steady down Winchester Street hill and left up and down Mansfield Road into Carrington and arrived at  the Sherrington Surgery and sat doing the crossword for half an hour or so. Even getting one finished with only having to cheat looking at the answer  for one clue!

The nurse asked me how I was, and quickly got the Warfarin INR blood taken. I was soon out and walking down into Carrington.


Mandy and BJ at the launderette

As I passed the launderette I noticed BJ’s car was outside, I nipped in for a chinwag.

Took a photographicalisation of Mandy and BJ. Promising to get a print of the photo done on Thursday and let the each have a copy.


Nice little hobble today

A little natter and BJ was off to Asda (Walmart) and I went to the Lidl store to get overcharged. But it was a new assistant that served me and didn’t get overcharged or sneered at. Nice change that at Lidl. Got some cobs, jacket potatoes, nibbles for the nurses and Tenant Social hour on Thursday and some apples and bananas.

Then out and walked back to Sherwood, hoping to catch a bus up the hill to the flats, but I’d just missed one, so had to walk back as well.

Called in Wilko and got a spray bottle to use me shower curtain cleaner with.

Shame I didn’t get a chance to try-out the new umbrella.

Still, it made a nice little walk for me.

Noticing the laundry room was empty as I got it the foyer, I made my way up to 72, and put away the shopping, then got the laundry ready, cash and cleaners and went down to the wash-room – Got the washing into the machine and went back up to the flat to update this tosh.

Back down to move the washing into the dryer and Obergruppenfurher Julie told me the big dryer was out of action and would I make an ‘Out of Order’ notice and stick it on the machine. This did with the pen and paper from my inside pocket. While doing this, I realised I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop at some time earlier – for there on the sink was someone’s washing that had been dried… after examining the clothing I realised it was mine! The washing I took down this morning was still in the washer? By the time I’d done the sign, it was finished and I put the togs into the only dryer working. Felt a bit of a clot at this stage! This was not helping with depression! Hehe!

Back up to the apartment again, updated this to here, made a brew, took the midday medications, wee-wee’d and back down to collect today’s washing from the dryer.


Odd socks drying… Humph!

As I packed the togs into the bag, I realised I’d got two odd socks.

Checked the washer and found then other two still in there!

1355hrs: Back up and put the two wet items on the heater in the kitchen with the two dry ones above them so as not to forget where I put them later on.


Worried about myself now!

Definitely fretting about myself now!

How did I leave and forget about the washing in the dryer?

How did I pass the memory test at the Doctors?

Put the second lot of washing away.

Made a cup of tea and updated this again. Realised the promised rain had not matured yet.

Got CorelDraw8 going and tired to do some graphic manipulation with it, one object at a time, in the hope that it would not freeze on me again this time. I got many done, but it did freeze again. So I posted those I’d done on the TFZers site, felt sorry for myself, got some nosh on the cook, sobbed and got me head down, it being so late and me getting carried away with the art working and now feeling completely shattered.

Got some fodder, took the medications and had a few hours nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes… Hehe!

Inchcock Today: Tue 3rd March 2015

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

The dreams were pretty bad last night.

Bits I can recall are: I was inside the stomach of a whale but it was full of metal corridors between the ribs and I couldn’t find my way out to the mouth of the mammal and was being chased by gangs of hoodies on mobility scooters that flew?

I couldn’t climb a wall but knew I had to – when I looked up faces on the top of the wall were mocking and laughing at me, throwing dead carcasses of all sorts of animals at me?



Poor old git

Forced myself up at 0530hrs and WD’d. A little concerned that maybe the rumbling innards were returning again.

Terrible pains in lower right rib area when I coughed or sneezed this morning. Also when I tried to bend or pick owt up from low down. I suffered even worst with it as the day went on and am determined that if it doesn’t abate later I’m going to call in at the GP in the morning on my way to the hospital for me INR Warfarin blood level tests and make an appointment to see her about it – breathing in heavily a tad bothersome pain-wise as well now. (Double Oh dear…)

Made a cuppa and took me medications, laptop on and got message on screen: Power pack supply insufficient – waffled on giving me options F1: Continue F2 – Forgot now – F3 Enter some set-up system. I took a photo of the screen but it wasn’t readable when I tried to use it later. Pressed F1


Coreldraw9 crashed. Oh dear…

Got missen polished up – got the laundry and nibbles ready then set off to the launderette.



Very windy again today with the sky full of different types of clouds in different directions?

Got to the launderette and Grizelda the Goddess of Appeal was on duty.

Oh… those thighs,

And twinkling eyes,

If you don’t appreciate them you cannot be wise,

Okay so she’s a gorgeous A+ size,

Magnetic sex appeal but just ogling her gives me highs…

But unfortunately she fancies my mate BJ.

Just cause he’s taller, younger, richer, more educated, has social skills wot I don’t, has sex appeal and is more street-wise and experienced I suppose? Git!

Huh… don’t bother me!



BJ returns

She did make us both a cup of tea though bless her cotton socks.

Got the washing done and into the drier and BJ returned from his cafe visitation.


BJ caught by Inchcock on camera – not happy…

Took a photo of BJ against the backdrop of the sun coming through the windows of the launderette that was a touch atmospheric I thought.

Then later one of him taking his washing out of the drier, much to his surprise.

That was when I had a dizzy and had to rest up a bit – as BJ’s better half Pauline joined us in the launderette.

The next few minutes were a bit of a blur.

The dizzy dissipated and I got on with packing me togs into the drier.

We set off in BJ’s car to Asda.

We split up to do the shopping – but I can’t recall a lot about it as the dizzies came thick and fast on this shopping expedition. I think I must have had three or four on the way round the store, maybe more. (Note I added the ‘maybe more’ as poetic licence for the sentence – sorry).

I came back into focus with everything when I was at the check-out. I seemed to have gotten everything I needed, apart from the nasal spray that is.

Yet another dizzy as I left the checkout so I sat on a bench with me trolley – the trolley wasn’t sat on the bench you understand, just me.

I pondered a while as I sat there – I was concerned about the amount of dizzies as I have never had so many in one day before – had I missed taking me Ramipril capsules, or had I taken too many? No I felt sure I’d stuck to the doses recommended. (I say sure…?) It most likely is something to do with the high BP?

And these new chest pains – nothing like Anne Gyna’s at all?

I’ll definitely have to go book an appointment in the morning with the GP.

Pauling and BJ came along a few minutes later and they drove me back to the flea-pit – I know we spoke a lot in the way – but it all seems rather vague now.

I had another feeling like I was going to feint dizzy when I was putting away my shopping.

I stopped immediately and within a few second the dizzy had cleared.

I glad to report that up to now, no more dizzies’.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Same message as earlier about the power pack not being of sufficient strength – but it loaded okay after pressing F1.

Just sneezed and oh the pain in the right side of me chest, bad.

It’s getting too bad for comfort now. I’m going to polish myself up and cll at the GP surgery.

1710hrs: Back in a bit, I hope.

1838hrs: I’m back.


Dr Mona Vindla – one of the bestest ever!

I hobbled painfully to the surgery on Mansfield Road and asked the receptionist if I could make an appointment to see Dr Vindla.

They said I didn’t look very well (Cheered me up that did no end!) and asked me what the problem was. I told em I’d woken up with the pains on the right side of me chest near the lower ribs and thought I’d been laying awkward like. But as the day went on the pains have got much worse and at the moment it is so painful to lift anything turn bend etc.

One of the two gals said that Dr Vindla had left 15 minutes earlier and she will phone her for advice on whether to send me to hospital or not.

After she spoke to her she told me to sit down and wait as the Doctor is coming back to the surgery to have a look at me.

Felt a right pain in the neck then I did… Tsk!

I sat down and fell asleep with one of the gals gazing into me face asking if I was alright like. (What a plonker I felt again!).

Dr Vindla arived without a trace of annoyance on her face and said “Let’s be having you” (I’m making no comment on what I thought at this stage) and beckoned me in.

I explained everything and she had a grope around – finding a festering growth as she called it on the back of me shoulder saying this must be kept an eye on.

Then she showed on a model mini-skeleton where me pulled Intercostal muscle under the ribs that was giving me all the jip!

Told me I was on the limit for painkillers so would have to cope best I could until it starts to improve and heal. I was to hold the ribs tightly and do deep breaths every hour – apparently this helps prevent poisoning to other areas?

I was just glad it wasn’t summat to do with me lungs.

I was so pleased I forgot to tell her about me dizzies – Cogglewobbles!

Handed the receptionist some nibbles and hobbled painfully back to the bomb-site.

Dr Vindla is a good un and no mistake!

Apprentice yob’s were lurking at the end of the street.

Got in and made a cuppa and took me evening medications a tad late.

Must remember me INR tests in the morning.

Got changed and on the laptop to finish this diary – during which I managed to stub me toe.

Inchcock Today: Wed 8th October 2014


He’s given up on the Meals at Home I think!

Wednesday 8th October 2014

Incorporating Medicinal & Meals at Home Updates

Stirred at 0345hrs: ‘Inchy’ tended to.


03W02New aches in arms and legs; Perhaps I’d been tossing and turning in my sleep.

Cuppa and medications taken, remembering the extra penicillin capsules.

Must not forget the three others I’ve to take… hard work this yer know, trying to get the medications right with em changing so often.

Currently I’m on:

Warfarin as per weekly schedule 

Furosomine 40 mg – One per day, mornings

Bisoropol Fumarate – 2.5 mg – One in morning

Docusate Sodium – 100 mg caps – One four times a day

Ramipril 10mg One a day at night

Simvastin 40 mg – One a day at night

Codeine Phosphate – 30 mg – Twice a day

Paracetomol – 500 mg – Four times a day

Ranitidine – 150 mg – One tablet twice a day

Omeprozole – 20mg – One a day

Pentoxifylline – 400mg – Three times a day

Flucloxacillin – 500mg – Four times a day

Amoxicillin Trihydrate – 250mg – One at night, One in morning

Cetraben cream – Morning and night

Clotrimazole cream – Three times a day

Phorpain Gel – Three times a day

Corticosteroid cream – Three times a day

Mondays: GP checks on the ‘Inch’ condition.

Mondays: Queens Medical Centre Haematology INR level checks.

Tuesday: Queens Medical Centre Renal and Reflux valve checks.

I’m expecting Meals at Home lady to call today – and must remember my 1530 appointment with the nurse at the GP surgery for me flu jab. Oh… just checked on me Google diary, it’s for 1425hrs. I hope the Meals people come in time… problems problems problems (Huh!).

The Situation (Nightmare) of the Meals on Wheels


Wednesday 24th September;

Walked down through the arcade and went into the Library Contact point and asked them if they knew where I could get details of the Meals at home service. A very nice lady called them for me, and handed me the phone. They are going to send me details through the post.

Saturday 27th September;

Got me bumf on Meals at Home.

I waddled through the crowds to the County Contact Point in the library.

Where I asked about the Meals at Home delivery day, because I thought it might on me hospital days, Monday or a Tuesday. The kind lady said they were closed there at the weekends. But if I could call on Tuesday as I go through to the Queens medical centre, she would call them for me. That was nice of her.

Tuesday 29th September;

I called at the Contact point again, but the lady was not there.

I limped to the library and spoke with a chappie on the contact point desk. It transpired that someone from the Council will be calling to see me tomorrow sometime about it.

Wednesday 1st October;

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them. 1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me. Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…

Thursday 2nd October:

Walked to the Nottingham Council Contact Point in the main library, took a photo of the slab square.

 Talked with the helpful chappie who had arranged for the Meals at Home peoples to call and see me yesterday.

Explained to him how I’d waited in for 13 hours but nobody came to see me… adding about the ailments that this failure had caused me. But I kept meself calm throughout.

“What else can I do?” he asked.

“Forget it!” I replied.

“What are you going to do then?” He inquired.

“Drop dead through starvation I suppose!” I quipped with a smile on me face. Adding “I cannot go through that again waiting, holding my water and back passage movements, the Angina starting, the high-blood pressure… never mind. But thanks for your help anyway Sir!”

Got home and found a note through the door telling me they called on Thursday AM but I was not in. Huh! They would be calling back on Monday!?!?

Friday 3rd October;

Got back to the flea-pit and rang up the Meals at Home people.

After telling her all about it, the woman put me through to someone else – so I explained it all again in detail about Monday and Tuesdays out of the question. And began losing heart at this point when, she said; No problem we’ll call to  see you next Tuesday!?!?

AGAIN I explained about Monday and Tuesday being taken up with medical procedure and tests.

“Oh yes… We’ll call on Wednesday the 8th between 11 and 2pm then.

I said thank you and rang off mentally weary.

03W001Wednesday 8th;

No sign of them by 1415hrs, and I had to rush off to the GP for me flu jab.

Got back, but no note in the letter box, no on from Nottingham County Council Meals at Home had called.. again! – I give up!