Inchcock Today: Wed 8th October 2014


He’s given up on the Meals at Home I think!

Wednesday 8th October 2014

Incorporating Medicinal & Meals at Home Updates

Stirred at 0345hrs: ‘Inchy’ tended to.


03W02New aches in arms and legs; Perhaps I’d been tossing and turning in my sleep.

Cuppa and medications taken, remembering the extra penicillin capsules.

Must not forget the three others I’ve to take… hard work this yer know, trying to get the medications right with em changing so often.

Currently I’m on:

Warfarin as per weekly schedule 

Furosomine 40 mg – One per day, mornings

Bisoropol Fumarate – 2.5 mg – One in morning

Docusate Sodium – 100 mg caps – One four times a day

Ramipril 10mg One a day at night

Simvastin 40 mg – One a day at night

Codeine Phosphate – 30 mg – Twice a day

Paracetomol – 500 mg – Four times a day

Ranitidine – 150 mg – One tablet twice a day

Omeprozole – 20mg – One a day

Pentoxifylline – 400mg – Three times a day

Flucloxacillin – 500mg – Four times a day

Amoxicillin Trihydrate – 250mg – One at night, One in morning

Cetraben cream – Morning and night

Clotrimazole cream – Three times a day

Phorpain Gel – Three times a day

Corticosteroid cream – Three times a day

Mondays: GP checks on the ‘Inch’ condition.

Mondays: Queens Medical Centre Haematology INR level checks.

Tuesday: Queens Medical Centre Renal and Reflux valve checks.

I’m expecting Meals at Home lady to call today – and must remember my 1530 appointment with the nurse at the GP surgery for me flu jab. Oh… just checked on me Google diary, it’s for 1425hrs. I hope the Meals people come in time… problems problems problems (Huh!).

The Situation (Nightmare) of the Meals on Wheels


Wednesday 24th September;

Walked down through the arcade and went into the Library Contact point and asked them if they knew where I could get details of the Meals at home service. A very nice lady called them for me, and handed me the phone. They are going to send me details through the post.

Saturday 27th September;

Got me bumf on Meals at Home.

I waddled through the crowds to the County Contact Point in the library.

Where I asked about the Meals at Home delivery day, because I thought it might on me hospital days, Monday or a Tuesday. The kind lady said they were closed there at the weekends. But if I could call on Tuesday as I go through to the Queens medical centre, she would call them for me. That was nice of her.

Tuesday 29th September;

I called at the Contact point again, but the lady was not there.

I limped to the library and spoke with a chappie on the contact point desk. It transpired that someone from the Council will be calling to see me tomorrow sometime about it.

Wednesday 1st October;

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them. 1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me. Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…

Thursday 2nd October:

Walked to the Nottingham Council Contact Point in the main library, took a photo of the slab square.

 Talked with the helpful chappie who had arranged for the Meals at Home peoples to call and see me yesterday.

Explained to him how I’d waited in for 13 hours but nobody came to see me… adding about the ailments that this failure had caused me. But I kept meself calm throughout.

“What else can I do?” he asked.

“Forget it!” I replied.

“What are you going to do then?” He inquired.

“Drop dead through starvation I suppose!” I quipped with a smile on me face. Adding “I cannot go through that again waiting, holding my water and back passage movements, the Angina starting, the high-blood pressure… never mind. But thanks for your help anyway Sir!”

Got home and found a note through the door telling me they called on Thursday AM but I was not in. Huh! They would be calling back on Monday!?!?

Friday 3rd October;

Got back to the flea-pit and rang up the Meals at Home people.

After telling her all about it, the woman put me through to someone else – so I explained it all again in detail about Monday and Tuesdays out of the question. And began losing heart at this point when, she said; No problem we’ll call to  see you next Tuesday!?!?

AGAIN I explained about Monday and Tuesday being taken up with medical procedure and tests.

“Oh yes… We’ll call on Wednesday the 8th between 11 and 2pm then.

I said thank you and rang off mentally weary.

03W001Wednesday 8th;

No sign of them by 1415hrs, and I had to rush off to the GP for me flu jab.

Got back, but no note in the letter box, no on from Nottingham County Council Meals at Home had called.. again! – I give up!

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    • No telling Marissa. But the recent changes are doin’ me head in and sending me a bit off like. Did you notice that PC Steedenski is now a commissioner? You were right.

      • Well nothing wrong with being a bit off, now is there? (don’t answer that, as there are probably scads of things wrong with that.) As for the Steedenski thing, what is this world coming to ?

      • I understand he blamed me for an accident wot wus caused by a mobility scooter and skateboarder yer know.
        In me latest post – “Read all abarght it… Police Commissioner Mike Steedenski organises raid on Inchy! Read al….”
        It’s rubbish really that one, but while I’m on the penicillin owt can happen. Tsk! TTFN

      • Well, with your penchant for mobility scooters, I suppose any time one’s around looking suspicious, your name comes up. As for the penicillin, well, may it bring strange and wonderful things.

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