Inchcock Today: Wednesday 29th October


Last night’s (Or rather this morning’s) dream seemed to last all the way through.

I was with some other people, no idea who and we were climbing and searching and I ended up high in the sky clinging onto a narrow ledge looking down on City centre streets and I got the shakes and was calling for help as I froze. Ah well…

I sprang awake and as soon as I moved myself, a seemingly enlarged and very painful ‘Inch’ caught my attention.

Talk about tender and red! Onlt a tad of blood seeping though.

I got missen downstairs to the fridge and tended to the almost glowing little but less little than usual mite.

I wasn’t sure what to put on him so I cleaned him and stuck with the Daktacort cream again, and within a few minutes the tenderness seemed to start fading. Phew!

Down and on the laptop and sipping a cuppa by 0305hrs. Started to write these things down so I didn’t forget later. Couldn’t find me note later when I wanted it.

Facebooked, did a bit for me Inchcock blog. Checked emails.

The things ere readied for me trip to the launderette, and off I plodded to Mansfield Road.

03W02Both girls were on duty today, so I took a photo of them together.

When the washing machine had been going for a couple of minutes the chap next to me pointed out that there was a clonking noise coming from it when the washing was going around. Oh dear I thought, what have left in one of me pockets? I checked that the mobile phone was in my pocket and I knew the camera was not in the machine – but what was making the noise? I mentioned it to Mandy and got that well established “Oh the poor old git’s done it again’ look back. But she could not help laughing.

When I took out the washing to put it in the dryer a handle each item individually to check for the offending object – and found it in one of me dressing gown pocket – It was my wind-up-torch. Now this might be hard to believe… but it still worked!

Then when I was taking out the dry clothes one of the air-balls dropped out and could I find it? I had all the other users searching for it for ages. It transpires it must have rolled as someone was coming in out of the front door. Someone spotted it when they were leaving.

What a morning up to now. Tsk!

I went in the chemists to see if my 2 months supply of medications were ready and they were.

How I managed to limped along with the two big bags of washing and the heavy carrier bag of medication and get home as I did? It took me ages.

I dropped off the stuff and went out and caught a bus into Bulwell to see if anything was available in the cheapo shop – nothing was.

I called in Fulton’s in the vain hope that they had got some microwave sausages in again – they hadn’t.

03W03Then walked through the market, deciding because it was so barren folk I’d take a photo of it. But i couldn’t find me camera and realised I’d left it in one of the laundry bags at the flea-pit. I searched the bags I’d got with  me and found the old camera, but it indicated the batteries were about dead. I tried taking a photo and after that they did die. I’ve nit downloaded it yet, but I hope it came out alright. What a day!

I ent in Iceland to get some of their Bread thins at £1, but they had gone off offer to £1.29 so I got some wheatmeal cobs on offer at 89p instead, along with some iced lollies.

Then hobbled to Heron frozen food shop and got some different iced lollies and a 5 pack of Raspberry ripple mousse.

I limped to the bus stop and as the bus came in and i got ready to board it, the handle on one of me bags broke and me stuff was scattered all over the floor. By the time I got it sorted the bus had gone out.

Caught the next one and got back to the depressing dungeon. Put me nosh away, WC, laptop on, made a cuppa tea and updated this hogwash.

Read a bit of me new book.

I’m suddenly feeling low now, confused and worried. Don’t know why?