Inchcock Today: Thursday 23rd October 2014

04 Head

Unfortunately this feeling didn’t last long. So sad. Coreldraw still playing up and Inchy feeling down”

GC scowl

Well depressed Now!

0315hrs: The usual being shocked into waking-up experience again this morning – instantly wide awake accompanied by a feeling that something is wrong?


Thought straight away about what I could try to sort the Coreldraw not working problem out. Nothing new came to mind, depressed I wandered down and put the kettle on. Started the laptop and got the cream form the fridge and ent up to tend to the ‘Inch’. Oh dear… the swelling is still declining but the blood was flowing again! Thank heavens for kitchen towels. Stopped eventually.

Angina playing up and for the first time in ages my ulcer joined in with other complaints! Tsk!

I opened Coreldraw9 in vain hopes, and got the same message, whichever option I clicked, just like yesterday I got the Error message then it told me Coreldraw9 has stopped working. This time I tried clicking abort again – and it started and was usable for a while?

I am now going to close it and try again to see if still works…

“An unexpected Error occurred please restart Coreldraw” message when I tried to close it down?

It closed down on its own accord!

I tried again…

For some reason I can get passed the opening warning sometimes and not others. It will not let me save a page at all?

Double depressed now!

Still fiddling and trying to come up ith a solution – for five hours now with no luck!

Still fiddling and trying to come up with a solution – for five hours now with no luck!

I decided when the radio said it was not going to rain again until early evening, to get the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and have a walk into Sherwood with it for em.

I went up cleansed myself well. Had a peep at the Inch to see if it had started to bleed again but no signs thankfully.


I set off hoping I’d not forgotten anything.

IMG_0177A new sign at the Chapel I espied:

Well fancy that… and I thought they were into Formula One racing. Hehehe. Oh I am feeling bitter and pissed off!

Still feeling low I carried on into Sherwood, the sky looked a bit threatening at this stage.

I called into the Continental food shop and got a small loaf of Rye bread. I thought it might cheer me up a bit – a totally forlorn hope of course. Then I realised I’d left all me coins in the bathroom so had to pay her with the tenner I had. Really cheered her up that did.

If looks could kill I’d be a gonna I can tell yer!

Only a new laptop with a graphic programme that works would do that. No chance at the moment. Clivey-boy suggested getting another graphics programme installed. Nice of him but the laptop is an old one running on old windows?

Anyway, I carried on to the Hospice shop and gave em me stuff.

As I was walking back the sky looked a bit lighter, but I didn’t feel any brighter.

IMG_0178Noticed the alcoholic mobility scooter maniac was at the pub again.

Hobbled along taking the scenic route and passed the flat I used to live in before moving to where I am now – Whatta mistake to maka! I was well happy there – but the landlord sold it to another and he wanted more rent than me mortgage was.

See how when things go wrong I start stewing on things? Poor twit.

I got back in the flea-pit.


Started the laptop, got me food out ready for microwaving later, made a cuppa and got me medications ready, then updated this.

Gawd I’m depressed.

Arghh!!!! In’t life ‘orrible at times!