Inchcock Today: Wednesday 1st October 2014

So much for taking their word they would call to see me!

Wednesday 1st October

Woke up around 0400hrs, cramps gone, but leaving aching bones. (Even typing is a tad painful)

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them.


Tackled the Inch with the Clotromozole cream while it was still proud, less bleeding this morning, that was good.

Got downstairs and laptop started, made a cuppa and took medications.

Checked on Facebook and replied to some nice comments. Updated the diary. Then started on a graphic for TFZ.



Managed to get two posts and some graphic done.


13hrs of expecting the Nottingham City Council Meals at Home to arrive – I am a fool or what?

1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me.

Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…


03W03GC blipj152ohrs: Still waiting…


1555hrs: Still waiting…

1615hrs: Still waiting…

aaaa2WC. Had to relieve myself at the sink. I have gone through two rolls of kitchen towels, a bottle of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant! 

1700hrs: Still waiting…

Called them on the mobile – No answer!

Wonder if I have a valid claim against them?

Bladder bad now.

1712hrs: Still waiting…

1730hrs: No signs of em yet!

1755hrs: No signs of em yet!

1808hrs: No signs of em yet!

To tired to wait any more now.

I’ll just have to call at the Council Contact point tomorrow. Huh!

Nottingham Traffic Collision

Unpaid WordPress reporter Juan Inchcock Chambers (68) reports that his morning, on Parliament Street in Nottingham, outside the Job Centre Plus offices, a nasty traffic collision took place.


There was the Lord Mayors Jaguar overtaking a bus parked, as he was on his way to visit the Left handed users Gay Ukrainian Support Centre next door to the Job-centre Plus offices, and this blocked the view of a drunken driver and benefit seeker of an Audi 8, Agnieszka Lukaku (21) who was turning into the premises.

He collided with the Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson [54] in his Skoda Estelle.

CC03The police and traffic wardens were on the scene within seconds, and Police Constable Mike Steeden, commented: “The Lord Mayors Jaguar has damage to the bumper. The Audi is also damaged, and the Skoda a write off. Charges will follow. Luckily the Lord Mayor was not injured in the collision, although the paramedics insisted in pumping out his stomach contents for some reason? It’s a good thing that the Council no longer use the Bentley nowadays. I believe they sold it cheaply to save on petrol in 2009 to a nephew of the City Treasurer.

The benefit claimant was taken to hospital with a suspected pricking of his conscience.

The Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson, is suing the Nottingham Council.

The traffic wardens later had their picture taken next to the Lord Mayors Jaguar.

The JCP Manager’s Skoda Estelle was destroyed in the collision. He commented: “At last!”

Late News:

It appears that a mobility scooter may have had some influence on the accident.

Police are looking for a Mr Danny Soz, possibly originating from South London of indeterminate age. The disability Scooter had been stolen from Nottingham’s Midland Railway Station, and later found abandoned outside the notorious Binaround Brenda’s brothel.

Inchcock Today: Tue 30th Sept 2014


Wide awake at 0400hrs.


Remembered bits of a dream; Working at big factory. Management brought a packet of Piccadilly cigarettes to the canteen full of men… asked who they belonged to, I went forward to admit they were mine along with four other workers?

Then I was running around a factory that had bit of many components of places I’d actually worked at.

Then a big interview to sack us all – gets a bit confused here; I’m climbing catwalks above the factory and someone is chasing me with an axe… then leaving the premises being newly sacked, to the applause of the workers? That’s all I recall.

As I stirred to get up, I noticed the blood on me pyjama bottoms. Investigated the ‘Inch’, the blood on it had dried. Until that is when I had to pull back to apply the new cream on. Free flowing now, good job I have plenty of kitchen towels at hand.

Very tender but not so bloated as it has been, I gently massaged the cream in. Talk about Sting! Eventually it stopped bleeding.

Then I had the job of cleaning up the mess. Looks like I might have to try and get some cheapo pyjamas to cover for those that will be going to the launderette?


Eventually I got down and started laptop, made a cuppa and took me medications. Can’t find me grabber/picker that I bought last week? Mind you, the house is in a bit of a Steptoe & Son state.

The pain in my Inch has now turned into a hot tingling sensation, but still sore.

Assembled my now bigger laundry in two big bags, and set off for the laundry. Mandie in the laundry was looking very tasty again today – and she laughed at me recent medical exploits and that cheered me up no end – for a while.

02T03When I’d got the driers going, I realised I’d forgot to put me rubber balls what Big John bought me. Also I’d forgotten to take Mandies nibbles. Tsk!

I departed and went back to the dump and got her nibbles, and returned to the launderette with em for her.

I set off on me walk into town to the Council Contact point to check on the meals at home system and to have a look at cheapo pyjamas at Primark.

I took the long route into town, passing the alley where the girl got raped earlier this 02T04year, the Arboretum gates and the thousands of student flats. The city was well populated with citizens of the fair Nottingham.

I took  a photo of the alleyway, including as you see in the photo I hope, the condoms, wine bottle, cigarette stubs and food wrappers amongst the leaves.

I limped to the library and spoke with a chappie on the contact point desk. It 02T06Transpired that someone from the Council will be calling to see me tomorrow sometime about it.

I walked through the city centre to the Primark shop and had a look at the pyjamas on offer.

I found a ‘Large’ pair and bought them.

02T09Caught the bus back to Carrington, dropping of early to go see Mandie and show off me pyjamas – only to notice that although the packaging had clearly marked on it ‘Large’, the actual jammies were labelled ‘Medium’ – am I lucky or what? Another job to sort out now!

Got in the hovel and put laptop on, 02T05made a cuppa.

I’ve saved this photo until the last, because I couldn’t help but see the funny side of it.

As I went passed and saw the road sign left at the fencing of the cemetery – pointing upwards! Had to laugh don’t you know.

I take it that only sinners were allowed to be buried in this place?

I did some facebooking which I enjoyed and updated this tripe.

Oh… must remember to put me cream on the ‘Inch’… back in a bit then.

All done – painfully.

0702satbMade me sarnies and ate em.

The cramps started as soon as I hit the linen. Neck fingers and legs affected. Applied lashing of pain gel. Don’t know that I should use so much in one go, but it eased the cramps a bit… or did it go away on its own?