Nottingham Traffic Collision

Unpaid WordPress reporter Juan Inchcock Chambers (68) reports that his morning, on Parliament Street in Nottingham, outside the Job Centre Plus offices, a nasty traffic collision took place.


There was the Lord Mayors Jaguar overtaking a bus parked, as he was on his way to visit the Left handed users Gay Ukrainian Support Centre next door to the Job-centre Plus offices, and this blocked the view of a drunken driver and benefit seeker of an Audi 8, Agnieszka Lukaku (21) who was turning into the premises.

He collided with the Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson [54] in his Skoda Estelle.

CC03The police and traffic wardens were on the scene within seconds, and Police Constable Mike Steeden, commented: “The Lord Mayors Jaguar has damage to the bumper. The Audi is also damaged, and the Skoda a write off. Charges will follow. Luckily the Lord Mayor was not injured in the collision, although the paramedics insisted in pumping out his stomach contents for some reason? It’s a good thing that the Council no longer use the Bentley nowadays. I believe they sold it cheaply to save on petrol in 2009 to a nephew of the City Treasurer.

The benefit claimant was taken to hospital with a suspected pricking of his conscience.

The Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson, is suing the Nottingham Council.

The traffic wardens later had their picture taken next to the Lord Mayors Jaguar.

The JCP Manager’s Skoda Estelle was destroyed in the collision. He commented: “At last!”

Late News:

It appears that a mobility scooter may have had some influence on the accident.

Police are looking for a Mr Danny Soz, possibly originating from South London of indeterminate age. The disability Scooter had been stolen from Nottingham’s Midland Railway Station, and later found abandoned outside the notorious Binaround Brenda’s brothel.

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  1. Whenever Mike Steeden is involved, it just can’t be any good. Also, the presence of a mobility scooter makes me highly suspicious that that Inchcock guy made have played a hand in all this!

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