Inchcock Today: Wednesday 1st October 2014

So much for taking their word they would call to see me!

Wednesday 1st October

Woke up around 0400hrs, cramps gone, but leaving aching bones. (Even typing is a tad painful)

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them.


Tackled the Inch with the Clotromozole cream while it was still proud, less bleeding this morning, that was good.

Got downstairs and laptop started, made a cuppa and took medications.

Checked on Facebook and replied to some nice comments. Updated the diary. Then started on a graphic for TFZ.



Managed to get two posts and some graphic done.


13hrs of expecting the Nottingham City Council Meals at Home to arrive – I am a fool or what?

1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me.

Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…


03W03GC blipj152ohrs: Still waiting…


1555hrs: Still waiting…

1615hrs: Still waiting…

aaaa2WC. Had to relieve myself at the sink. I have gone through two rolls of kitchen towels, a bottle of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant! 

1700hrs: Still waiting…

Called them on the mobile – No answer!

Wonder if I have a valid claim against them?

Bladder bad now.

1712hrs: Still waiting…

1730hrs: No signs of em yet!

1755hrs: No signs of em yet!

1808hrs: No signs of em yet!

To tired to wait any more now.

I’ll just have to call at the Council Contact point tomorrow. Huh!

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 1st October 2014

  1. What a sucky day! 🙁 Next time, just take an empty coffee can and wait on your porch and fill the can as you need. When they finally get there, put the lid on the can and give it to them as a present. Better luck nest time! <3

    • Thanks Rachel. Well, they never came, the little monkeys! Pains and blood flowing freely this morning, along with a bitter frustration. But never mind, I’ll have to go and see them at the Council Contact Point AGAIN today… just to tell them not to bother coming at all. I don’t want to be made more ill through their failure to keep appointments they made – what would happen if I failed to go to an appointment with them?
      Sorry but I feel a bit hot and bothered about this still. Grrr… nash… plonk!

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