New Computer Game Developed with Nottingham Scenario

CDA01Multi-National company CDA (Clivey-Boy Amalgamated), are to produce a Nottingham scenario for their new CDA Zim-Sity Simulation Game, due for release later this year.

Gaz Topps, Sim-Sity’s senior developer quoted:

“We realised that Nottingham has the fastest growing unemployed level in the country, and saw an opening to increase sales to those with the time to play the game. I feel sure the new more accurate representations of life in Nottingham will find the people of this City responsive to the new scenario which will be available soon.”

He explained further; We will be incorporating more Pay-day Loan outlets, Community buildings, Probation Offices, Charity Shops, Banks, Bankrupt retail outlets, Pawnbrokers, boarded up shops, Car parking meters, Law Firms, Job-Centres, Busker zones, and Drug Treatment Centres along with a reduction in Police Stations, Libraries, Council Housing, and Schools, to reflect a more accurate depiction of the City.

The police scenario module will include muggings, knifings, drug crime, and people being knocked over by Mobility Scooters and skateboarders to give it a more realistic to life in Nottingham angle.

We will also be creating a dedicated City-Centre zone, with public transport-buses taxis trams and cyclist driving on the pavements, emergency vehicles, Pay-day Loan outlets, Mobility scooters, Skateboarders, empty retail units, Parking Wardens, and Shoplifting scenarios.

CDA02We have done a deal with Grzegorz Malobodu Smythe-Robinson Chair of the local Big Issue organisation to allow us to use their logo in the game so everyone in Nottingham can recognise this and become more involved in the game.

It’s taken a while to develop this game and we have had to make further changes as time has passed. We’ve now removed the Police Station that was burnt down in the riots, as well as those closed down.

For realities sake we’ve also reduced the number of Police officers available to despatch to incidents by the player by 300.

We’ve now added a ‘Current Status map’ so players can view their scenario at a click of a button. Like ‘Current Shop lifters in action’ – ‘Big Issue sellers selling’ – ‘Elderly people currently at risk from Skateboarders’ – ‘Elderly people currently at risk from Mobility Scooters’ – ‘Muggings currently taking place’ – ‘Pickpockets currently in action’ – ‘Pay-day Loans currently being transacted’ and ‘Knifings/Firearm incidents currently taking place’. This will help the player to follow and control the normal life in Nottingham.


We feel sure that the young computer literate people of Nottingham will want to play this game.

We’ve done a deal with several local Pay-Day Loan companies for them to arrange loans for anyone wishing to buy the game when it goes into distribution.

It will eventually be produced for all computers, Xbox, ipods etc. And should be available at under £300.

CDA03Steedenski Pay-Day Loans of Sewer Lane in Nottingham are offering to reduce their interest from 6,876.40% to 6,200.99% for purchases of the new game.

We are currently accepting suggestions for the name of the game and we are offering a prize for the supplier of the chosen name.