Inchcock’s Diary: Friday 3rd October 14


Incorporating Photograph visit of Inchcock to Nottingham’s Goose Fair on Opening Day – today

Up at 0450hrs tending to me throbbing 05F03bloodied and very sore ‘Inch’. I was 05F04tempted to put bandage on, but 05F05remembered Dr Vindla’s advice not to.


Tried to recollect dream I’d been having, but couldn’t drag it out of my brain while I clean him up applied the Clotromozole cream and filled the laundry basket again.

Got an email yesterday from me Sister and Brother in law giving me permission to visit them on Saturday but only after 1200hrs. They are also so busy, I bet they wondered how they ever managed when they were working.

Came down around 0600hrs, started laptop, made a cuppa and took me medications post haste.

(It’s stopped bleeding now)

Updated this diary.

When the new BT Infitity finally loaded after several minutes being given the option of closing or waiting 05F06for it to load notifications, I eventually got on the web! (Huh!)

Spent many happy hours doing graphics and facebooking.

Went up to cleanse shave and beautify myself and get me togs on for me walk to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop in Sherwood. And oh dearie me… the blood from the ‘Inch’ had soaked through me undies trousers and into me dressing-gown!

Kitchen towels to the fore, and extra Clotromozole cream applied – gently, very ever so gently!

It took yonks to get it to stop again. I thought about going somewhere medical about it, but when it did stop, I chickened out.

Worried me a bit that, cause me Warfarin INR 05F07level must be pretty high for me to have stopped in on me own like.

On my walk to the Charity shop I thought it would be a good idea (Being as I’d remembered me camera) to go afterwards to the Goose Fair that was just starting on the Forest afterwards.

So I did. I managed to just miss three buses that were at the bus-stop and I couldn’t get there quick enough to catch one.

I dropped off at the wrong bus-stop, to early. So I hobbled up to the Goose Fair site, and went in the East entrance off of Mansfield Road.

05F08The smells from the multitude of take away stalls hit me first, then a woman with double push chair hit me second; right on arthritic left knee too!

The uneven ground played havoc with me feet and knees.

The few kids that were there seemed to be enjoying themselves.

05F09I couldn’t stop checking me Inch for leaks, spoilt me walk really.

I’ll put these photographs onto me Nottingham Goose Fair album on me Facebook page later. Might use the one about the new ride on Troll Free Zone, might give em a laugh.. or not.

Wandered through the stalls and rides 05F09b(painfully cause of the uneven ground) and decided enough was enough, and left onto Gregory Boulevard.

Noticing the security staff sat gossiping and on their ipods or something like that.

The first rubbish bin I came to on the Boulevard was in a right state already, Tsk.

I limped literally back to Carrington, and then nipped bravely into the Lidl store to get some bread and bananas. That brought back the thoughts of how my ‘Inch’ was doing, but I could feel no moisture.

I’ll definitely have to see Dr Vindla. Mind you, I’ve got an appointment on Monday, I must try to find out what time cause for some reason I didn’t put it on me diary.

Hey-ho, microwave sausage sandwiched for me tonight.

I do live well yer know…

TTFN all.