Inchcock Today: Thursday 2nd October 14


And he thought things were getting better? Read on!

 Thursday 2nd October 14

Up at 0410hrs:  Tended to the ‘Inch’ and what a mess – blood all over me my clothing and the bathroom. Bit of a job to stop it, but managed I think.


Feeling disappointed at yesterday’s wasted time waiting for the Meals at Home calling to see me and didn’t (I may mention this again, sorry.)

Problems have been caused through their non-attendance:

1) Not getting me walk in, the arthritis is worse this morning

2) My BP must have gone up even further with the angry frustrations.

3) The angina is going again this morning.

4) For some reason I feel more tired this morning than for a while?

5) Stomach ache nasty.


Went down and started the laptop, made a cuppa and tool me medications.

Anticoagulation level and dosage record had come in the post. I’m on 4.6 INR level, still way too high? Doses reduced for this week again.


Oh dear, the ‘Inch’ is bleeding again. Went up and treated the little mite again – More painful now. WC while I was up there.

The stomach is grinding and painful. Probably due to holding things in yesterday so as not to miss the Meals at Home personage/s who were supposed to come and didn’t!

Feeling bitter about it now, and uncomfortable with the extra pangs I’m suffering. (Poor old devil!)

Did some Facebooking, and WordPress, Inchcock post creating…


… Then some graphics to use later.

Did me ablutions and prettifying and got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, Paperwork for the Nottingham City Council Contact Point and off I wobbled to Sherwood, Not much traffic about there at the moment.

Left me donations and caught the bus into town.

Flippin’ sneezing now.

Walked to the Nottingham Council Contact Point in the main library, took a photo of the slab square.

Talked with the helpful chappie who arranged for the Meals at Home peoples to call and see me yesterday.

Explained to him how I’d waited in for eleven hours but nobody came to see me… adding about the ailments that this failure had caused me. But i kept meself calm throughout.

“What else can I do?” he asked.

“Forget it!” I replied.

“What are you going to do then?” He inquired.

“Drop dead through starvation I suppose!” I quipped with a smile on me face. Adding “I cannot go through that again waiting, holding my water and back passage movements, the Angina starting, the high-blood pressure… never mind, thank’s for your help anyway Sir!”

04Thurs02I poddled to the Chinese shop and got some seaweed sheets, then walked to the tram-stop intending to catch a tram to Bulwell to see if Fulton’s had any microwave sausages in.

However… still being uptight (That’s my excuse) I got on the wrong Tram!  But I did remember to get me travel-pass validated before I got on, because 04Thurs03nowadays everyone has to pay or validate before they get on a tram.

I got off at Cinderhill, which is only ¾ mile from Bulwell, not too bad.

I realised as I got off the tram and started to limp up the long stairs to the road, when this site was being built, I did the night security there, 04Thurs04and got nobbled with a great thick plank of wood that someone dropped over the bridge wall onto me head.

That made think about doing an Inchcock’s True Tales of Woe about it later.

I took a photo of how it looks now. Then it was all mud, yobs and building plant and stuff.

04Thurs05At the top of the steps I noticed the Pub where the gypsies (travellers) and the Jamaican lads had a fight (That I witnesses, I’ll yers all about it in me Tale of Woe when I get it done), one death and seven hospitalised.

I limped along into Bulwell, fed the ducks and pigeons and investigated 04Thurs06the two freezer shops next to each other. Fulton’s first, then Iceland. Bit of luck at Fulton’s, they had some Microwavable Cocktail sausages at a decent price 800g for £1.69 and got some lollies too.

Then into Iceland, got some wholemeal bread thins at £1 each and a ready meal, Potatoes baked beans and sausage for 89p! Only got one though, cause I don’t know if there are any good yet do I. (Been caught out before yer know)

Then up the road a bit to Heron freezer shop, got what I thought was a bargain, ice-cream lollies 6 for a quid. Until I got em home a saw how tiny they were that is.

04Thurs07Walked to bus station and caught a number 17 bus back to Carrington. The road works caused much delay and tested the poor old bus-driver to his limits. I must say he had varied vocabulary of curse words, very impressed I was.

Dropped off and walked to the flea-pit, as I turned the corner I knew something was different – took a few second to think about it then realised: No yobs, Nobody rooting through any bins either!

Got in WC and guess what? A note on the floor from Angela. Whoever she is from the Meals at Home Service. It read; Dear Mr Inchcock, we called to see you today. As you were not home we will call again on Monday between 11am – 1pm. Thank you. Angela.

I put the laptop on, made a cuppa took me afternoon medications then called the Meals on Wheels…no, the Meals at Home Service.

Bit of a farce really, the first woman I spoke to and tried to explain things too did not speak very clearly and she put me onto another gal, who had a better for me to hear voice; Took a while to explain about how I’d called in the Contact Centre and a chap had called you on my behalf telling you that Monday and/or Tuesdays was my hospital visit days and you said you’d call to see me Wednesday.

I stayed in making myself poorly holding my natural actions in for 13 hours and nobody came Wednesday.

I went toady and explained things to the gentleman at the Contact Centre.

I then went on and bought much food to go in my freezer, so no room to have anything anyway now.

I was then put through to another woman, and explained all this again.

After listening politely, she said, well we can come next Tuesday then!

I reiterated that Monday and or Tuesday are my hospital days!

Oh all right, let’s make it Wednesday 8th.

I agreed.

04Thurs08I thought I ought to put this on my online Google diary to be safe; When I did, I realised I’d got a Doctor’s appointment on that Wednesday. But not until 1500 hrs.

I considered crying, but decided against it.

I had to ring them back, and tell the first woman all about it again…

She put me through to a new woman this time, and I explained it all again (Talk about War and Peace), and she said they would be arriving between 1300 and 1400 hrs.

I’ve no confidence in this at all yer know!

I got me purchases out, going soft by now and took a photo of em, no idea why, suppose after the last two days I’m losing it a bit quicker than normal?

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