Inchcock Today: Tuesday 7th October 2014


Awake at 0340hrs, feeling cold despite having had the heater on all night. Brrrr! Left it on this morning. (Which makes a change from forgetting to turn it off?)

02Tu2Couldn’t nod off again, so got up and put the kettle on.

Thought I’d take a photo of the usual scene outside me front door right. It were dark, dank foggy and flipping chilly.

Managed to do a bit of graphicalistion work on Coreldraw… for about five minutes, and it froze everything.

Had to force close and start everything again.

By then, it were time fer me to get things and missen ready fer launderette visit. (Tsk again!)

02Tu5Turned off laptop proper, went up for a wash n shave… more blood from the ‘Inch’. I’m getting a bit worried abarght this situation now.

 I wabbled off to the launderette, Mandy on duty today. Took her photo with the Canon camera.

Big John arrived and we had a natter while the washing twirled in the machines. Big J went off to the cafe for his breakfast.

Got the washing dried (cost £2.80), said me cheerio’s and limped back to the ramshackle dwelling.

02Tu4Got things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, and set off on me walk into Sherwood.

Bit of drizzle. But nowt to shout about yer know.

As I passed some houses, I remembered reading that at the last census there were 145 people registered in the first four houses! I never did follow that one up.

Dropped off at the Polish shop and got a loaf and four slices of some nice looking cooked meat with no label on it to have for me supper/dinner/lunch/tea.

Got to Hospice Charity Shop, only one old chap on his own in the shop, bless him.

02Tu6Came out and the sky looked a bit threatening I thought – so I decided against a walk into town, and made for the Carrington flea-pit.

Passing this time; three mobility scooters outside the pub!

I nervously continued hobbling along as fast as possible in case any of them came out and got on ‘em while I was about like!

I just missed the rain, got in just in time.

Kettle on, laptop on and took me midday medications, then applied the creams. ‘Inch’ still leaking. (Treble Tsk!)

Updated this twaddle.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 7th October 2014

  1. Morning Inchmeister! There’s an eery mist swirling around the streets of old London town this morning. Just spotted a geezer creeping through the murk dressed in a cloak and a top hat. A wicked looking butcher’s knife in his right hand flashed and winked in the gaslight as he entered an ill lit tenement building.
    Still you dont like to grumble do yers? 🙁

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