Inchcocks Keeping Active Routine

In Excruciatingly Bad Ode

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


It is essential, from your every waking moment, daily,
To assess the ailments, for any possibly acting bolshy,
That gets the brain going, fretting, and panicking too!
On the physical side; don’t expect things with spectacularity,
More concentrate, on dogged hopes and sustainability,
At all times, anticipate and expect, constant impeachability!

No doubt the wee-wees will start then, with tenacity,
Sometimes persistent, more usually of aperiodically,
The first slash you take will be with a certain trepidity!
They’ll be blood, orange urine, this’ll confirm your panic ability!
Apply the Daktacort Hydrocortisone, you’ll scream!
To ease the agony, just think of it, as being a dream!
And count slowly to yourself, up to a thousand and thirteen!

You’ll get letters, forms, threats and emails from authorities,
Along with phone calls, texts, these are not abnormalities,
How much pension and total cash are in your bank?
They raised the total allowed, in reply I was frank!
An hour a week for shopping, laundry, will cost me £280 a week!
It’s best at this time, not to freak!

Nottingham Revenue and Benefits called me on the phone…
The 2½hr form-filling left me in an ether world zone!
My concentration had departed, off it had flown…
I thanked him, with a verbal groan!

He said he’d sent the paperwork to sign & return,
Of course, no help was given, I soon did learn,
Result in today, on a downer now, scowled and had a gurn!
Excuse me, off to for a wee-wee, I must adjourn…

Ah, I’ve made beef stew for later, my hunger does grow…
Hello, it’s already made… Carer due, Doctors tomorrow,
I’m still angry with myself, there is a self-pitying sorrow,
Life at the moment, is annoying, no zest… hollow!
It’s me that is annoying me… that what I’ll have to forego…
The secret costs of the carers costs rise… Oh, blow!

At times like this, try not to get neurotic,
You’ll only get worse if you get all frenetic!
Change your mood to romantic or quixotic,
Think of happy times, when life was sybaritic!

Of course, I write mostly conceptualistic,
You might try changing your mood to eucharistic?
Or change to using heliotrope coloured lipstick?
Cause it won’t help, people’ll think you’re a dipstick!
But a different set of worries, even anti-humanistic…
Maybe enough to stop your brain from going ballistic?

There’ll be daily Whoopsies, Accifauxpas and many a quarrel,
Several times daily, to be insulted, and get a bombshell,
At times these may overpower your one brain cell…
Not to worry, you’ll have forgotten your previous natter,
Diagnosed last week, I’m aneurysmatic, but it doesn’t matter,
You’ll have enough ailments in the body, no hopes to shatter!

Your hero may be Hawking, Newton, mine is Albert Einstein,
Whichever, it matters not, for you must worry not,
Peoples choices whatever they are, are fine…
Cause you’ll only forget tomorrow, and feel a clot!

Usual things to get Arthur Itis, and become annuhilistic,
And your Willy will shrink, change its colour to pink,
You need do nothing about these, they are automatic,
Oh, and you’ll leave the hot water tap running in the sink!
Of the young, you’ll become an inpatient critic!
Your loss of memory will make you forget to think!
You’ll lose your egoisticness, no longer be artistic,
You’ll find yourself on depressions very brink…
I’m only trying to help – just giving you the wink!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There are times when one realizes that one had not got it right, forgotten something, missed something, lost something…

This is Perfectly Normal – Don’t Fret!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 21st June 2017: Off to visit Sister Jane, hubby Pete and the Pussies!

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Italian: Mercoledì 21 Giugno 2017

0400hrs: Stirred thinking of the dreams and fell off to sleep again.

0455hrs: Stirred again and battled with the £300 second-hand recliner to get free of it and to the Porcelain Throne – Success again! Nowhere near as painful this time. It would seem that Constipation Konrad is weakening. A fair bit of bleeding made Haemorrhoid Harold unhappy. (Try saying that quickly when you’ve had a few jars. Hehe!) Cleaned things up and got the kettle on. Did the health Checks. “Sys: 154, Dia: 72, Pulse: 76, Temp: 34.6, Weight 14.71” Pondered on whether or not to take another Senna with the morning medications? Decided not to, for fear of encouraging any return visit from Diarrhoea Derek. I just may regret this decision?

Knowing I would be out for an extended time visiting Sister Jane today, I had a go at WordPressing, Email checking and Facebooking, before it was time to get the ablutions done.

That took some time, that did.

Better get sorted, and the ablutions tended too then.

All prepared and off to the bus stop at the end of the road. Jolly good Gossip at the bus stop. Loved listening to what the other tenants were going on about this morning. The mayhem of the building preparation work and upsetting of their system and plans seemed to be the most popular subject. Both Bills were there, Bill (William on Sundays) and Welsh Bill.

Got into town, dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street, near the Wilko Store and walked along the road to the West Bridgford bus stop.

Hectic today, the roads were.

Buses to left, buses to the right, behind and in front. Hehe!

Sat waiting for the bus to set off and one of the tenants of the flats, Brenda I think her name is (Maybe, perhaps?), sat next to me, which was a pleasant surprise and afforded me the opportunity for a great chinwag and ogle. Lovely gal she is. Turned out she was also on her way to visit her Sister and only a few streets away from my Jane’s home.

I got off of the bus the stop after Brenda and made my way to Cyril Road. (Left)

Jane was all ready for my call.

The two pussies Fooey and Arthur were not to be seen. A good nattering session took place.

Pete came down and made me a mug of tea. Memories spoke of. Had a look at Pete’s laptop to see if I could help with his problem. Spent a while, but with no luck. In the end, I photographed some screen shots and will have a look on the web later to see if I can sort it out for him.

Found Arthur, asleep in the bushes in the garden, in readiness to wake and kill some birds. Nice camouflage for a grey cat, bless him. (See photo below, bottom left)

Fussed Fooey, my favourite old pussy. Jane & Pete posed for me with Fooey and Jane took a photograph of me as I fed him some of the cat food he loves so. It is in liquid form, I always take some for him. And they did not help me get back up off the floor afterwards either! Hehehe!


Sister and brother-in-law both looked fit and healthy. Gave them their nibbles and treats. Farewells, and I was soon off to catch the bus. Changed my mind when I just missed one and decided to walk into Central Avenue and have a look in the Iceland store for some bread to take home with me.

Flatbread, cheesy rolls and tried a pack of some Pitta Bread for the first time. Oh, and a minced beef slice.

The bus to town was packed solid with passengers. Should be carrying so many people standing? I did manage to get a seat mind.

Got to town and walked to the Slab Square. Taking a picture of Clinton Street as I passed on my way there.

Busy as it usually is today, but something in the air… hard to describe but I’ll do me best.

A sense of apprehension, something about to take place that would be unwanted, not liked. Odd feeling?

Walked to the top of Queen Street on Upper Parliament Street, and took these photographicalisations of an old pub. It had just been opened again. I recall it has had many different names over the years of failed success seeking from the landlords. Sad.

Walked around and down King Street then up Queen St, to the L9 bus stop at the top of the hill.

En route, Bill (William on Sundays) got on the bus and we had a comical little gossip as I am sure neither of us could hear what the other was saying. Haha!

Back at Winwood Flats, I met Jenny and Frank in the foyer and nattered for a while.

Unlocked the door and straight in the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Put the food away and potato crispies into the oven cooking.

Had a wee-wee.

Downloaded the photographs to add later.

Updated this in a draft, notes words as reminders so when I complete it in the morning, I could remember it easier. Too tired to do it now.

Had a wee-wee.

Thursday Morning Update:

Got the meal done and consumed.

Had a wee-wee.

Medications were taken, Health checks were done and got settled to watch some Heartbeat DVD episodes.

Typically, when I want to get to sleep, I couldn’t. As a rule, as soon as I start yo view the TV or a DVD, I fall asleep, but not this time. The mind racing away again, about all sorts of subjects. The Grenfell disaster, Brexit, the Amazon deliveries, the hearing aids, the mistakes and foolish decisions I’ve taken over the years… on and on! I can’t remember much of the Heartbeat DVD I had on.

Had a wee-wee.

Eventually, I managed to nod off, late, very late it was. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st June 2017: Tenants Social Hour, then shopping, Graphicationalisationing. Oh, made time for a Whoopsiedangleplops later, as well. Hehe!


Thursday 1st June 2017

Serbian: Четвртак 1 јун 2017

Woke around 0420hrs, no demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, despite the rumbling innards. And, no memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to do the Health checks, take the medications and make a brew. Reading all seemed okay: Sys 159, Dia 80, Pulse 88, Temp 35.6, Weight 14.91, apart from the weight still high.

4Thur02Onto the computer to update the diaries.

Making a mug of tea for the one that had gone cold, I took this photograph of the distant City Hospital where I should be visiting this month for the op, just waiting for the confirmation.

Got yesterday’s diary finished off and started this one going.

Checked the Emails and got one from Sister Jane. This is part of her message:

Had a brilliant day at Cherry Tree Garden Centre in Bradmore.
Dorothy kept us fit “dashing” from one section to another – and says she’s 93 NOT 94!!
While we were having lunch, there was a private function going on with all kinds of animals to stroke and hold.  A meerkat, skunk, baby fox, shrew, micro-pig, tarantula, scorpion, and 2 snakes, one bright yellow and about 10ft long.  Most of the kids were loving it and some of the grown-ups too.
You’d have loved it.  Looked well cared for.

She sent these wonderful photographicalisations below:


She’s right, I would have loved it.

The stomach suddenly burst into pain, and in an urgent response, I made for the Porcelain Throne. Came on so quickly!

Not so bad as I thought it would be at all?

Went on the GPO site and extended the Mail Redirection instructions for letters bound for the old house to be moved to here. Of course, I forgot the PW. However, I got there in the end.

Did some more work on the TFZer latest series graphics.

Then got the ablutions tended to. A couple of nicks but no bad cuts with the shaving this morning.

Checked the Emails before setting out for the Tenants Social Hour and taking the empty jars to the recycling bin en route.

4Thur07They were painting double yellow lines on Chestnut Walk where the cabin is now in place.

Into the current Winwood Social Hut to find so few folks there this morning. But we all had a laugh anyway.

Noticed when coming out, that they were now painting yellow lines near the flats.

Up to the Porcelain Throne, got the bag and down to the bus stop.

Interesting listening to what I could hear of the tenants gossiping at the bus stop. It seems all our problems are due to immigrants and I think the builders are in for a few ear-fulls from some of the girls and gals. Hehe!

Caught the L9 and failed miserably with the crosswords on the trip into town.

4Thur03Dropped off near Wilko’s and went over the road to the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) and the fruit & veg stall. They had some fresh pod peas in, I recalled being conned last time I got some peas from there – but thought if Tesco does not have any I’ll have to walk all the way back here again to get some. There was a different lady serving. So I risked it and bought some. Turned out okay, she did not slip the older ones in the bag.

Wandered around the market for a while and then to the other end of the Mall and down a floor to the Tesco store, They had pod peas, so I got some more! (Note the poetry there? Haha!). Also got some flatbread on offer. Just managed to squeeze them into the freezer when I got home.

4Thur04Out of the centre and hobbled along towards the town centre to call at Primark to look for some long sleeve T-shirts.

Passed this sign while walking along Milton Street.

I took a photo of it, I was rather tempted, as I rate and like Chris Rock and his style.

Saw there were no details of where he was appearing? Oddly, tickets were only available online? Checked later on the web, and got all sorts of warnings about this site via the Virus Checker and Warnings?

I walked up and through Trinity Square. Saw these ornaments or whatever they are called in the jewellery 4Thur05shop window.

Took the picture to put on the TFZers site and ask their opinion of them.

Pressed on and down Trinity Walk with its five nadies nail shops and three barber shops.

One of them proudly displaying tht Men’s Haircuts from only £12.

Glad I have no hair when I read that!

4Thur06Walked down into the Slab Square.

The Big Issue sellers were in pairs today. Most likely one of the poor souls being trained by the other?

Pavement Cyclists all over the place.

Made my way to the Primark Store on Long Row, an up to the gents clothing section.

They had done a makeover of the displays, and definitly gone for the younger persons sales.

4Thur07After a long hobble around I found nothing of any interest to me.

Exited the store and in front of me was an interesting view, I thought. The highly expensive Pizza take-away had its usual rush on… Hehehe!

The old folk were making use of the pigeon dropping covered uncomfortable metal seats.

The balloon seller seemed to be attracting some interest form the passers by; Or maybe it was the lady with thehsort dress on? Hehe!

4Thur08To Queen Street and up to where the outdoor seating was for one of the many restuartants on there to take this photographicalisation with the Council House dome in the background.

Caught the bus back to the flats. Had another go at the crossword book, with dismal results yet again.

When I got back, the double yellow lines had been added to various more locations, but where the ycould not get to paint them due to the parked vehicles, they had added cones?

4Thur09Took the medications and did the Health Checks, then got on with making the meal.

I’d cooked some of the pod peas, had some cold potatoes left over from yesterday, tomatoes and did some of the red extra strong grated cheddar cheese in the oven at the same time as the haddock in batter. Pressed it flat in the oven dish and sprayed the top with oil. Pleased with how it came out, nice and crispy.

A lemon mousse and bit of brown bread and it was a delightfully tasty repast.

05Thu12After consuming it, I took the things to the kitchen to clean them up and…


I’d left the kitchen sink tap running with some cleaning clothes in it!

Well fancy that, I didn’t say to myself!

Good job the cold tap was only trickling.

Mop and bucket to the rescue. Getting the disinfectant from under the sink to use and what a mess there was inside. Down on the knees job and took every thing out, wiped it and replaced the cleaning things – this I found was surprisingly easy to do – getting up again afterwards was not! Hehehe!

Another good thing was that I had plenty of kitchen rolls in stock – I haven’t now, mind.

Went down to the Obergruppenfhureresses Hut to report what had happened just in case any water had filtered through to the flat below.

4Thur11Julie checked and all was fine. Phew!

On the way back to the flat, I spotted some local Nottingham Street Art. I’m not certain, but I think I saw a similar piece of artwork in exactly the same place last year?

The birds and animals were not showing any interest in it.

Back up to the apartment and got washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

Tired as I felt, no nod-offs at all tonight? After a few hours after enjoying Star Trek, Heart Beat and starting to watch Hetty Wainthrope, I drifted off and did not wake until 0400hrs!


Inchcock – Thursday 4th May 2017: Voted in the elections today, visited the Mallards and food shopped


Thursday 4th May 2017

Galician: Xoves 4 de maio de 2017

Woke around 0300hrs, tried and failed to remember the dreams, then actually managed to nod off again.

0500hrs: Up and to the porcelain throne – things easing I think in the ‘Trots’ department, but you never can tell. Duodenal Donald was easier, but Anne Gyna bad, very little 4Thur02bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Made a brew and took the morning medications, then carried out the Health Checks, the pulse beating away merrily again.

Oh dear, the milk had gone off!

Weight the same as yesterday.

Another summons to the Porcelain Throne received… not so comfortable this one.

Ablutions completed.

Nipped down and voted.

Visited the Porcelain Throne.

Computer started and diaries caught up with.

Did some WordPress reading.

Did a Morrison order for Saturday delivery. Searched for a Shoe Zone store in Nottingham so I could get some brown velcro closing shoes later. One found situated in Arnold, so I set off to catch the L9 bus into Arnold. Visited the Porcelain Throne to be on the safe side.

Jolly nice natter with the other tenants at the bus-stop, and caught the bus into Daybrook, dropping off at Sainsbury’s store. Wandered around, and spotted they had some vegetarian food on offer. Ended up getting Quorn Peppered Steaks and Cocktail Sausages, some fresh pod peas and English Vine tomatoes.

4Thur03Paid up and took a walk down to the Arno Hill Park, to feed the Mallard ducks. Only took about ten minutes to limp there.

As I entered the grounds, these bushes caught me attention.

I thought they were beautiful looking.

Hobbled to the pond come lake and had to 4Thur04smile at this toddler as he got down on his knees and tried to stroke some of the ducks and pigeons, giggling away merrily as he did so.

Bless him!

I kept feeding them so he could have his fun. I think I was enjoying myself as much as the little tyke himself was? Hehe!



All my worries and fretting, lack of self-confidence and even Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald left me for a moment or tow was I spoke with the birds and took their photographs, to replaced by temporary contentment in the sunshine covered park.

Stress is the child of the frenetic pace and antisocialism of the modern world?

Eventually, I forced myself to walk out of the greenery and up back into Arnold. So much hobbling recently to blame I assume, for the feet burning and stinging away after such a short hike with the bag?

Arrived in Arnold about 15 minutes later and window shopped as I made my way to the Shoe Zone place, calling into the Fulton Foods shop to get a bottle of sterilised milk.

Once in the store, I soon found just what I was looking for. A pair of brown shoes with Velcro fasteners, @ £15.00, and a pair of insoles for a quid. Even tried the contactless payment there, and it worked! Paid and thanked the young lady and crossed over the road to the Asda (Walmart) store for a look round, as I had plenty of time before the bus was due.

Got some fish-sticks and Marmite Crisps.

4Thur07To the bus stop and had 12 minutes to wait.

19 minutes later it had still not arrived. I was beginning to think of how and where to catch another bus into town and drop off in Sherwood and walk up the hill back to the flats.

A couple of minutes later the bus turned up – thankfully saving me an extra uphill hobble. Hehe!

4Thur08 Glad it came, so glad.

At the next stop, a lady from the 14th floor of the flats got on and we chatted – at the next stop after that one, her husband got on, and we stopped chatting.

45 minutes later we were back at the flats and going up the lift. I said my farewells and made my way to the apartment and utilised the Porcelain Throne facility (Again!)

4Thur09Put the food bought away. Took the new shoes to the spare room.

Got a few baby potatoes on the boil.

Made a good strong mug of tea and took the belated midday medications and did the Health Checks.

The pulse was a bit higher.

Started the computer and updated this diary. Did some WordPress catch-up. Then got to Facebooking catch-up at last.

4Thur11Got the fodder ready.


No bread, cause I had some potatoes.

The fish sticks both cheap and the expensive were delicious… well it all was really.

And none of the peas escaped either. Hehe!

Evening tests and medication taken.

For some reason, sleep was impossible. Oh yes, I could nod off for a few minutes but each time I sprang awake, I either needed a wee-wee, passed a massive blast of wind or scratched at the itch under my left arm. Hehe! It was tiring and frustrating.

I was still awake at 0300hrs as I recall.


Inchcock – Tuesday 18th April 2017


Tuesday 18th April 2017

Māori: Rātū 18 Paengawhāwhā 2017

1Mon17aStirred at 0255hrs, Duodenal Donald giving me a lot of hassle and pain this morning.

I think I have only myself to blame perhaps; The overly seasoned beef in black bean sauce dinner from last night?As lovely as it tasted,

As beautiful as it tasted, I will resist this temptation in the future!

Out of the £300 second-hand-surely ready-to-clonk-out recliner and to the throne. The Senna taking seems to have eased things at last. I almost sang with joy at the lack of struggle and pain. Hehe! Little Inchy had been flowing a bit and needed corrective attention from the Betamethasone cream and cleaning up. But I could tell from experience, I was to suffer badly with both Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna – when this happens together, concentration goes on holiday. Remembered I need to go to the bank to investigate the farce over the transfer of account situation. Maybe today, Lisa the manager will actually talk to me?

Found a scribbled note presumably about a dream – but could make no sense of it at all and had no memories, although I could recall one I had early last night, the one I wrote about in yesterday’s post, that was completed as my next job. The readable bits of the pencil written script was: Hill high…. stethoscope (I think), canal… towering above… flying swooping?

0445hrs: Computer activated after finishing Monday’s off, I started this one. Did some photography doctoring to use later. Then the internet connection started going off intermittently. I wished that Duodenal Donald, who was becoming very active and persistent would do the same.

Into the kitchen to2Tue001a take the medications and an extra few swigs of antacid in possibly a vain hope of easing the ulcer pain. Then did the Health Checks:

Sys 162 – Dia 76 – Pulse 75 – Temp 38.7 – the weighing indicated another rise.

Oh dearie me!

Had to take another swig of the antacid medicine and pondered on whether I should risk taking an extra Omeprazole, as the medicine was cutting it with the pain.

I stood looking out of the window seeking inspiration in making my choice. Later I used the W-T option and tried to take a view of the same area, this is how the photos came out:


I think I read somewhere that Omeprazole had a side effect of diarrhoea? With things loosening up so much in that department this morning, I found myself in a quandary.If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, it I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments

If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, if I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments (Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux) playing up as well. On the other hand, I might get the runs badly… then again, it might make no difference at all? Bumfuzzled my brain now!

2Tue04Eventually, Duodenal Donald himself made it up for me, with a super-mega stab of pain, followed by a Donald Dizzy spell. I decided to take an extra one and another Codeine.

I decided to take an extra Omeprazole as well as and another Codeine. Just to keep himself noticed with all the ailments clambering for attention, Arthur Itis decided to have a go at the fingers as I took this photographicalisation and dropped the tablets. Luckily falling into the draw where I could retrieve them this time.

This is not going to be a good day medically speaking (I’m quick on picking these things up yer know, Hehehe).

The thought of the visit to the bank to talk to the elusive Lisa didn’t help in the clarity of logic department. Yes, I like that, I might refer to her like this: Elusive Lisa in future?

For I fear they might be more occasions to write about in this banking farce! (Getting myself wound up now, Tsk!)

Completed belatedly updating last week’s Check List.


Made another mug of tea, and pressed on with this update. The mind in a Zwodder-like state.

Did some WordPress Reading.


Then onto Facebook. Made a graphic of Pixie Mary Frieberg on the TFZer site, as she won the ball competition. I put her near the actual photograph of the implement on the table – a real Disney Angel.

Well all of them got it right actually, but Mary was first in with her bid, bless her cotton socks.

Got the ablutions tended to. Got the bank details, empty jars for the recycling bin and some painkillers in the bag. And set off to the bank and get some bread.

No one about at all, not a soul did I see in or outside the flats and Chestnut Grove… Eerie that.

2Tue08Dropped the jars in the bin and down Winchester Street, across Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Fell in love with little daisies on the verge.

Inside the bank, there were about six in the standing queue, three staff serving including the Manageress Lisa. I patiently took my place at the end of it. And Lisa was still ignoring me with natural aplomb and what must be a well trained and practised, honed skill.

I had to explain everything from the start again to the young good looking fit man servicing me. Jealous? Me? He said something I didn’t catch and went into the back of the building. A few minutes later, with the customers in the queue behind me tutting and sneering in my direction, he returned and told me an advisor needs to talk to me.

Hello, I thought to myself! I was instructed to stand at the back, and she would come and fetch me. So I did.

The lady appeared within seconds and escorted me into an office and asked me to sit down – I explained it was better if I didn’t, Arthur Itis playing up, and she professionally shot me look that said: “Huh, another old fart!” It was quick, but I caught it alright. Hehe!

She explained that the Co-op had put a block on the transfer because it had taken so long. I asked her who’s fault is it that it took so long – I got another shudderingly frightening look from her, this one said: “Who the hell do you think you are!” to me. I got in with my rapid verbals: “Your bank failing to check the postcode on the I.D. from the State Pension people who I admit were also in the wrong?” I suggested before she could speak.

A pregnant pause followed. The lady recovered. Ignoring what I had said completely, told me she would ring her head office for advice on whether or not we need to start from scratch again. I was gobsmacked, especially when they told her that we did have to!

I started to make notes so as to be able to use them in this diary. She frowned and asked me if I wanted her to make notes for me? Not sure if this was genuine or sarcastic, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She lightened her tone and asked why I was making notes – I replied something like: “The memory isn’t as good as it once was you know – paused with my mouth open and added – I want to get the details right for my Trust Pilot Report” and offered a half cheeky smile. That worked, I could see she was perplexed by this.

I wondered to myself why I was being so short and annoying, not like me at all, thought it might be the extra pains today, took a codeine out and ate it, determined to try and win back her good side, in case I needed a loan later. So I adopted a broad smile and almost laughed, and this confused the Hitlerarian dear even more. Tsk! She wasn’t Hitlerarian at all, but I just like using the word. Hahaha! Sorry.

She set about redoing the application using the details and checking them with me from the first time. Asking me if the account at the other bank was overdrawn? I impressed her when I competently fibbed: “God heavens no, I’ve over a hundred grand in it!

I must stop annoying her and get her going I swore to myself again.

After a while on her computer, she told me that the account should be open and transferred 26th April, but don’t come to see us until the 27th. Then, as I was about to leave, she started the selling spiel: Come to see me after it is operational and I’ll see if we can offer insurances cheaper than the one’s you have now!

I exited into the sunshine and the wind then went to get a small l2Tue11oaf of bread and some meat to tonight,s meal. Sarnies only tonight, nothing spicy I said to myself.

No small loaves, only large, no belly pork so I got a Wiejska ring.

Walked up the hill, no bus for 55 minutes yet, so walked on up and down the hill and walked up the park back to the apartments.

2Tue09A few dogs taking their owners for a walk and refusing to return the thrown ball.

I love watching them.

One Alsatian ran to me and stuck his head in my bag trying to get to the meat I suspect?

He was friendly enough and took his head out when I asked him to ‘Leave’. Haha!

2Tue09aTurning right at the top, I hobbled down through the beloved Copse. Thickening out well now.

The entrance was a mass of nettles blooming.

I wondered at this point, how does one make Nettle Wine?

I’ll look it up later perhaps.


Ambled down through the Copse and took a photograph facing the flats.It really was so beautiful in there.

It really was so beautiful in there. The smell alone makes it worth the trip.

Came out the bottom and trying to miss treading on the buttercups and daisies, I made my way to the foyer door.

2Tue12Squirrels and birds very active around the area.

Up to home and had a wee-wee, but the bits away and made a cuppa.

Found a recipe for Nettle Wine.

Sounds too complicated for me to try, not got the room or gear anyway.

How do you measure nettle tops in pints, anyway?

Got the notes I made to help me update this diary.

Got up to here, and took the evening medication with spring water.

Made another mug of tea, then cleaned up the milk and fridge where I’d managed to drop the milk bottle when Arthur Itis decided to freeze the fingers on me. Humph!

At least Duodenal Donald had eased a bit. Mustn’t eat anything spicy tonight. Hope the Wiejska and bread will be alright. I could have had a drink of milk with it, but of course, I’d dropped and spilt most of it!

Had a bash on Facebook. Lost it. Got it back again. Lost it again… gave up and did some graphicationalisationing.2Tue12a

Got the din-dins done.

A salad of sorts. Went down nicely.

Had a Dennis Dizzy visitation when washing the pots.

To the porcelain throne thinking I was in need of a heavy duty session – but nothing, not even any wind? Well, there was plenty from Roger Reflux, but none from the rear-end. Hehe!

Tried to watch some TV, a Victoria Wood tribute and got only a few minutes into it before I drifted off.

TTFN all.

Inchcock – Friday 14th April 2017


Friday 14th April 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 14 Aibreán, 2017

0425hrs: Stirred, head full of memories of the dreams spinning around and made some notes scribbled quickly, before they evaporated. 5Fri02

Out of the second-hand £300 rickety recliner and to the porcelain thrown. Hard, painful work in more ways than one.

Coming out of the wet room, a flashing green light near the door caught my eye, and I put the light on in the hall to investigate and photographicalised the culprit up on the wall near the ceiling.

What the heck is it? Not to worry, the light, whatever it symbolises, was slowly flashing green.

Made a cuppa and took a Senna with the medications.

Drank the tea and pondered over the dream notes. Seems I was a German soldier somewhere in Russia. There were three others with me – In a building hiding from thousands of Russian troops with dozens of T34s and Katyusha’s knocking the hell out of the area around us – We had no ammunition left, but made up a bottle of vodka mixed with my Betamethasone ointment? But we were calm and talked among ourselves, amazingly it appeared we heard each other’s voices amidst the cacophony of noise – It was like a comedy really. We were putting our Party Membership cards in envelopes with our resignations, and worried that the mail might not get through?

Then I found myself in a sparsely decorated room with large attractive ladies of all ages and origins coming through one of two doors, laughing, or sneering at me then, going out of the other door? A chap came in eventually, after seemingly hours of the visiting ladies of all sorts of ages and types ended – Told me they had failed to find one that was willing to have a date with me? And the agency will not charge me for the assessment – or something like that?

As I wrote the above from my notes, I thought what good ideas for a comedy sketch? Wish I had the energy, willpower and concentration to write them.

Got out the sphygmomanometer and did the first Health Checks. I looked this up on Google. (sphygmomanometer. 1891, from comb. form of Greek sphygmos “pulse,” from sphyzein “to beat, throb” + -meter. An instrument for measuring blood pressure in the arteries, especially one consisting of a pressure gauge and a rubber cuff that wraps around the upper arm and inflates to constrict the arteries)

Many thanks to Tim Price in America for the word sphygmomanometer! I might not be able to pronounce it, but I can write it. Hehe!

5Fri02aThe first readings of the day for this week seem to be settled and okay? Despite having missed two of the evening doses of my medications, which of course include the Warfarin doses.

Had a dizzy as I made another cuppa, a long one this time. Tsk!

Got the dairy for yesterday finalised and sent off. Started this one off, then did some WordPress reading and commenting.

Went onto Facebook. Realising then, why I was so confused yesterday. It was Easter. No wonder the crowds in Nottingham were so few, no wonder there was L9 buses not turning up, no wonder I thought it was Saturday today. Sad indeed!

TupperThen worked on the next TFZer graphicalisation, and got it finished.

Then began on the next one.

This one is Lona Dean, at her individualised Tupperware Party.

Noticed the serving trolley well stocked with alcoholic beverages?


Hopes she likes it.

Had a campaign leaflet delivered on behalf of the Tory candidate in respect of the upcoming local Council voting poll. Usual splurge of nothingness, and who believes them anyway… from any party!

I put it to one side so I could ignore it later in comfort.

Carried out the ablutions and medical checks. Little Inchy was bleeding far even less than earlier, so that was good, still a bit tender mind. Haemorrhoid Harold, just a few spots of haemoglobin leaked. Couldn’t even see the burn on the hand now.

Got ready and set off to town to see if I could get a set of headphones to replace the one’s that have started to break up on me.

Good chinwag in the foyer with some residents before catching the bus into town with Mary (Or is it Sheila?). The bus filled up en route.

5Fri04Dropped off the bus and into Victoria Centre and up to the Fruit & Veg Market. Got some more garden peas, a leek and a turnip. Then to the nut stall and got som dark chocolate cashew nuts.

To the end of the mall and down into Tesco. Got a Sourdough loaf, vegetarian hot dog sausages appetising! And astonishingly, another pack of two Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the basket! (Hard to believe I know [Cause this is a lie], Hehe!)

5Fri05Paid up and departed across the road in the rain to the Curry-PC World shop to look at the headphones.

I had to admire the staff in there, they managed not to see me or ignore with every time I began or even thought of approaching one, and they it with style, ease and determination. Once I moved over to the computer section, I was mobbed by staff who seemed to appear suddenly, as if they were in Dr Who or a Star Trek episode! They, of course, lost their adopted artificial fake-phoney smiles immediately on hearing I wanted help with selecting some headphones to suit my needs and I didn’t understand the jargon on the tickets on shelves: “Oh, no, I’m on the Computer side!” Etc.

I departed.

5Fri09Walked up through Trinity Walk and could not resist taking this photographicalisation of one of the new giant eateries, branded as ‘Curious Manor’.

The open sign lit up and not a soul of customer or even prospective patron, inside or out of it.

I wondered if they had got enough chairs and tables to cope with the stampede? Hahaha!

5Fri12bI noticed in the jewellery shop window these two ladies watches and took a photograph to use as a competition to guess the prices on the TFZer site.

Wondered if they were real diamonds.

If I remember of course.

Thought they looked a bit different like?

Wondered into5Fri11 the town centre and down Exchange Walk and had a potter around the M&S store.

I got tempted in the Food Hall again, Tsk! They had some really tiny packs of Chinese Pork Ribs that are usually £4 each at £1.50 cause they only had one day left on the sell by date. So I got one.

Then, the same with the Potato Rostis, 4 for 85p instead of £2.99. That’s tonight’s meal sorted I thought.

5Fri12Out and wondered down to the Argos Store to see if they had any suitable headphones, not that I knew much about them. But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone or cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone, Connectivity or Cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

Looked in the catalogue and selected a set of Sony MDR-XB450AP RRD Over-ear-headphones!

I know this because it is written on the receipt. I managed to fend off the ladies rather insistent request for me to take out a three-year insurance policy on them, as well as she wanting me to become an Argos Fan and sign up with them? She did wrangle my email address out of me, though.

5Fri10I walked back into the Slab Square, feet aching a bit now.

Popped into the Primark Store, but only got a few yards into it. It was like Goose Fair or a Cup Final in there!

Too dangerous for me in my condition. I retreated back out.

5Fri12aI noted a, well I don’t know the word really, milliners perhaps?A shop that did clothes mending sewing and

A shop that did clothes mending sewing and adjusting, stitching. It made me think of TFZer Nancy, so I took this picture hoping to add Nancy to it for a bit of fun later.

Up to Queen Street and caught the L9 bus back to the apartment… on my own. I was the only passenger on it, no one got on en route either! It was like catching a large taxi – apart from the route of course.

Got in and had a wee-wee. Little Inchy had been leaking, but only a tiny bit. Cleaned and Betamethasoned him!

Emptied the bins and took the bags to the chute. Got the oven warming up ready to put the Rostis and Ribs in later.

Made a mug of tea and set about updating this diary. Took the evening medications, a bit early, but I didn’t want to miss any more doses.

Went in to check on the fodder in the oven – by gum the view was beautiful. Not sunny, just calm and nice.


Got the meal sorted and cooking.

Another dizzy-spell, again a bad one (Two bad ones in the same day, not good that).

Put the computer off and took a St John’s Wort with a glass… well not glass, I don’t have any, a mug of spring water, and the usual medications.

5Fri12dGot the plate filled with a spread of Potato Rostis, Asda vegetarian sausages, beetroots, fresh Garden Peas, Sourdough bread, orange yoghourt and a banana.

I really enjoyed this one.

Had to sort out the pod peas from the stalks, there was probably more stalk than pods! I forgot to ask the lady at the fruit and veg stall where they came from. Egypt would be my guess. Not anything like as sweet as the English, but having been deprived of the flavour for so long, I still liked them. And those Asda veg sausages are good too.

Had a peep at what was available on the TV – Too much, many programmes on different channels at the same time that I fancied seeing. Tsk!

Not that it mattered though, I spend a larger proportion of the next three hour nodded off than awake.

Up for a wee-wee.

Took the plate and cutlery from the meal and put them in to soak overnight, had yet another dizzy (Not a bad one this time, though), and settled into the ‘Even-more-shaky £300 second-hand recliner and was off into the land of nod, almost immediately.

Inchcock – Tuesday 11th April 2017: Dizzies, Whoopsiedangleplops, bleeding and Accifaupas galore. Humph!

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis 11-asis balandžio 2017

0404hrs: Woke, annoyed I could not recall the dreams, only that they were not nice.

Out of the nervous making rattling shuddering unstable £300 second-hand recliner. Kettle on. To the porcelain throne, painful and bloody passing again.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Glad to see that I had left a note on the TV to remind me of the camera lesson at the  Jessops store today.

Carried out the Health Checks, looking fine this time: Sys 145 – Dia 75 – Pulse 79 -Temperature 36.6 – Weight 14.8.

The computer activated and finalised yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Made a start on this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Got the ablutionisationing done and took the rubbish bags to the chute, and had time to update this a bit and do a little WordPressing before I had to go down to get the bus into town.

Jolly good chinwag with some of the other tenants in the lobby before we all tripped off to the bus stop.

I was the only one going on the town bus. Got the crossword book out, the Daily Sun one, which should have been easier for me to do, but the print is so small, thought I might have a look in the cheap book shop later to see if they any in bigger print in stock.

Got off the bus and walked over the road and went into Boot’s to see if they had any ear wax remover. This, because one hearing aid tube had perished. I was struggling to hear things and knew I had excessive wax, which I usually use the Olive oil to treat, but had foolishly missed doing so for a couple of days, and thought Boot’s remover would do the job quicker. Anway I thought, I’m going up to the Audio Centre after the camera lesson and can get new tubes and batteries. Then: Thud, it hit me! Another Whoopisedangleplop! I’d forgotten to take the Authorising Book with me – Gnaperplnkdam! So I could not get the things today!

Anyway, I investigated the supply and costs of the Eye Spray, thinking this might help with the difficulties I’m having reading the subtitles and programme details on the TV. The cheapest one was £18.99 for a 10ml spray. Too much! I did get an ear-wax remover though at £3.89.

Out of the Boot’s store and into Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre and in the Market for a wander around, cause I2Tue001a had a plenty of time before the tutoring session.

Noted that they were erecting a nibbling for the juniors area.

Bet this is going to be mayhem later?


2Tue03Up the escalator and took this photo of the hanging in the air mannequins.

The market was not very busy again, but I espied some fresh pod peas on sale! Hurrah!

I asked the lady for a pound, and she asked if I was sure? Yes, I replied.

I realised what she meant when she asked me for £2.50! That’s, USD $3.20 – Aus $ 4.15 – Can $ 4.18 a pound! Blimus, worra price!


Limped out of the mall over the walkway above Upper Parliament Street taking this photographicalisation en route.

Down and into the Pound Shop and had a wander around.

Got some nibbles for the Social Hour on Thursday and some Dettol Orange scented spray.

The feet were getting painful, but I knew not why?

Meandered to the Jessop Camera Shop and eventually, an assistant asked what I wanted. Told her about the lesson and she said the man would be with me shortly, which he was. The bad news? The room was up three flights of stairs! The tootsies suffered, and Anne Gyna introduced herself into the equation. Tsk!

I must have looked poorly, because after five minutes the young chap asked if I was alright, and I wasn’t. He kindly offered to change the lesson to another day at no extra cost. Which was very welcome being as I apparently looked very pale he said, offering to call an ambulance. I thanked him and took him up on a new date when I should have the hearing aids sorted, and that would make things easier for me.

Within minutes of hobbling out of the store, I felt a lot better2Tue09a in myself. I wandered into a Sports Direct Shop, didn’t realise until I got in that it was for the younger generation, however, I did see they had some what they called, Everlast Crew Sweat thingamabobs on sale at 2 for £10.

They looked warm and comfortable, and they had them in XL too, so I invested in a couple.

It took that long at the pay-point I missed the bus back to the

So I took a painful hobble around the City Centre, to kill time until the next bus was due in.


On to Long Row, listened to some Street Artist banging out rubbish music and took the time to appreciate Nottingham’s most famous architect, Watson Fothergill.

I popped into the store in his building and bought a TV magazine for next week.

2Tue07 Fifteen minutes to go until the bus was due, I went into The Works bookshop and had a look around for some bigger print crossword books.

Managed to find some as well, and they were a good price… mind you the one’s I bought three months ago from there were too…

But can I find them? No!

2Tue11Up Queen Street and to the bus stop. A bit of a kerfuffle here today. The bus stop is shared between three routes, and it is finely tuned to handle them all, so if anyone is late, they are all late because those behind cannot pull up to pick passengers and have to go around the block again. Although some drivers go passed them, not picking them up. Hehe! The L9 did today though he was well late by the time he pulled off. I am amazed at how they cope with it all.

Caught the bus, had to go out into the middle of the road along with other passengers, but we got it. Had a go at the old small print crosswords en route.

Back at the flats, an urgent, mark one, Defcon two wee-wee was tended to. Hahaha!

Got the potatoes boiling in the saucepan. Put the shirts and other things away and found the written note the Jessop’s lad had done for me with the date and time of the 2Tue09rearranged lesson on it… eventually. I thought it was in the bag, but no.

Finally, I found it in the coat pocket.

Recorded it in the Google Calendar.

Got this diary updated, made a mug of tea and took the evening medications, passed the wind and just made it to the porcelain throne in time… Phew! But far much worse was found… Little Inchy had been bleeding away, and the lesion was torn open as bad as it ever has been! I think this might put an end to the operation plans now? The cleansing and Betamethasone cream was applied, but I had to do it all again a few minutes later.  

More extra washing to do now! Must get the mass of laundry done in the morning.

2Tue14Carried on Chronicalisationing, then got the meal prepared.

Despite the aches and pains, bleeding Little Inchy and a dizzy spell or two, I enjoyed the meal.

So tired and drained, I only stayed awake for the first part of Heartbeat, going off into the dream-world at the first commercial break!

What a day, Humph!

Inchcock: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tamil: செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை 4th ஏப்ரல் 2017

0255hrs: Woke with a start as usual lately. Slight memories of dreaming, none of them good I’m afraid. I was being harangued by different people about my bad memory? Ha, but I remembered this! Hehe!

As I tried to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner, it dawned on me that I had got a lot of water retention in the legs and feet, far more than normal. Perhaps this is the cause of the weight increasing every day for over a week? And believe me, the weight has been enlarging daily for nearly a week.

I did the Health Checks when I got into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and take the medications.

The red figure is the average for that week.

No wonder I’ve been struggling on my hobbles. Huh!

This mornings weight was even higher!


To the porcelain throne and had a hell of a long and painful evacuationalising session! No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold though, and this, surprise me?

Washed the pots from last night and opened all the windows, as it felt incredibly warm in the flat this morning. Despite the thermometer telling me it was only 61°F (16°C) in the kitchen.

2Tue03I think the retention increased during the night too, ’cause the new jammie bottoms felt awfully tight around the top of the legs this morning, in comparison to last night?

Got the computer going and finalised the diary for yesterday and got it posted off into the internet ether, then began this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Then did some graphicationalisationing for the TFZer site.


EasterThen some I made into sepia after graphicalising them, of the TFZer gals celebrating Easter of old.


Here’s one of them.

Posted them to the TFZer site, put them in my Facebook Photo album and sent some out to the gals sites.

2Tue05A mixture of overcast and sunny up to now today since it’s got light.

Tended to the ablutions, shower, shave, deordorisationing.

Cleaned the glasses and got attired, took the black bags to the chute and set off down to catch the bus into town so as to visit the Nottingham Arboretum and hopefully get some photographs of the wildlife and fauna there.

Being as I missed the L9 bus, I decided as the next one is not for an hour, to walk up the gravel path and through Woodthorpe Grange Park up and over the hill and catch a bus on Mansfield Road.

2Tue06I was soon stopped in my hobbling tracks as I found three baby squirrels playing on the grass near the trees about ten foot or so in front of me.

I liked the photo on the left best – after taking many photographicalisations of them that did not come out splendid at all.



Up the path, left down the footpath through the park and right, up the hill and down to the bus stop.Didn’t have to wait long. The bus was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet!

2Tue08One of Sherwood’s Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he rode off the pavement over the pedestrian crossing, the opposite way up a junction road (Photographe left) and onto the pavement opposite.

I took a while to get the camera out, but got him!

Didn’t have to wait long for the bus; it was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet! Grumph!

Must have looked a rather sad sight as I limped across Mansfield Road and through to the Arboretum Gates. I’m putting this down to the water retention? I don’t like it! But still, the other ailments were being kind to me, apart from Duodenal Daniel that is.


2Tue09aThrough the entrance and approached the short Muggers Passage as it is known locally.

Out the other side and it was nice to see so much greenery compacted together.

Up to the left, I could see the Chinese Bell cannon balls and cannons.

Quick History:

The structure called “The Chinese Bell”, calls for a word of explanation, for it is a curious conglomeration of ideas and objects.

(1.) Richard Birkin, Esq, had efficiently served his fourth year of office as Mayor, and it was desired to record the event with approval.

(2.) ‘The Notts Regiment of Foot’ had deserved well of their town and county, which had sent it so many good soldiers that it ought to be recorded.

(3.) In the Crimean War of 1854-6, some cannon guns were taken at Sebastopol, and two of them were sent to Nottingham and mounted, and a heap of balls added.

(4.) During the war with China (1857) a bell, believed to consist of steel and silver, was “taken from a large and handsome Temple near to the east gate at Canton when that city was captured. This bell, which stood in the principal part of the Temple and was struck during religious ceremonies to call the attention of the Joss or God, or to announce his presence, was removed by the army and brought to Nottingham, and here it was mounted, and a canopy placed over it. The result being that guns partly Russian are mounted as firing from a Chinese Temple into the four quarters of the earth; while the bell has never been used”.



The fresh flowers and bushes were heartwarming, and for a few minutes, after I limped down to the pond, while feeding birds and ducks, I forgot about the bank fiasco, the ailments and the imminent operation totally.

That was nice.

2Tue14Out the bottom entrance and walked up into the City Centre.

Got into Trinity Square and took a photograph in the Jewellery store window of these glass thingamabobs.

They made me think of the TFZer gals for some reason. The larger ones were £2-3 thousand pound plus!

2Tue12At this window, I looked back (The right one) where I’d just walked, and there are eighteen eateries in this view some of them enormous. Not many customers about I thought? The left second picture taken to the right is of the three new dineries, each with two floors of customer settings! And only four or five people nearby, and they are all outside of the mega-restaurants?

2Tue15At the end of this Foreman Street on the right corner, is an entertainment thingy, Cinemas, games rooms, shops, restaurants, Casino, etc. (Not my photo, took this one off of the web)

I think there are three or four eateries in there, and two next door!

So, if any of you were thinking of relocating your food business to Nottingham, don’t bother! Hehe!

The sunshine got less and less as the day went on, but it was not cold or windy with it at all.

2Tue12aWalked down into the slab square.

Not even many folks there either.

Those who were looked decidedly morose, grumpy and miserable.

The Big Issue Sellers were absent from their usual haunts of Primark, Clumber Street and Exchange Walk?

A few of the rough sleepers were there, though, one on Upper Parliament Street, one on Queen Street and one on Long Row.

Had something happened that no one had told me about? Hehehe!

I bought a TV magazine for next week while I thought of it.

Caught the bus back to the flats, I think Nigel Mansell was driving it. After hitting a good selection of roadside kerbs, I got back to the flats safely.

Got in and rubbed some pain gel on the legs, unsure if it would help, though. It didn’t!

Got the already sprouting potatoes on the boil, after removing the sprouts of course.

2Tue16The computer utilised and updated this diary to here.

Got the meal of the day prepared quickly tonight. Crispy bacon (Ready cooked) Krakowska, soft cheese, cheddar, uneatable tomatoes, apple, beetroots, mushrooms and the old small potatoes.

 9/10 rating.

Took the medications and did the last health-check.


Please note the weight reduction, decrease and decline!

So, the very painful long hobble might have been worth it? Hehe! Noticed the temperatures were a bit higher this week?

The legs were even worse than then I was using them now. Although I think the swelling has gone down a bit. I don’t like these new pains you know. One gets used to the daily inclinations of Haemorrhoid Harold, Roger Reflux, Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Donald’s Dizzies, Colin’s Cramps, Inchies Lesion, etc. Now I have come up with a name for the water retention. Not easy this one, all the other names I came up with in an instant. What about:

  • Walters Water Retention: A bit long to be typing that one?
  • Willy’s Wet Water Well: No, not good that one: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Fred’s Fluid Retention: Mmm: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Ralph’s Retention Reservoir: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Walter’s Water Well: Mmm?
  • Henry H20 storage: Mmm again?

No, I don’t like any of them. Need help with these options folks?

Settled to fall asleep to the TV’s accompaniment.

Woke around 0050hrs and recalled a rather disturbing dream I was having, wrote it down. Then decided to get up put the computer on and update this diary with the dream memories: (What a Plonka!):

Dream: I was laying asleep in a tree, with animals all around me, squirrels, birds, mice, Koala bears, puppies amongst them. My legs had turned to stone, but pretty coloured stone?  I was totally unconcerned about this, and the animals were doing noughts & crossed on the surface of the legs and arguing about which colour to use. There was one puppy that kept bringing me a flask of tea, he had a brace around his neck and always licked my face after he brought me one?

After putting this on here, I wondered what the hell I was doing and if I’d dreamt doing it?

But sure enough, in the morning here it was?

In the event that Inchcock should disappear from the internet, this will probably be due to the lack of computerisationalistical equipment at the prison, asylum or psychiatric hospital.

Hehe! TTFN.

Inchcock: Sunday 2nd April 2017


Sunday 2nd April 2017

Welsh (For Tim Price): Dydd Sul 2 Ebrill, 2017

I first woke around 0100hrs, with the intention of writing down notes of the amazing dream I’d been having, by the time I found the pen and pad, the memories had mostly dissipated! Humph!  I was in a collapsed building and doing a crossword. That’s all I remember.

7Sun01aWoke with a proper start at 0400hrs, desperate to get to the porcelain throne and tend to the warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Good start this I thought! Harry Haemorrhoid had been bleeding badly, my new jammies had to put in soak in a bowl of disinfectant. Antisepticated and cleaned myself up, creamed the rear end and I think I might have uttered a few naughty words to myself. (Well, yes, I did!)

A new pain in the chest and under the left arm started bothering me badly, but in seconds almost, it had gone to just a little ache?

cropped-7sun03a.jpgThe bad start to the day brought a renewed concern about the Pension ID and bank farce. Thus I sank into the dark mood. Sorted the week’s medication pots out and made a mug of tea and took the mornings doses.

7Sun02bStarted off the belly pork, adding Soy Sauce to the water in the Crock-Pot and put it on slow cook.

I came out of the depression a bit when I remembered I was going to see Olive later.

Got Saturday’s diary finished and posted, then started on this one.

Apprehended that I had not done the Health Checks, so got them done.


A bit up and down this week so far. This check was very low on the Sys, high on the pulse and of course, the weight is bothering me a bit, seemingly perpetual increase? If this carries on, I won’t be able to get through the door into the kitchen! Humph! Think I’ll start using the stairs now and then on a regular basis, instead of the lift?

7Sun03Did some WordPress blogging.

Made another cuppa and noticed the view from the kitchen window had the shadows from the flats over the sun covered houses.

Took this photographicalisation with the old camera.

Thought it looked nice.

A lot of wind emitting from my innards this morning?

Went on Facebooking for an hour or so. Well, three hours.

Then started a graphicalisationing session.

Called Olive and she agreed for me to visit her in half an hour.

Did the ablutions and got me smelling sweet, and out to see her. Had a jolly cuddle followed by a good chinwag. She seemed in better spirits. Not received a date yet for the hip operation.

Her grand-daughter arrived and I was asked to depart, so I did.

Back to the flat and made a list of things to do for tomorrow. Bank, prescriptions and clinic.

Suddenly feeling terribly fatigued.

7Sun04aGot the meal cooking. I put some vegetable sausages in the oven to heat up, curried beans in the saucepan – the belly pork in Soy sauce was soon ready in the crock-pot, and I got it all in the dish.

Washed the cooking utilities first, as I just knew I was going to flake-out soon.

Enjoyed the meal, gave it a 9/10 in my mind.


A quick photographicalisation of the evening sky.

I used the new Nikon camera for this one.

All coherent thought dissipated from my rambling brain – plenty of incoherent thoughts to muse on, mind. Huh!

Nodded for a few minutes then I’d wake up, repeatedly for hours.

I was not as depressed as I have been, but confusion and uncertainty galavanted around my academically challenged brain, without my understanding of the cause or effects?

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 21st March 2017- Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden!


Tuesday 21st March 2017

Finnish: Tiistai 21 maaliskuu 2017

During the night, I thought I had woken and written down some notes about the dream I’d been having… When I woke and stirred at 0325hrs, I could find no note – perhaps I’d imagined I’d dreamed of making the record?

So I got out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering recliner chair (Like myself, I 2Tue001adon’t think it has long left, Hehe) took off the wonderfully warm cover and the cushions and searched all over for it, in the certainty that I actually did write it. Guess what I found? Think food…

Yes, another of the escaped and hidden garden peas from when I dropped the dinner plate last week.

Rock hard it was. I had to smile to myself! The cleaning ladies, if cleaning is the right word to use here, had taken everything off of the chair as I asked them to in cleaning it for the first time since they had been coming, stripped it they did, and they didn’t find it. As I didn’t when I looked under the chairs with a torch after the Whoopsiedangleplop occurred? People were talking about ants taking over the world, but what about the garden pea danger? Orbb 80, a wonderfully caring and humourous blogger on WordPress knows about the danger, she warned me in a comment. Honestly!

I made a brew and got the computer on.

Feeling a tad more content this morning, up to now like. Worried about Olive, though, I’ll call her at a reasonable time, just to see if she is okay and if there is anything I can do to help. She is going out with her daughter today so I might not catch her in.

I changed the Morrisons order I’ve got in with them. Took two items off and added six. The banking fiasco going on, I’m surprised they are still accepting the card, that’s why I added some things, just in case the card fails later.

1Mon08I was summoned to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Splendid, no bleeding from either front or rear! Arthur Itis was hardly noticeable, Duodenal Daniel was not bad at all, Reflux Roger was active, but this was not due to the valve sticking and not painful in the slightest; This wind was due to last nights nosh I’m sure. Hehe! Hernia Harry was all calm too. Only Anne Gyne with her new pain on the left chest and up under the left arm was giving me any real grief, and that was far less than last night.

So, things medically were far easier today.

Worries me a bit that, mind. Haha!

2Tue04The only concern was my so regular visitations to the WC, where’s it all coming from, I’ve only had half a small mug of tea?

Bravely I made another cup of tea.

Then I took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window. All looked so calm, no rain belting down, no high winds howling yet either.

Not a soul in sight, no moving vehicles, lovely and peaceful.

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some blogging and commenting on WordPress. Took a while catching up.

Then onto Facebooking.

Graphic creation next, I made a start on the next TFZ series, but only got two completed and it was time for me to do the ablutions if I am to go out for a wander and window shop.

Wrapped up well and set off down to the bus stop (Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner’s bus pass).

Another bit of a Whoopsiegangleplop here (I know, sad);

The bus was in, and I jumped on it (Well when I say jumped… hehe) it moved off immediately, and got out the crossword book and realised later, it was the City Centre Bus and not the Arnold bus I was travelling on.

“Nae bother!” I said to myself, hearing my old neighbour and best mate Jock Kirkpatric’s voice saying the same thing, and I revelled in the memories that flooded back to me of those days of life, love and laughter and fishing holidays, now long gone.

No morose memories and they did not get me feeling sorry for myself or unhappy, just so appreciative that I met and palled up with this older man from Stromness in the Orkneys, who became a gunner on the bombers in the second world war, and ended up as a part of my life as a next door neighbour and an example and guide to me, bringing so much to admire and respect.

I waffled a bit there, but that is how I felt at that time, proud to have known him. I anticipate when I go, he will have got a job at St Peter’s gate and will make sure I get through to join him if he can. Hehehe!

It dawned on me then as I looked around that I was on the wrong bus… Again! Stayed on and went to the City Centre and had an aimless wander around for a while, taking some photographs as I did.

2Tue08Not too many folks around today. Plenty of street artists, beggars, Big Issue Sellers and pavement cyclists, though.

I did a circular walk around the Slab Square, feeling amazingly calm in myself?

Making my way back to the start point, I called in the book shop and had a perusal, but they had nothing that drew my interest.

2Tue07Then had a nosey in Marks & Spencers food hall – and came out buying nothing!

Felt a bit chuffed with my new found resilience to spending.

Came down Long Row and foolishly strayed into the Primark store. Where an incident took place that took me back to the Security working days. (Full of memory prompting today was?) I went into the ladies section to get some 2Tue05photographs to use on the TFZer site graphic series. That was when I saw a family of Mum, Dad and four kids, Mam was shoving things into the pram of the youngest child and covering them up. This was in the fashion clothing section. For some stupid reason, I followed them.

As the Dad decided to join in and was putting an imitation fur something or other behind the kid, Mother spotted me watching… said something to Dad, they both gave me a stare for a few seconds, and I got out my mobile phone and pretended to use it as an RT.

After a few words, they got all the stuff hidden in the pram behind the child out and just dropped them on the floor in the aisle, then partly kicked them under some display racking.

They then calmly made their exit from the store, seemingly laughing with each other as they went through the doors?

Naughty people!

I went up to the Gents department to have a look to see if they had any of the ‘loose fitting’ cotton underpants on sale. They did, and I got two packs of three, to replace the ones I could not find in the flat. I was so sure I’d bought a bag of this type of undies from Asda a while ago, but don’t seem able to locate them. Nothing new there, mind, Tsk!

Back to the bus stop and didn’t have long to wait for the L9 bus, which whisked me back to the flat. Bill (William on Sundays) from the flats whom I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour got on. Later I moved and sat next to him for a gossip. He looked exhausted.

2Tue09Back at the flats, the wind was howling, the sun disappeared, and the rain just starting, missed it nicely, by the time I’d got in and up the lift and into the flat, it was belting down!

Got the oven on warming ready for me to cook the crisscrossed smokey bacon and vegetarian sausages to have with the flavoured tomatoes for my meal of the day.

As I was throwing away the empty can, I caught the finger end on the edge of the cut metal edge and got a cut down between the finger and nail. Don’t half bleed those types of cuts, Hehe!

For my next Whoopsiedangleplop: I put a Boon DVD into the slot on the TV, and it refused to play? It went to the opening screen with the option to play, but no response when I pressed the button to play, would move between options on the screen either? Unsure of the problem, I changed the batteries in the remote thingy. Still no joy. Turned off the set and rebooted, tried again, same frozen screen. Tried another DVD, same thing. I reckon I can safely say, the DVD drive thing is now Kaputt! Humph! 

Went onto the TV mode and the things worked as normal. But could I nod off as normal? No! Which is a good job, ’cause I smelt the bacon burning!

2Tue10I rescued the bacon and sausages and dished them up with some mushrooms in the new deep dish.

I thought this fodder looked like it was going to be great tasting.

It wasn’t!

The bacon was burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside, the flavoured tomatoes tasted terrible (No idea what I put in wrong?). The bread had gotten dried and hard around the edges. The sausages were very nice, as was the Lemon Curd yoghourt.

In slightly lower mood now, I went to wash up the pots as they say. A farcical Whoopsiedangleplopped event if ever I’d had one!

  • Dropped and broke the blue mug…
  • Opened the cut in the finger when I caught it on the knife in the washing up bowl…
  • Banged my knee against the door handle on the cupboard under the sink and started Arthur Itis off, and he’s enjoying himself even now the following morning…
  • Finally the last in this series of Whoopsiedangleplops: Bent down to put the washing up liquid back in the under sink storage and hit my head on the sink!

2Tue09aThen, I spotted the bag with the underpants still inside.

So I thought I’d put the in the hanging fabric space saver thingy on the clothes rack.

This was when I found the Asda Loose Fitting cotton underpants I figured I’d lost before… What a Plonka!

I did notice, that the Asda ones were £10 for three and the Primark £4.50 for three?

Both claim to be Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers, but the Asda one being Jersey Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers?

At least, I should have enough Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers to see me out now!

Unless I lose them again? Hehe!

On and off, more off than on, I struggled to watch some TV programmes, five minutes here, ten minutes there.

Soon nodded off proper for a few hours…