Inchcock – Sat 9 Feb 2019: Frustrating day, full of fedupedness. Tsk!


2019 Feb 10

Saturday 9th February 2019

Croatia: Aso Toonaʻi 9 Fepuari 2019

WD 128.0.128 00:15hrs After so many annoying urinational interruptions to my night’s sleep, requiring my extrication from the £300 second-hand 1968 recliner and hobbling over to utilise the Emergency Grey Bucket, then climbing back on to the rickety recliner and foolishly expecting to get some sleep for more than what seemed ten-minutes, I gave up.  But I waffle again, Sorry! I don’t know if wee-weeing can make you tired, but I felt as if I had got no sleep in at all! 

Not a good start to the day. Grumph!

WD 128.0.128 Of course, as I was climbing up on my feet, the Emergency Grey Bucket was needed again. Flipping ‘eck! The thing was nearly full! The wee-wee was the same as those had been overnight: SUPWWs (Slow Unwilling Painful Weak Wee-wees) So Gawd knows how many visits I must have made to almost fill up the bucket? I took the container to the WC and emptied it, then to the kitchen to wash rinse and absterged the bin. As I was putting in the disinfectant, I needed to use it there and then, again! Things were not boding well for this Saturday at all! A Glum-Woebegone Mode was adopted! Well, it suited how I felt!

Washed up, and got the Health Checks done.


6Sat10I checked on the BP chart from the web. It seems I’ve been in High Mode area (Red) for the last sixteen sphygmomanometer checks, and once in the Pre-High Blood Pressure (Yellow) bit for one reading only? The high pulse might be due to the water retention, or the Furesomide side effects, I suppose, but I won’t find out until I can get to see Doctor Vindla on Thursday. Who always finds my BP okay when she has taken it? Or hasn’t said owt if it was high or low, anyway.

But, hey-ho, I’m still here (I think). Physically almost intact, mentally damaged and in constant pain, maybe, but time will tell! Hahaha!

The wee-wees were getting more frequent but passing less and less. Do I take a Furesomide or not with my medications? My dilatoriness, dilly-dallying and procrastinational tendencies when making choices, opting for routes, buying something, etc., has got so much worse with age. Shame! I ended up taking half of a tablet. Tsk!

6Sat11Off to the Porcelain Throne.Another messy evacuation, all over in seconds! Cleaning up began.

The pins (legs) had less fluid in them I reckon, but they still felt rock hard. 

A couple of new blood papsules had appeared, and a set of spider veins had disappeared.

6Sat08I got on with updating the Friday blog. Then on the WordPress reader. In between wee-wees you understand.

I went out onto the unwanted new balcony to take some pictures of the morning outside.

I was going to take a shot to the left, but the howling winds were too strong for me to open the finger-trapping spring-clip on the window safely. The top photo is down to the right, and the bottom one, I leaned out and took a photograph upwards of the corner of the Woodthorpe Court flats.

I didn’t photograph the top, cause I thought the barbed-wire, escape alarm klaxon, machine gun nest and searchlights might give you the wrong impression. Hehehe! Ah, the humour returns?

I got the mushrooms and chopped parsnips prepped and in the slow-cooker. Then I started this blog off.

The wee-wees began to get slowly less often from here on in, but still a little painful even if short. I changed to finalising the Saturday post.

I made up some black bags, then took them to the waste-chute. Returned and gathered the laundry bag and nipped down with it, to see if a machine would be free. And one was, so I got the clothes in it and started it going. As I left the room to go out and take some photographs of outside, the lovely Jenny passed by on her way to the Saturday 6Sat13Coffee morning that she runs every week. We exchanged greetings.

The wind coming in through the outer foyer was actually so strong, it stopped the auto door from opening! I had to heave against it to get out. Hehe!

All the same, the sky looked so lovely and bright, fresh!

6Sat16I took the bags out to the caretaker’s door, on coming back in, there was pieces of cement or concrete that had been blown in, a testament to how strong the winds were this morning.

I had a seat and perused one of the books someone had left on the table, ‘Learn Spanish – lesson eleven’. The machine finished, and I swapped the gear into the dryer and started it going.

6Sat15Back up to the apartment, and nodded off in the chair. Luckily not for too long.

Woke up and went down, a little confused. The bright sunshine had departed, the wind still raged, and some tiny bits of cement or concrete we being blown into and around me? No idea where from of course, but they were too small to be of any hassle or harm.

6Sat14I checked the drying washing, that was not ready yet, and the sun began to come out as I did so.

Some residents were spotted, only a few, on their way out. A ‘Good morning’ from me got dirty looks and a sneer of contempt, so I shut up.

WD 128.0.128 I waited a while and tested the washing for dampness, and they were ready. So, I emptied the drum, cleaned the filter and casing, hitting my elbow against the corner of the sink unit at the same time, then got the clothes folded and in the bag.

Back up in the lift, into the flat, and I noticed how amazing the view was from the unwanted new windows in the kitchen. I tried to take a panoramic photograph, but this below was all I could manage. Amazing colours, I thought. Well, hue?


6Sat12I had a breakfast with a difference for myself.

Marmite biscuits and cheese, with a gloriously tasty mug of the Glengettie Gold tea. Well, it was different! Haha!

WD 128.0.128 The weariness and fatigue fell, so early in the day too!

I was incapable of doing anything constructive. At least no visits came from Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun. Just utter exhaustion and weakness. 

I spent hours and hours just sat there in the second-hand recliner. I had a DVD on, but might as not have bothered, the brain was not registering much at all. But, I did manage to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

6Sat17I came round a bit, much later, and got something to eat, although it’s a good job I took a photo to remind myself, but cannot recall making it. Yet everything looked cared-for and laid out properly how I like for it to be? I didn’t fins any scraps in the bin, so I assume I ate it all.

I’ll be glad to get to see the Doctor this Thursday about these horrible blanks and bouts of weariness.

I expect as usual she’ll listen, tell me I’m getting on and say “Anything else?” Hehe!

Inchcock – Thursday 31st January 2019:


jan31 2019

Thursday 31st January 2019

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 31a de Januaro 2019

I’d laid here in the £300 second-hand rickety, rusty recliner since waking up, with the mind a muddle of murky maunderings. But making sense of my of mind’s illogical, flawed and irrelevant meanderings seemed out of my control or understanding. Yes, I’m losing it mentally again. Seems a daily waking up shibboleth for me nowadays. Tsk!

00:00hrs: I ended the persiflage with my confused brain, and set about removing my jelly-mould of a body from the recliner. An immensely arduous and Herculean task sometimes, you know. Hehehe! By the time I’d got myself into a semi-perpendicular stance, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so off to the wet room.

The evacuation went well without any bleeding for messiness. Having finished and handed on the Catastrophe War book, I had a read of the Victoria Wood biography from where I left off months ago. Then it dawned on me as I stood up to get cleaned, how kind some of the ailments were to me this morning. Apart from the knees, Arthur Itis was no bother. No Shaking Shaun, Dizzy Dennis or Reflux Roger hassles. No toe-stumbling or knocking over or into anything. Hernia Harold caused me no pain at all. Only Back-Ache-Branda and Duodenal Donald were interested in bothering me at the moment. I didn’t get excited, though, these ailmen4thu001ts have fooled me so often before. Hahaha!

The wee-wees are back to an FSSWW (Frequent-Short-Sharp-Wee-wee) mode up to now.

I checked on the legs. What fluid retention there was, is in the top half of the pins. This has happened before, so no need to worry. Arthur Itis was giving some knee-grief. The ankle was not giving way at all yet, and I hope it doesn’t as well. Oh, and no EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) were spotted!

Made a brew and got on with the Health Checks.


4thu01All results were close to the Wednesday morning ones. Well, the pulse was a bit lower, but not enough to get into a tizzy over, methinks.

Indeed, I was hardly aware of my ailments or caducity this morning.

wd 0.31.0b Without thinking, I took the medications with a large mug of tea instead of the usual spring water. Tsk! No Furesomide this morning, I didn’t know that I needed one with only the top half of the legs swollen? I still took the Codeine Phosphates though, as my EQ told me that Arthur Itis is going to give me some bother with the knees. Some days there is a different kind of stiffness in them, and I’ve come to recognise what it means when I can feel this unalike muscle contraction and the patella area is swollen when I’m not moving at all. Blimey, that sounds like I’m almost intelligent. Smug-Mode-Adopted. Haha!

Got the computer going, and went on the WordPress Reader first. Then updated the Wednesday blog and got it sent off. (In-between many FSSWW’s)

I went to get another brew of tea, and I thought I heard the sound of howling from somewhere? It came again a few minutes later. So, I opened the unwanted light & view blocking new window that is impossible to get to, to clean window, to have a decker outside. I could not see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

4thu03aI got the step-ladder, and I leant dangerously out of the window and tried to take a panoramic view of below.

Oh, dear, what a mess I made of that! No idea what I did wrong there! But maybe with my having to hold on to the window frame, which dripped the defrosting ice all over me and the kitchen heater as I did so, and balancing on the 4thu02steps at the same time, and having to shoot the shot with one hand, didn’t help. (He says looking for excuses, Haha!)

I took a ‘normal auto shot’ straight ahead and zoomed in, on the lights and darkness that hides the Nottinghamian shoplifters, pickpockets, distraction thieves, pavement cyclists, drug dealers, night sleepers, burglars, muggers, unemployed, Social Security fiddlers, alcoholics, gambling addicts, lottery winners, and just maybe a police officer or two from view. This one came out alright, though. 

Disappointed with my first effort, I decided to go out on the balcony to get some better shots. The cracking of the floorboards was a little unnerving. A trapped finger and soaking from the wet windows later, I was ready to take my photographicalisations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I closed the window, trapping the same finger again in the same spot. Humph! Got myself dried off and put a plaster on the bleeding finger.

An FSSWW made a brew and back to the computer. I appear to have a tremendous thirst on me again today, like yesterday. I wonder why?

4thu06I went on the TFZer Facebook, and to update the albums on my site.

I went to get a pot of noodles down from the cupboard top, using the grab-stick. The noodles slipped and shot out of the grabber-claw. It knocked down a pot of lemon-salt on the way down. Grrr!

wd 0.31.0b I clenched my fist for this photograph, thinking it would add a little dynamism and reality to it. I had to manually open it again with the other hand. Colin Cramps visited again. Hehehe!

Had a right mess to clean-up! Ate the noodles in a gloomy mood and got the ablutionalisationing sorted out.

wd 0.31.0b Oh, dearie me! The flaming pins were now both chocker with fluid, and within a few minutes of havin4thu06ag the stand-up wash and shave, they also began to ache! I can’t win! Oy Vey!

Made a brew and awaited the fodder delivery to arrive.

Boy, had the fog started to come down.

I made up a montage of how the mist descended and turned into fog, inside an hour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Asda (Walmart) delivery arrived, I felt a bit sorry for the driver in this weather.
Got the stuff put away, and readied the needs for the Winwood Heights Social hour together.

Plenty of time to spare, so I decided to get the laundry done. Both dryers were in use again, but no washers. I got the washing in and back up to the flat.

wd 0.31.0b I checked the sell-by dates on the fresh products. The cream cakes for the gals had 1 Feb on, so they were alright. They had substituted some picnic eggs for mini sausages, I wondered? Grumph! But I didn’t realise when the order came, because they no longer supply a printed copy of the details. Grumph Two! The mushrooms only had one day left! Grumph Three! The mini-rolls were all squashed! Grumph Four! Back to Morrisons for next weeks order methinks!

Back down to move the clothing into the dryer. As I was taking them out, Cyndy arrived to take her dry washing out. Nice laugh and gossip ensued!

wd 0.31.0b Back up to the flat, and found that I had left the hot water tap running, and it had run cold! My incompetency, cack-handedness, deficiencies, and ineptness, gets me down at times, you know! Oy Vey!

wd 0.31.0b Down to the laundry room again to retrieve my washi4thu21ng taking the black bags to the waste chute on the way. The journey was of particular interest this time: One lift was on the 11th floor and did not move. The ‘free’ lift took the following route before getting to my 12th floor, 3rd to Ground floor, up to 6th floor, on up passing me to the 15th floor, down to the ground floor, up to 11th floor where the other lift had been stuck for ages, down to the 9th floor, then back to the ground floor, then up to the 9th floor, finally arriving empty at my floor! I know this, cause it was such an odd happening, I wrote the movements down. We picked up a lady from the 6th floor and a gentleman from the 3rd floor en route to the ground floor. I think if they installed these lifts at an amusement centre, they would go down a treat as a mystery ride! Haha! Joking aside, I assumed it would have been due to the installation preppers for the Sprinkler System working, maybe, perhaps, possibly, or not.

4thu11I removed and folded the togs into the bag. Cleaned the filter and drum, and was soon back at the elevators again.

This time the other lift was stuck on the 11th floor. But I got the other one straight away, up to the apartment and got the clothing stored away. This was when it dawned on me, that I had taken a wee-wee for over an hour-and-a-half! Things were looking good!

I took all I needed with me, and set out to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen 4thu12from, and residents room hut, for the Winwood Tenants Socialisation hour.

I spotted a new advisory sign on the lift lobby notice board, for the better off of our residents who are still young enough, fit enough, capable and rich enough to own cars. I assume this was from Angel Auntie Jenny. ♫ Jealousy, t’was all over my jealousy, My heart was broken… ♫ Hahaha!

4thu13I had a chinwag with Nora (Lovely lady!) in the lobby, and Frank came down to escort her to the Social hut. I took a letter to post for them, and off they trotted. I followed behind along Chestnut Walk.

By-gum, it was nippy out there! I posted the letter and joined them in the hut. A much better turnout this week. Put the prizes on the trolley and opened the Wheels cake bag and handed them around to see if the clan liked them or not. They did, so I decided to get some more today when I go back to Mansfield again in search of some more Glengettie tea-bags.

Jenny was in good form today. Amazes me how she gets the energy to do as much as she does for others, bless her. ♥ I got several natters and laughed with many folks, which of course, I love to do. Took the nibble box round, well I say around, they now pass it between them, and I miss out on chinwags. Tsk!

4thu13aaI joined another couple of residents at the bus stop outside in the cold and caught a bus down to Mansfield road. Then waited for a Pronto bus to Mansfield.

I cheered the lady in the picture up, well, she cheered me up, by having a chinwag with me as we waited.

4thu14When the Pronto bus arrived near Mansfield, the snow was a little thicker than in Nottingham. Once we came to the centre and the bus station, there was no signs of any snow, just wet roads and pavements.

Again, I had a bit of a struggle to get off of the bus without getting mangled by the incoming herd of passengers.

4thu15Shoulder charged, trod on and bruised from this experience, I got into the forecourt without serious injury, though. Hehe!

I took a few seconds to recover from the bus alighting melee and made my way out and down through the underpass. I wouldn’t like to risk walking through this footway in the dark at night.

I called in the B&M store. I came out with some more of the sweet & sour noodles, Pork Scratchings for the nibble-box, sweet & sour sauce and chicken skewers. All for only £5.50, too!

wd 0.31.0b Unfortunately and sadly, they had no Glengettie tea-bags, and the lady said they do not expect to get any more in again. I managed not to cry out loud, but did inside!

Paid up and went next door to the Poundstretcher shop. Where I got some more of the ‘Wheels’ biscuits that the girls liked so much. I picked several varieties, chocolate, coconut and iced. So now I can hand them out at the social, and have enough for several weeks, three at least, I reckon. Also, I bagged nougat sweets, sherbert saucers, Shortie biscuits, Pickled onion flavour Fish & Chips and some biscuits to use as raffle prizes. I paid the lady the £14 bill. 

Then I returned to the B&M store again, thinking they may have some Glengettie tea hidden away somewhere for sale. Of course, they hadn’t, but I did get a small jar of pickled eggs while I was in there.

4thu16Back to the battleground… I mean bus station. I got on without any hassle or my being assaulted this time.

On the way back to Sherwood, I took this photographicalisation on Mansfield Road in Daybrook. This pub-restaurant, Coopers Brook came about by the modernisation of ‘The Old Spot’ pub. I looked up some reviews of it late on Friday morning:

  • 3* The waiting staff were pleasant enough but, one meal arrived 10 minutes after the rest with the reason, ‘oh, the chef cooked the wrong dinner’. None of the other meals came as the menu had described and a couple of them were sent back as they had a few items missing. The roast vegetables that the meals came with consisted of two small pieces of pepper and about a fifth of a red onion. The children’s meals seemed bigger than the adult meals but what we ate tasted alright. With small children, it is sometimes difficult to complain too many times as the children just want to get on and eat so perhaps if we hadn’t had them with us, things would have been a bit different. The food was not as described but OK. I would probably not return here to eat.
  • 1* Service was terrible. I think they need more training, and to reduce their prices. We will never be visiting there again. Avoid if you want to live for the rest of the month as cost a week’s wages for a bite to eat and a few beers.
  • 2* Basic food – wouldn’t recommend them, or go out of my way to go here again but okay if you’re in a rush (likely to get a table). Service pretty poor – didn’t have the food we ordered, forgot some items and then had the cheek to leave them all on the bill.

No wonder the car park looked empty! But some people liked it. More Reviews

4thu17wd 0.31.0b I dropped off the bus in Sherwood, and the connecting bus up the hill back home, passed the stationary bus as I alighted it. Tsk!

I walked over the hill and down to the Woodthorpe Grange Park gate, to find few animals or people out in the cold weather today.

As I neared the top turn off to the flats, the same dog that did it last week, came over for the sniff in the sh4thu18opping bags.

I gave her a bit of fuss and chinwagged to her as I left her to it. I’d forgotten about the chicken in there! Hehehe!

This animal cheered me a bit, and I tackled the last stretch down the gravel footpath to the flats in perky spirits.

Amazingly, I got in the apartment, and still didn’t need a wee-wee? Yeehaw!

wd 0.31.0b Suddenly, I felt so drained and weary. Well, I suppose it has been a busy day for me, so should have expected it.

I got some chips in the oven, made up some sandwiches, slice4thu20d some tomatoes, a couple of the Asda substituted mini-eggs and a chicken skewer to the plate in readiness for the chips to be cooked.

I planned some TV viewing, some excellent programmes to watch for me on Freeview. My favourite old stuff. Boon, Pie in the Sky and Heartbeat, followed by Hustle! Served up the meal.

wd 0.31.0b I’d made too much for me to eat it all, and had to throw away those horrible, foul, tasteless mini-eggs as well! The chicken things were delicious.

Settled into the £300 second-hand rickety 1968 rusty recliner, and got the TV on to have an entertaining viewing session.

wd 0.31.0b Huh! I watched the Boon until the first commercial break and nodded off and woke in the middle of Pie in the Sky. Again I drifted off during the adverts, after changing the channel to watch Heartbeat. Woke again as the credits were scrolling at the end of Heartbeat! Zzzz!

Is anyone interested in buying an oldish little-watched TV set? Hahaha!

Inchcock Today: Wed 26 Dec 18: Got the laundry, and a graphic or two done, not much else!



Wednesday 26th December 2018

Wednesday 26th December 2018

00:35hrs. Woke, felt the aches, stiffness, and pains on my overabundant body – then in response to the innards warnings, I was out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner so speedily and off to the Porcelain Throne. The few paces to the wet room were painful as the limbs and joints grumbled and stung me in revenge for their being activated so suddenly.

No problem with the evacuation, apart from a bit of bleeding from Harolds Haemorrhoids. And, I could see any EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) in the place!

Like a limping automaton, I washed and went to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


I was amazed to see that the weight had gone down, despite my lack of physical activity?

Took the medications, I remembered to only take the extra Codeine Phosphate. (Smug-Mode-Adopted!) I had an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee)

Got on the computer. (I still seemed to be doing things on Auto-pilot?) I got the dismal Christmas Day diary completed and sent off. Went on the WordPress Reader section.

3Wed01aI decided to get the laundry done. Gathered the accoutrements and clothing, and down to the foyer.

WD 51.2.51 As I emptied the tog from bag to machine, guess what I found at the bottom? A rather large EIBWBBB! It was dead, but it was not there last week. Are the tricky things planning another counter-attack? Grumph!

3Wed05Got the washer going and nipped outside, and took a photographicalisation of this mornings view along Chestnut Walk.

No raining or mist or fog yet? (Apart from in my head, Haha!)

I think the left ankle is improving a little. The knees remain obstinately determined to stay stiff 3Wed03and aching.

I nipped back into the laundry room to check that I set the machine on the correct setting.

I seem to spend an awfully long time grubbling about for things I can’t find, checking if I had or had not done things and in general confusion lately. But, knowing other inmates in the block have similar problems, can help me to cope with my hypomnesia, obliviousness, and absent-mindednesses. Although at the time, being in one’s own benightedness and naivete, can be rewarding in as much as it temporarily frees you of concerns… the bug 3Wed05a1word, being temporary!  When the brain returns to as near as standard it is possible for it to get; then the worrying, fears, perturbations and anxiousness about what has just occurred, and the uncertainty of not being sure, comes back to you, threefold! Just thought I’d mention it, cause it just happened to me! Hehehe!

Back up in the elevator to the flat, I had an SSWW and made a start on this blog.

3Wed05a1aThirty-minutes later, back down to move the clothing from washer to the dryer.

Got the togs drying, and cleaned the drum and casing of the washing machine.

Once more, back up to the flat. Had an SSWW. Forty-minutes later on, it was down to the laundry room again to collect the washing. I could hear the other lift ‘voice’ saying ‘Doors Opening’ as I travelled down.

Both washers were now going. The first one showed only a blanket of soap suds, there was that much in the drum.

Folded the clothes into the bag, cleaned out the filter using the newly supplied by some kind tenant, toothbrush, and wiped the drum.

Up for the last time and put the togs away, and had an SSWW.

Made a brew, and took another painkiller, as I now had a cracking headache join in with the stiff, painful joints in the knees ankles and wrists, to make my day even worse! Tsk!

05:00hrs. Some naughty inmate has just used the waste chute! I think, anyway. Unless it was someone above me accidentally making a noise?

3Wed05a2I think I’ll make a bit of brekkie now. I’ll go see what is available, back in a bit.

Got it done. Mini pork pie, chip sticks tomatoes and mushrooms. Tucked into it while watching some car clips on YouTube.

Went on CorelDraw to get some page top header graphics done.

Sister Jane rang up. Nice chinwagging session. The bonus being I now know I am too heavy and must lose weight, I have to stop forgetting things and… now, what was the other things she said? Erm… Ah, yes, the paperwork for the hospital! I made a brew and sorted the paperwork and put it in the jacket pocket for the Thursday morning’s blood test, with a note not to forget to collect the prescriptions from the chemist.

Checked the slow-cooker with its mushrooms and parsnips coming along nicely.

Back on CorelDrawing. Weariness sent me back to the £300 second-hand recliner for a little nap… Hehehe, Little Nap?

I woke up eight hours later…

Inchcock – Thur 13th Dec 2018: Brilliant Social Hour, Chinwags galore, betterer day all round – Dream of Old Father Time! Hehe!


Willmott-Dixon workers at the flats. Hehe!


Thursday 13th December 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 13 Rhagfyr 2018

01:25hrs: I was once again a different person when I bestirred. The mind seemed to be taking a break from activity. The only concern felt, was to get the diary updated so I can find time between the two deliveries: Asda Walmart 06:00 > 07:00hrs, and Morrisons which should be coming 08:00 to 09:00hrs, and get the ablutions completed, and the raffle prizes and nibbles sorted ready for the Social Hour.

I was soon out of the £300 second-hand 1986 rickety recliner, and into the kitchen to get the Health Checks done and take the medications. Oh, and to make a brew.

I caught my reflection in the little mirror (a nasty experience at any time for me!) and saw that the bruise I got in the Dizzy Dennis tumble last night, was far less onerous looking than I expected. It only hurts if I bang it on something, then just a tiny bit. I did a silent prayer for no dizzies again today. I’ll try not to headbutt the sink edge on my way down to the floor if it happens again. Haha!

Got the Health Checks completed.


I had an SSWW (Short, sharp wee-wee). Then got on with updating the Wednesday Diary.

wd 0.0.255 Emptying the saucepan that I was boiling water in yesterday when I left the hot tap running to go cold, I dropped the dang pan. How it slipped from my grasp, I don’t know. But I do know it landed right on the corn on the left foot! I also know I silently used some naughty words and offered myself insults and personal abuses for being such a Klutz! Humph! They say things go in threes: I’ve got the bruise on my head, now the pained corn and foot, and an aching back and knees from getting down then up again, after cleaning the mess I’d made… wonder what will come next?

When I think of it, my bad-luck is diuturnal in nature so anything can occur in the Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpas arena at any time. Tsk!

I finished off the Wednesday Woes, and tool another SSWW. No signs of needing the use of the Porcelain Throne yet?

Made a start on this blog.

The Asda (Walmart) delivery arrived, and I stored the items away.

Summoned to the Porcelain Throne, I visited the wet room, and another normal passing was achieved. No bleeding. Good!

Next, the Morrison delivery arrived. Getting this pile of things away took a bit of ingenuity in finding room in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer, but I managed it.

0735hrs: I could hear noisy, banging and tapping, but could not locate where the sounds were coming from?

4Thu01 I got the mushrooms, carrots, and peas in the crock-pot. With the aim of making a Chill-con-carne of sorts later in the day by adding red beans and seasoning.

I got the pressies, nibbles and raffle prizes gathered in the bag, and set off out. Taking the black bags to the waste chute on the way.

4Thu03aI dropped the white bag of recyclables near the caretaker’s door that was being replaced by a workforce of six men.

I took this picture on the right of the Winwood Court, through the compound gate.

I met Frank on the way, he looked a little ruffled, bless him. HE did his usual good job running the raffle again for the folks in the social meeting.

Then I met Riechsführeress, Warden Deana on Chestnut Walk going in the opposite direction. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel,  Obergruppenführers, agents, or ghosts, on this blog. So, I won’t.

Got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin Social Meeting room.

Not so many scallywags there today at first, but it soon filled up and gay time seemed to be had by all. I enjoyed some chinwags, exchanges of insults and tom-foolery with many residents.

Jenny seemed a little under the weather, bless her. But she kept a grip on us all. I handed out a few Christmas nibbles and treats.

I left a tad early, to get back and take some painkillers as the head was stinging and throbbing a bit.

4Thu04I hobbled back to Woodthorpe Court with Nora and Lynne.

Who, after I asked them, kindly posed with the flats in the background so I could post it to the TFZer site later.

It was cold out there, as you can see by the sensible clothing being worn by the gals.

As we entered the foyer, I noticed that both washers were free. So after a natter with the lasses, I got up to the flat, took a pill, and collected the washing and down again.

Got the washing going.

Up to the apartment, checked the crock-pot and started to update this blog.

Down to move the things to the dryer. Mo and Gaynor were sat nattering, so I joined in, and we had a laugh or two. Love it!

Back up and carried on with the updating on WordPress, until it was time to go down again. Down to collect the clothing. Mo was still there, she was going to move Nora’s washing into the dryer when I moved my stuff out of it.

Back up and got the togs put in the airing cupboard.

I moved the crock-pot contents to a large saucepan and added the red beans, tomato passata, and onions. Going to be a little different this meal I think. I’ve put mushrooms, carrots, and a few peas in with my imitation chilli-con-carne – I hope it comes out alright.

I went on TFZer Facebook to add the photos and read any comments with other peoples posts.

Got the nosh served up, here goes, I’ll soon find out if it is okay or a disaster. Fingers Crossed.

Great Flavour! Ate it all up with some sourdough bread. No guilt, it was terrific!


4Thu21Washed the pots up, did the health Checks and back on the computer, cause as I photographed that amazingly flavoursome meal, I realised I had missed off a picture I took in the lift.

A slightly eerie shot do you think?

In the morning after having a dream, I used this photo as a background to my morning thoughts and did a funny ode. I was so pleased with it, I posted it on its own.

I had hoped to stay awake long enough to watch a Hustle episode that I liked, on channel 40 at 08:00hrs.

I was asleep about 18:00hrs, I recall the starting screen and music coming on for Heartbeat at that time, but nothing after that.

In my reverie, I had a dream of my talking with Old Father Time!

Ah-well, TTFNski.

Inchcock – Thur 22 Nov 2018: Hectic eventful day again. Laundry done. Food deliveries. FootLady Sue arrived late. Started frustratingly messy, but got a lot betterer – Chinwags enjoyed!


Thursday 22nd November 2018

Thursday 22nd November 2018

0030hrs: Woke up, recalling a lot of the non-fictitious-like dream, I’d been having seconds earlier it seemed to me. Odd little teaser of a fantasy it was. I was living in a single room, it appeared to have elements of many of the places I have lived in and worked at, but kept changing appearance and furniture, colours etc. all the time. The thing was, I could not find a door, to get out through? Any amateur dream interpreters who can help me? Not that it matters really, cause it wasn’t a frightening or worrying nightmare for once. I seemed to be content with the situation (in the dream).

I removed my ghastly overweight, short, stubby but wobble-bellied decaying body from the £300 second-hand recliner without any accifauxpas. Off to the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks.

WD 29.29.255 I got out the weekly dosage pots from the drawer, and dang-me, I’d missed taking yesterday mornings and last nights medications! Grumph! What a Yold! I imagine that this was due to all of Wednesday’s Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas? I took this morning’s and had a stern word or two with myself about being a right pillock-brain again!

Tended to the Health Checks


4Thu001aThe results, all sadly apart from the weight, were within the required range I think. I suspect that the scales are playing up or broken. Hehehe!

I made a brew of Assam tea in the small China mug. I do live well, don’t I?

The hemadynamometer, by the way, worked first try.

WD 29.29.255 I received an out of the blue message from my innards for me to visit the Porcelain Throne with sudden urgency. I got there in plenty of time, but, there no need to rush this morning. The evacuation was a solid, painful, laborious affair. I got through several pages of the Jeremy Clarkson Biography book before the action was finished! It was the complete opposite of the last four-days visits. At least there was not much cleaning up to do afterwards for once, Hehe!

4Thu01Got the computer going, and checked the Goodge Calendar first job.

Oh dear, a busy day dawning I see!

Hope FootLady Sue is not late. I pray that things work out alright, and I am forced into missing my Winwood Social Hour meeting.

4Thu03I took a photograph of the moon, using the night scene option, it took 30 seconds to record the picture. The white scar mark to the left as you look at the moon was an airliner, but think I didn’t hold the camera steady enough and it came out like a scratch in the sky. Tsk!

I got on with finishing off the Wednesday blog and got it posted off. Then went on WordPress Reader and looked at comments and replied.

Made a start on this post.

4Thu03aI’d better get the ablutions done early today before the deliveries arrive.

WD 29.29.255 I spotted some EIBWBBBs (Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) in the waste bin in the wet room. Dead ones. 

After doing the ablutions, this encouraged me to carry out an EIBWBBBs Search & Destroy Mission. Two in the spare room and four in the kitchen, all small ones and deceased.

4Thu04I sprayed all around with the ‘Raid Bug Killer’ with a cough-inducing guarantee. Hehe!

Found this note that had been put through the door yesterday.

Back on the computer, working on creating some page top graphics, while I awaited the arrival of the Iceland Delivery… No, Sorry, the Morrison Delivery.

4Thu050610hrs: The Morrison delivery arrived.

Only a small order today, but it cost more than the usual one because I bought some treats for folks for Christmas.

I treated myself to a Lamb Leg Steak. A tiny one that cost £3.19 – which is £14.00 a kg! I just hope I don’t make a faux pas cooking it. Haha!

4Thu02I put the bits away and restocked the Social Hour nibble bag.

To the wet room for an SSWW.

WD 29.29.255 More EIBWBBBs found, all deceased. Had another squirt around with some Sanmex Bug Killer and coughed up some more of my lungs. Tsk!

4Thu06Made a brew, noticing how the mist had descended.

Back on the computer to catch-up with the TFZer Facebooking for a while, waiting for the Iceland delivery to arrive.

While moving some stuff about, I came across a letter from the landlord, Nottingham City Homes. It is an eight-4Thu06apage double-sided questionnaire!

It gave an internet address where I could fill it in on there to save all the writing, so I keyed in the given wording on Google.

But, I was informed that the address does not exist?

4Thu07With all due care I could muster, I made sure that the two addresses were the same.

Still, it came up with no match to any documents?

Frustrated, I was concerned that another day like yesterday might be coming. So I considering suicide methods. Only joking!

WD 29.29.255 The door chime rang out, I thought it was FootLady Sue, but no, it was Obersturmführeress Warden Julie. She’d come to test the alarms. I asked her if she would ring Sue for me, as it was now 0955hrs. She said she would bless her cotton socks, and got out her phone and asked me for the number – just as the intercom chirped into life, it was Sue arriving for her 0930hrs appointment. Deana departed, and Sue came in. Did the feet, we had a natter, I paid her, and off she went too. I walked down to her car with her, which meant a bit of a rush to get things ready. I ended up going out without the hearing aids, in the wrong glasses and full of self-angst!

Got in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. I was greeted with cheers!

WD 29.29.255 I was too late for the raffle. But got the nibbles and pressies handed out, and was having some good chinwags, when the place got severe. I’m afraid, as Jenny started to address us all, about twenty-two of us were in there, giving a talk, I could not hear anything she was saying without the hearing aids in. I moved closer and stood behind her, but still only picked up the odd word or two. But it would have been rude of me to leave, so I waited until whatever was being discussed was finished.

4Thu09Then made my way back to the flats and the wet room for an SSWW.

En route, I took this photographicalisation of the Winwood Heights Complex.

It was drizzling with cold rain, overcast and a little gloomy.

4Thu11I caught Willmott-Dixons Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius on his tractor come fork-lift near the centre Extra Care Flats compound. Right

And below, Innocent Claiming Ian Incharge, giving the thumbs-up.

4Thu10.A decent couple of lads.

I can doctor these pictures up on CorelDraw for a bit of fun later when I get the time.

I got back to the flat and the much-needed SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee wee).

I got the laundry down as fast as I could because all the machines were empty! Took some black bags to the waste chute on the way down to the washer, got it going, and back up to update this blog.

4Thu12Down to move the stuff into the dryer, taking a recycling bag down with me.

Gaynor, Mo and Mary were in the lobby having a sit-down and gossiping session. I joined in. Well, I am fond of a good natter!

Back up to the flat and set the timer and continued doing this post until the alarm rang.

Then down to collect the laundry. Gaynor and Mo still chinwagging. Handed ’em a nibble each. Lovely gals. Moved the washing to the dryer, and yet again back up to the flat. Has as SSWW, and continued doing this diary until it was time to return down to the tenant’s laundry room. 

4Thu13Removed and folded my washing, cleaned the drum and filter, passed wind and returned up to the apartment.

On the way up on the lift, I decided to go out on the bus to Aldi to get some potatoes and replacement nibbles for the Social Hour box.

Late for me to go out, I know. I think the terrible, messy start to the day, and now things coming together and having enjoyed a few chinwags, my spirits had improved and with it, my determination and will-power. Klutz!

I got to the bus stop, no one else there when I arrived. A chap joined me later. The guy told me that this bus was 20 minutes late yesterday when he caught it. Not good news, as it was getting cold and a little misty out there. Well, it was 22 minutes late today. The bloke had given up and gone back to his flat by then.

WD 29.29.255 When I got on, I said to the driver; “Busy traffic in Arnold again?” He adopted a sneer that would put Sylvester Stallone’s sneeriest sneer, to shame and he forced an almost growling “No!” in reply. At this stage, I thought it wise for me say nowt else, and get myself seated. My EQ told me the lad was under pressure.

WD 29.29.255 I got to the Aldi store, and as I crossed the pedestrian crossing to the doors, a car coming in seemed not to notice me until the last moment and had to jam his anchors on to avoid hitting me. Tsk!

I had a good wander around the shop and selected some items more than the bag of potatoes I had gone for initially. Tsk! I paid the patient gentleman on the checkout and with a heavy bag of fodder, thanked him and departed. With, two small bags of potatoes, a pack of ham trimmings, one of German smoked ham, extra mature cheddar cheese, yellow tomatoes, two bottles of spring water and a variety of nibble-box top-ups; jelly babies, spirals, chocolate wafers, nut bars and caramel wafers.

4Thu13aaHobbled along Woodborough Road and right down Mapperley Rise.

As I got to the junction with Park View, I got the camera out of my pocket to take these photographicalisations.

Each one zoomed in a little more than the previous one.

I did this so I could show the top of a Winwood Heights block of apartments, that I could see above and behind one of the house chimneys.

It indicated how the mist was falling now, and the flats were hardly noticeable in any of the distance shots.

Them being painted a light grey on that side of the building is perfect camouflage in the fog. Good job it is not on any aeroplane flight route. Hehehe!

I assumed it would be Winchester Court, that being the nearest one as the crow flies.

I noticed that the house had been fitted with Solar panels. I must ask someone in the know, how this works in practicality. Does the electricity produced save much on costs for the tenant? How is the working-out of the price and level produced? And, how long will that black brick with all the mortar around it last before it falls out? Haha!

I limped on, stopping now and then take a break from carrying the weighty bag.

4Thu14At the junction of Winchester Street. Sherwood Rise and Chestnut Walk, a Nottingham City Homes van came out, as I was taking a rest break.

I have to say, that the feet were a lot better now that FootLady Sue had done them. And the other ailments apart from Back-Pain-Brenda were agreeable to me. Things had gone from terrible to delightful suddenly, well, it felt like 4Thu15that to me.

But, of course, things can change!

As I got down Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph of the workers. It looked to me, like they were covering the electricity cable they buried earlier. And, I reckon, they were making way for the new bus turn-around island that will be located outside the new Extra Care and  Generalfeldmarschalless Warden’s block eventually.

Things are beginning to take shape now.

I got in the apartment and put away the purchasers. Then I emptied the laundry bag I’d left with the clothes in the hallway earlier when I made the sudden decision to go to Aldi. Refilled the cleaning pots ready for the next wash.

I got the nosh prepared.

4Thu16I got some McCains chips in the oven and made up some buttered wholemeal flatbread sandwiches with the ham off-cuts.

I decorated the plate with red, yellow and orange tomatoes, gherkins, dried roast onions, chestnuts, extra-strong cheddar cheese and shredded beetroot. Added the chips when they were finished cooking, and a half-filled bottle of orange juice.

I got this gobbled-up (Nearly all of it anyway!) Giving it a flavour rating of 9/10.

Washed the pots, had an SSWW, did the Health Checks, took the medications and got onto the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV and nibble an orange iced-sucker.

WD 29.29.255 I fell off to sleep quickly tonight. So fast, that when I woke up an hour or so later, I found a sticky-gooey mess that had once been an orange sucker, gelled to chest hairs as it melted while I slept, forming a lake of fruit stuck and partially dried in the dip formed by my bulbous belly and welded to the hairs! I had to laugh as I cleaned it up! An interested after-fact about this here… I have yet to find the wooden handle from the ice-lolly? Don’t know whether to be worried or not? Hahaha!

Inchcock – Sun 28 Oct 2018: Wee-wees, Weevils, Washeteria duties, Watch & Clocks reset and Worryingly early Fatigue.


Walking down Winchester Hill last week – I saw the beauty of nature!

Sunday 28th October 2018

Maltese: Il-Ħadd 28 ta ‘Ottubru 2018

2345hrs: The body and mind activated in unison this morning. The need for a wee-wee was required. So, I parted company with the £300 second-hand rickety on-its-last-lags recliner.

WD0.60.0 As I stood up after dismounting the chair, some form of anaesthesia affected both ankles. I sort of kept my balance, but I don’t know how I did it. I wobbled and flailed a bit. Off to the wet room. Where insentience-ridden argle-bargle from the mind waffled on inside the brain, persistently for a couple of minutes. I learnt nothing from rampant fears, worries and mental inquisition whatsoever. The only thing I got from the confusing inner-prattlings, was a headache.

Washed and went to get the tea brewed, and do the Health Checks.


7Sun03By Jiminy, the Sys was high.

Took the medications. Then, set off on an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol.

Back to the wet room, where I was pleased to see only five dead weevils!

The spare room had only three live ones, and five dead ones as far as I could see.

7Sun02The front room was the worst affected this morning.

They were all near the doors to the new unwanted light and view-blocking windows and balcony, which the carpenter left dirty scratched and bowed after fitting them. All the weevils were dead.

I went around the multitude of areas with holes and gaps in every room with the ‘Rentokil Bug Killer’ spray.

7Sun05Made another brew to replace the last one that went cold (this one went cold too!)

I took this photograph from the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen window. I thought at the time, blimey, there’s a lot of traffic about for this time in the morning.

A niceish shot though.

Got the Saturday Diary finished off, not much in it, cause not much happened. I hate the weekends! I miss my little natters and chinwags.

Out-of-the-blue, I decided (Did you note that? Me, making a decision! Hehe!) to get the paraphernalia ready to take the washing down and cleaned.

7Sun13WD0.60.0 As I got down in the lobby, the electronic signboard indicated the time was 01:49 hrs.

My new-to-me, second-hand wristwatch, that I got from the charity shop for £2, told me it was 02:45hrs?

Ah… clocks back! So, I’ve lost another hour! Oh, no! I’ve made an hour! This might explain why I thought there was a lot of traffic in the picture taken earlier?

7Sun07aAs I was about to wipe the washer drum out before putting in the clothes…

WD0.60.0 I spotted this Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle, on the outside of the drum! And they try to tell me, (insinuating they are my fault) that I am the only one with the infestation! Humph!

I loaded the washer and started it going, and nipped outside to take some pictures of the morning. Then popped back into the washing-room and took two shots of the newly erected scaffolding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back up to the apartment and changed the watch and all the clocks to the chronologically correctish time.

7Sun16Made the third mug of tea: hopefully, I’ll get to drink this one. (I didn’t, it also went cold)

Back down to move the laundry from the washer to dryer. Took out the washing and wiped the drum and door.

WD0.60.0 Opened the dryer door, to find that the filter was rather full, and it had overflowed into the drum. So cleared out the fluff from screen and drum and got the clothes in and spinning.

7Sun14I noticed on the way to the lift the sign for the Christmas nosh. Kind of them, but I will not be attending. There are only limited spaces, anyway.

The food will have traces of by beloved brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce and cakes. All now banned foods for me. Sprouts, cranberries barred due to the effect on the INR Warfarin Blood levels, and cakes, now a self-imposed ban, due to the weight of my short, belly-dominated, bald, bespectacled, hearing air wearing Warfarin filled body, shooting up. Sad innit?

The most substantial reason I have not to go to the celebration is, the ‘Bingo’!

WD0.60.0 When I got back up and into the kitchen, some Coccinellidae (Ladybugs – Ladybirds) one on the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window ledge, and one on the food counter. Oy Vey!


I set the timer to remind me of the washing. Carried on updating this blog.

Back down the last time for now to the machines. Emptied the dryer and folded the clothing. Cleaned the filter and drum. Wiped the sink area and picked up some fluff, that must have fallen out as I opened the machine. This action caused me no hassle from Hernia Harry, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda! Great!

7Sun18Back up and put the togs away. Refilled the pod and freshener pot ready for the next visit.

Made a fourth, or is it a fifth, mug of tea. And… drank it before it went cold, most satisfyingly! While I got the morning’s picture uploaded and tweaked for this diary.

Got caught up to here with the blog. Then added some photos to the the Facebook album, and did some posts.

Made yet another mug of tea. (Determined to drink this one).

The fatigation and feebleness (CFS?) arrived so early in the day, even I found it hard to believe it was happening.

WD0.60.0 I was useless, drained and weary. Did nothing but sat there in the £300 second-hand recliners, making plans to get some sort of a meal prepared and nodding-off frequently. With the occasional trip for a wee-wee in between horrible dreams and some nibbling from the savoury biscuit box. No meal tonight, but I probably had sufficient nibbles anyway.

Terrible time. A mismash of nodding, waking, wee-weeing and worrying.

Yet, after I’d manage to nod-off properly for four hours, I awoke in fine-fettle? I hate weekends!

TTFN all.

Inchcock – Friday 5th October 2018:


Friday 5th October 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 5th Oketopa 2018

2246hrs: Woke-up, blinked and decided immediately, that I would get the laundry tended to, the first job of the day! Please note the truancy of my usually rampant pathological indecisiveness! Smug Mode Adopted.

I was out of the £300 second-hand juddery recliner in minutes. No ailments caused me any bother in doing so. The back pain, Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were all being kind to me. A little unsettling when this happens. I gathered the bag of washing with the accoutrements already in it and set off down in the lift.

When I got to the laundry room, a chap was filling up the better dryer with his clothing that he’d washed in his machine in his flat.

5Fri003I got my stuff going in washer No.2 and back up to the flat.

5Fri003a But not before I had to clean out the filter that someone had left clogged up.

To the flat and got the Health Checks were done. The readings were all still too high, I think. 


5Fri001bMet Bill from the first floor on the way down as he got on the elevator, on his way to do his washing.

Move the togs from the washer to the dodgy dryer. I’m never content using this machine, because of the number of times it had finished its cycle and the clothing has still been wet.

5Fri003a I stayed downstairs 5Fri002wondering around. As I feared, the crap-drier stopped early, and the clothes were still almost wet! At this point, the big lad came in to gather his not been long in the machine clothing. Which was good for me, cause I could move the undried things into the better dryer after the big lad had emptied it. As he started to remove his items, I advised him to clean the filter out first, or he’ll drag his gear over it and get fluff on his clean clothes. I showed him how to clean it out, then did it for him.

I transferred my items to the dryer. As I was taking them out, Bill arrived to remove his washing, so that worked out well.

All this laundry room traffic made me realise how early it actually was. I’d woken up assuming it was somewhere around 0200hrs, my usual waking up time. But it was not. Fool! Folded the clothing into the bag and went back up to the apartment.

Then made a brew of tea and took the medications. Put the stuff away and got on the computer to get the diary updating done for yesterdays post. Went on the TFZer Facebooking duties, WP Reader. Made another brew of tea to replace the one I’d let go cold. Huh!

While waiting for the kettle boil, I leant out of the unliked view and light blocking new window in the kitchen to take a panoramic effort of a photograph of the night, er, morning now.


Not a lot to look at, is there? They are not stars in the picture, but, house and street lights.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Had a rinse, and made yet another decision (Oh, yes!). I’d get out to the Goose Fair later, to try and get a walk in, and some photographs of the stalls and rides for the TFZers on Facebook.

No good going out too early because there will be nobody much there. Too late, and it will be too crowded for me to get through. And, knowing my luck the pickpockets and or muggers might have a go at me. Haha!

My earlier aberration (Of instant decision making) came over me again. The cooked chicken legs I bought two of in error, is still a week in date, but a little too sweet for my taste, I’d been pondering over who might make the best use of it I can help out. Roy, well his better half, who has been struggling without complaint in looking after the old codger since he got out of the hospital and started his recovery, I thought. Might just save the gal from having to go out to get some fodder, I hope. I also hoped that they could make use of them.

So, I got the ablutions tended to and on my way out, I went up to the next floor with everything I needed for the trip out and the chicken legs and called at Roy’s flat. The Lady of the House answered the door. I explained about my getting two packs of the chicken on offer, and wondered if they could use it. I was tickled pink when the Madam of the House accepted and thanked me. I wished her and Roy all the best and toddled off and down and out onto Chestnut Way, feeling good that I could help for once.

5Fri006It was bit murky out there this morning, but not as cold as the weather forecaster on the radio indicated when I had my shower.

In a good mood now, I ambled on along the road. Passing the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen 5Fri20from, and residents porta-cabin, and threw a wave and smile at Wardens Deana and Julie through the window.

I stood a while on the corner, watching wood pigeons in the trees and bushes.

Then set off on my mini-little-hobble.

Down the Winchester Street Hill and onto Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Carrington.

5Fri007At the junction traffic lights, a young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was initially doing wheelies as he sped down the hill, then mounted the pavement, then back onto the road as the light changed to red. Of course, this didn’t interest him at all, and I caught him on camera cycling over, nearly hitting a lady with her child in a pram, then he began to so wheelies again. He seemed to be a high of some sort, I think he was shouting or singing as well? He was a big lad, I hope he grows up mentally too. The meshuggeneh!

5Fri08As I got into Carrington and near the doctors’ surgery, I was surprised by the lack of traffic on Mansfield Road.

I got into the reception and asked the lady behind the counter (the one on the reception was on the phone) if she could help me sort out my appointments.

There followed a farce of Faulty Towers merit:

Moi: You booked me in for a changed appointment for INR blood Test next Tuesday, to Monday at 0900hr...

Receptionist: “Yes!”

Moi: Well, I got the Anticoagulation Results, telling me my next appointment is for 30th October?”

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” Five minutes later… Receptionist: “This is not for your INR Warfarin, it’s for your CHC/D test, Mr Chambers.”

Moi: “I thought I had that a week or so ago with Nurse Ann?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Ah, you need to retake it Mr Chambers, and some extra tests at the hospital, the last test showed up some concerns, that’s why we have to get it done urgently.”

Moi: Will I need to fast 12 hours before and bring a sample this time, please?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Yes!”

Moi: Can I have a sample bottle please, and book in an appointment for the Warfarin blood test, on the 30th?

Receptionist: “We’ll see you on Tuesday next then.”

5Fri003a I didn’t realise until much later that she said Tuesday and not Monday? At least, I think she did? I never got a sample bottle either. I left and carried on walking along on the way to the Goose Fair on the Forest.

5Fri003a Flummoxed, brain-scrambled and confused, I nearly walked off the edge of the gutter into the r5Fri09oad.

I think I’ve got things wrong and muddled somewhere along the line? Klutz! I’m sure that I am to blame!

When I got to Gregory Boulevard, I spotted that this year they had given model Goose on the traffic island a blue jacket. To keep him warm, perhaps? Hehe!

I hobbled up the hill and over the pelican lights into a Forest Recreation Ground and Goose Fair, that did not have a single stall or amusement ride open.


5Fri11It all came back to me then. I’d made another mess over timings! Schlemiel!

I had a wander around, getting dirty looks from the staff and owners of the amusements when I got the camera out. So I only took this one shot of ‘Spooky Towers’.

I presumed this was a take on the old Ghost Train?

5Fri12I wandered out and up the hill and caught a tram a few stops to the University. The tram was almost full to capacity.

5Fri003a With this ignorant young man sat on the outside of the disabled seats blocking anyone sitting next to him as people stood all around him. I despair of people nowadays!

I dropped off of the tram and walked along Shakespeare Street to Mansfield Road/Milton Street traffic light.

This ‘5Fri013Nasty’ Nottinghamian cyclist passed me by from behind, shouting something and swearing I think with it. He was within inches of hitting me, then he carried on right up Milton Street weaving between the pedestrians. A naughty young Nudnik!

I went into the Tesco store and came out with Surimi Sticks, a Pork Knuckle joint and a  loaf of sliced crustless wholemeal bread. Paid the lady and out onto Milton Street to walk to the L9 bus stop.

5Fri014When I got out into the fresh air, Milton Street looked very eerie and unreal to me!

No traffic and few Nottinghamians in sight.

I walked up through the Trinity Walk and stopped at a second-hand jewellery shop, and I think, Pawnbrokers.

To take some photographs for the TFZer gals to take their fancy of. Hehehe!

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5Fri018Amethyst, the birthstone of February, I think.

I hobbled into the Slab Square and took this picture of the Gay-Abandoned happy, merry, cheerful Nottinghamians coming out from and going down into Exchange Walk.

Up Queen Street to wait for the bus, on which I must have nodded-off eight or so times en route. Tsk!

5Fri019There were two other tenants on the bus, neither of which chose to wake me up when we arrived at the flats. Hehehe! Luckily the jerking when the bis pulled up woke me, I did feel a clot!

A resident of Woodthorpe and I tackled the challenge of walking on the road back to our domicile.

5Fri019aThe gal walking in front, by gum, she can’t half move, pointed out to me that the Woodthorpe Block had had its naming board finished while we were out.

I took this photograph. Notts County colours on the sign, I noticed.

I hastened to the apartment and took a short-sharp wee-wee. (One of many that followed, Huh!)

Got the meal part sorted. Mushrooms and green beans in the same saucepan with a little balsamic vinegar.

Health Checks were done.

5Fri34Updated this diary a little.

Got the meal served up.

Can you see what’s on my plate here? Can you identify everything in this picture? Hehe!

A Flavour-Rating of only 6.5/10 for this one I’m afraid. No idea what I did wrong, but, The Lithuanian made Tesco surimi sticks tasted right foul and bitter, and undercooked the green beans by a long way! The Morrison apples were soft and mushy. The shitake mushrooms were tough-textured.

Settled down after the 23 hour, up and about day.

The usual performance with the TV watching. Or rather not watching due to my nodding-off. Haha!

Inchcock Today – Fri 14 Sept 2018: Inchcock seems to be holding his own in the Evil Ironclad Boll Weevil biting Beetle battle!


Friday 14th September 2018

Croatian: Petak 14 Rujna 2018

0205hrs: Woke with my mind intent on carrying out a seek and search manoeuvre against the troublesome evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles. Despite so many other obligations, commitments and duties needing my attention today.

The usual struggle out of the £300 second-hand rickety, geriatric recliner, was of little bother this morning?

A search around the main three areas of the weevils attacks, I found only one alive, and a dozen or so dead ones. The Rentokil Flea Killer seems to be effective. It’s certainly got me coughing. Hehe!

I tended to the Health Checks first and took the medications. The sphygmomanometer was not very willing to work for me. It took five tries before it obliged me.


5Fri002As the mind began to wander meanderingly off of its own accord, (nothing new in this, it’s a quotidian happening that I’m coming to accept and even expect nowadays), I made a decision to get the laundry done straight away.

Gathered the needed things and out, down the lift and poddled to the laundry room. Got the washer going after having to clean the drum.

Back up to the flat, and got the computer on. By the time I’d sorted the photos out ready to save to file for use later, it was time to go down and move the laundry to the dryer.

5Fri001Before I emptied the machine, I took this, what I thought was an amusing picture, showing my hands and camera in the reflection of the steel window rim.

I transferred the togs to the dryer. Had to clean the filter before starting it.

Back up to the 12th floor.

5Fri004I made a brew of tea, had many wee-wees, while I continued with the prep work for yesterdays diary on CorelDraw.

The hour flashed by, and still, I had not begun to work on the Thursday blog, and it was time to go down again, this time, to collect the washing.

A couple of new posters had gone up on the notice board.

5Fri006The Safer Neighbourhoods sign I spotted, was inviting us to report drug use.

Just a smidge worrying that notice. I’m on 14 drugs in tablet/capsule form in the morning, midday three tablets and creams, then at night it varies according to the ever Warfarin doses between six and eight tablets/capsule, an Enoxaparin injection, a spray and three applications of 5Fri10various cream. And I know that many other tenants are taking more than I am! Hehe!

Got the clobber out of the machine and folded into the laundry bag with the accoutrements used.

Then cleaned the drum and filter, and nipped outside to take a couple of shots of the early morning on Chestnut Way.


Fire Alarm out of action. The note on the panel read: ‘Fault Due to Fire Trace Bottle being removed?’


Back up to the apartment5Fri11. I’d not noticed earlier, but the Anticoagulation & Deep Vein Thrombosis Warfarin blood test result was sticking in the letterbox. I saw that the target figure had been altered from 3.5 to 3.0, and the result was almost spot on, and this is for the second week in a row! Which, had prompted the NHS to give me a two-week break without an INR blood test! 

I hope that the GUM Clinic can fit me in for the Strangulation Haemorrhoidectomy operation during this time. They will have to do an INR blood Test on me of course before going ahead with any procedures. But I reckon it will be alright. Fingers Crossed!

As I was moving on to get this post started, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

6Sat05Ensconced on the Throne, I did a lot of reading of the ‘Catastrophe’ book relating to the reasons and causes of the First World War. This time, not because of the problems with the evacuation taking too long though.

It was because I’d got to an interesting bit about other nations (Than Germany and Austria) reactions and responses to the now inevitable coming war.

5Fri12W0.0.128 As I stopped reading, I espied many evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles, mostly babies, smaller ones this time. They had come from the crack in the waterproofing floor covering, near the door. I collected-up and placed them in a pot, ready for their funeral service.

I had a spray around again with the ‘Raid’ Bug Killer, this time. Hoping and praying it will be as 4Thu21effective as the hard to find on sale Rentokil Flea Killer. This ‘Raid’ brand was a lot cheaper, too, a third of the price of the Rentokil one. So, knocking on wood, here!

5Fri013Scrubbed-up the hands and pinkies.

I got the mushrooms sliced up and in the crock-pot on a low setting. Added some Balsamic Vinegar to the water.

0640hrs: Back to updating this dairy, got up to here.

0955hrs: Then went to tackle the enormous Thursday diary updating challenge. I got it done a little quicker than I had thought I would. Hope I’ve not missed anything off?

Got the pork steaks in the crock pot with the mushrooms and added pork flavour granules.

Made a brew and then went on to the TFZer Facebooking.

Must get the ablutions done, better late than never. Haha!

5Fri35The meal turned out to be one of the best for ages.

 A 9.46/10 Tate-Rating!

Pork shoulder steaks, vegetarian sausages, pomme frites, tomato, pickled cucumber, and balsamic vinegar seasoned mushrooms. Followed by two little soft pastry lemon cream cakes.

I put the TV on and fell asleep and woke so often, I got confused as to what day it was, was it night or day, am I dead or going bonkers and became so annoyed that I could not stay awake for longer than five minutes. Fehl!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 2nd August 2018: Had a smashing Tenant’s Social Hour today!


Thursday 2nd August 2018

Latvian: Ceturtdiena, 2018. Gada 2. Augusts

0330hrs: Woke with a rare unsettling to me, clarity of mind. I knew the laundry needed doing and that the Morrison delivery was due twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. So I decided to do the washing first, and I should still have time to get things ready for the arrival of the fodder, get the Social Hour accoutrements, Health Checks, and ablutions, etc. done.

4Thu001Out of the coming-to-the-end-of-it’s life rickety £300 second-hand recliner and had a wee-wee.

I took the medications.

Put the camera, mobile, and lobby-door swipe into my pockets, and down to the laundry room.

I got the washing into the machine and started 4Thu001ait, then nipped outside to take some photographicalisation of the morning scene.

The first one here, I accidentally took as I stood on Chestnut Walk adjusting the settings on the DMZ-1070 Lumix camera.

Might I be able to use it later in a graphic?

4Thu02The mechanicalisationed scaffolding, hoist supports, etc. made for a half decent shot, in the lighting and darkness of the day, I thought.

Whoopsie2 As I moved back out onto the road to take a picture from the bottom of the block of flats, my right shoulder came into contact with one of the upright support poles.

4Thu01I believe I may have uttered something along the lines of; “Oh, bother!”

Looking in the viewfinder, I could not see any light on in my room window; I felt sure I’d left it on when I came down?

This photographic effort didn’t come out very well, did it? I wonder what I did wrong?

Health Checks carried out, and the medications are taken.


4Thu04I sorted the medication dosage pots out for the week.

Off for another wee-wee.

No signs of any Porcelain Throne requirements yet. Worrying, this!

Back down again to move the laundry from washer to the dryer. Cleaned the drum of the washer.

4Thu03Back up to the apartment again, and yet one more wee-wee.

I sorted out the photographicalisations taken so far, ready to use in this post.

Started this diary off on WordPress.

Had a wee-wee (How surprising, Hehe!)

4Thu06The time flew, and I was soon down in the lift again, to collect the clothing from the dryer.

I extracted the gear and folded it ready to go in the bag.

I’d like to mention that in today’s laundry room activities, there were no odd-socks, no Whoopsiedangleplops whatsoever, and no toe-stubbings either. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

4Thu07The day was getting lighter quickly now.

So I popped out to take this picture of all three buildings.

Woodthorpe Court on the left, the new Extra-Care residential unit and staff premises in the middle, and Winchester Court behind the magnificent trees on the right.

4Thu08Back inside, I collected the laundry bag and up in the lift, and in need of another wee-wee!

A note on the notice board from Jenny informed us that the Saturday, August 18th day trip to Skegness, departs at 0930hrs from outside the building. Thanks, Jenny.

Whoopsie2 Got in the apartment and had the wee-wee, a close-call this time. Oh, dear!

I got the airing cupboard filled with the washed clothes and pressed on with updating this blog.

Then began to update and post off yesterday’s diary.

4Thu09Went to get the ablutions done before the arrival of the Morrison fodder.

I’d left some face cloths soaking in antiseptic disinfectant and liquid soapflakes in the sink. I now had a dirty great big gigantic meat fly and a little midge in the water.

Whoopsie2 They both seemed to be dead on their backs. As I went to remove them, the large one took off as fast as lightning. Never to be seen again! Must he have been taking a bath? Hehehe!

4Thu10The ablutionisationing all finished at 0730hrs. Five minutes later the groceries were delivered.

I got the stuff sorted out and stored away.

There didn’t seem to be anywhere near so much stuff as last week, but the cost was the same.

4Thu12I didn’t realise that I had ordered three of the fresh ready-made lamb hotpots. At only £6 for three.

I decided to have one of these ready-made meals today. I intend to do some of the seasoned potato slices to add to it in the oven at the same time.

I hope these are the same brand of hotpot I got last month, cause they were excellently flavoured if I remember rightly.

Once again, the fridge and the freezer was cram-packed full.


The enormous 250g bag of Balsamic vinegar of Modena and Sea salt flavoured crisps had arrived. I ordered this as a thank you for Jenny’s work she does for us all. I know that her other half, Frank is very taken with these crisps. Best of all, they were down on offer from £2.50 to £1.50!

Whoopsie2 There was a bottle of fresh orange juice short delivered, though. Shlemiels!

I shall use Iceland next week for my grocery delivery. I set about doing the order straight away. Done it, being delivered next Tuesday twixt 0800 > 100hrs.

Got the nibble box topped up, raffle prizes and freebies in the bag. Set out to the social hour, taking a bag of rubbish to the chute on the way out, and a cleaned empty Basalmic vinegar bottle to go in the recycling bin.

Got out of the foyer and put the glass in the bin.


Manoeuvred around a plant vehicle and made my way along to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed, Tenant Gals singing arena, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

Where a decent turnout of residents had attended.

I gave Jenny the crisps and had a chinwag with her. I asked her if I could take her photo later with her dress on she was wearing. So I could post it on the TFZer gals page. To as see if they agree with me about my thinking it is so gorgeous. Then I put the raffle prizes on the trolley. And took the nibble-box around and got me a few mini-natters in.

I think we had a good laugh today. The gals, Cyndy and Margaret, were in good form, and I experienced a few good laughs.

Got my raffle tickets and handed them out.

T’was indeed a most enjoyable hour for me, anyway.

4Thu14After many residents had left or caught the bus, I got around to taking the photograph of Jenny’s dress. She forbade me from taking her face in the picture. She thought her face was too drawn, and her hair too fizzy, I think.

Being Jenny, she came up with an original, amusing solution. She put a cloth over her face! Hehehe!

Whoopsie2 I love the pattern on this dress. Jenny told me where she bought it, but I’m not sure I remember correctly. Malaysia, I think, for £3! I bet it’s lovely and fresh to wear in this heat we are having.

4Thu15I said my farewells to the few remaining members of the gang and made my way back to the flat.

I took this photographicalisation on the left. Catching all of the three buildings in the picture.

The new extra-care flats and staff offices block is coming on well now.

Back up to the apartment and in the wet room for a much-needed wee-wee. The urinalisationalistic repetitions today, decided me not to go out after all. I would not like to get caught short; So as to speak. Oh no!

4Thu15I washed up and went to make a brew of tea in the kitchen.

I saw that some new additions to the window defacing pattern had appeared.

I’m getting quite a collection now. Black, greys and now some suspicious brown splashes of whatever they are made of. Haha!

I updated this diary to here. Then went on Facebook to add these photos to the albums, and post a few to the TFZwe site.

Got the potatoes and lamb hotpot in the oven, and sliced the mushrooms into balsamic vinegar flavoured water in the saucepan simmering.

4Thu21I must say, although smaller portions, this nosh looked and smelt gorgeous.

Taste-Rating: 9.1/10.

I’m glad I bought the three min-meals for £6 now.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Settled down to watch some TV. Stayed awake until gone 2200hrs! No nodding-offs, until I turned off the telly and then I was soon in the land of bliss – asleep!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 19th July 2018:


Thursday 19th July 2018

Italian: Giovedì 19 Luglio 2018

0500hrs: Woke with a mind that was marinated in confusion! A riot of disorder milling about, with the grey-cell unresponsive to my attempts to get thoughts and desires into a coherent, or at least semi-logical mode.

Without realising it, I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and stood up, with no apparent effort or pains. Gawd, life can get confusing when you’re getting on a bit! Tsk!

4Thu04WDPBL: As I looked down and saw the state of the legs and ankles, things came a little more concentrated, thought-wise.

What tangled mess the plates-of-meat looked to be in! Stinging too, yet I’m sure they weren’t hurting before I looked at them? Now they are. Haha!

Then, I realised that I had got myself about six-hours of sleep in last night. This was much needed and appreciated after getting only two hours kip in over the previous two night combined.

Tended to the ablutions, a stand-up affair. So’s I could save time and not be late for the Winwood Social hour, at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

4Thu001aBelinda’s Blotches seemed to be settling down after yesterday’s mini-return to hurting and itching madly again. I think the flat’s aliens or ghosts had got to this photo. Where the all-through staples were at the bottom of the heart op scar, looked luminescent to me?

WDPBL: Tummy Tim had swollen or bloated again, after going back down yesterday. This all baffles me!

I even achieved the job of catching a few of the Steel-coated tough, but rapid moving mini-beetles from the floor too. The score this morning was: Approximately 15 rapid moving armour-plated biting mini-beetles: 2 caught – 23 Escaped me. Getting back up off of the floor was no fun either! Hehehe!

Carried out the Health Checks.



4Thu07Again, I forgot about the rubbish bag chute drawer being made so small it is almost useless. Fancy giving us the large orange bags for the recycling waste and not being able to get it in the chute? Humph!

Got the especially-quarter-filled with hardly any waste in the black bags down alright.

Collected the bag with the raffle prizes, the nibble box and other bits, and set out to the Social Hour.

4Thu02 I noted how sad the bottom field outside looked, through the only mostly dirt and the bird-poo free bit of the large sliding doors windows.

Hardly any green left in the plants and grass. Most sad-making

Maybe some precipitation will come soon. I least I hope so, now they have imposed the hose-pipe ban.

4Thu05A letter had been posted through the door.

From, Nottingham City Homes.

WDPBL: I misread it as informing me I was in arrears and had to phone them on the number straight away!

A mild panic came over me.

4Thu06I put it in the bag to take with me to ask someone to call them for me. I couldn’t understand how I’d gone in arrears when I pay my rent via Direct Debit.

I set out, taking a picture of the porta-cabin, zoomed in.

The one of Woodthorpe Courts. Showing the torn off plastic window coverings, Hoists and scaffolding around the building.

A bit warmer today than yesterday outside.

The Chestnut trees had retained their greening a lot better than some other plants had in this ever-lengthening ‘dry’ period.

Then I moved down the road a bit and snapped this photo of Winchester Court.

They were started on a couple of months after the Woodthorpe block but were now catching up with us, to enable the installing of the outside balcony pods.

The ones with all those windows and frames that will need cleaning and they will block-out even more of the view and light when installed. It’s the truth, I just thought I’d mention it, like. Hehe!

I go to the shed, and Warden Obergruppenfurheress Julie was thankfully in the office. She listened while I explained… Ah, I forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning on my blogs, anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. Warden Julie sorted it. (Can I say that?)

Thanked her and joined the larger than of late ganglet of tenants in the main room. BJ was there, bless him. The girls love him. (Well, he is better looking, younger, fitter, taller, more vibrant and has far better social skills than what I do – But I am not jealous, oh no!) Lie Mode Detected! Haha!

I put the raffle prizes on the trolley, handed out the nibbles and got myself a few mini-chinwags which I was pleased with. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out.

The whole event was enjoyed. The gals (Cyndy, Margaret and others) singing of old songs I always enjoy. Jenny and Frank, Doris, May Joyce and Bill (William on Sundays) were in good form. Best session for ages.

4Thu03I left and made my way to the flats.

Noticing that a washing machine was not in use, the thought came over me, to do the rest of the laundry straight away.

Got into the flat, had a wee-wee.

The monitor gave readings of temperature as being 30°c – 86°f, Red Area. Humidity was well within the green area.

4Thu10Got the Glowhite powder I bought the other day and collected the few bits of washing there was left over after yesterday morning’s washing session. 

Down to the laundry room and got the washer going, then back up to the flat. The Glowhite came in a sachet and had to be put in whole, and I had to remember to take it out before it goes into the dryer.

Set the timer and made a start on updating this diary. The half-hour flew by, and it was off down again to move the clobber from the washing machine to the dryer. Swapped the clothing into the dryer and set it going. I remembered to take the used empty Glowhite sachet out first. (Smug-Mode Adopted, Haha!)

Back up in the lift yet again and set the timer for 45 minutes. Carried on updating this diary. The alarm was chirping away, so back to the laundry room to collect the clothing.

When I got down, there was Doris, a lovely woman, sat in the foyer. She told me; “I am patiently waiting for whoever is using the end dryer to empty it so she could use it”. “No problem, that’s me. I get it emptied straight away gal!” So I did, and we had a little natter while I did it. I folded the few bits I had taken out and listened to her chinwagging as I wrapped them into the bag. Two long sleeve T-shirts, one pair of socks, both of my kippah and a woolly hat. Oh and what I used the Glowhite for, a hand and bath towel, both white, but had been used a long time and were getting a bit dingy! They looked alright now, though.

When I came out of the laundry room, there was now Doris, May and another lady in the foyer. We had a moan to each other and general blethering session, which cheered me up no end. It made me feel like part of a family.

4Thu09Back up yet once more to the apartment.

Got up and emptied the few items from the bag, put away the clothes and put the towels on the electric airer in the hallway.

Well, the pack of whitener I bought with two sachets in it, worked out at 70p each one. But it did seem to work well enough, and the towels looked much cleaner and whiter!

4Thu11I sorted out filling the pot with Bold lavender pods, and some of the Wilko Fragrance Boost Exotic Ylang & Freesia scented granules. Stored away the Glowhite Ultra to use later. Providing I can find it then! Haha!

Updated this blog again this far, then made up a Morrison order for next week.

All done, feeling a tad weary now. I’ll have a look to see if owt is on the telly for later.

4Thu21Got the nosh sorted.

Hoisin seasoned baked beans and pork ribs.

Not too bad, but I’m thinking of giving up trying to recreate pork ribs as I got them weeks ago. I even wrote down what I seasoned them with, but can’t get it right again. Klutz!

Savour-Rating of 7.5/10.

Eating the meal, Herbert was giving it some hammer, for a long time tonight. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noise. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and you’ll just have to live with it. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog.

Got settled to watch TV and listen to Herbert clattering about for a while.

2016-07-26 04.49.36Then I had to make my way to the Porcelain Throne. Blimey, twice in a day, can’t remember when this last happened. The evacuation was very different.

I don’t want to go into this too much, but a monumentally great length was involved.

No bleeding or pain at all, mind.

Got back in time for the Dog Whisperer programme to start. I must have watched it on eleven episoded in between mu nodding off! Hahaha!