Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th March 2020: Ups and downs, Jenny to my rescue again, twice!

2020 Mar 23

2020 tttMar26

Thursday 26th March 2020

Swedish: Torsdagen den 26 Mars 2020

000 Mar 26

GM07RWD 150.0.100 01:45hrs: I stirred into an ersatz version of life; feeling otiose, vague, and in need of a non-alcoholic potation. As I removed my horrendously ever-growing stomach with thin arms and legs attached to it, from the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner, the innards gurgled, I started coughing, and wind passed involuntarily from the rear end!

The thoughts of a brew of tea came second to the need for the Porcelain Throne. Off to the wet-room, the walking stick had never been used quickerer! In, PPs down, settled and… Wind! Nothing but noisy and smelly fluffer-doodling! Past experiences made me wait there, in case of sudden movements catching me out. A go at the crosswords, no clues solved, and no action actuated! Had a wash, changed PPs. Off to get the kettle on, as if the tea was a drug to me?

4Thu01I got the kettle on, took the medications, again dropping the Omeprazole capsule, and made a brew of Glengettie. Into the computer desk, and had a look at the two-page, side-effects of the Omeprazole’s leaflet. But there was so much of it, I gave up.

Got the computer on, and went on Word Press Reader first. Then tackled updating the Wednesday post.

WDP 2019a2WD 150.0.100 The almost immediate need to go back to the Throne was responded to as fast as I could manage it. Which was a good thing too! Because this time the innards-controlled evacuation started the moment I’d got seated. Eurgh! Splosh, splash, quirt, splatter! And with an aroma, that if bottled, could have been used as an effective nerve-gas by the military!

The stomach churned and ached after the release, for a long time. I cleaned up once more, me and the WC. Then had a few good-sized guzzles of the Silica gel and Dimethicone medicine, thinking it might calm down the borborygmus eruptions. (It didn’t) Shame, the pong of the repeated intestinal gas escapes, is filling the flat already, and it continues. As does the rumbling, grumbling innards and eructations, in between my coughing and sneezing. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? It is! Gruelling-Gromble-Garblisations!

When I got the post updated and sent off, I went on Pinterest, then TFZer Facebooking. Then did some searching to find out about the two outstanding Amazon orders. A good job that I’m home-isolated innit!


4Thu03I tried for the ninth time in 24hrs, to get a Morrison Grocery order done. Hehehe! What a hopeful, old, gullible, senile idiot, I am!

I got some graphics done. Started this blog off. The gut still exploding, but the coughing had eased off, and one of the sneezes was probably heard by Sandra Lentz and Tim Price in America! As for the accompanying wind… Phwoar!

WD 150.0.100 I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea and had to shoot off to the Throne again. Oh, dear! Another messy, miasmic smelling session. I keep washing my hands in between and on Throne visits, and I must have the cleaning mitts in the place!

I opened a can of baked beans and put some hickory marinade in them, a long soak into for later.

4Thu04I did a try at getting some food from Ocado. Another negative, no slots available!

I went on Facebook for a while, then on to CorelDraw for a creating graphic session.

After about a couple of hours,  the door chimes rang out with their ♫I only want to be with you!♫. I thought it might be Amazon with the ear inserts or seaweed packs. I got my onerously large body to the front door. There, just outside on the floor, was a bag of food that had been left for me!

I’ve no idea who had donated the fodder for me, but it was a beautiful gesture. I unloaded the pack, full of appreciation.

4Thu06The cobs will be perfect with my beans later! Onions and carrots, I’ve got some parsnips in reasonable nick, in the fridge. Tomorrow’s meal sorted thanks to the donator. That frees me from the worry of having to go out today! Bless whoever it was! Canned mushy peas, baked beans, sardines. A yoghourt that unfortunately has the lethal to me cranberries in it. Milk, lemonade, tomato puree, and some white bread. So kind of them! Oh, and a can of orange pieces, a perfect after for me!

I was putting the stuff away, and the landline rang and flashed. It was from Jenny. She was the angel who left the food for me, and perfect timing it was, may her foibles ferment with festive functions frequently! ♥ After the current scare, of course. Thanks again, Jenny! I feel humbled!

Made a brew in celebration, and got back to the graphicalisationing. It was slow going, and I had to leave it again, for yet another Porcelain Throne mission! The same evacuation mode as the last one. By gum, I’ve got a sore bottom now! Dangwangling Dangwangles!

After much tenderising and medicating, I returned and, oh, so painfully sat in the computer chair. I could do with another of the cushion-rings. Tsk!

The Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun visits got too much for me. I had to stop computerising and while putting everything away, had to pay another Porcelain Throne visit, a visitational record today I think. Exactly the same activity. Messiness and uncomfortableness. I took an anti-Diarrhorea-Duncan capsule. Washed medicated and had to just sit quietly for a while.

Within seconds I’d drifted into a dream-filled sleep, in which I knew I was sleeping and just seemed to be enjoying the mangled,  foozled dreams.

JennyThe landline flashed and sounded, I woke and fumbled my way to the phone. It was Jenny, helping me out again! She had miraculously got through to Iceland to give an order. And, as is her natural, considerate, obliging characteristics, she asked if I would like anything adding to the order for Saturday. If I email her back with anything, she will add it to her order. Not many folks would think of that, but Jenny is special.

I was still a tad confused at being woken up. And am not sure if owt else was said, and I sat down again for a few minutes and wrote down some items, then nodded off again.

WD 150.0.100 I woke with a start. With a new headache above the eyes. Accompanied by Shaking Shaun, and Shaking Shoulder-Shirley having a go at me. To round things off, Flatulating Frank was rampant and persistent. Off to the Throne again! At least this session was not as messy.

4Thu19fMy body just wanted to sleep, but I wanted to get back to Jenny and thank her and give a little list of items she had kindly asked for me to add to her Iceland delivery. Her delivery is for late on Friday, and Jen’ politely said she would not wake-me then, and bring it to me until Saturday morning. The lady is so thoughtful! So, a treat of braised beef in onion gravy cook-in-the-bag again for me this weekend after all! Bless yers, Jenny!

I got the computer on again. And sent the email. Then got the meal prepared. I had to take care in doing so, cause Shirley and Shaun were in attendance still.

4Thu07The hickory seasoned beans with the last of the tomatoes, and triple-fried chips, and the Jenny-supplied bread, were smashing!

A taste-rating of 8.5/10! The white slice and cobs did an excellent job of soaking up the sauce! Hehehe!

I washed the dish and cutlery and got the handwashing in Woolite soaking in the bowl. I was too tired to do it tonight. It had been an emotional, draining, ‘shaking-all-over’ day, the Trots, and the fatigue and lack of proper sleep had affected me worse than usual.

I got back down in the £300, second-hand, dilapidated, c1968, rickety recliner. The eyes began to droop, and a particular sort of, well, almost joy came over me, as I realised I might get some sleep in without waiting for hours. I think Flatulent Frank agreed, cause he kept passing little comments! Hahaha!

WD 150.0.100 As a blissful Morpheus was coming over me, and Dogwangles! I’d not taken the evening medications! With tremendous and grumpy petulant reluctance, I heaved my stomach-dominated torso from the recliner. And made my way to the kitchen’s medicines drawer…

WDP Dec 26bWD 150.0.100wd 150.0.100A As slowly as I was hobbling, and as carefully as I could, I still managed to give myself a toe-stubbing on the corner of the kitchen door! I held onto the door frame for extra support, closed my eye, and withheld the urge to cry out loud and swear! A few moments later, after a Thought Storm that was partly incomprehensible, but included niggling, depressive thoughts about my bad luck and stupidity, I got the medications from the drawer and imbibed them with a drink of spring water.

WD 150.0.100 It took me a lot longer to get back to the chair than it did to get to the kitchen. The throbbing toe, headache above the eyes and Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley joined forces to stop me getting to sleep for along time. But fatigue was getting the upper hand slowly but surely. Sweet Morpheous blessedly arrived!

WD 150.0.100 But not for long! Tsk! The sounds of ♫ I only want to be with you ♫ rang out from the door chimes. Reluctantly, I freed my weighty lump of a body from the recliner, the toe didn’t half sting, as I fumbled my way to the door. It was Josie ringing, to tell me I’d had a parcel left outside the door. Bless her! I’m sure we chatted, I seem to remember telling her it was the seaweed snacks, and she would have some on her Sunday meal and thanking her for letting me know.

I was done-in now, mentally. How I got back to the recliner, and where I put the seaweed box, will have to be investigated in the morning.

WD 150.0.100 Never have I been so tired! But I did get down and asleep, I know this because later, ♫ I only want to be with you ♫ rang out from the door chimes, and woke me again! Argh! There was no one there when I got to the door!

Crying out loud was an option that came to mind… but I didn’t!

Inchcockski – Wednesday 25th March 2020: Diahorrea Duncan dominated day

2020 Mar 25

2020 tttMar25

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Ukrainian: Середа, 25 березня 2020 Pоку

000 Mar 25

GM brownR.02:35hrs: I awoke, still feeling a tad groggy and tired. I waited for the brain to engage gear and the fog to lift from the grey cells, and things became mentally at least, active! By the time I’d had an enthusiastic and satisfying itch around my massive, wobbly, overweight midriff, I recognised the urgent need to get myself to the wet room! So I did!  

(As I now know, this was but the first trip of many to be made today! Oh, dearie me, yes!) The flow, yet again, began of the innards own accord. (It was close, but I made it in time, this time!) The evacuation contents reminded me of Brussel sprout sized clumps, that broke apart as they landed in the bowl with a series of splashes! Over quickly, no pain really at all! Not messy, and only the tiniest spot of bleeding. Even Little Inchies fungal lesion was leaking, but it was so minuscule. I distinctly recall, (and that in itself is a rarity!), thinking to myself as I cleaned things up; “Well if they are all like this, I’ll have no problems!” An acceptable session!

To the kitchen, and thought about the wonderful, kind help I’m received, prompted when I got the bottle of milk from the fridge, that Oberstgruppenfhureress Angela had arranged and one of the ladies had delivered to my door for me last night! Made a brew of Thompsons Punja tea.

WDPH01L4I few moments of Mind-Thoughts blasting: WD 0.40.0. Spirits dipped a tad when I went to get the medications out of the draw. I am now taking the Warfarin doses blind. No blood test for weeks now, so obviously, I have no idea what amount I should be taking! At least if I am imbibing too much, it might just be cutting myself and bleeding to death, might happen if Little Inchies fungal lesion flows. Too little Warfarin, and a stroke, seizure or heart attack. But, of course, that’s providing that the Coronavirus doesn’t get me first! Or Duodenal Donald doesn’t burst open. Maybe Anne Gyna’ll get me? Or the mechanical ticker battery will run out? Or the blood cancer starts again? Perhaps, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters will go into complete failure? Or, the Peripheral Neuropathy may start an involuntary right leg Schuhplattler dance, when I’m crossing the road, and I’ll get squashed by a lorry? No, no, no! With the lock-down I’ll not be outside will I, and will there be any lorries on the road by then anyway? Ah, the part bullet still inside me might suddenly rust? Nae, its been no bother for donkey’s years. It’s a game innit? Hahaha! You’ve got to laugh!

3Wed06By the time I’d stopped the Mind-Blast, the tea had gone cold. So I took the medications to the computer desk, oiled the ear-holes, creamed certain areas in need of the same, and made another brew. I noticed that I had acquired what looked like a scorch mark on my right hand? No doubt during a period of a Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitter failure and the nerves did not inform the brain.

Off to the computerisationing. I had to do a graphic, I had no choice in the matter, this idea came into my mind for a funny Coronavirus page top, I just had to get it completed while it was fresh in my mind.

Then, onto updating the Tuesday blog, but I had a look on the Emails first.

3Wed04Fair enough!

3Wed05I tried again to read my notes to use on the phone call with the help, from Angela.

But it was guesswork. Eventually, and it took me an aeon, I got the updating finished. Put some pics on Pinterest. Emailed the link to my vast number of followers, both of them!

3Wed01WD 0.40.0. Then, I realised I had still got the medications on the tray, not taken. Schmuck! I got them gathered but dropped a yellow Lansoprazole. It took me ages to find it (Well. I thought I had!) The struggle to get down once I did spot it, I used the new picker-upperer (Thanks again, Jenny!) and retrieved it. Struggled to get back up again, and then realised it was not a tablet at all, it was part of potato-chip! Most likely from one of my nocturnal-nibbling sessions). Which meant I had to continue searching for the capsule. It took me so long to find it, I was on the verge of giving up when I did. It must have bounced when I dropped it, cause it was about six foot away on the carpet near the balcony windows! The picker-upperer did its job again. The capsule was washed, and then, taken along with the other medications. What a faffling _art about!

WDP 08L02bEmbarrassing WD 0.40.0.WD 0.40.0. a Odd that I should use the term I did there. Because that is the very thing that emitted from my innards moments later, a little sort of silent involuntary Plump, felt more than heard! I hastened to the Porcelain Throne, but didn’t make it in time! The evacuation again was under the control of my innards. Runny, messy, and smelly. Yet, still, the movement was painful? Had a shower and cleaned up, new PP’s on, and the trousers were thrown away, disinfected thoroughly, in a black bag on there own! Now my spirits sank, shame grew, and a despondency developed!

Eventually, I made a start on this blog. But with the indelicate, humiliating events, my heart had lost some pep. I pondered on what I had eaten that might have caused this worrisome trouble. I’m sure I’d taken nothing out-of-date food in? Ah, well! I was confident that this that diarrhorea is not on the Coronavirus symptoms list. I’ll check later. Diarrhorea Duncan came on suddenly. Things have gone from solid and reluctant, to the opposite in a matter of hours! Mmm!

I was taking some photographs from the window, and the first one was shot. With the aid of the step-ladder and a deal of nervousness (Hehe!), was down below the window on Chestnut Walk. Compared to the last such a shot (right), last weekend, there were more cars and fewer people in view!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed14WD 0.40.0. I tried again at getting to book an order for Morrisons. But, although I was initially so pleased to be able to get on the site, there were no delivery slots available.

Mysteriously, they told me my trolley is currently £26.90 and contains 19 items?

3Wed14aI then read about Morrisons supplying £35 food boxes, £10 delivery. But could not get to find them on the site, of course.

WD 0.40.0. One more into the breach, I tried for Iceland. Same thing. no slots available. It’s all frustrating and confusing… No, it’s not! Sorry.

WD 0.40.0. From nowhere, disorientation and dizziness fell on me. I felt proper poorly. Then a coughing sneezing session. The guts rumbled, and hobbled off for the third trip to the Porcelain throne! By gum, Trotski Terence had taken over the tummy controls now! Eurgh! Most uncomfortable experience. Cleaning up was another big bother for me.

3Wed35I gave up computing and any thoughts of mind control as the head spun. 

Feeling almost exhausted, not able to take any interest in cooking or preparing fodder, I made a meal of sliced Piccolo tomatoes and the last but one Cox’s apple. I found a bag of crisps and had them with the so-called meal. No desire, hunger or need for more.

Computing left in a right state, I just stripped off, and got down in the recliner, put the TV on, and slowly nibbled at the food. The stomach-grinding began to ease off a little. But I felt so tired. The regular dropping off and waking a few minutes later went on for hours. I had no inclination to do or think about anything much when I was awake.

WD 0.40.0. Then the shakes put an end to any thoughts of getting to sleep for hours. I thought the recliner would fall apart, or I might shake myself off of the chair! Hehehe!

What a pickle!

TTFNski, all the bestest each!

Inchcock – Saturday 23rd February 2019


2019 Feb 23

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo 23 Febhuwari 2019

01:00hrs. I woke and lay there with my mind in a sort of blankness. I knew I had to remember something this morning, but could not see any reminder notes on the TV or computer screen. I felt so drained, after all the sleep I’d had too. The fuzziness remained as I spent a while doing my best to get the brain to function. Tsk! An instant call arrived for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised.

I was out of the second-hand £300 rusty recliner in seconds and found myself in the wet room without recalling how I got there. (Worrying that!) The evacuation was affected in a Trotsky Terence mode and needed much cleaning up after the session.

wd 0.0.30 Back to the recliner room, I went. The Emergency Grey Bin was half-full. Yet I couldn’t remember using it overnight? Depression and self-pity Mode now adopted! I then noticed I had liquid in the tray on the Ottoman and down the sides of it! I’d soaked the mobile phone, Lumix camera, the notepad, and pens! Whatever the liquid was, it didn’t smell at all? Another Mystery! I think the mobile and camera are both done for, neither would turn on after I tried to dry them. Depression Mode Adopted! Somehow, I found myself just accepting the situation, although angry with myself. It took me an hour to clean things up, between many SWDWWs (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wees). Now I may have to spend more money on replacements. Grumph!

wd 0.0.30 I went to get the Health Checks done and take the medications. Another Whoopsiedan6Sat06gleplop of the highest order! I found there were not enough medications in the drawer to fill all of the pots – then realised I had not fetched the prescriptions from the chemist! Oh, boy, today may well be one of my worst for ages, the way it’s started! I was short of just six Warfarin and one Bisoprolol (Beta-blocker). So, off to the pharmacy in Carrington later. Ay-yay-yay!

I made up the pots, and left a note about which ones needed topping up, and put them in the individual tubs in need of. Then, I began the Health Checks.


6Sat08At least the resulting readings were all looking okay.

Considering how this morning’s events had got me in a panic mode, I was well-pleased with these figures.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy Trotsky Terence affected evacuation. I took a 6Sat03Dia-Limit capsule after.

As I returned to the kitchen to make sure everything was in place and safe, I took this photograph with the light off.

Off for another SWDWW. I hope these ease off before I have to walk to Carrington to collect the prescription medications. I really do!

My head’s in a mess now. But I must press on. I got the computer going and made a start on this blog as far as here. Then updated yesterdays diary and got it sent off to WordPress.

05:05hrs. Went on the WordPress Reader.

6Sat1105:29hrs. Got some breakfast. A cuppa and some cornflakes. Watched a DVD on YouTube. Got carried away on YouTube.

0830hrs. Got the ablutions sorted. The shower warning lights came on again: ‘No Water’ and ‘Reset Needed.’ Of course, there is no reset button anywhere. Turned off at the power and back on, and it worked?

Knee and leg wound investigated.


The wound was looking far better again. The knee has developed a nasty looking blackish growth and has changed its moon surface looks. Haha!

I was taking the waste bags to the chute, and my mate Michael was getting out of the lift with some PPs for me. What a pal!

6Sat12Fantastic chinwagging session and a laugh or two was enjoyed. The hero then gave me a lift to the chemist to collect the prescriptions and back home again!

I noticed that a washing machine was free as I came in the lobby. So I got up to collect laundry bag and accoutrements.

6Sat14Put the medications on the kitchen top, had an SWDWW wee-wee, and down to the washers.

Back up to the apartment, and got the prescriptions into the medical drawer.

Down once more, to move the clothing into the dryer. Some naughty person had not cleaned the dryer filter, but fair enough, it could have 6Sat17been someone who could bend down to do the job, so I cleaned it.

Then cleaned the washer drum and casing of the washer.

wd 0.0.30 I was going to take a picture of outside, but I’d forgotten to take the door swipe down with me.

I made a start on updating this blog, in between three SWDWWs.

6Sat15Put the swipe in the trouser pocket, and down a final trip, to take some photographs and collect the washing.

I also took an empty glass jar and medicine bottle, to go in the Senior Citizen Residents Alcoholics Recycling bin. Hehehe! 

The machine had turned itself off, and the clothing was not dried yet? So I popped outside to 6Sat16take a photo on Chestnut Way. Being the weekend, there were not many folks about.

I was in fine fettle myself, though. With Michael calling to see me, had cheered me up no end! I do love verbalisationing with amate, don’t get many opportunities nowadays. So, if yer reading this Michael, thanks cocker! Much appreciated.

6Sat18I had an amble around for a while, then went back in to check if the clothes were dry enough, which they were.

Removed, folded and got the things into the bag. On the way to the lift, I had a read of the notice board signs.

Put the done washing away, had an SWDWW, no that’s not right. The wee-wees had now transmogrified themselves into SSDWWs (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees).

On the computer to update this post.

6Sat30Marmite crisps and cheese, with Vegemite sarnies for the nosh. I just felt like them!

wd 0.0.30 A massive Dizzy Dennis attack as I got settled into the recliner to watch some TV. It left me with a cracking headache this time, and I still had it when I woke up the following morning.


Inchcock Today – Fri 22 Feb 19: The wee-wees are back – ensuring another day indoors. Hello, The trotskies now too!


2019 Feb 22

Friday 22nd February 2019

Croatian: Petak, 22. veljače 2019

00:30hrs. I woke, remembering a bit of a dream. I was underground in the dark tunnel and walking towards the exit door, which bore a neon sign above it; “Freedom beyond – Have your bus pass ready!” Suddenly, I realised I did not want to escape anymore. That’s it really, all I can recall, and my walking back into the darkness?

Getting out of the £300 c.1968, second-hand rickety recliner was a little more difficult this morning. Due to the pain from where I banged my right leg against the corner of the chair arm yesterday, at the Social Hour.

WD 0.0.255c The first of the day’s wee-wees arrived. The Emergency Grey Bin was utilised. It was an SNSWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-wee), as was the one I had to take just five minutes later?

Off I went to get the Health Checks done.


5Fri001bThe results looked fair enough to me.

Not the weight of course. The pulse has been high all week.

WD 0.0.255c Off to the wet room for another wee-wee, this time of the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) variety. Tsk!

2019 Feb 22While wee-weeing, I had to change tack to cope with the sudden demand for a Porcelain Throne evacuation that arrived! Messy!

The legs were checked, only a slight bruise where I banged the leg, but masses of thick spider-veins had appeared.

5Fri002The famously distorted right knee had changed its shape again. I can see no faces in it this morning. The wound is looking far less like that of a saprogenous type.

More like a lunar landscape perhaps? Hehehe! Oh, off to the grey bucket again.

I washed and went to the kitchen to make a mug of tea.

5Fri003aWD 0.0.255c I tried to do a panoramic shot of the view from the unwanted light and view-blocking new window.

But, I failed on around eight tries to get it to record one on this old Sony camera. I was unable to hold the thing steady enough to take the panoramic shot. So, I made an ordinary one of the early morning lights of Nottingham.

I got on the computer and made a start on this blog.

Had to have another wee-wee. They seem to have settled back into the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) style, now.

At 02:30hrs, I heard a dull bang from somewhere. Five minutes later, I heard a louder thud? I hope someone has not fallen over, I’ll put the hearing aids in, so I can listen in case I hear knocking again and try to locate where it is coming from. All I can discern is that it came from above my flat. Fingers crossed there is no one in trouble.

02:45hrs. I got this post caught up with to here, then went onto updating the Thursday Post. This will take a while.

05:45hrs. Blimey, it did ages as well! Along with nine SSPWWs. I got it posted off, then went on the WP reader section.

06:00hrs. Went onto Facebook, to catch up with the TFZers and photo albums. This took a while as well. Plus, three SSPWWs.

5Fri0050720hrs: Brekkers time now. I’ll have the sarnies I couldn’t eat last night, with marmite crisps and a mug of tea and watch a YouTube clip or two. Back soon.

As soon as I stood up, the body seemed to come to life: I needed a wee-wee, the wind began spontaneous emissions of wind from the rear end, the hiccups started and the worms in the leg wound became active! Hehehe! Don’t know why I’m laughing? Had to empty the Emergency Grey Plastic Bin before I could use it. Tsk!

08:55hrs: Guess who fell asleep in the computer chair, only waking up as started to fall off of it? What a Plonka! 

09:05hrs: I set about creating some diary page graphics and then made-up some drafts.

11:55hrs: I’d got a few done. Feeling tired already. Then I made a start on the drafts done and saved to file. Accompanied by four SPWWs.

WD 0.0.255c 12:45hrs, a lot scraping and tapping noises coming from 5Fri007above. I expect it might be from either the Sprinker work or BJ doing his model making.

I finished the drafts in full. But, I only managed to get ten done in total before I felt so drained and tired. Poor old thing! 

15:00hrs. I’ve had it now, drained.

Did the health checks then, I got the cooked bacon in the pan with the baked beans. I left them on a low light to keep warm and marinate with the added mustard and BBQ seasoning. Put the chips in the oven.

In between wee-wees, I got the Health Checks sorted.

Served up the meal. I thought at first when I got it on the tray, that I’d made too much for me to eat again. But, not this time, I scoffed the lot!


5Fri30I took the things to soak them in the sink bowl, and the sky colouring I thought was worth recording.

As I was clicking the button on the camera, it became apparent that I needed the Porcelain Throne yet again – urgently!

WD 0.0.255c Oh, Boy! Trotsky Terence was on good form this time. Talk about messy in the extreme! Perhaps having the seasoned baked beans was a mistake? Hahaha!

I got me settled to watch some TV… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Sat 16 Feb 2019: A daunting, discouraging, and enfeebling day! Humph!


2019 Feb 16

Saturday 16th February 2019

Swedish: Lördag 16 februari 2019

02:00hrs. When I woke up, it became apparent that I had either died or was still asleep! For there was no throbbing from the leg wound, and Duodenal Donald, Kidney Ache Kevin, Arthur sure, and Anne Gyna pains were all absent! Almost instantly on this realisation, the desperate need for a wee-wee arrived.

Then things got back to normal. As I started to choreograph my tactics to free myself from the delightfully snug environment of the £300 second-hand circa 1968 dilapidated, ramshackle rusty recliner, the pains returned, the moment I moved my first limb, in this order; Kidney Ache Kevin, the ankle wound stinging and throbbing, then Anne Gyna kicked at me.

Attempting to stand up, the left foot heel pains, Arthur Itis’s ridden knees, and Duodenal Donald joined in with the unpleasant actions from the other ailments. This habituated things back to normal, and I was sure now that I had indeed not died, nor was I asleep dreaming. In fact, I was getting a touch nervous about the lack of pains.

But there was no time to ponder over the situation, as the demand for the wee-wee was growing in severity. Luckily, the disinfected Emergency Grey Bin was only a few feet away, and this was a good job too!

WD 0.0.30A I tore the jammie cord from its stitching as I hastened to get things in position for the urinational duties! But still failed to avoid some overspill! I removed the jammie-bottoms and put them in soak with liquid-soap-flakes and Dettol disinfectant. This first release of the day was of the fierce LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee) class. All following wee-wees were of the lesser harmful SSDWW (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees)

I mused a moment: Surely I must be due a betterer day soon, I pondered. Then I burst silently into singing ♫ Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, oh, I do like to be… ♫ Why? I’m not certain. Mental derangement, insaneness, dementia, lunacy, asininity, stupidity, old age, drug-induced dottiness and delirium, delusion, illusion or psychosis? Who knows. But, I am sure that the good days of having a short-term memory and a degree of logicality and decision-making abilities are now irredivivous. Tsk!

I got the kettle on, and once again, as I did so, I had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Another Trotsky Terence like-evacuation. Leaving a possibly even more gross after-aroma than usual behind.

I got the Health Checks, and medicationalisationing was done.


6Sat08The readings looked okay to me.

Gobbled the tablets and medicines, and then had another SSDWW (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wee).

I set up the computer ready to start the updating of yesterdays blog, and the oddest of sounds were heard. Rather like wind coming from a released balloon? I had a look around 6Sat06everywhere, but could not find the reason nor source of the sound.

I even got the stepladder and had a look outside.

The sky looked so different from all the clouds up there, so I took this photographicalisation of it. I can use it a backdrop for a Thoughts graphic later, perhaps.

6Sat03I had a check of the pins while I was in the well-lit kitchen.

The wound was itching away again, but no pain, unless I scratched at it or banged it against something. Although, the feeling like there were worms under the skin was annoying and the devil’s own job to resist scratching at it!

Back to the computer and eventually got the blog finished and posted off. Then went on the WordPress reader. Then onto to TFZer Facebook site.

Made a start on this post up to here, and got some brekkers.

Made up one diary page topper on CorelDraw.

6Sat30WD 0.0.30A I took off the plaster from the wound as instructed to by Obergruppenführeress Nurse Ann. There were new growths beginning to come now, as whatever infection the wound is on the lower-leg, makes its way creeping all around the leg now. Tsk!

Had a right dizzy turn, so I turned off the computer and just sat down with my leg up. I fell asleep.

WD 0.0.30A Not so good, now. Although the wee-wees were getting fewer and further between, I was in a pickle with the Dizzies coming regularly, even if for only a few seconds at a time. Felt so drained and I’d done nothing much? The wound was demanding to be scratched, itching and now stinging, and then Little Inchies fungal lesion started bleeding. Then, when I tried to walk, pains from the wound began to make me tense up and more fed-up!

6Sat29I was letting the situation wrangle-me, and I did not like that, getting all sorry for myself.

So, I made a sandwich and some potatoes, for the nosh, although I didn’t feel too hungry at the time, I did eat it all up. Not that there was a lot of it.

At least now that the plaster had come off, I could get a shower.

WD 0.0.30A But, no! Guess who had left the hot water tap running when he put the dishes in the bowl to soak, and now has no hot water!

I watched a 1959 film on Freeview channel 81, and even more annoyingly, fell asleep and missed the last section of the movie – really depressed with things now! Worran horrible day!

Inchcock – Fri 15 Feb 2019: Sanity, concentration and logicality abscond again! Hehe!



Friday 15th February 2019

Swahili: Ijumaa 15 Februari 2019

An indoors day today – cause of the rampant wee-wees! Furesomide, Tsk! Hehe!

00:25hrs: I could hardly believe it, I’d had seven hours sleep – and not a single wee-wee! Of course being the confident, positive person I am, I had a feel around where I lay, just in case. But all was well. As this strange fact sank in, the call to the Emergency Grey Wee-Wee Bucket arrived. I got out of the £300 second-hand, circa 1968 rusty rickety and often refusing to work, recliner, and was relieving the situation in the bin within a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, Flatulent Frank kept releasing some tiny little ‘Escapages of wind from the rear end’ that reeked rather rancidly.  I thought out loud, It’s not going to be a good day again, is it.

5Fri003awd 0.0.255 I now have a new bruise on the right leg though, where I caught it on the Ottoman in my panic to gain access to the Emergency Grey Bucket in time. I also noticed how pale the skin was compared to Thursday morning. Looking at the hands and face, they looked pasty as well.

But, there was terrible itching and burning sensation coming from underneath the plaster on the leg. I reckon that is a good sign, I hope.

By the time I’d took a picture of the pins, I needed another wee-wee. They settled down in the SSSWWs (Short-Sharp-Sensationless-Wee-wees) again. If you just take it for granted that I had one every twenty minutes or so throughout the day. This, will save me a lot of typing, thank you. I’m getting fed up with washing my hands! Humph!

wd 0.0.255 Then, Kidney Ache Kevin kicked off. Oy Vey! Worra start to the day!

wd 0.0.255 I got the kettle on and made a brew. Then I had to make my way to the wet room, and Porcelain Throne. Oh, heck! Another Trotsky Terence style evacuation! This started the stomach aching as well as Kidney Kevin’s pangs! Between the ailments, pains, being flat-bound and this maddening itch under the plaster on the leg… No, I will not let things get me down! He says full of ersatz confidence! Klutz! I made myself sing under my breath and chose Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Don’t Stop, Twist’ to start off with. I went through a repertoire of Adam Faith’s, Billy Fury’s, Cliff Richard’s, Elvis’s, Rick Nelson’s and Nat King Cole’s before I’d finished cleaning up and medicating myself.

 The tea was well cold when I got back into the kitchen. Discountenance was creeping into my outlook. So, I launched into singing Frank Ifield’s ‘Wayward Wind’! Hehe!

Made a fresh mug of the Glengettie tea, and got the Health Checks done.


4Thu24Mumbling Dean Martin’s ‘June in January’ as I set up the sphygmomanometer.

Ah, good news at last. The Sys has gone down. I still find it hard, despite my believing that it would be, that the dang BP when I went to the doctors yesterday was all fine… Hang on: I’m losing the plot here… Sorry. 

The itching and Kidney Kevin are still going away at their ‘Let’s Annoy the Old Git some more’ routines! I launched into singing Bernard Cribbins ‘Right said Fred’. This singing did not impress Flatulent Frank, as he continued with his releasing little ‘Phwerts’ from the rear end. For once, I hope no one calls at the flat! Phwoor! I’m not all that keen on being in here myself now!

5Fri007I got some mushrooms, carrots, and peas in the crock pot with a spoonful of caramelised gravy granules in the water.

I had a cuppa and some Marmite biscuits for a late breakfast.

I got on with updating the Thursday post and got it posted eventually. An Email had arrived from the surgery in response to me telling them I could not make the 11:50hrs appointment they had made for me next Tuesday. Explaining yet again about my odd sleeping habits and hours.

wd 0.0.255 They returned with this.


Although this is too late really, I didn’t want to make any bother, so I agreed to Monday at 09:50hrs.

Feeling a bit down now. So, I started off with Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’.

wd 0.0.255 Then the second Porcelain Throne visit of the day had to be tended to. Again a Trotsky Terence mode of evacuation. More cleaning up to do. Ay-yay-yay!

Back to the computer to make a start on this blog. Had to empty the Emergency Grey Plastic bin and sanitise it, again!

Cheered myself up a tad with Billy Fury’s: ♫ I want to be your lover, but your friend is all I’ve stayed, I’m only Halfway to Paradise… So near, yet so far away… ♫

Went on the WordPress Reader, and the comments section.

4Thu22wd 0.0.255 I went to the kitchen and took the medications. The two half-tablets were Furosemide. ‘Cause I had a full tablet last night. And half a CodiMorph, because I left out the full Codeine and paracetamol, despite the ailments. I was not in as much pain as yesterday and thought it would do me no harm in reducing them. Then, if things get worse later pain-wise, then I can get more effective relief. Does that make sense? No sooner done, than I had to hasten to the Porcelain Throne.

wd 0.0.255 Oh, dearie-dearie me, Trotsky Terence was back with a vengeance! Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis didn’t help make the evacuation any more acceptable. Tsk! What a mess I had to sort out! Huh!

Washed and medicated, and back to the kitchen. I felt in a semi-buoyant mood, why I didn’t know. I even started singing under my breath.

Then, I realised I had not actually taken the morning medications! What a Nebbish! To make things worse, as I took them, the stabbing stomach pains kicked off, and with the Kevin Kidney aches going, I began to feel a little… what’s the word? Erm, er… crappy will do! The pathetic ‘Feeling-Sorry-for-myself’ Mode nearly showed itself. But I managed to just avoid it, by going on the TFZer Facebook page to add photographs and exchange comments.

wd 0.0.255 The wee-weeing alone will ensure this is another go nowhere far from a WC day. Hehe! But I was determined not to let the runs and ailments ruin the day! I shall get caught up on computer work.

The Sys had come down well for the first time this week.

I’d just utilised the Grey Bin, and had to rush back to the Porcelain Throne again!

wd 0.0.255 Where in the heck is it all coming from? Smirk! I knew where it was reluctant to go, though. After flushing, the WC fills up with water oh, so slowly! I had to use water from the sink to encourage things to go down.

4Thu20Could yesterday’s ready-made meal be to blame? The label declared it was Cheese & Bacon loaded Fries. Ingredients: Potato (59%), Milk, mature cheddar cheese (6%), Water, Rapeseed, Monterey Jack cheese (2%), Paprika, Garlic puree, smoked bacon lardons (1%), salt, water. And no fewer than eleven other ingredients/preservatives. But, it did taste great! I shall have to resist repurchasing this, just in case.

But it wasn’t all bad news on this visit. I did manage, with some difficulty, to get my socks and PPs (Protection Pants) on. I had to laugh at myself as I struggled to do so! Good job there is no CCTV in the wet room. Hehehe!

No sooner back in the main room, and the Grey Emergency Bin was topped up yet again! It was getting a bit on the full side now, so I emptied cleaned and disinfected it ready for further use (And it got plenty of that I can assure you!).

In between further wee-wees, I made a start on this blog as far as to here. Then went to update and finish off the long, complicated Thursday post.

I got myself in a bit of mess and pickle with the blogs, when a Dizzy Dennis visit sent my mind all over the place. I hope it comes out alright, and this one. Concentration shot to pieces and mind-confusion reigned!

Health Checks were done.

5Fri31Got the late nosh sorted. I used one of the divided plastic trays to serve it up in. Odd, how the peas that came with the beef were so colourful, and those I did with the carrots and mushrooms in the crock-pot, so dark. But the home-cooked ones tasted much betterer!

By now, I was suffering from the throbbing leg wound and the uncooperative brain. I ate it all anyway (Not the mind… Hahaha!) I found the tray all washed up and no 5Fri33bits in the bin in the morning. Sherlock Inchcock strikes again!

I must have taken this picture of the sun going down, cause I found it in the SD card this morning (Saturday).

This one of the pin and ankle plaster, I do remember taking, though. As I settled down to lay there for hours 5Fri34waiting for sleep to come, I recall looking at the ankle and thinking ‘Would the photo show the throbbing?’ Hehe! I know this doesn’t sound right, but it was like a dull-throbbing that prompted thoughts of worms coming out of the flesh anytime now! Well, I was struggling to concentrate on things.

A terrible not much kip, night – but on the bright side, the Wee-wee demands eased off.

There may be mistakes in the blog – I was still finding concentration hard to come by in the morning when I updated it. If so, sorry about that.

TTFN each, taketh care.

Inchcock Today – Wed 19 Sept 2018: Porcelain Throne record attendance, and Blank Spots as I seemed to lose track of what was happening. Tsk!


Wednesday 19th September 2018

Finnish: Keskiviikko 19 Syyskuuta 2018

0135hrs: On waking up, a repetition of yesterday mornings agrypnotic activities followed: Realisation that the Porcelain Throne was crucially required.

3Wed05a Off to the wet room (Although, this morning there was no Accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops en route) and a swift evacuation in almost liquid form, but a mite less messy than on Tuesday.

Seeing a few Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, far more than of late, around the wet room floor, I decided an attack was required. Cleaned up, and armed myself with the ‘Raid’ Beetle Killer spray, the camera and little pots to keep any captured weevils in to photograph them all after my, hopefully, surprise raid is successful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There seemed to be many more of the adult beasts today. I reckon they have been doing manoeuvres and attack training, that’s why I have seen so much less of them for the last two days? Hehe!

Everywhere got a good long blast of the ‘Raid’ Killer Spray – the can is now low in content. I must get some more when I can get out. Cough, cough, choke!

I might mention this to Nottingham City Homes, Come Dancing contestant and Cat Walk Model, Manager Oberschützeress Angela.

I added an anti-Trotsky capsule to the medication pot and took them.

I updated the Tuesday Diary and got it finished and posted off. Despite the interruptions of Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet having many blank moments. Oy gevalt!


3Wed06 No sooner had I done this, it was hurriedly back to the Porcelain Throne! The evacuation was another liquified affair, but far less of it. The tummy started to grind away after the session again. Cleaning up took a long time.

Back to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.


3Wed10 Hello, the hiccups have started now, and this has spurred Reflux Roger to join in. Humph!

Went on to Facebooking for ages.

3Wed07 Cleaned-up, a lot better session.

3Wed10 Howling high winds coming from outside, really noisy. The new balconies seem to be making it worse? The news said: Winds of up to 80 mph could put lives at risk and disrupt travel and power supplies across parts of the the UK as Storm Ali sweeps in. “Two people have died after Storm Ali swept across parts of the British Isles, bringing winds of up to 100mph.”

Did the Health Checks.

Then on CorelDraw to make up some diary page header graphics in advance.

I seem to have gone into one of my rare, but unsettling ‘Out-of-it’ modes.

3Wed10 I came back to semi-awareness hours later. I was sat in the chair, the TV on, computer off, the small hoover and the Raid Weevil Killer spray both on my lap. Why? No idea!

3Wed08 The urgency of needing the Porcelain Throne added to my confusion, I was in a right Shemozzle. The evacuation was a little less watery at least. The brain taking its time to get a grasp on what had happened and was going on. I’d lost hours, memory-wise. Both my shoulders were hurting, well, rather, aching badly?

The winds were howling more than ever outside. I got the Health Checks done and medictions taken. Realising that the midday does pot was empty, so I must have taken them, but cannot recall doing so.

3Wed29aI think I must have been ‘out of it’ for a long time.

I had made some notes on the pad as well. Much of them unreadable.

Made a nosh of sorts, not a lot. And left most of it. Eating, was not high on my agenda it seemed.

Some blanks in my memory remained, although some things were clearly stored in the grey-cell box?

I got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, to clear my mind, or rather to kick-start it. Hehehe!

The nodding off started straight away, minutes sleeping, springing awake, then minutes later dropping off again. Disconcerting, to say the least, especially as I had apparently had a long sleep earlier. Or did I?

3Wed09 Half-asleep, I got free from the recliner with consumate ease considering, off to the Porcelain Throne. A much better session this one, almost solid.

I honestly can’t remember getting back to the chair, but I found myself half-on, half-off of it at 0100hrs, when I sprang awake. So I got up.

It’s an odd life, sometimes.


Inchcock Today – Tue 18th Sept 2018: Trotsky Terence takes over my innards! And, I think the evil boll-weevil black biting beetles are planning a counter-attack!


Tuesday 18th September 2018

Macedonian: Вторник 18 септември 2018 година

WD173.2.2 0255hrs: I stirred and waited for the brain to catch me up. It didn’t take long. Reality merged with the senses, and panic set-in!

Porc01 The need for the Porcelain Throne had never been more urgent in my adult life! I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner within seconds. (It felt like it anyway). I was convinced I hobbled to the wet room looking like a character played by Kenneth Williams in a Carry on Nurse film, doing my best to retain the evacuation from being premature and any unsightly embarrassment. I got there on time but never has been a nearer thing, without an actual calamity. The liquified removal was not a nice feeling, and repeatedly I thought it was over, only for it to start off again. I ended up reading the aptly entitle ‘Catastrophy’ book, while I waited for some indication of the confirmation of completion having been attained.

A chapter or so later of the book being digested, I risked getting up and having a clean up of the room and self. New PP’s, and fresh air and body spray used copiously.

To the kitchen, took the medications and as I was about to start the Health Checks…

Porc02 I had to hasten back to the Throne, for another similar but not so-long session. Almost liquids evacuated once more. I freshened up and returned to the kitchen to carry out the Health Checks again.


The flipping Sys was back up again. Tsk! And, the weight was well up, despite my having got rid of what felt like gallons of liquid in the two Throne sessions.

My current mood could hardly be called hardly be described as idyllic. Rather pessimistic and sceptical I reckon.

2Tue04I carried out a recce on the evil boll weevil biting beetles situation.

Sit-Rep: After a good search around the rooms in the flat. I collected a few weevil-bodies from wetroom, balcony window bottom and the spare room.

In the spare room, and the balcony window, there were many live beetles, but only tiny ones. They were too fast for me to catch, but I sprayed the area with the ‘Raid’ spray.

2Tue02fIn the old bedroom, I had a lool put of the window to see this view and thought it would be worth recording.

Of course, one can’t tell in the picture of the scene, but by gum, the winds were blowing up a gale almost. The trees below are in for some damage if this weather keeps up.

WD173.2.2 I’d turned off the light to take this photo. On the way out of the room, I tripped over the old hoover tubes. Fancy that! I clouted my right knee on the corner of the machine. A bit of edging-plastic broke off! I hope it still works. No damage worth bothering about mentioning to Inchcock.

2Tue03Around, 0400hrs: I put my hearing aids in and made my way to the kitchen.

Where the noise of the wind blowing about the cellophane coverings on the outside of the windows, made me take them out again.

I imagine that any tenants with their plastic sheeting still not, will have got woken by the volume of the noise. I decided to make a mug of tea…

Porc03 The visit and results were homogeneous with the other two trips, other than perhaps a little less volume. Which I was beholden for! But, after this visitations, the innards started to grumble as if it was ready to go again? Tsk! Hope I can get out later… or is that a wise decision I asked myself? I didn’t get an answer.

Finally, I got to finish the Monday diary and get it posted off.

I sent an email to the Doctors surgery, asking for an appointment for the date on the Anticoagulant Therapy Record sheet as instructed. It is not until Tue 2nd October! I implored and begged them for an early in the day appointment. I don’t know why I bothered!

Started this blog off. Had to stop, to get the ablutionisationing done.

Made up two bags of rubbish that I took put to the chute with me, and a giant bag of recyclable gear and dropped it near the caretaker’s door as I left the block.

2Tue06The first thing that hit me was the power of the wind out there.

It nearly blew me beyond the recycling bin!

I took a picture upwards of the Willmott -Dixon subcontractors working on the balconies high in the sky.

Then part of the being built from scratch centre Extra Care Residential Flats building. The whole new build is to be named: Winwood Heights: Nottingham’s latest retirement village. I bet it’s not as well fitted out as the old flats, like Woodthorpe Court where I dwell. I bet the new place doesn’t get free evil boll weevil biting black beetles supplied when the new windows are fitted. I reckon their fire alarm be working too!


This white rusty-van-man came a bit closer to me as he drove up the drive than I would have liked. I think he is waiting to get into the delivery compound of the new block.

I pressed on and into the Nottingham City Homes, Winchester and Woodthorpe Court’s Winwood Flats, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Noticing the wind had knocked down the sign and barrier that tells us the Footpath is Closed.

The hearing aid batteries on both aids packed up as I was chatting to Sturmscharführeress Wardens Deana and Julie. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog by Cat Walk Model and Obergruppenfürheress Angela. So, I won’t.

I had to go back up to the apartment to get the old hearing aids. I’d forgotten how the new SpecSaver hearing aid batteries last… or rather, don’t last.

Many tenants were in the shed when I got back, and I listened and chatted with them and had a few bits of fun, verbally.

The buses arrived, and I got on the Nottingham bound one. But was only going a few stops to the top of the hill on Woodborough Road. Where after the driver kindly ran me to the end of the road, so I had less far to walk to the Aldi store, I thanked him.

The wind much worse on the top of the hill, and I had to struggle against it as I hobbled to the shop.

I bought: Hoisin Pork Ribs, mini-potatoes, fresh cream doughnut, some nibbles to restock the bin with, a lemon yoghourt, brown sandwich thins, chicken legs, fresh green beans, tomatoes, sliced cooked pork, and some crispy bacon slices.


I’d spent a good while in the store, and when I came out, although still windy, it was far less so.

I spotted an additional board had been put up beside the Welcome to Mapperley Community Centre poster. ‘All lead been removed from this roof & replaced with a substitute that has no resale value!’ A Sad world nowadays innit?

I walked along the road to Winchester Street Hill. I coped alright with the wind – I think the heavy bag helped.

2Tue08aAs I turned right down towards Winchester Street Hill, I saw three police cars (I didn’t know we in Nottingham had that many left?), parked in the Belle Vue Lodge Nursing Home.

I plodded down the road. All seemed eerily quiet to me. Apart from the traffic, even the wind seemed to drop, and the mind went off on one its meandering through the past routines.

2Tue07bI came back to semi-reality as I approached the number 40 bus stop, where when I catch that bus home from town, I drop off.

You can see what I mean about it being dodgy crossing the road here, with the traffic coming fast down the hill, and the sudden appearances of vehicles getting a run up the steep incline.

I hobbled on down to the Sherwood Vale turn-2Tue09off and onto Chestnut Way.

I shall miss all this vehicular mayhem when the building and upgrading finishes.

A few fellow tenants at the bus stop gave me a hello-there Gerry, and wave, and I returned a cheery greeting to them.

The Willott-Dixon lads were all busy, mainly on the new extra-care block.

I took this photographicalisation depicting how difficult it must be for the lads working within such a confined space.

I plodded on along the narrow pedestrian and traffic-sharing Chestnut Way.

Roys other half came along in the opposite direction. She told me that Roy was now home from the hospital. This was good news. I said I’d nip up to see him.

I think I’ll take the cream doughnuts for them to celebrate with.

2Tue11Porc04 I got into the apartment. Amazing how lucky I was here. I went in the wet room for a wee-wee, and it turned into the fourth Porcelain Throne session!

I must report that a few of the baby evil boll weevil biting black beetles were running around the wet room floor. Gnash!

2Tue10 So, I investigated in the kitchen and spare room. The kitchen only had a few of the weevils, and they were all dead ones.

Worryingly, in the spare room, there were plenty of the dang things on the inner window ledge come shelf. I sprayed an adult one with the ‘Raid’ killer spray. The beast moved and shook off the poison and trotted off to the hole in the plaster?

Not a good sign, this happening!

Eventually, I got round to sorting out the purchases. Got the oven warming, and checked the potatoes in the crock-pot.

Made a start on updating this diary.

I nipped to see Jenny, to ask her which flat Roy lived at, cause I couldn’t remember the floor number. Bless her, she put me right straight away. And she was looking in fine form, too. Back to the flat to collect the cream cakes and off to Roy’s flat. Welcomed by his better half, we had a chat and laugh. Roy had done amazingly well, considering all he had gone through. Newkie visited as I was leaving. A favourite couple, much loved. So glad the lad is improving, he had a terrible time and big operation in the hospital.

Back to the flat. Checked the slow-cooker and got the seasoned potatoes in the oven.

Had a go updating Facebook while I waited.

2Tue26Nosh served up.

The meal looked fair enough, it smelt nice, but for some reason, l did not enjoy it as much as I expected to and ate only about a third of it.

I suppose I might have been worried about the Trotsky Terence situation being made worse?

Hopefully, things will calm down soon. (He says, full of no confidence. Hehe!).

2Tue24Once again, there were some programmes on the TV that I wanted to view. I got it all sorted and written down. Times and channels.

Got the pots washed, did the last Health Checks and medication taking.

1600hrs: started to watch TV.

1609hrs: Nodded off.

Woke at 2103hrs.

Nodded off at about 2115hrs.

Woke at 0130hrs, in need of the Porcelain Throne!



Inchcock Today – Sunday 24th June 2018


Sunday 24th June 2018

Portuguese: Domingo, 24 de Junho de 2018

0435hrs: Ineffably, I’d had six hours sleep last night, much better that is. No waking up, no noctambulant nibbling and no jumping awake with a start.

WDPBL02 I did have what seemed like a tumultuous long, frustrating dream, and I woke up spreadeagled half-on, half-off of the £300 second-hand recliner, with aches and pains in most locations of the torso. The back, neck and right ankle being the worst affected. The need for the utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne arrived as I was extracting my lumbering body from the chair. The chest was very itchy.

The impressions left of the dream were that I was flitting between different places I had worked over the years, and reliving the disasters and mistakes I had made, and doing them all over again. Knowing I was doing this in the dream, but unable to put things right.

WDPBL02 It took me that long to get myself upright with the body pains, the need for the Throne dissipated and was replaced with the need for me get some Phorpain gel spread on my back Not easy when one is short and chubbily built), and to take the medications, including some extra Codeine. I did the Health Checks too.


WDPBL02 No sooner done, than the need for the Throne usage returned, so I poddled off to the wet room. I think that when I got myself body knotted up nocturnally on the recliner, I must have got the toes entangled somehow because they were now painful too? Every morning something different. Hehe!

The evacuation was another Trotsky Terence affected one.

7Sun4I decided to get the ablutions done while I was in there. No shower, of course, the noise this unit makes when operative would disturb my neighbours, so a Stand-up session was taken. I had to reapply the pain gel I’d put on an hour-and-a-half ago, of course, having washed it off. Shlemiel!

WDPBL02 I did notice how my chin was going Chicken Style in my older age. Not pretty is it. And, the torso seems to be collecting pot-marks, scars, and bruises. The poor old thing, Hehehe!

Did the medicating of Stand-up areas that need it, and went to make a brew of tea.

0600hrs, already. This sleeping for longer has upset the body clock. Haha!

I made a start on this diary.

WDPBL02 0615hrs: Clanging noise from Herbert above. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. There’s no point in my risking getting another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes for complaining about the noise. As the Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. You’ll just have to live with it.” I don’t want to lose my home. I hope he has not fallen over and is bleeding to death up there, cause there was only that one noise and not the usual repetitions. But, give him time.

Went to make another brew for the one that I let go cold. Took these photographs from the kitchen window.


I then tried to have a go on Facebook, fingers crossed that yesterdays problems with it going so slow and accessing things has been righted.

I spent a long time making a TFZer graphic. I hope they like it.


I enjoyed doing this one.

Then I went on WordPress Reader for a perusal of others stuff. Good stuff again.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang back. Her ‘Inchcock Food Intake’ advisory and instructional mode were adopted; She said it was good that I was not eating whole pork pies with a meal. Haha! We had a natter, losing the connection in the middle of it. As she rang off, I got a ‘battery critically low’ warning. The phone was charged up yesterday morning too! Glad we spoke though, cause Pete said he had not received the diary for yesterday, I checked, and he was right. I really thought I’d sent it as well. Humph! Klutz!

So I sent it off and got on to doing the Morrison order.

7Sun38I want to get that and the meal was done so I can settle to watch the England v Panama game. I just hope that Duodenal Donald eases off in a bit, he’s very naughty to me at the moment.

I ate the fodder while watching the football match. But not much of it. One muffin, a few chips, half of the gherkins and tomatoes.

7Sun35aThe Panamanian tactics in defence were more like rugby than soccer.

But what a result.

Certainly caught me by surprise in the first half. The second-half was more like the England team I know and love, ineffective.

After the game, Duodenal Donald was still grieving me, and the mind went off on one of its wanderings, worrying and fretting sessions and stayed that way all night.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications with an extra Omeprazole capsule and a few good swigs of the pitifully inefficacious antacid medicine.

The body closed down, the meal tray and dirty still half-filled plate sat of the chair next to the second-hand £300 recliner that I sprawled on top of, looking and feeling depressed and concerned over everything. Where the tray and I remained for several hours; Me, with about as much life in the crumb and uneaten food-filled plastic food-tray.

The mind did not stop stewing away.

Eventually, I had to get out of the chair, to tend to the wet-warm feeling from the lower regions. Cleaned things up and applied the medications. I considered having a stand-up -wash and shave, then the thought that I need to get help with the insurance telephoning tomorrow – then, I remembered I must also get help to phone the surgery about the appointment changes… next I stubbed my toe on the trolley. Then I feared I might have left the oven or tap on in the Kitchen… On and on these, what were to me, worrying things pestered me. I ended up checking the kitchen. Then doing nothing else other than getting my head down again.

Weekends are not my favourite times.

Taketh care folks. TTFN.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 27th May 2018

Sunday 27th May 2018

Bulgarian: Неделя, 27 май 2018 г.

0235hrs: Not the usual confusion of thoughts in the head this morning. My usual wayward inner-rambling were concentrated on the facts that for two days now I’ll be without any buses, Herbert will be banging away up above, Trotsky Terence’s terrible reign of terror; and Anne Gyna being so bad to me this morning. The strongest worry being the dull pains under the left armpit and side of the chest.

This has affected me only twice before. Annoyingly, both times at holiday period weekends!

7Sun02WDPBL And, after I’d risen out of the £300 second-hand recliner and had done the first Health Check, the brain concentrated solely on the resulting readings!

What the hell is going on here!

WDPBL Trotksy Terence attacked at this very moment, and I had to scuttle off to the Porcelain Throne with all haste.

I got there in time, though. I think the evacuation was less messy then yesterdays. Fingers crossed.

But it was still a time consuming and painful clean-up and a medicationalisationing session that was needed.

7Sun03Back to the sphygmomanometer to do another Health Check.

This one was better. However, I think I’ll mention these sudden high readings to the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.

I did wonder if this pain, dull-ache under the left arm and chest might have something to do with it? If I remember correctly, on the other occasions this has happened, I had similar trouble. Then again, I’ve probably got it all mixed up.


7Sun01I considered whether or not I should set about sorting out the bottom medical drawer.

But that is as far as it went; thinking about it!

I took an extra Dia capsule.

Then, I looked up Internet Addiction. And, found I was guilty of many of them!

Many alternative activities (I’m being defensive here, Tsk!) are not viable. My medical ailments prevent me doing such a lot of things. Here are my guilty admissions to Internet Addiction according to the website:

  1. Sacrificing doing work or chores to spend more time online.
  2. Losing track of your online time.
  3. Staying on the internet longer than you had intended.
  4. Feeling angry or irritable if your internet time is interrupted.
  5. Feeling defensive about your internet use.
  6. Feeling a sense of euphoria from using the internet.
  7. Using the internet as an outlet for feelings of depression.
  8. Making attempts to limit your internet use several times and failing.
  9. Being openly honest online.

I then went to the NHS site to see if this is considered an illness, where help might be available. The first thing I found out was, I’m a shopperholic too! “Shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you don’t need or want to achieve a buzz; this is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame or despair” Loneliness driven usually. So true, too!

So, apparently, my different ailments are now: Computer Addiction, Unstable Angina. Rheumatoid arthritis. Inguinal (inner groin), incisional (resulting from an incision) Hernias. A sticking Laryngopharyngeal Reflux valve (Silent Reflux). Prostrate and bladder cancer (in remission). A duodenal ulcer. Had a new mechanical Aortic valve replacement. On Warfarin which causes so much bother and hassle with bleeding, you wouldn’t believe it. I have a hard time believing it – Hehe! I have tinnitus. Partially colour blindness (Reds and associated). A hearing loss range average (dB HL) of 63 in both ear holes. Disequilibrium/Vertigo. Neurological problems, leaving me with sudden unintentional, rhythmic movements of any part of the body. A right foot that sticks out to the right making walking on uneven ground a bit dodgy, but not painful in itself at all. Hypertension. High blood-pressure (See above), and cholesterol. Then there is the Fungal Lesion, that seems to have baffled all the experts. Not as to what it is that causing the bleeding, they know I have the lesion. But they have no idea how I got it in the first place? Anyway, the bleeding means I have to wear Protection Pants, wash and apply Daktacort cream after every time I pass water. Costs a fortune… I shan’t go on, I’m boring myself now. Humph!

I have avoided the word ‘dementia.’ As it is just an umbrella term for the symptoms caused by these diseases such as memory loss, confusion, and personality change.” And very prevalent in older persons.

Socialising is harder nowadays, because of my lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

But I know things are getting worse. So I thought I’d write this piffle while I still could. Hahaha!

Blimey, I did waffle on there, sorry folks.

I got in with finishing the Saturday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Made a start on this blog page.

Sorted some photographs out to use on the TFZer site later. That is, if the newly updated MS Windows, will let me post them, it might not even allow me onto the site again?

The dull pains are moving around a bit now, further under the left armpit and lower down in the chest.

I’m still not sure it isn’t Anne Gyna of some sort?

After hours, I went to make a small mug of tea and took an extra Codeine 30g.

I took these photographs while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. The sylvan area of the Copse looked beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WDPBL Puzzled at the length of time the water was taking to come to the boil, I investigate the situation. Finding the kettle was not switched on, I then turned it on. What a Shlimazel!

I pondered on whether I’ll get my just guerdons when I get to heaven? Which was a silly thought, because I don’t believe there is a heaven, although even if I did, there would be no way St Peter would let me through the gate; also if there are any gates or a St Peter. I can’t imagine there have been many tellurians worthy of such a distinction. I’d imagine they would start a war between Satan’s gang in Hell, and The Lord’s mob in heaven. The Christians wouldn’t stand a chance, though. They would be outnumbered by many billions to one, surely? At least when the time comes, I will have fewer people to bother about not seeing again, and fretting over leaving a fortune behind me. By gum, I’ve cheered myself up a bit now!

These flipping pains around the chest and armpit are getting a bit nasty with me now. Tsk! Any worse and I might have to ring somewhere about it. Not that this would make me very popular with the hospital on Bank Holiday. Best to leave it and take another painkiller later on.

I started to prepare the graphics using CorelDraw, ready to send off to the TFZer site. It will be a long job. I just hope the Facebook and the newly updated MS Windows permits me to do so.

Oh, I know, I’ll put the potatoes in the crock-pot with some seasonings now, then they should be ready by the time I get peckish and sort the nosh out. A tin of… Oh, no! I’ve got the pork pie to have! I piece of pork pie, the last of the Anya potatoes in balsamic water, sliced mini-multicoloured tomatoes (Crap flavour, from Morocco, but I can pour some balsamic vinegarette over them to mask the bitter taste). Sliced gherkins etc.? I’ll get them in the slow-cooker now.

For some unascertainable reason, I cheered up considerably while getting the potatoes in the pan. Even though, they had started growing shoots/roots after only two days of purchasing them from the Sainsbury store on Arnold? I had to scrape them off with the vegetable brush. Tsk!

7Sun05Then, my disposition and temperament changed back to one of moroseness, defeat, and frustration.

My mood should not have altered, because Noisy Herbert in the flat above, has not been heard at all this morning (Yet).

However, seeing the light cutting-out thick framed new windows in the kitchen, may have had some effect, perhaps? Don’t you think they look gloomy and somehow oppressive? Especially compared to the old windows I used to have?

The previous windows, even with the hoist outside of them, seems let in so much more light. Or am I imagining this?

The news window has undoubtedly ruined the panoramic view!

Eventually, I got around to starting preparing the graphics for the TFZ site.

1150hrs: Herbert above is active again. Tap-bang-scrape!

Made a brew, checked the crock-pot (Not even started to boil yet?).

Back to the graphicationalisationing.

Bloomin’ ‘eck, I’m doing some coughing now. What next! Humph!

Pressed on with the TFZer “Which one would like to nibble at” graphic series.

Noisy Herbert’s not taking a break yet. I wish he would!

More hours went, But Herbert has not been at it so much.

I popped into the kitchen to make a brew and noticed how bad the floor was along cupboard door bottom. And with my feeling better now, I decided to get down with a floor cloth and clean it up. Proud of myself Mode Adopted! Huh!  should have known better.

Guess what happened… no, I’ll tell yers. Hehe!

7Sun06cWDPBL Well, blow me down! I managed, with ease and no bother or effort whatsoever, to cut myself down the fingernail on the corner of the cupboard door edging.

I finished cleaning that little corner and then tackled getting back up again. Not easy!

Back to the computer and finished off the 17th TFZer graphic I’d done. At the time I decided to save them to file and pack-up.

WDPBL Did the Health Checks. Sys 188, Dia 79 and the Pulse 101, so things have not got back to being in range yet. If things stay like this tomorrow, I’ll go early for the blood test on Wednesday, and ask if there is any chance of me seeing the Doctor.

7Sun07WDPBL Again! I decided to get the nosh sorted out, and realised the potato cake would not be ready, the instant I noticed I had not turned on the oven! Klutz!

So, I turned it on, far too late, but there you go; Proof of my going senile without a doubt!

I cleaned up the mess I’d made during my accident. Which took longer than I anticipated.

This was due to the length of time it took me to get down and back up again.

WDPBL Pleased with myself and feeling a little chuffed, I went to put the potato cakes in the oven. I opened to stove door and found the kiln dead cold. How can this be, I turned on the oven and heat setting on the switches, I know I did? Humph, what a foolish Nebekh grade one, Class A! So I then turned on power at the electricity plug! Oh, is there any hope left for me? Very little I believe.

WDPBL So now,7Sun07a I have the balsamic cooked potatoes so overcooked they have tuned yellowy-orange. And potato cakes not even out in the oven yet.

Still, these little Whoopsiedangleplops and signs of mental instability give me something to think about. Shlemiel!

I went back to the computer to post off the graphics I’d just finished for the TFZer site.

Graphics made a mess and got confused – so happy to get some done as well.

Noisy Herbert was donating the odd, tap-tap, bang and Thud occasionally, bless him.

7Sun38At long last, and four hours later than I usually would have done, I got the meal sorted.

Staying awake to eat it was a bit of a challenge, mind you. Haha!

I couldn’t eat much of it, despite it being a rather tasty dollop of food on my plate. I felt a bit disgusted with myself when I found I had to bin about a half of it.

Did the Health Checks and took the night medications.

7Sun39As I did the washing up, I noticed there was only one gap in the clouds, and took this zoomed-in photograph of the sky. Which reminded me not to forget to take the kaputt new Lumix camera back to the shop on Tuesday.

It was very late, by the time I got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to try and get some sleep.

After the mistakes I’d made with the TFZers names, I got them mixed up with the graphics I did, I felt pretty low again.

Here are a few of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheers, all, thanks for reading this claptrap and making feel betterer.

Your, defeatedly; Inchcock.