A pictorial plod around Nottingham

Friday 9th August 2019

A hobble around the Slab Square, Nottingham

Slab a1

Nottingham’s Premier shoplifting quadrant

Slab a01

South Parade – The pedestrian’s nightmare!

Slab a02

Burst water main affected tramlines, South Parade

Slab a03

Beastmarket Hill – The old and the not so new

Slab a04

The sad-looking kids’ beach – Child Carer on her mobile! Fancy that!

Slab a05

The ever-popular MiniMiami ride. Hehe!

Slab a06

‘Gone fishing’ Stall. Another popular attraction?

Slab a07

Long Row. A Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists paradise!

Slab a08

A rare Nottingham sight, imitation Policemen!

Slab a0

Upper Parliament Street. A local mugger’s spot.

Slab a11

Queen Street, with my trusty Acciafuxpas three-wheel guide. On the way home!

Haveth a great day, folks!

GC Smiling

12 thoughts on “A pictorial plod around Nottingham

  1. Great photo tour. On this side of the pond, if you really want to know what a government agency, or regulation does, or a company like google is really all about, you take their name or motto and reverse it. Like our “Affordable Health Care Act” is anything but affordable. Most people’s insurance premiums tripled or quadrupled after the law went into effect. The really good, affordable health insurance policy I had for 13 years was made illegal, because it was good and affordable. Our Conservancy District conserves nothing, but attempts to destroy all wildlife habitats in the bosque along the Rio Grande. Googles motto is “Do no evil”, yest google engages in so much evil. After all that, should you reverse the “Community Protection” on the back of the imitation policeman?

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  2. Life can be so irksome, pain-in-the-neckish, full of inequality, infuriating and exasperating. As I read your words, so many things triggered my frustrations suffered, too, Tim.
    I must try the reversing names in a search.
    I used to be prescribes Aludrox SA for Duodenal Donald. Fantastic medicine. But they took it off the NHS listings because of the high price and put me on ordinary Aludrox. Nowhere as affective, the that disappeared. Now, this Peptac is of little use. But it might be of a preventative nature. investigated if I could order Aludrox SA at the chemist, years ago now. They could get it but at £20 a 100mg bottle! Now the chemist tells me, they have stopped importing it to the UK altogether anyway.
    I did read in a magazine, that the insurers in the USA, can legally change the insurance cover band and not tell the client – until they make a claim which is not covered!
    Now wonder dissatisfaction is rife.?
    Oh, I waffled again, sorry mate.


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