Livin’ La Vida Lockdown

A gem from Tim Price here! Coronavirus? Pherwt!
It’s brilliant!

Off Center & Not Even

Livin’ La Vida Lockdown

Music: Ricky Martin
Lyrics: Timothy Price

From LA to New York City
Canada to the wall
It’s like bad renditions
Of movies like “The Fall”

So many lamentations
News gives us all a fright
Only sick and grave predictions
We are in an awful plight

You can take your clothes off and stand naked in the rain
But there’s no one to see you, now isn’t that a shame?
Isn’t that a shame? Come on.

Inside can’t go out
Livin’ la vida lockdown
Makes us scream and shout
Livin’ la vida lockdown
We can’t earn our bread
Enough to drive us loca
Lockdowns wear us out
Livin’ la vida lockdown (oh man!)
Livin’ la vida lockdown (how sad!)
Livin’ la vida lockdown

Woke up such a pity what a funky nasty spell
We do your part to save some money
But it’s like a living hell

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5 thoughts on “Livin’ La Vida Lockdown

  1. No gambling fer me, Charly. Flat broke, no cash left, and can’t get any with being locked-in. Hehe! I owe Sister Jane, Jenny and someone else, I forget who now. One thing I’ve avoided all my life is being in debt. Until Coronavirus appeared. Tsk!
    Someone calling me today, volunteer helpers bless them.
    I’m hoping a solution can be found. I have a feeling things will be sorted, but I’ve had this feeling before.
    Otherwise, a hungry future lies in wait. Hahaha!
    Off to get t he ablutions seen to, and dressed, just in case anyone calls on me. Hehe!
    Take care Sir, cheers.


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