Inchcock Today: Mind-Wandering…

This Mornings View from the Kitchenette Window


03:00hrs I woke up and got up, out of habit…
The Thought Storms did not rabbit?
The reluctant brain remained asleep; Dagnabit
My plans ideas were vague, not implicit…
The memory did not want to work or cohabit…
Vascular-Dementia-Doreen, undoubtedly the culprit!
For about an hour, my thoughts were incipit…
Eventually, I got semi-mind-control, well, a little bit,
But confidence and hopes, the brain did prohibit!

I’d had a better nights sleep, six hours with only three jump-awakes. Mind you, it was still early, but the meandering mind had me out of the recliner, catching my balance, no wee-weeing, no making a brew of Glengettie; straight (well, in a wobbly line) to the kitchenette, and started cleaning the fridge?

I was not fully aware of what I was doing until I dropped a warm-wet cloth onto my foot. This is no bull! And it dawned on me what a good job I’d done of cleaning things up? So much so that I took photographs of my handiwork! How I’d done all the stretching and bending, and without any pains as far as I could tell, baffled me, somewhat.

Am I losing my grip quicker than I’d hoped? Not only was the fridge looking really clean and tidy, spick and span, but I also had no aches and pains, and apart from the one drop of the cloth, I spilt or broke nothing either? Yet another puzzle is how I got all this work done in such a short time? Efficiently too, as far as I could tell.

Or had I? How do I know that I did it at all? How can I not remember doing it all? Why can I recall taking out the door trays and washing them in the sink, quite clearly, but little else until the wet rag fell on my foot? Another Blank-Spell methinks… or do I? Why am I seemingly so willing to share and relate these rather odd things on the web? Dementia-Doreen again? Or mayhaps a call for help.

Even more surprising, why am I, after apparently coming out of the fog, feeling so good about things? Hey-Ho, Doreen again?

I had a reluctant wee-wee, washed, and got the laundry bag assembled for collection by the Carer later on. Then off to make a brew of tea, Thompsons Punjana this time. Although dour-looking, the view from the window made me take two shots of it and stick them together (Top of the page).

I pressed on updating yesterday’s blog with the most unexpected enthusiasm; I got it finished and posted off to WordPress. Did the WordPress comments, Emails (lovely one from HRH Lisa). Then I went on the WP Reader.

05:30hrs: And Herbert above started banging, clanging and tap-tapping again. He continued for several hours on and off; it sounded like he kept dropping something metal on the floor? I hope he hurts himself… I mean, he doesn’t hurt himself. ☠

♫ Oh, Susana’s ♫ tune rang out. In came Carer Cassie. Now, this may be hard for you to understand, but I had to ask her her name again this morning. The gal took it all in her stride, so I assume many others in these flats are affected by the dreaded Vascular-Dementia-Doreen, and cannot remember the Carers names the same as me? Hehehe! Cassie soon got the medicationings done, collected the laundry bag, and off she trotted, with a thank you nibble and drinkie-poo.

Wet room

Ablutioning Time!

What a session that was! Mucho-super good, but listening to the Storm Update on the radio was a smidge alarming. For more than one reason. In the first place… ① No, I say zilch cuts when shaving! ② No teeth bleeding. ③ Not a single toe stubbing! ④ No banging into or knocking anything over! ⑤ No leaving taps running!

Storm Warning: Will reach Nottingham this afternoon, ETA 15:00hrs. Parks are closing cause of the danger of trees etc., being blown over. Building structural damage, roofs, etc. at high risk, possibly endangering life. And that’s just for Nottingham, where they anticipate we will be far less affected? All calm but cols out there at the moment, though.

The mark where I knocked over the knife block is clearing up well; it never hurt anyway. Showering went smoothly, too!

I dried off medicated what needed attention. The legs seem to be putting on some weight, higher up? Not surprising, really, I can’t get out and about much nowadays. Spit!

I even got the socks on without the dangerous nerve-wrangling assistance of the green wired Sock Glide Glenda!. This was the only part of the ablutionalisationing session that caused me any real pain. Even then, it was far less than usual. What’s going on today? The mind is confused; the body refuses to feel pain… I hope I’ve not died and nobody has told me? Hahaha!

Even getting the PP’s (Protection Pants) on, there were no tumbles or loss of balance that mattered?

The mini-scar where I hit my head attacking the power box in the shower three days ago is scabbing up well.

Freshened up with the Brute spray, and got the alarm wristlet back on, watch, and alert wristbands.

Ah, I thought things were going too well… well, they were! Putting the Warfarin Alert band on my wrist, it snapped and shot up, knocking of my spectacles! Luckily the frames and lens were not damaged (I hope). Not that the glasses are worth much now the Cataracts Katie, Glaucoma Gloria, and Saccades Sandra are all affecting my sight.

The Blood Pressure readings were okay. The temperature was even lower today, I tried it again later, and it was up to 24.5°c. So okay there now.

Back on the blogging, and Sister Jane rang on the landline. She was very concerned and worried… Oh, yes! She wanted to know if I’d still got the bottles of wine for her and Pete safely stored away… Hehehe!

We had a natter, but the line was terrible, made worse by our Jane having throat trouble, poor little croaker. She’s off to the doctor later; I hope she’ll be okay.

I did some more work on the blog, then decided to try the J Sainsbury site to see if they were going to deliver the Great Scot dried vegetables that Jane wanted. I’ve ordered them four times without any luck. Humph!

I tried to get through to Sainsbury’s and Ocado to see if they had any Great Scots in stock. Sainsbury’s off-line again! Ocado has removed them from the listings. Sorry, Jane!

Faded fast. Made a nosh of sorts.

Carer arrived without the laundry. She returned with it, crammed in the bag, no freshener or crystals used. Clothes not folded, and all wrinkled. Not happy with this at all.