Inchcock: Thursday 13th October 2022

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06:00hrs: I woke my better-than-nothing four-hour kip. I waited for my brain to kick into gear, but it didn’t. So, in a sort of auto-mode, I decided to get the ablutioning done. I thought it best, in case the Carer arrived early.

But, No! , by the time I’d risen, the driven brain had started and decided I’d do the first after all.

I must admit that there was a little agitation brewing at this course of actioning change! Why? How? I was certain I was going to get sphygmomanometerisationing done. But somehow or other ended up getting the clothes ready, and yet I still drifted into the wet room? I still hadn’t really grasped what I was doing until I was lathering up for a shave. It was so unreal. Had done the Health Checks and had a memory blank? No, no… it was at her worst, toying with me.
So, I stopped shaving; and got back into the front room. This time I did set about sphygmomanometerisationing. It took me ages to get them done, then the graphics, and then I totally forgot about doing the ablutions?
This is not easy for me to relate to.

I got puzzled at first at the grading the NHS site gave for Blood Pressure. I had two results in the Green, so expected to overall at least be in the amber this time. Again, No! I ended up deeper in the Hypertension 1+ area than yesterday! Erm?
Then, the body temperature, which has been so good, I thought lately, had tumbled down into the Low-Red area. I think I’ll just print them off and not bother fretting over whatever the results are in future. I imagine the arithmophobia is partly the reason things do not seem right to me. Ah, I think I may have got the numbers mixed up?

After a while, I went to make a brew of Thompson’s Punjana tea… but ended up making a mug of Co-op 99. I know this is not earth-shattering, but it’s indicative of my state of mind this morning.
I’m trying to find the words for this. ‘Puddled’ comes to mind.

I took these shots of the view from the kitchenette window.

Then, I remembered the needed to be done.
Back to the wet room, and the need for the arose. Down on the plastic seat, and as it has been for a few days now, Constipation Conrad ruled. No torpedo today, though. After what felt like an hour of pushing and hurting in an effort to start the evacuation, suddenly, the pain eased, followed by a series of plopping into water-sounds. Haha! This time, there was some bleeding from .
I restarted the shaving that I stopped many hours ago. Just the two tiny . Had another stand-up session and no showering.

  Arrived later than usual. Well, it’s not unusual on the last day of his shift. I got that wrong! is toying with me today. Richard was yawning a little, but far less than last Thursday (He didn’t come last Thursday!) We had a chinwag, and he sorted out the Covid booster for me. He’s a good lad.

WordPress Comments. Esther arrived. Updated Wed blog. Jenny called to see how I was. CorelDraw to make graphs as needed.

Deana called to say the EasyLink lift was arranged for 10:20hrs in the morning. I mentioned the Covid Booster, and we worked out which one to go to would be best. She tried to get it at Riverside tomorrow, but she had no free time near that. She then got it booked at Carrington Pharmacy for Thursday 18th, at 10:45hrs. She’ll try her best to book a lift there with EasyLink for me.

Belatedly I got onto Pinteresting. Made a meal (took a photo of it, but I left the SD card in the computer – Spit!
Carer Sinead arrived, always social event and laugh.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock: Thursday 13th October 2022

  1. Working from a different computer, so WP doesn’t know who I am yet. Haha!
    Hence the delay. We also share that need to reply punctually…why is that? I’ve no idea. 🙂
    Reagan infamously stated that the government was not the solution, that it was the problem. It has now reached a point where government is blamed for *everything*. Forty years later and the Republican Party has devolved into anarchy.
    Hey, this computer has referenced my other blog. I am honored. Fank you, OtherComputer!!

    • I sense SIr, that, Master-Alan has been in attention on the computer? I could be wrong, I often am.
      I panic when problems IT occure. I can never get help with it. And as you are aware, anything, and everything that happened after the stroke, dies not stay with me. Making things more impossible to solve.
      Still, I’m only mentioning this, not complaining at all. I think I came out of the hospital, they sent me to the nusring home for two months, and it was so horrendous, it set me back again.
      I fear things getting worsde, and ending up permanently, and IQ tells me it weill be in the same home! That I could not take.
      The feeling of worthlessness, not being fed some days, the laundry never fully returned, clothes missing every week, and I made a pair of ladies knickerbockers one week! Hehehe! I asked a carer or cleaner everyday (I was not allowed outside), if they could get me a newspaper, no computers allowed! Not one of them did. I could see the shop from my cell-window too!
      I’ve just read this, and do apologise. As you see, things are not too good this morning in the spirits department. No idea why?
      Sorry again for waffling; I’ll try not to again, cause I’d hate to lose my favourite Laboratory family contact.
      Genuine love to all. ♥♥♥

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