INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 8th February 2023

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Be interesting seeing how they change the catheter. Take my Warfarin Blood Sample, Drain the nest sticky DVT vein, and inject me with Enoxaparin. I’m looking forward to having the next stroke. Hehe!

As I bounded back into imitation life, I remembered I have no  Lumix Camera to use. I tried to last night on the meal and sunset. So, today it gets ignored.  Boy, I’m glad Carer Richard gave me his old Fuji camera. I’ll get some batteries in it. I’ll give it a go later.
I removed and . During which, I observed, felt and swore about that agony the sole (Just under the toes) of my right foot was in! Another new ailment had arrived! No name was given to it, cause I pray it is only going to be a temporary one.
The toes were pale and white, and the boot and ankle looked almost light brown.
When I wriggled the toes, only three of them moved? When I stood up, my balance was all over the place, and the pain, just from the one foot, I classed as a 3-rating. Later in the day, it did ease off – until the evening, around 19:00hrs, then it returned? I was hobbling somewhat.

Carer Richard Came to sort the medications. He told me today was the replacement day for the . I hadn’t any idea… the damned is not easing off. I’ve got the second assessment tomorrow afternoon at the .
Oh, that reminds me, I looked up the FND thought.

Functional neurological disorder – Findings

Functional neurological disorder (FND) describes a problem with how the brain receives and sends information to the rest of the body. It’s often helpful to think of your brain as a computer. In someone who has FND, there’s no damage to the hardware or structure of the brain. It’s the software or programme running on the computer that isn’t working properly.
The problems in FND are going on in a level of the brain that you cannot control. It includes symptoms like arm and leg weakness (Yes) and seizures (No). Other symptoms like fatigue or pain (Yes) – are not directly caused by FND but are often found alongside it. It can cause a range of symptoms, including Problems walking (Yes) – heaviness down one side (Yes) – dropping things (Yes) – feeling like a limb isn’t part of you (Yes). I’ve got all of them. If you have FND, any scans you have will show no damage to the brain to explain the weakness.

Well, I can’t read these above on here, but the spy-glass helped me to. Caused a spell of depression as well afterwards.
I’ll not learn anything about it tomorrow, it’s just another assessment, but in a week or fortnight, I have the first Brain Scan.

Doing the , I had an . I managed to fit in an . No real harm was done.

and I think it was called. The notes on the pad when I got around to doing this bit were of no help at all. A Scrawl!

I must have had for ages; cause hours of the day had been lost. I put this on the list to tell the nurse tomorrow.

I got the batteries in the Fuji camera, and it worked a treat.

I did an order for Ocado for next Wednesday. Then the Asda order that I’d forgotten all about arrived.

The kind driver took them into the kitchen and got them where he could manage to; there was not a lot of room in there.
Damned decent of him.

Anywhere was alright with me.

The guilt… the Guilt! Haha!

Aha, got some washing-up liquid this week.

And to aid my following the nurse’s repeated commands and instructions. I’d got many bottles of spring water in.

Did the evening medicationings.
I waffled on a bit, sorry mate.

Rang to confirm their lift for the afternoon tomorrow. Nice!

Got some sausages and made sarnies with sauce.
Too tired out and stressed to bother making a meal.
Wanted to get it done and eaten before the last
Carer calls to put the on and medicate me. Hehe!
The meal was okayish. Say, a 6/10.

Carer Richard arrived. Did the tasks needed. Had a mini-natter… well, moan from me. Haha! Richard checked the taps and stove, then took the waste bag with him as he departed.