INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 21st February 2023

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Gotten Himmel & Cragknangles!
Am I ever going to get any better? The obvious answer is no!.
Dementia Doreen is the worst problem. Because people just do not understand… I don’t understand! Why do I do so many things okay, one minute, then I lose it. I may get a Mind-Blank, which is scary even to me… but not until I realise I’ve had one. Then the depressions start. But not for long. Why can’t I realise that the memory is going to affect me, or lack of it and confusion in the head? Numbers, letters (Mail), dates, and times all get jumbled up – thus, I can’t even rely on myself to grasp, hold on to things, and wander off physically and mentally at times. Taking two hours, and finding the time too as well, to get the shower shaving done??? Times I feel I’m almost in charge… but, of course, the question is, Am I actually?
People do not realise the lack of control and ability to cope.
That’s without taking into account the Catheter, bladder, prostate, tumbling and falls, cataracts, Glaucoma, Saccades, deafness, and Peripheral Neuropathy with its balance and leg dances ever-threatening.

Shaking Shaun, Dizzy Dennis, the Mystery Rib Pains, Little Inchies struggle with the Phimosis, inserted tube and his fungal lesion bleeding, Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold, and Anne Gyna. And my fear of paperwork, Reflux Roger, and Confusion Konrad through not retaining any details, making notes, and just forgetting about them. I’m not coping well.

The first brain scan is on Friday – wonder if they’ll find one in there? Yet sometimes, I seem to be sharp-witted, but that is soon frittered away. The bad moments seem to stay longer… or ~I think they do. My confidence is shattered. I’m up and down all the time. In and out of logicalness, caring and then not caring. Frustrated and get so angry with myself when I lose events and have no idea what has taken place. What I was about to do… this crap I’m writing is coming easily, flowing from my mind… Why?

Just thought I’d mention it, like.

I suppose if, or rather when, it gets worse, it won’t bother me so much? But the thought of going into a home… I don’t think I could allow that. Then again, would I realise it if it happened?

No diary but some photos. More or less in order of events.

Up, emptied and removed the , and emptied washed the bucket, and checked on the urine colouration.

Not too good.

Photographed the morning view.

Got the spuds in the slow cooker and made a brew.
Which I promptly dropped and then got cleaned up to the accompaniment of some self-slandering curse words.

Many, many or more hours later.
After blogging away – Well, I mean making mistakes, errors etc on the blog.
Visits from Carer Charly amid Sam.
I marathon, never had one that took longer – No, that’s a fib, sorry. I had my first barium meal; they forgot to give me the crystals to free things up on the Porcelain Throne. For four hours, I sat sitting in agony. So today’s hour was nothing. I’m sorry I mentioned it now. And many emptying of the catheter day pouch; it is so small…

I did another urine check.
Carried out the Blood Pressure testing.

For about two hours, boy, did the wee-weeing do well.

I was working on the blog, but that is all I recall.
Mind-Blank again!

Shame about the Sunsetting – it didn’t!
At least it was covered by the clouds.
But I did get some interesting shots…

I can see her in this one…
Took a close-up of her…
And so quickly, she was gone.
Fare Thee Well!

Did the second G~P test.

Oh, ‘eck, not so good today, then?

Got some canned veg soup in the saucepan and flavoured it with some basil, and sea salt. Added baked beans and garden peas…
I know what you are thinking…
“Why did the pillock put peas in with beans?
I’ll tell yers…
I’ve no idea!
Another mind, blank, and when I realised I may have left the pan on, or tap, or stove, or heater… Tsk!
I hastened to the kitchenette to check. And sure enough, I could see the beans and peas in the soup. I added sliced tomatoes, the potatoes from the crockpot, and a sprinkle of basil.
What the hell it will taste like, I don’t know.

Carer Richard arrived. Got the night bag on, and within five minutes as he was sorting the medications, it had filled up almost a third???
We had a little natter, moan and laugh, and off he trotted to his bed.
I had a last go at this blog. Then heated the rather scary-looking pan of vegetable soup with the potatoes and baked means – it didn’t look particularly attractive. Hehehe!

Got some cobs in the oven, and I bravely served up the food in a giant plastic basin. And tackled it!

I ate nearly all of this vegetable stew concoction and two of the bread rolls.
Took me a while to eat it, and I fell asleep part-way through doing so.
A miracle it didn’t fall on the floor!


INCHIE TODAY: Monday 27th February 2023



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I woke and had to force myself not to nod off again. The ablutionisationing just had to be done early today. So as to try and get the Sunday blog finished and get through the marathon shower[shaving and shi…, erm Porcelain Throne Sessioning done. get dressed and all the paperwork etc., ready for the trip to the hospital done in time. A challenge? Yes!
But for a man of my calibre, brave, sophisticated, on the point of being heroic. Such a challenge is welcome. Yes, a two-hour-plus struggle, yet I relish such things. Indeed, I crave them!
Please bear in mind I have not yet taken my medications.

On fumbling my way free of the clutches and crumb-containing aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner…

Signs of much nocturnal nibbling having taken place were found on and around the waste bin at the side of the chair. Ahem!

I tackled the night bag detached.

A smidge dark, traces of some blood in there?

The bag was filling up quickly, but it looked a slightly better colour.
I was planning to shower, so I thought I’d get rid of some urine in case it came on again while I was in the shower.

The teggies were done, and I got my feet in the bowl on the floor soaking in Dettol and was about to start shaving… the was suddenly needed. So it was to be – But what a messy affair!
Of course, by the time I’d cleaned things up, the water in the bowl had gone cold. No problem, I’ll empty it down the WC and refill it… Did I say No Problem? acci-whoop I dropped the bowl. Had to clean things up again, but I was undaunted. Little did I know what dropsies lay in wait for me later in the day, as well! I got the shaving done with only three little cuts,
I reached up to close the shower curtain…

I felt a little discomfort in the armpit… I got the camera to try and get a photo of it…
A right red mark in there, and all the hairs had disappeared???

Was dried off with paper towels.

All looked well with the contraption.

I got things medicated, dropping the ear-holes olive oil and spilling much of it on the floor. Got dressed and off to the kitchen to get the kettle on. I knocked the saucepan off of the stove top when I dropped the milk bottle… I have to report that; There’s more to come later… Tsk!

I took a reasonably decent photo of the blue morning view.

Carer Richard arrived. Got the medications done, but he did not look very well. I felt guilty asking him to help in putting my socks on. Poor lad looked proper poor;y to me. Fingers crossed for him. He a grand chap.

I got the paperwork checked, including the times of the lift. Got myself downstairs to wait for the Easy-Lift minibus. Jenny was down there sorting some of her charity work to be collected, bless her cotton socks. Lovely to see her. The van arrived, and the lady got me to the hospital with no bother. Thank you.
I’d not taken the camera with me, cause it’s bigger than the new ones and would be awkward to use and keep safe. I got these two photos from the web when I got home.


I got inside and joined the queue for the receptionist. A nice lady greeted me, and I gave her the paperwork, which she checked, and told me someone e would be down to see me shortly. I thanked her and moved into a seat as instructed. Remembered that I’d not got my mask on (Covid), so got it on post-haste. After a minute or two, Mr Mann came to me, checked m name and commanded (I’m not joking), to follow him, which was not easy as he’d got a good rate of speed on him. Into his office, sat down, and I was out and going back to the reception in… I’d estimate five minutes max.
He got annoyed when I could not hear what he was saying. But he only asked me three questions anyway. I think they were; how long have you had the catheter on? 8-9 weeks! Have you had a bladder scan? Yes! He asked a third question that I had to guess. 
Then he said; That’s it then; we’ll see how you go when they take it off. You’ll not see me again! Very nice!
Back to the reception area to await the lift home. It was due in about an hour or so. I got the pen and crossword book out and gave it a go for gouty minutes or so. It was hard work reading the clues, but I enjoyed it. Even if I didn’t get many answers, it kept my brain going.

I got the pains in Little Inchie, and I knew that the catheter bag must be full and filling the tube with nowhere to go. I couldn’t check it, because it would mean taking off my trousers.
I thought I’d join the queue again to ask if it was possible for me to use the WC to empty the bag. But the kind lady who greeted me came over to me and asked if I was waiting for a lift or do I want her to call anyone. Kind! I explained my unfortunate condition, and she got two… I say two nurses who took me to the closet and emptied the pouch ♥!
Not only that, but as I was about to go with them, the Easy Link minibus arrived. The kind lady said you get your bag seen to; I’ll tell the diver what’s happening. She made me feel important. Unlike the Doctor, who knew I was an NHS imposter and had no qualms about looking and talking down to me.
The two nurses, by the way, I think, were in the photo from the web. Fourth and sixth from the left. ♥♥♥

The driver, chappie, was patient with me and soon had me back at the flats. I gave him drinkies from the three-wheeled-walker trolley basket.

I met Carer Carol-Anne in the lift.
She sorted the meds for me..

Dropped a mug of tea!

All clean up.


Peed off now!

Started A pan of vegetable stew.
Knocked the knife box off of the ledge when taking photos.

Knocked the box off!!!

Great space-related shots? Hehe!


Carer Charly.

Time for Food!

Oh, no, it isn’t!

Carer Richard Arrived. Very tired and not looking well at all, poor lad. He got the night pouch attached to the , and he gave me some Peptac. I got him a cold drink of spring water to help cool him down. Richard was sweating and had a croaking voice. I fear he may have to rest and see his doctor soon. Fingers crossed!
Hope he can get through the day; bless him.

Time for Food!

It started with a can of cheapo Asda vegetable soup and a can of tomatoes. I seasoned it with some BBQ marinade, sea salt & Oxo cubes. I added some peas and potatoes from the slow cooker. Then cooked some potato cubes in the oven until nice and crispy (the ones that Richard rescued as he arrived), crispy hard on the outside, and added them to the saucepan of vegetable delights. It was a struggle getting it prepared, what with the four-pronged walking stick and carrying the night pouch about with me. I did manage one more , spilt some soup on the kitchen floor while dishing it up.

Not that it bothered me or got me grinding my teeth, cursing venomously, encouraged self-loathing, nearly making me cry, or spitting blood…

Then, the feasting started!
Somehow or other, I ate the entire bowlful, and it was a large bowlful.
I enjoyed it and even went into the kitchen afterwards to wash the dishes and check if anything had been missed in my previous cleaning up.
All went well… apart from I’d left the cold tap running, the hob heat on and dropped and broke the sauce pot washing up.
ARGH! An irritated, self-annoyed Inchie could then not get off to sleep… well, not for ages, anyway. Grrr!

INCHIE TODAY: Saturday 18th February 2023

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Today, I received two letters. Neither of which exactly perked me up, cheered me up or made me sing or yodel with pure joy.
But first, I’m afraid this is another rushed blog. Due to the hours spent sorting out the mail in hate form of four A4 pages of the very small print of details required by the hospital for the upcoming operation on the Prostate that needed to be filled in. But, I made a right mess of it.
THe Carer who came pointed out that I could do it on the Internet.
So, I did, and that took me over an hour and a half to get right! Had to ring Sister Jane to confirm her address and telephone number. But got it done and tried to send it, but it wouldn’t have it.
So I double-checked that I’d filled everything in properly.
Which, of course, I hadn’t! There was a disclaimer box that had to be clicked on. So, I clicked on it. Another messy day!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got out of the recliner, caught my balance, and went off to the porcelain Throne. Messy! Very Messy!
Checked the batteries and made sure the Fuji was working.

Took a snap from the window.

Stripped t get ready to go to get the ablutions done.
The toes had lost their brown colouring but were more twisted and swollen.

07:40hrs: I started the Ablutionings.
My teeth were cleaned, my nose cleared, and I shaved while I was standing in a bowl of soapy water and Dettol. 
Eye drops in, medicated certain delicate areas. I actually felt worn out; the whole session took ages. I took a photo of the wrist alert bands

Right wrist...
Left wrist… Which meant after looking at the clock, that I’d spent
erm… 08:55 now, started at 07:40hrs – that was good for me!
Smug-Mode Engaged!

The two errant toes were stinging a bit.

Blimey sunshine out!

Carer Adele arrived a little late, not that it mattered in the slightest to me.
She’s collected the two letters from the door box on coming in.
One was a bill from Easy-Link.

The other (above). was the dreaded questionnaire from the Woodthorpe Hospital. I have to fill it in and register before they can see me.
It cost me over four hours to get it all done!

Carers came and went, but I worked like a good un trying to get this blog done… I had to keep stopping for the carers visits, phone calls, answer emails that came in, emptying the daub pouch of the catheter, and forever adjusting the tubing that was giving me some right bother; the bleeding had not stopped since the first accidental pull on the tube. Not bleeding badly, more like a little leak. But it keeps drying, and when I move, the dried blood cracks and starts flowing again; Humph!

Nothing to eat yet. Not that I want anything. I did nibble and dunk a few biscuits each time I made a brew… although five of the mugs of tea went cold cause I was concentrating on doing the graphics.

Tea time, and I went to make another brew, intent on making sure I drank this one. I didn’t. Cause I espied a slimmer of light on the horison – Aha… Sunset was coming, methinks!.

I took a closer shot.

Over the next half-hour, I took several photos of the wonderful sky until the short sunsetting had gone.

Ta-Ta Sunshine!

Get something to eat now… I hope!

A much-doctored bowl of veg soup.
I was halfway through it when the new Carer Zika arrived.
He was late arriving, and muggings here forgot he’d not been.
I am a plonker! He’s a nice lad.
With chatting with him as he got the medications sorted, I also forgot all about the night pouch that needed fitting to the on the .

He took the waste bags and checked the taps for me as he departed.

Then I got the dish, and cutlery washed and settled down in the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner.

Another much-interrupted sleep. For I had to keep checking and emptying the smaller day bag, if needed, overnight. Lost count of the times I had to get up and free the urine into the bucket. Tsk! I think seeing a new face and nattering a little helped me forget about the night pouch.

I also got a visit from Dizzy Dennis every time I bent down to undo the release valve. A little disconcerting they were.