INCHIE TODAY: Saturday 18th February 2023

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Today, I received two letters. Neither of which exactly perked me up, cheered me up or made me sing or yodel with pure joy.
But first, I’m afraid this is another rushed blog. Due to the hours spent sorting out the mail in hate form of four A4 pages of the very small print of details required by the hospital for the upcoming operation on the Prostate that needed to be filled in. But, I made a right mess of it.
THe Carer who came pointed out that I could do it on the Internet.
So, I did, and that took me over an hour and a half to get right! Had to ring Sister Jane to confirm her address and telephone number. But got it done and tried to send it, but it wouldn’t have it.
So I double-checked that I’d filled everything in properly.
Which, of course, I hadn’t! There was a disclaimer box that had to be clicked on. So, I clicked on it. Another messy day!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got out of the recliner, caught my balance, and went off to the porcelain Throne. Messy! Very Messy!
Checked the batteries and made sure the Fuji was working.

Took a snap from the window.

Stripped t get ready to go to get the ablutions done.
The toes had lost their brown colouring but were more twisted and swollen.

07:40hrs: I started the Ablutionings.
My teeth were cleaned, my nose cleared, and I shaved while I was standing in a bowl of soapy water and Dettol. 
Eye drops in, medicated certain delicate areas. I actually felt worn out; the whole session took ages. I took a photo of the wrist alert bands

Right wrist...
Left wrist… Which meant after looking at the clock, that I’d spent
erm… 08:55 now, started at 07:40hrs – that was good for me!
Smug-Mode Engaged!

The two errant toes were stinging a bit.

Blimey sunshine out!

Carer Adele arrived a little late, not that it mattered in the slightest to me.
She’s collected the two letters from the door box on coming in.
One was a bill from Easy-Link.

The other (above). was the dreaded questionnaire from the Woodthorpe Hospital. I have to fill it in and register before they can see me.
It cost me over four hours to get it all done!

Carers came and went, but I worked like a good un trying to get this blog done… I had to keep stopping for the carers visits, phone calls, answer emails that came in, emptying the daub pouch of the catheter, and forever adjusting the tubing that was giving me some right bother; the bleeding had not stopped since the first accidental pull on the tube. Not bleeding badly, more like a little leak. But it keeps drying, and when I move, the dried blood cracks and starts flowing again; Humph!

Nothing to eat yet. Not that I want anything. I did nibble and dunk a few biscuits each time I made a brew… although five of the mugs of tea went cold cause I was concentrating on doing the graphics.

Tea time, and I went to make another brew, intent on making sure I drank this one. I didn’t. Cause I espied a slimmer of light on the horison – Aha… Sunset was coming, methinks!.

I took a closer shot.

Over the next half-hour, I took several photos of the wonderful sky until the short sunsetting had gone.

Ta-Ta Sunshine!

Get something to eat now… I hope!

A much-doctored bowl of veg soup.
I was halfway through it when the new Carer Zika arrived.
He was late arriving, and muggings here forgot he’d not been.
I am a plonker! He’s a nice lad.
With chatting with him as he got the medications sorted, I also forgot all about the night pouch that needed fitting to the on the .

He took the waste bags and checked the taps for me as he departed.

Then I got the dish, and cutlery washed and settled down in the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner.

Another much-interrupted sleep. For I had to keep checking and emptying the smaller day bag, if needed, overnight. Lost count of the times I had to get up and free the urine into the bucket. Tsk! I think seeing a new face and nattering a little helped me forget about the night pouch.

I also got a visit from Dizzy Dennis every time I bent down to undo the release valve. A little disconcerting they were.


6 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Saturday 18th February 2023

  1. Prostate surgery? Thant’s no fun. Little Inchie might end up half and Inchie. But if that will do in Catherine of Catheterie it will all be for the best. Great sunsets and decent looking meal.

    • Hehehe! Well put, Sir!
      I’m not sure which way they will get at the Prostate, Tim. Little Inchie or Haemorrhoid Harolds entrance?
      I’m not looking forward to it, either way.
      As for lazering off the used residue? To allow a freer flow – what are they going to put in with the camera and lazer? Oooh!
      Still your right about Catherines tubing, it’s giving me grief as I type this, so getting rid, will be a pleasure.
      Then, should I dream of something naughty as I did last week, Little Inchie can be handled again, and I won’t wake up in agony at the inintentional painful stiffy!
      I go through agony when Hristina calls on me. Hehehe!
      The sunsets are a great satisfaction to me, and the Fuli seems to capture them better than the newer-but-broken Lumix did – not so good in the house though doing the pouch or feet.
      Must pop of to the Porcelain Throne again, things seem to be moving in that department.

  2. Holy Wowser Dowser, that was as perfect an essay on your day as I’ve read so far! Seems I’ve been trotting about the Woodthorpe grounds and gardens for many days and nights. Methinks that Petal has perfectly primed my mind for astral travel. If Gretel can transport her essence to Flat 72, then so can Billum, by Gollum.
    Accurate accounts there underline the depth to which depravity can drop into an abysmal abyss. Which is how I describe the very few males and females who scurried about the Capitol Building like so many cockroaches who scatter in every direction when light shines upon their nefarious nests. I have lately been comparing Joe Biden to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Lyndon Johnson before he became bogged down in the Vietnam War. Johnson did succeed in bringing social justice issues forward through the House and Senate in the mid 1960s. Reminding me of a YouTube mix that I listened to this morning while taking a shower. Worran Era to be alive and to have survived and thrived. Except, of course, for the friends we all lost there.

    I’ve lost contact with so many friends who were worrying constantly about being drafted to die in Southeast Asia. A lottery put fate on my side. Being born on September 17th gave me a number 255. My first cousin, Hal, was born on September 14th; that gave him a   number of 1. Somehow, he was not drafted; however, sadly, he died of esophageal cancer. This left his wife a widow and single parent. Of course, I also became a single parent at the age of 34 in 1983. But Jeanne left me with two fantastic children who incredible human beings. Just a bit of well-deserved bragging there, mate.

    I am now gathering my thoughts on BillZiegler1921 and MaryZiegler1921. All to be told in expository, extemporaneous epistolary essays. Today, I worked my way through the bedroom closet down the hall from Gretel, who is presently viewing how they make cakes in South Korea. As Mumbletunes, I had already organized some memorabilia from the 1950s, so I just need to import them into a category on my main website.:

    Going to record it on this very computer via its microphone, methinks. All of it will eventually find its way to the memory banks in the many labs beneath what I am now calling Southern Living at Crowell Manor. I’m also learning how to include a WordPress button that will permit my reader, such as your kind self, to listen to audio files. That should make it easier on your eyes. Actually, easier on all of my readers from around the world. I only wish that WordPress had not chosen the Mercator Projection, the one that makes Greenland look like it’s a large-ass continent.

    Just saying.

    Lisa and I are always praying for you, mon ami!


    • Lovely to hear from you Sir Billum, of the Manor Laboratories. I fank you. And offer an immediate Sontar-Ha!

      I shall seeketh your essence when involved in my addictive pareidolia phtographicalisationing of the sunset, Sir.
      I love doing this with the varying sunset photos.

      “Depravity can drop into an abysmal abyss”. I like it!

      I sort of took to LBJ, Billum. I detected the pain he was going through with the V War, and making decisions involving the lives of so many Americans.

      Lost contacts… so many.
      A truly well-deserved bit of bragging there, my friend!

      Epistolary… now there’s a word I’ve rarely used. got me thinking.

      Ah, audio files. I fear that with my near deafness, and the computers decision to stop the audio thingy from workin, hte cataracts preventing lip reading, things are bleak, so as to speak.

      Gerardus Mercator, I think he did the map around 1560? Amazing really how he managed it. Iceland reminded me of Iceland Foods and their terrible substitutes. Hahaha!

      Keep safe, be creative, and remember, I’m thinking daily of the clan at the Manor! ♥♥♥

      • Yesterday, I finally decided to organize some of the mementos from BillZiegler1921 and MaryZiegler1921. I was the only one of my siblings who were interested in the personal items left behind when the house at 315 Glenroy was sold. Some of them go back to the 1930s. One particular gem was a chunk of lava with an Italian Lira coin embedded within, purchased from a survivor of Mussolini by my father when he was defusing bombs dropped by Axis forces. I am going to take photos and post them on my website; making them available internationally. As you can tell, I am the sentimental bloke in the family. And my father’s namesake. I also have a photo album of black and white photographs from 1961, developed in the basement of 315Glenroy under the tutelage of BZ1921. Time to make those internationally available as well, innit?
        “Depravity can drop into an abysmal abyss” deserves a spot on an arcane poetry site on the internet that I found. It has one of my poems, but now I have to remember the name of the website. Will ask Sir Google about that.
        Audio files intrigue me. So far, I have tested it on one of my recent posts. At least you can turn up the audio volume. Always tinkering with stuff in the Crowell Manor Labs, of course.

      • That’ll br great on the blog, Billum.
        Sharing memories is good.
        B&W photos, as great reminder and memolry prompter idea. Yesterday, I sent a photo to an old neighbour, Chrissie, of her me, Chrissie Mam and another neighbour. Ah, yes, they should interest the ypunger readers as well, mate.
        I fear my eyes and hearing are on the way out mate. With all the procedures and operations I’, waiting for, a pound to a penny, I get the cataract appointment on the same day as another. Hahaha!
        First of the brain scans this Friday, Monday the Prostate evaluation (are they putting a price on it?). Har-har!
        After eight weeks of having the Catheter in, I got a letter, brochure and leaflets about how to manage the contraption? Can’t read it, mind, print too small.
        I handed them to Richard, thinkiing ha might read them and tell me if anything important had to learnt or remembered. He stuck them in a folder.
        Oh, Falls & Recouperation… no, Recovery, lady Lisa or Fiona, names tend to confuse me nowadays, is coming on Thursday.
        So, my fellow Santar-Ha-er. I think the posting your old photos is a brilliant idea, Sir!
        Lisa mentions Dr Who, and it reminded me of the episode called ‘The Library’ – brilliantly written and performed.
        So, when your Air-Powered Time Machine, is done, we can mayhap nip to the future to see them?
        Keep well, Billum, and taketh care.

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