INCHIE TODAY: Friday 17th February 2023

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Foreboding: What does that really mean?
I’ll look it up; just a moment, please…
Ah, yes, hats the word.
Today has been a get nothing done, but, been a busy all-day scenario.
A new medical appointment at the Woodthorpe Hospital arrived via a long complicated difficult-to-hear telephone call from the Doctors surgery.

For an Initial Prostate investigation. I think it was called a TURP procedure, so I looked it up to know what’s what to expect.
“Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)”
Further investigationings came up with:
In transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), a combined visual and surgical instrument (resectoscope) is inserted through the urethra, where it’s surrounded by prostate tissue. An electrical loop cuts away excess prostate tissue to improve urine flow. Oh, good!
I made nine phone calls today: Easy-Link to try and book a lift to and from the Woodthorpe Hospital for the procedure – No chance, told to ring back on Monday morning. I’m hoping that I remember to!

The last five procedures I’ve had all came on a Friday afternoon or evening. Easy (Easy? Haha!) link finish early Fridays, do not have anyone on Saturdays and Sundays. But I’m not complaining about them, they are a charity with wonderful kind volunteers.

I had eight phone calls come in today, and every single one came when I was either in the wet room or kitchen. Thus did not hear them or heard late and missed them… well, five of them. I also made nine calls out. Five being to get through to Easy-Link, which didn’t work out, did it?

A most frustrating day. Thinking about it; nothing went right at all that I can remember. I just got more and more frustrated as the day wore on, grinding me into a Dracula depression.

It all started when I woke up!
I could at least stand up a little easier this morning. But hobbling, more than walking nowadays, was dodgy as the swelling of the ankles and toes was throwing what bit of balance I’d got out of sync.

I took the above abysmally bad photo of the right foot… Dropped the Fuji camera, and the batteries fell out. Could I find them all? No! I found them all, bar one. Where it went is still a mystery as I type this. So, no photos for the blog. Although, many hours (18:00hrs) later, I trod on the escaped battery that had rolled under an overlapping chair cover and found it as I ended up on the floor – luckily right next to the Inchy-Elephant-Lifting-Aid, the recliner, os I got back up actually thinking… Aha, I can use the camera now.
No idea why, but it let me take one shot of the sky clouds and refused to be turned on after that at all. I shall have a look for the spare batteries again later. Maybe if I can find them, they will save the day? Prevent me from topping myself with frustration? Only joking!

Carer Kara came, I do like her. But she looked a little tense today, hope she’s alright. Managed to get a laugh from her before she departed.

The one and only Porcelain Throne Session went okay. Yes!

Liberty-Global -Virgin Internet went done for a short while. Well, would you believe that? Amazing, it hadn’t gone down since yesterday!

Carer Sam arrived. Had a mini-natter, and she looked well.

Went to make a brew of Glengettie, and the mobile rang, which of course, I can’t hear when in the kitchen. I caught the last few rings as I got to the phone too late. The receptionist rang me back minutes later, but it was impossible to hear what she was saying as things kept breaking up.
She tried again on the landline. Not perfect, but easier to hear more of what she was saying about the appointment at the hospital.
Then ~I tried ringing Easy-Link. After several failed attempts over the next hour or so, I got through. But there was no one in; they had just closed down for the week. The lady said to ring back on Monday.

Bit of a Panic: Doreen’s fault!

I’d got it mixed up a little, and I thought for a moment that the appointment was for next Monday, so can they supply a lift with such short notice, I thought. Minutes later, it clicked into place, and I realised the Prostate was being inspected on the 27th, not the 20th. Panic-Over!

Care Jozeph, or is it Josef, arrived, and I asked him to see if he could let someone know to remind me on Monday to call Easy-Link. I’m not sure he’ll be in, though, on Monday. I’ll ask the others too.

Hello, Hello, Hello!
I went to wash my tea mug and spilt some water with citric acid in it, and some went into the drawer – I hastily grabbed some kitchen towel and pulled open the drawer…
It was at this precise moment that I remembered where I’d put the Amazon double-A batteries. The moment I saw them lying there in the drawer!

I got them into the Fuji and, with a certain disappointment, realised that there was no sunset to see tonight! But took this shot. I had some wonderful shots these last three nights as well.

Then to make sure things were working Fuji-wise, I
took this shot of the main room.
Getting on now.

I pressed on with the blogging duties.
Sad that there were not many photographs.
And I thought I’ll make it up to my
many followers and fans and put some of my
favourite sunset pictures of the week on.
I hope they both like them.
Here they are:

And the week before:

That’s yer lot.

I’ll get something to eat now…
Oh, no, I won’t.

Carer Sarah arrived to put the night pouch on to
No time for a chat; the gal was busy.

Now I’ll get some sarnies made. Vegan ham,
on oven-baked rolls with BBQ sauce.
Sounds okay to me; better just make sure
I’ve got some plasters before I start to slice
the pretend meat or burn my fingers
in the oven. Hehehe!

Vegan ham, fresh Kenyan peas, two rolls with Marmite
and cheese, dunked with the ham into some BBQ sauce (Of course). A pot of cheap strawberry jam cheesecake, and eaten along with a bag (Or two) of the delicious, irresistible Marmite crisps!

It was well gone midnight again before I got settled into the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.

But Sweet Morpheus soon had me… Zzzing!

2 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Friday 17th February 2023

  1. It’s like the old saying “To hell or haberdashery!” Hmmm. Was that really an old saying? It has good alliteration, at least. You are having great sunsets. Nice food you fixed.

    • Cheers, Sir Tim.
      I vaguely remember a saying something like that in my younger years, Tim.
      I had to look up alliteration – total brain-block! Tsk!
      This morning, Sunday, Cathy Catheter’s tube in so painful -The amount of weeing has increased dramatically, but up to now, I’ve emptied the bag about six times, and each time I bent down to to release the bleeder-valve, I had Dizzy Dennis at me. Close to going over twice with it… hope the nurse comes tomorrow. This is not good. The light headedness stays for ages as well, then kicks of the next time I bend down? I can sense Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding as I sit hear feeling sorry for myelf. Hehehe!
      Hello the door chime has chimed, hope its the nurse…
      Nope, someone loolking for flat 27?

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