Inchie>: Sunday 30th April 2023

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What a week – the highest ever & lowest ever BP?

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Hallucinatory Moments…
& Unrelenting Amnesia…
Tranquil & Apathetic, too

This will not do! I am a natural-born worrywart,  an over-thinker.
A neurotic-fusspot, a pessimist of the highest order.
Today, I’ve been almost nonchalant about my problems & worries? absent-minded, addlepated, muddleheaded, slaphappy…that is not unusual as
Tom Jones sang. But with added long moments of feeling vague, faraway, which bemused me! I felt I ought to be feeling harassed, annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, discontented, and even exasperated!
But no! Amidst the serious issues that should have been getting to me, I found myself singing Cliff Richard songs to myself?

Things were highlighted when I got a phone call on a Saturday of all days; oh, no, it’s Sunday, even more surprising, from the hospital telling me my name has gone down on the waiting list for the cataract operation. No one told me it had been taken off the list? Obviously, she said smugly, you will go to the back of the waiting list? But was I bothered? No!
I think I told her it would be understandable to get younger people done cause they have years to live and will need their eyesight more than I do.
I puzzled myself with that at first. But it’s right, innit?
Then my not seen for months on end friend, Jillie, phoned me. She’s coming to see me next week. Splendid! Anyway, the moments of weirdness reverted to worry-bucketing, over-self-analysing and disparaging about 20:30hrs. Suddenly I’m back to the sour, dour self frame of mind again.
At first this morning, I felt being so carefree was so unnatural to me.
Now, I wish I could go back into it again.
I can’t win, can I?

For the first ten hours since wakefulness arrived, I fear the now much-missed ‘Out-of-it’ period continued. No notes were taken down, very few photographs were taken, and even fewer were remembered. I’ll do my bestest with what I can recall and what few piccies that I apparently took – well, they were on the SD card.

The red knee, in the grip of .
Wee-wee a little darker.

The feet looked a lot better!
Only two visits up till now. (21:05hrs).


Early views.

Later shots…
Taken in two different modes.
Oddly, I can’t recall which.

The latest shot of the refitting & building.

No chance of any sunset tonight.
Still Bootiful.

Struggled with the computer again.
♥ Got a call from Jillie! ♥.
Bless her; she’s going to call on me next week!

Hurrah! The meal photo made its way onto the SD card!

Note the two American doughnuts on
the gold paper plate? Nice!.
I ate the lot!
Taste Rating: 7.2/10.

Emptying the day bag, and the urine was not a good colour!


Talk about resistance! It must have been four hours before I nodded of. Then, the Dreamt Thought Storms attacked.
Revenge for my earlier hours of the Couldn’t-Care-Less mood.
Three hours later, I was up and doing the fearful at times . Things got a little messy!
 I was full of fear and dread.
But no idea why?