Inchie: Monday 1st May 2023

– – – – Or is that 1.84bn? – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

Another ‘in and out of it’ day.
However, far fewer ‘Out-of-its’ than ‘Almost with it’ moments.
Genuine ‘With-It’ events you can count on one hand.
I still managed to get so far behind with everything.
Make multiple errors & mistakes.
Not a bad day, really, for me!
No, that might be stretching the point!
Sorry about the delightful moments of my Pareidoliaing.
I found a feast of figures in the clouds at various
times during the day & night. ..
A weakness of mine, as you know!

Up at 04:30hrs; Throne and ablutions were tended to.

Care Richard arrived. Nice to see him. He got the prescription medications issued and evaluated. Managed a mini-natter.

Healthier-looking pins today?

Only three visits to the challenging today.
was not so bothersome, but… the
were back again. Humph!

No work was done on my unknown neighbour’s house today.
Fair enough; it is Bank Holiday!

Got some fresh veg cooking, and am going to add them to a can of cheap vegetable soup. My designs were to have this at around 13:00hrs. But as per, they didn’t work out. I got the meal at 22.45hrs.
Better late than never!

A few Pareidoliaing moments were enjoyed, as the sky with its fast-moving clouds turned a smidgen blur… Two eyes, or marbles at the bottom of the first effort, above.
Higher in the sky shot. An explosion taking place?
A Pareidoliaing success here. (Above)
It looked to me as if a keyhole had been cut through the clouds as if they were made of snow? I can see a head in there, as well.

The fresh and canned vegetables were merged in the saucepan and flavoured a little… Then got forgotten about for a good few hours!

Later on, the skies began to lose their blue tinge a little.
I can see two whales kissing each other?
And a swan taking to flight?

Ten minutes later, the sun started to descend.
Looks like a Red-Dwarf craft in there?.

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Late afternoon.
Down comes the sun.
Pareidoliaing: I see an animal’s head
with its jaws open in the clouds? Mayhap
chasing the small clouds on the right?.
A mane on the animal’s head?.

Back onto the computer…
Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

The handsome-looking mirrors & Smoke boss Man Fries, paid with Liberty-Global’s $ 24 billion to buy Virgin Media, doesn’t seem to be interested in this constant failure? Yet manages to afford flashy untrue, advertisements on the TV, of how great, and reliable… (Sorry, I had to stop for a laugh there!) Virgin Media is.
Mind you, my experiences with BT a few years ago, were almost as bad as Liberty-Global-Virgin Media.


I was taking out the potatoes from the oven to add to the soup.
I thought about other people with neurotic problems, and wondered how they coped when the shakes, shudders or topples happen?
At least with my having this as one of my ailments, there are times, like this incident, when can be a semi-blessing. As I tore the finger from the oven door, there was no pain whatsoever. Of course, as ‘s habit, when the nerve ends finally get the message to the brain to tell it that It’s in pain… it could be seconds or hours later, the belated agony can catch you out.
Come think of it, it did today. I was washing out a spring water bottle, when the message got through to my brain, and dropped the flipping thing. Hey-Ho!

The sunset, such as it was, was not photographed very well…

A wide shot first.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me.
A close-up shot.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me..
After the sun had descended.
I got it betterer, as it looked to me.

The Meal Was Served

Not a very pretty-looking meal at all!
But, it went down nicely!
I’m going to try another like this tomorrow.
The Carer called as I was scoffing at it.
I soon finished it off. Taste-Rating: 8.3/10!
Medications taken. A little chin-wag was enjoyed
The gal is off to Skeggie with her boyfriend tomorrow.
Hope she enjoys it.

Then, although so late, I decided to make a start on this blog.
Else it’s going to take too long in the morning if I don’t make a start.
This was the case; when I opened the Internet…

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Their Trustpilot Rating is no surprise!
This made me check on BT…
Blimey, an alternative load of crap!

Things could be worse I may have caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!