Inchie: Tuesday 30th May 2023

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A lot took place today. Nothing good, of course. Panic, frustration, Whoopsiedangleplops, & Accifauxpas were rife.
Everything that could delay and slow me seemed to!

The $24 million, with guaranteed bonuses and an open-ending expense account Liberty-Global head-honcho Fries, the money-manipulating financial number-cruncher, will no doubt be troubled by their failure to get, even an imitation of an efficient internet connection, or unbroken service me.
I lost so much work when the Smoke & Mirrors man’s Virgin Media went down – multiple times – AGAIN!

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05:10hrs: I stirred and removed the night pouch.
It was a terrible colour again. Removed the night pouch.

Washed last night’s pots up. Then off to the

Controlled the evacuation. Which must have taken ten minutes to expel from my rear end. Bloody, but not messy, the long-awaited splash, and then the fearsome job of refilling the water tank buckets.
I had a go at using the shower to refill the buckets. But dear soon kicked off with my bending to clear the mass of water all over the place, caused by

Made up and cleared the bags of waste. Started to reply to the multitude of comments on my blog… well, one. And was summoned back to the .
A complete reversal! Humph! Trotsky Terence was in charge this time. He’s a messy bloke!

Got things cleaned up. Used, and then refilled the water buckets for the awaiting attention not-working water tank.

Put the kettle on, and Cara Kara arrived. Bless her. She soon had the medications sorted and listened to my problems, which she knew all about, as she is handling things for me with my confused, financials

A food order arrived, as I was taking the morning view.
My much-missed beautiful, but sad that I can no longer visit it every morning as I used to.

Onto the computer, to find that CorelDraw had gone ape-shit. Various icons were blacked out! Impossible to save anything, copy, paste, group or access any of the Bitmap options. I left it a while, hoping for a miracle repair to be performed by an Angel of some kind – But No!  It was not so!
I tried several other versions of CorelDraw, x7, x8, 2018 etc. but they were all the same – Non-working Icons. I then had a thought (I do occasionally), I think the old bank card details were used to try to take my payment… I’d forgotten to change them? Likely my fault, then. Humph!
I had a look at various options in art packages that I could buy far cheaper than CorelDraw. None of them did what I needed them for. I investigated the prospects of buying Adobe Illustrator. But not at that price, although also what put me off was watching some tutorials on using it, I don’t think I’ll live long enough to learn how to manipulate it. Hehe!
So, I bought the latest CorelDraw.
Somehow I managed to download it, pay for it, and installed it without any help. However… Setting it up from scratch, and the farcical payment being rejected and having to do it again; 5 hours! And I say this myself… I was lucky! Yes!

 As soon as the transaction was completed.
I went to make a mug of Thompson’s Punjana and took this photograph of the Tree Copse below.
Also this mystery snap of whatever it was. Hehehe!

Back to the Computer, working again… for ten minutes, then…
Well, fancy that!

The food was delivered!
Frozen stored away
The fridge filled a bit…
Back to the setting up of the CorelDraw screen.
It took another two hours or so, and I was struggling with it, so tried to load an old file in the hopes that the palettes and layout had been included in the original saving of it…
Yee-Haa! It worked; this saved me time for once; it just needs fine-tuning now. But…

I’d tried four times to get hold of Josie, to give her the kettle that arrived with today’s order. But no luck, I tried a fifth time, no answer. But I thought I could hear noises from within her flat. They must have been loud for me to hear them. I tried the door and entered, and foul Josie in her kitchen. “I’ve not got my hearing aids in!” she said. She was doing her laundry, and the spin drier was making the noise.
I was too late getting the replacement kettle to rescue her… she’s been out and bought one already. Took the edge off of my efforts. I gave her the box and said to keep it just in case. She said she wanted to give me something for once. I got her departed husband’s walking stick. With her strict instructions to use it. Haha! Bless her!

It was already near on 19:00hrs as I gave up on the computer. This blog has not even started. Tomorrow is going to be busy as well as I get ready for the QMC trip. Can’t imagine me catching up on blogging. But you never know

So I could not save my work, and left the computer in sleep mode, and checked on the pins…Not looking bad at all.
day pouch and the colour was really good.
Fifteen minutes later, I tried the computer, and it was back on. By the time I’d saved my work, all bar CorelDraw…

$24 million a year Liberty-Global’s boss, Mr Fries,
must be laughing his head off!

Next Delivery…
Plenty of liquids for me to be able to follow the
District Nurse’s orders and drink 3-a-day, minimum.
Naturally, these above are not for me. Oh, no!

A fairish nosh prepared. I do like boiling boiled potatoes in the slow cooker… they tend not to burn. I’d had them in there for about nine hours on low! Hehe!
Along with soya sausages, garden peas and some beetroot.
A worthy 8.1/10 for taste rating.

  Chris arrived and did the med’s and rubbed in some of the pain gel on my back for me.

Although not in a good frame of mind with theand CorelDraw farcicalnesses, I drifted off into the land of Sweet Morpheus… it was blissful… Until arrived to wake me up, Hehehe! Chloe added the to the

Yet again, could I get to sleep? Not a cat in hell’s chance!
I gave up and went to take photos of the evening sky.
I took the first, then zoomed in to take the close-up.
Was enjoyed. I saw several items in these cloud formations. A chick’s (chicken’s) head, a pair of eyes, and a face.

Last check of the pins as I got down into the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable,  decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, creaking, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner.