Inchie: Fri 30th & Sat 1st July – Escaped the flat Friday – Mind-Blanks Saturday!

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A bit too colourful this morning

Ablutions, Porcelain Throne, sorted paperwork for the bank visit.
No way I could get the shoes on; just too painful. Went on the trip in my slippers!
The side of the ankle was oddly a bit shiny?
What’s that pattern on it?

The wound where the full soda bottle attacked me on its way down when I dropped it, was already feeling a little tender.
And a load of walking to come yet.

Carer Kara arrived, and worries seemed to fade. Gave my money to Kara, then we Double-checked the flat was okay, and down we went to get the taxi. The most painful trip I’ve had in years
But seeing how things had changed so much since my last day out was a pleasure. It prompted some memories in my grey cells, and I bent poor Kara’s ear about them. I also ask Kara to remind me to use the camera, take photos en route, in West Bridgford and town, and go on this blog.

To the bank. It’s an eerie place.
I could not hear anything anyone was saying apart from Kara.
After initial greetings, Kara took over the conversation; in her usual capable fashion, for me.
 We were out in no time, (it seemed).
Kara suggested getting buses back, and I think it was a grand idea, considering the agony I went through getting into, travelling in and getting out of the taxi.

Walking from dropping off the bus to the next one, we called into Primark To get thin dressing gowns, a hat and slippers. This proved to be impossible. All the slippers seemed to be flip-flops, and the few that weren’t, were either too tight to get into them, or had hard outers, some plastic! The pyjamas were all too thick for summer. And by then, I’d forgotten all about the caps.

Up onto Parliament Street to homeward bound bus stop.
While waiting for the 40 bus, Kara got out her mobile, found some thin jammies, and ordered them for me. I didn’t think to ask if they would pay on the day. Back to the flat and she saw me in safely bless her cotton socks. ♥
She did the eye drops and medications for me and departed back to work. When she leaves, I always feel a smidge sadder. But, she won’t adopt me as a grandad… Yet. Hehehe!

I was in such pain with my legs and feet after the for me. marathon hobble. I tried to do some blogging, but thanks to…
Virgin Media forever going down and costing me the most valuable thing on earth, time; having to do things that I’d already done but could not save, and repeatedly as well! I got as close to angry as possible… No, angrier than I have been for a while.

I persisted a while longer, but the fatigue came on earlier than usual, and I gave up, thinking what a good idea it would be to leave all the blogs until later. I was so far behind with me doing the ‘Prompt’ blog’. Will I ever catch up?
I got an early meal of sorts made. A bean feast with added borscht. Really annoyed at me cause I’m certain, sure… well, I think I took a photograph of it, but it’s not on the SD card? Then again, it’s taken me until Sunday to get around to doing this Friday, and Saturday blog; plenty of times to get things wrong! It’s a natural skill I have!

Just before head down time.
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Possibly the pain in the feet and ankles accrued during my escape from the flat, with Escape-Planner Kara yesterday, is the reason… well, maybe also , , and sheer physical and mental exhaustion. The day has so many blank spots, that some of the comments may be part guesswork. I actually now feel I must have kept falling asleep… but no! Had that happened there would certainly be the usual signs of nibbling, crumbs from my cookies, and the smell of flatulence.

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Ablutions and a stand-up wash. I soon discovered that the wound and feet looked less messy but were actually more painful this morning. I recall cutting myself only three times shaving, two teeth bleeding. I noticed that the sadly accidentally damaged , and yet the newly damaged . ,  poor Little Inchie! He has to have a tube inserted right through him into the bladder, and now it’s causing bleeding every single day; my heart goes out to him. Hahaha! Medicationings: All went well, even if a little painful with the ankle and lesion.
The activities were the messiest for a long time. I started with a newly opened Asda Mega-roll of toilet paper; it felt like I’d used a third of it before things were satisfactorily cleansed and talcum powdered. Haha!
After cleaning them up, I liberally applied the Brut to the shaving cuts. It stings a bit, but is a marvellous blood stopper; better than any stencils I’ve tried over the years. I remember having to stick bits of the Nottingham Evening News on them.

Local Picture Parade
From the kitchenette Window

The being done-up house across the bottom field.
This road leads onto Winchester Street Hill at the lower part.
The base for the Community Nurses was meant to be in this one. But it’s just out of view top let. They move on their own you know? Tsk!
Towards the City view.
A wider shot, to the left side of the view.

Shots taken by Carer Chris after he ointmentated the legs.
Taken earlier.
Not good are they?

Whatever happened in the extremely long mind blank is anyone guess. But when some photos came on my email on Sunday morning, I remembered that Carer CA took them, I’ll put them in tomorrows. Kind of the carers for me.
Where was I? Oh, yes, the next five hours were memory free.
Did I nod off? Nope, cause the Carers came and signed the book later on. Int life a douche-bag when yer gerrin’ older!

Must have taken this during the blank?

Thanks for having a nosey at the blog ♥

Inchie, on his escape to the bank!

Cheers again!

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  1. Your legs are looking terrible. Nice to escape home jail for a bit. Excellent photos. I suppose Brute on cuts is better than WD-40. Our Cuban friends sprayed WD-40 on their cuts. Bad idea, but Cuban healthcare is not top notch despite what you might have heard.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Today, brown toes, mmiddle three, and all toes on the right foot mishapened?
      Keep safe, cuddle from ,e for the furries, please

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