Inchies: WP Prompt 1994

10 things I know to be absolutely certain
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
❶: I looked nothing like Roy Orbison
❷: I do not own a BMW, but…
❸: My cataract op didn’t go too well
❹: I do not like Peptac, Aniseed Flavour!
❺: Missing the eye with the drops can
leave an orange streak from your eye, cheek,
and moustache. It
doesn’t taste nice!

❻: Using throw-away razors for too long
is not a good idea!
❼: If Angela Goosebury invites you to.
a party, think twice!
❽: If stoking a boiler, posing for a
photograph is not a good idea.
❾: If the doctor who fitted your new
catheter tells you to drink fluid…
❿: If allergic to Clopidogrel… Wear a
wrist sign to let the Stroke Doctors know:
Or you may end up like this!
(Me today!)

2 thoughts on “Inchies: WP Prompt 1994

  1. It certainly appears that both of us have been frightfully busy in der letzten Zeiten (recently). Lisa and I went to see the cataract doctor this afternoon. The ophthalmological surgeon is young, brilliant, and already has a large family. We could tell right off that he knows his stuff, because he takes his accomplishments lightly. Perhaps in the same way as G.K. Chesterton described angels — they can fly because they take themselves lightly. Haha!!
    I visited my older sister, Terry, a couple of weeks ago. She is the only member of us siblings who is older than BillZiegler1947. Born in May 1946 she was. Big deal baby boomer years, were they not?
    Been spending much spare time studying Arabic Language. Now I just need to sit down with an Arabic speaker and to have a conversation of small talk:

    The coffee is cold ( القهوة باردة )
    Where is my favorite cat? ( أين قطتي المفضلة؟ )

    I must admit that it is daunting to take on a language from an entirely different family of languages, but that is what makes it fun, of course.

    Remind me to write you more often, kind Sir!

    Billum of Crowell Manor

    • We have both been up to the neck in it, mate, that’s true.
      My done cataract was a failure. Got to have it lazered off again, a stitch in the crack then removed, and another lens then cornea put on again.
      This week coming, they are starting on the left eye, either the glaucoma or cataract whichever.
      The surgeon who did my cataract got me to sign a disclaimer that I knew it would have a 30% less chance of success, and agree to it going ahead – He was right. Young, pleasant, and he explained everything that was going on during the procedure. Great!

      Definitely the babby-boomer years, Billum!

      Spare time? What’s that, Professor Billum? Hehe! Two hours to get the ablutions done each morning, Liberty-Global Virgin internet forever going down to dely me further and lose my work… In two sticks now after the bad tumble… I’m struggling a bit mate. But the sugar-level was spot on when checked at he emnergency drop-in-centre. 90 minutes travel on bus each way, snd goiong there I got off the bus to early and had to trudge a lot further to the centre… but these things, although I get angry with myself, just seem part of life now, Billum.

      Aabic must be a challenge, by gim, even to an intellect like your worthy self. The last time I tried to learn a language:
      The coffee is cold (Mae’r coffi yn oer)
      Where is my favorite cat? (ble mae fy hoff gath)
      I gave up. No time left in a day for it now. Haha!

      Write me more often, kind Sir!

      Sorry I haven’t been able to contact my favourite couple on the net. Had four tumbles in four days. The last one was a bad one, 4 hours on the floor waiting for an ambulance. (That didn’t come & I cancelled it when Gawd knows how, I got myself back up. Agony!
      The others sort of normal, just needing someone to get me back up again.
      Hence the two-sticks, which is making things damned awkward when having to carry the catherter night bag, and cook a meal, Metal Micky & Wooden Wally in tow.

      I’m going to try hobbling with the one again today, so I have a free hand (Left one, the right is dodgy – Pn as you realise).

      I pray that your Lisa-Petal, your good self & Alan and the furries are all doing well.

      حافظوا على أنفسكم بأمان

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