Inchy: Mon 20 Nov 2023

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Things started so well; well, things were not as bad as usual. Even the Oligarch’s internet started on only my third try this morning! I was certainly well pleased with that. And it stayed on for well over two hours! During this, I got the updating of the Sunday blog started… then the what-d’yer-call it hit the fan!

First, Firefox failed; all sorts of messages showed up and the screen froze. I tried to get on Google, which opened, and it was with the last one used… it was from 2008! The bookmarks had things that My old mate Trevor had been using. Sex sites galore, and some that were showing a high risk and were monitoring the computer, and Norton popped up telling me to log in… but what I thought was the password, that was changed a few days ago when I was having trouble with a different nature, did not work? Then, I had to sign in and create a new password as I’d forgotten the last one I used…
Midway doing this… The Oligarchs struck.
, was going down and back up. Then down almost at the same time, for hours!
The Carer arrived, and I bent his ears with my problems. We ended up with him suggesting I turn everything off for a while, then back on. I was worried about the two signing-on things I’d started when the Oligarch Virgin Internet failed altogether! Is it still working in the background or not? Will I have to start all over again?
A food delivery arrived as I turned off everything after the Carer left. Sorted that out and tried the computer again. Tried Google and found it now had a Norton screen? Oh, boy! Then, it asked for me to sign in again. Then Grammarly asked me the same. Went on Firefox, and it seemed to be working, apart from a different layout on the screen. I finally got into the Grammarly My Site and clicked to reinstall Grammarly for Windows and Firefox, as it wasn’t working anywhere.
The second Carer arrived, I must have looked a little jaded to her. Judging by her concern for me, bless her.
After much faffing about, Grammarly started working in Firefox, and I thought at last! The mobile chirped and flashed. The Easy-Link gentleman confirmed the lift to and from the hospital tomorrow. Nice chap!
Got the blog finished… and…
I got the dreaded blue screen come up on the computer.
I thought its death had arrived, or at least was imminent.
I’ve no idea where the message came from, but it read: Your computer has a critical problem… A green strip measured across, and another note read, ‘We will return you where you were soon, please be patient…’
So I tried to be patient.
Within about five minutes, the strip had filled, and Firefox reappeared. But I’d lost a lot of work I’d done, and Grammarly was still not working, and the internet went down again when I was trying to sign in…
I was in a semi-panic mode now. It was hard to breathe, and I had a .
and were followed by . As bad as any was, I dared not stand up for a while. I’m a little worried about this happening tomorrow at the clinic. I just sat at the computer doing whatever I dared to try and get things working and praying the animals at would not cock things up again for me; of course, they did. It was not until 19:00hrs after the Carer left, that things seemed to be coming along. I was in such a state that I couldn’t recall what I did, but Grammarly is now working on Google. Although getting into WordPress is now a complicated process, I’ll not use it again unless, or should I say, the next time Firefox leaves me in the lurch. It is also working on MS Word. I calmed down a bit. But wanted to get up early in the morning to prepare for the hospital visit. I will be up all night again, catching up with the blog.
I’ll have to finish it off Tuesday night, which will do my health and sleep no good. Ah, well!

Holy Molly, blood in the urine?

Morning view.
The morning sky… honestly. Haha!

The only mug of the day, Glengettie tea!

Waste bags sorted.

The trouble started with Firefox.
It lasted with the help of Grammarly
& for seven hours in total.

LS food order, although most of the cost went on Christmas and New Year treats for Carers and nursesA good selection is in stock now. New Year Treats.
A bit of food & cleaners.
And the flowers for the Wardens.

Cheers, each!

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    • I missed the leg, so did the table, The helpful kitty was supporting it? Hehe!
      Waiting more food this morning Sir. (Tue) Hoping it comes soon enough before the lift to hospital does, no signs yet… Tsk! Cheers.

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