Inchcock Today: Sunday 10th June 2018


Sunday 10th June 2018

Sudanese: Minggu 10 Juni 2018

0340hrs: My expergefaction, suffered from confusion between the somniativeness and actuality. Causing me some confused reality, for a short while, a state of paramnesia I think it is called.

A welter of vague yet complex memories of the dreams I’d been having mingled about in my brain. Yet I could recall no details of any of the many thoughts I think I’d had overnight? Just emotions, mainly frustrations, jealousies, and fears. I reckon that possibly Noisy Herbert from the flat above might have crept into one of the nightmares. Because I was positively thinking of him, well, the noise he makes in my muddled-mind-melee of machinations.

It took a while for things to become real, the vagueness to leave me.

WDP02C It helped me to regain reality when I trapped my burnt finger-end from the Whoopsiedangleplop last night, in the £300 second-hand recliner as I attempted to escape the seat’s oh so comfortable clutches. In fact, it was only the hassle from burnt fingers, and Reflux Roger (Although Anne Gyna joined in, later on), that was giving me any bother this morning.

The Health Checks were completed.



The reading were all similar to the last few days.

Although they have been a little up and down in comparison to the day before’s readings in the Sys, Dia, and pulse.

A much better session, I think that Trotsky Terence is easing off now and giving me a break. Which I found most welcome and appreciated.

7Sun02The view outside caught my eye, and I went to get the camera and took this shot through the window, facing North.

I had to pop to the Porcelain Throne in between doing the sphygmomanometer tests. I had clean up after the evacuation, and am pleased to report that the fungal lesion was bleeding for less than at the same time yesterday. Good!

7Sun06c I returned to the kitchen and got the next week’s medication pots made up.

Only dropping one tablet and one capsule as I did so. Smug Mode Adopted. Haha!

WDP02C Then, I did a bit of a silly, daft Whoopsiedangleplop!

I did the hemadynamometer Health Checks again. Why you ask? So do I! What a nitwit I am, unquestionably!

Got the kettle on to make a tasty brew of English Breakfast tea.

7Sun01The temperature on the thermostat on the kitchen window ledge showed 71°f, and the widow had been ajar overnight, too.

WDP02C. I dropped the small mug as I was taking it towards the kettle. I couldn’t believe it, but it did not break when it bounced off the kitchen floor – and I caught it on its first rebound back up! Yet another Smug Mode adopted!

Started to update the Noise from above ridden, Saturday diary. This took some time, but eventually, I got it completed and sent off to WordPress.

7Sun07WDP02C Then, I decided to get the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot. Chopped up some turnip and mushrooms. Ahem! The blood was nowhere as bad as it looks in this photo, I squashed the finger to make it look worse in my quest for sympathy. Only joking, Hehehe!

Then I podded some fresh garden peas. I say fresh, many of them had gone mouldy, so they had to be sorted carefully. Huh!

Got them in the pot with some brown sugar, vinegar and onion salt.

Began updating this diary next, got as far as here, and went to the WordPress Reader section.

0940hrs, now. No noise from Herbert yet. He may have gone out shopping?

I went on to Facebook, hoping it will not mess me about this time. I was alright, now it is sticking again. Grrr!, no, I’m not to a Grrr, maybe a flipping heck? Haha!

1125hrs: Herberts back at it, crunch, bang.

Moved on to creating some Blog Page Header graphics.

1445hrs: Got a few made-up.

Sat down cause I wasn’t feeling too bright.

Tried reading, but concentration was a struggle with the tap-tap-grinding noises from above.

7Sun38Got the meal sorted and served-up.

Ate the nosh to the odd accompaniment of a bang, tap-tap or whining noise from the flat above.

I ate it all up, not a crumb left on the empty plate.

Took the medications.

Tired as I felt, sleep resisted me.

I got the TV on and managed the odd nodding-off for a few minutes. Being woken by the tap, crunch grinding noises. Even with the headphones on I could hear them.

7Sun39Got up to get a drink of orange juice.

And realised I had forgotten to use the slow-cooker contents, the mushroom and peas in the meal. At least I had turned-off the crock-pot.

Horrible time with no getting off to sleep and the odd clang, bang or scuffling coming from somewhere.

I lay there in the semi-darkness, feeling temperamental and uneasy for ages before getting off into the land of nod?


Inchcock Today: Saturday 9th June 2018: Not many Whoopsiedangleplops… but they were crackers! Oy Vey!


Saturday 9th June 2018

Spanish: Sábado 9 de Junio de 2018

WDPA4A 0410hrs: I shot awake after a terrible night of interrupted sleep, and a variety of short, fearful dreams. Each one different in topic, but all of them brought my most annoying, infernal aboulomania to the fore.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with no difficulties and off to the wet room for a wee-wee. During which the borborygmus from within started, and I converted the wee-wee session t5Fri38o a Porcelain Throne one, immediately. A good job I did too. Turned out to be a very rapid evacuation. Hehe!

WDPA4A Cleaned up and to the kitchen, where I found many of these whatever they are, beetles had got through the partly opened window.

This little chap or girl in the photo was the only one that did not scuttle or fly away. A closer look when I went to photograph the insect, showed that it was injured and could not run away. Poor thing, I had to euthanise it.

I made a brew and got the Health Checks done. Sys and pulse still a little low compared to what it has been.


I went to check the front door when I thought I heard a noise. Found the INR test results had arrived. I got the emails opened, and there was one from the surgery about the DVT Warfarin results. The INR had gone from 4.2 down to 2.0, and they had made me another late in the day appointment. They just don’t like me. Haha!

Did the Morrison order and applied the code for the £10 off voucher they had sent me after they cancelled last Thursday’s order. I hope that this week’s delivery arrives. It’s been a time-consuming painful and hassling experience trying to get out to the shops, and even harder getting back with the heavy bags weighing me down as well.

WDPA4A I heard that unrecognisable noise again. I’ve not the foggiest idea what made it or where it came from.

I had a look out of the spare junk-room window.

6Sat04I find it hard to describe the noise, my having not heard anything like it before. I suppose as near a thing I’ve ever harkened to like it in any way, is Dr Who’s Tardis taking off or landing, but from a long way off?

I couldn’t see anything untoward or that might have caused the odd noises.

But the view in the downward photograph was excellent and came out detailed rather well, I thought.

Smug-Conceited-Mode Adopted Hehe!

The one took towards my beloved tree copse didn’t come out so well. Can’t win them all! Haha!

While I leaned there on the window ledge, the mind had one it’s wandering off of its own accord sessions. It found fears, worries, complications, and created its personal obstacles to contentment for me. Damned cerebellum, if it isn’t overly concerned with medulla oblongata activities; it seems to be so self-critical, it pisses me off! Blimey, did I say that?

WDPA4A I went to the spare-junk-room, and stood there, having forgotten entirely what it was I went into the room to do! Now, this is not unusual in the slightest for me, and for many of the tenants of Woodthorpe Court Old Peoples Flats, and this type and many variations of forgetfulness, amnesia, vagueness and abstraction, happen so often, they are not worth being recorded or mentioned as a rule. But on this singular occasion, I just knew it was something important, urgent that I had to do. I tried the usual thing and wandered off to concentrate on something else, in the hope that whatever I’d forgot would come back to me minutes later. Or something would take place to remind me. Feh! Fat chance!

The brain box toyed with me: How can you be sure it was something important? – Had you gone into the intended room, or did you mean to go in another one? – Oi Vay, You only have three rooms! – You are definitely suffering from dementia, and Go on then, put the kettle on!

Most aggravatingly, the reason for my mission to the junk-room has never returned. Yet, but it might – or not!

I then got the Friday Diary updated and posted off to WordPress.

Then I went to the WP Reader Section. Some great stuff on it today.

Hello, Herberts’s banging away again.

Made another brew, then went on to CorelDraw to do some more page top graphics.

I’d been on Facebook for ages, enjoying myself without any problems. Now it does not take me to the comments when I click on them? I was going to have a look at Margaret’s, but it just doesn’t take me there when clicked, nothing happens? I turned it off and on again to see if that would work.

7Sun03Gone dead slow again, now. Turned off and got the nosh prepared.

I spotted that the flat’s balcony had had some wood attached to the corner edges of the base.

Herbert was having fun upstairs with his drilling, clunking and banging about for a while, again. I hate weekends, it’s always going to produce clattering and noise from the flat above. To think, I used to look forward to weekends, not any more. It’s bad enough during the week, but Saturdays and Sundays ruin my health and peace.

But, let’s not moan, because I was virtually told off about complaining about the racket, and told he is perfectly entitled to follow his hobby, by Nottingham City Homes Management.

Best to forget I typed this, or I might get into trouble for being pestered and bothered by his noise pollution by, ‘The Management!’; and told again that I will have to put up with it. But of course, I have been forbidden from communicating any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes staff, personnel or agent, on this blog. So, I’ll cross this out. Sorry.

I got the mushrooms and podded peas in the saucepan and was finishing off the CorelDraw graphicationalisation when brother-in-law Pete rang me. Cheered me up this did. 

6Sat24I enjoyed the natter we had about nothing and everything, mostly about remembering old cars and vans. Hehe! Said our farewells, and I suddenly realised I could smell burning!

WDPA4A Into panic-mode and the kitchen. Oh, what a mess was found!

I removed the saucepan and somehow managed to salvage the mushrooms and garden peas. I strained them first thing (Not that there was much water left in the pan to strain, Tsk!). I got them on the plate and tackled the mess on the stove.

I tried all sorts of cleaners, and it took me ages to get it semi-cleaned.

WDPA4A Burning my finger-tips on the first application of the Dettol cleaner that did not work, then I tried the Hob Cleaner which left the plates with the hard ground on ring marks that will probably remain there forever. 

After the cooker biodegrades in a few hundred years, the thick dried on splodges of mushroom, pod peas, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar marks will probably last another thousand years. Humph!

Despite my best efforts, burnt fingers, cut finger, they still look a right mess, and depression had loomed, self-hatred hovered, for my stupidity in forgetting about the cooking when our Pete rang me and gossiped on. Still, the nattering was appreciated. Hehe!

I medicated the fingertips, did the health checks, took the medications and got the meal served up.

6Sat06The peas and mushrooms actually tasted almost ambrosial! So, a tip here for lovers of freshly podded garden peas and chestnut mushrooms – simmer them in water with onion salt balsamic vinegar and light soy sauce seasonings for a couple of hours. Burn your fingers when you to to clean up the mess from the over spilt liquid that has gone all over the stove top, spent about £9’s worth of cleaners in your failed effort to sort out the mess, make the meal, and I can guarantee a succulent palatable result tastewise! Hehehe!

I dined to the accompanyment of Herbert above’s grinding scraping noises. I nearly dropped the mug of fresh orange juice when I caught the burns on the fingers, well, finger really, the other two fingers are no bother now, just the tip of the index digit on the right hand.

Did the health checks and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. Got the TV on, and even with the headphones on, I could hear the clanging and banging from Herbert in the  flat above. I wonder what he’s making this time. A full-size model of the Russian T45 or a Panzerkampfwagen IX?

His clump, clunk and thudding went on for ages this time. But, as I say, it doesn’t matter, he is perfectly entitled to follow his hobby, and I must put up with it. As per instructions received from the Management.

After a couple of hours falling asleep and waking repeatedly again, I gave up trying to watch the telly. Turned it off, and I reckon I’d nodded off within seconds of doing so.

Then the dreams started. Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Friday 8th June 2018 – Busy day, Foot Lady Sue and the Odd Whoopsiedangleplop; INR DVT blood level dropped, All coped with. (Smug Mode Adopted) Hehe!


Friday 8th June 2018

Somali: Jimco 8th Juun 2018

0000hrs: Already wide awake and on this computer, with a gone cold mug of tea at my side and… no, hang on, off to the Porcelain Throne now… By gum, that was a better session, far less messy. Maybe Trotsky Terence is on his, at last. Haha!

Got the Health Checks and medications taken.


5Fri001bA dip in the Sys, but all the other readings seem fine.

Made another brew of Breakfast Tea and took the medications.

I have to say, I’m feeling much better than yesterday, with all of those memory loses, blank spots and sheer confusion racking away at my brain. Worried me that did.

Back to updating this blog.

I went to the WordPress reader page.

I found a note put through the door by the pulcritudenic Cyndy. It had the email addresses of her and Margaret for me to use. Bless her! I’ve sent the photo of Cyndy and Margaret to them, I hope it goes through this time.

Went on Facebook to find Cyndy’s page and send a friend request to her and Margie.

Went on Facebook, but it was a struggle, it kept going dead slow again on me. Humph!

 1Mon01WDPA4A I did feel a right Nebekh! I glanced at the clock and thought it was ten-past-eight, and the heart thudded.

Blimey, that’s gone quickly I thought – but it was really only twenty-to-two. Tsk!

What a plonka!

Tried Facebooking again.

I made up a graphicalisation of three TFZer gals performing on stage.


Jillie, Pattie, and Lillie! An International Trio from Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Went for another, short, sharp wee-wee.

Coming out I thought I heard a sort of howling or shouting noise from outside.

I did m5Fri002y best to look out of the kitchen window, but of course, with the new window set-up, I can’t get out far enough to see directly below anymore. Which somewhat restricts ones view if I had to look to see if the building was on fire, or if any emergency vehicles had arrived.

But, I digress, sorry about that. I took this picture anyway.

Back to CorelDraw.

5Fri005WDPA4A I went to check on the slow-cooker – Titter! Found I had not started it. What a great big Shmendrik I am!

The rain was pelting down outside.

I am expecting the worker chap at 0830hrs.

WDPA4A Got the things and myself ready for the showering and noticed the left leg had bloated again, and 5Fri003some new, different types (Sizes anyway) of bruises on the legs and arms.

So, I got the ablutions sorted. Then the usual excruciating medicationalisationing; Which went betterer this morning. Merely painful. Hahaha!

Made another brew.

Managed to do another TFZers in Business graphic finished.


Cleared the ledge in the kitchen to make way for the worker-man when he arrives to fill in the cracks and holes. It filled all the other areas. Tsk!


Chap arrived on time, it was the boss man who came. He soon had the job done. But if I were to catch the bus, I’d have to leave the window ledge things where they were for now.

Got ready to go to the shops.

Set off for the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

WDPA4A Got to the lift and returned to put the hearing aids in, then back out again.

5Fri007A couple of greeted natters en route to the shed.

Took a piccy of the new build flats and Winchester Court. There were workmen all over the place when I took the camera out. Tsk!

Roy, Keith, Alan and three others in the cabin when I arrived. Another nattering session When the bus came, I went out to join the end of the long queue and caught the L9 bus to Bestwood.

5Fri010The friendly cheerful driveress was leaving the bus duties to go into the offices, it is her last day tomorrow.

She always looks after us and had a companionable word or two for everyone.

She even made some cakes, decorated with L9 on top of every one, and handed them out! She will be sorely missed. Sob!

5Fri008Caroline from the care home got on the bus with me, and I sat and got, even more, nattering with her. She dropped off with the others in Sherwood, and I carried onto the Sainsbury Store in Daybrook.

Where I spent a good bit of cash, getting in stock: Tomatoes, Oven Bottom Muffins, Tomato and Basil cooking sauce. Cream Cakes for the 5Fri009Wardens Weekend Treat, and two Fresh Cream French Horns (Angie next door was kind enough to let me give one of these, to avoid my eating both of them – Hehe!), fresh pod peas and a WDPA4A small tub of Anchor spreadable butter. I bought one of these yesterday, but somehow it had slipped my mind. Hard to believe, I know! What a Shmeggege!

Some decent photographs were taken on the bus home.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had one of Roy and my usual discussions of farcicalness on the way back to the flats. (We’re both deaf. Hehe!)

5Fri015WDPA4A Off the bus and Roy and I popped into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Roy for a wee-wee, and me to hand the weekend nibbles to the Wardens, who were not there. So we made out way back to the flats.

I got in and had a sharp short wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks and went back to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery being stolen from, and residents hut. Managed to catch the Wardens in. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog. So, I won’t.

Back up to the apartment. Moved the things back onto the window ledge. Then got on with updating this blog.

The telephone chirped up. It was Foot Lady Sue; she could not attend yesterday, asked if she could come in 20 minutes. I said yes, and she did come later.

Did my plates-of-meat, had a laugh and departed, after making an appointment for 7 weeks time.

I had a quick bash on Facebook, but it was going so slow. I gave up and got the nosh prepared.

5Fri36Coreldraw prepping of graphics again for an hour of so more.

Did the health checks.

Then the pork ribs with curried baked beans in Texas BBQ sauce and oven-bottom muffins were served up.

I added the beans and ate this out of the foil oven tray. The pork was 95% bone, but still tasted fantastic, and a taste-score of 9/10 was given.

I fell asleep afterwards and woke with the tray somehow still balanced on my ample stomach. This was nae bother, because by then the foil-tray was completely empty and all the fluids had been soaked up with the muffins and eaten, not a crumb left on it. Hehe!

I’d had a dream about my old beloved black cat, Cyril. The fantasy was marvellous. I was living here in the flat, but Cyril was with me, doing all the habits he displayed so many years ago. The headbutting me awake, loud purring, jumping off of the floor and nearly knocking me over, and clinging on to my shoulders as he rubbed his face in mine. I was really enjoying the images. The sad part was waking up to find it was only a dream and not real.

5Fri37As I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to go and wash the pots up, I realised that the TV was on, and set at the CCTV apartments foyer channel?

I could not recall turning on the TV at all, let alone watching this door entrance?

Took the medications and settled back down in the chair, but the TV on to watch the three back-to-back episodes of ‘Hustle’ that were showing on channel 60. I would estimate that of the three channels; I managed to stay awake to watch twenty-minutes of the first, ten minutes of the second, and two minutes of the third one. Before nodding off and waking again. Still, with all the lack of sleep last night, I should have known this would be the case.

I dropped off to sleep again quickly and had another dream. Of a very lepid nature. I was living in luxury in a mansion of some sort, waiters, butlers, friends, Sister Janet and Dad, Brother Pete, old childhood loves Christine, Margaret, Auntie Kath and Doris, and their pets were all around me. Possibly one of the best dreams I’ve ever had.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 7th June 2018


Thursday 7th June 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 7mh Ògmhios 2018

0020hrs: I sprang into semi-life as if I’d had an electric shock. The mind was concentrated and determined that the laundry must get sorted straight away. Nothing was going to get in the way of my carrying out this task. It was as if my life depended upon it.

As I was getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and looking for my slippers, a silly Churchillian Quote came into my mind “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” No wonder I’m crumbling! Hehehe!

This energetic resolution appeared to give me a new lease on life (Albeit, it didn’t last long). The ailments, despite Hernia Henry giving me a fair amount of pain, were of no concern to me.

Whoosie3W01 Looking around for the footwear and stubbing my toe on the towel airer, just didn’t bother me! Such was my Sitzfleisch and unwavering (Temporarily, fair enough) assertiveness. There was a new, unconcerned, pertinacious man in the flat 4Thu001this morning!

Then gathered the requirements and was off down to the laundry room minutes after having risen from his recliner.

I got the washing in the machine with no hassle and popped outside to take this picture of the view.

4Thu02Back up to the flat, observing that according to the Nottingham City Homes electronic display board in the lift lobby, it was 0041hrs, 11°c with light cloud outside at the moment.

Where I got the morning Health Checks done, and the medications were taken.

The readings all seemed to be fine to me. Although the Sys is continuing on a downward spiral; 155 – 151 – 149, and this time, 144.


4Thu03No signs received of any Porcelain Throne requirement as yet.

The now throbbing stubbed toe was getting a bit annoying.

At this stage of the morning, the new found gift of mental control and will-power toe withered away and the usual worrying, prevaricating, pontificating, fretting, and self-traducing returned. Along with a few of the regular ailments. Hernia Henry, Reflux Roger, and the Fungal Lesion began bothering me pain-wise, all at about the same time.

4Thu01And now my mindset, objectivity, and attitude to life returned to its usual often depressing, and singularly ever increasing confused state. Tsk!

Down to move the clobber from washer to the dryer. I noticed this sign on the Tenant’s Notice Board. Too late for me to consider it, with payment needed by the 7th May. Still, I’d only spend more money that I can’t afford to. Hehe!

4Thu06On the way back to the flat, this notice caught my eye and prompted some thoughts on the situation to burst forth. Reporting Drug Use: (Which has often been done by fellow tenants,) I notice that they no longer advise the few honest Nottinghamians left, to speak with the local or passing Police Officer. This is because, of course, there are no local or passing Police Officer left.

On all of my last four trips to Nottingham, I have not seen a single police officer. Fair enough, I did see one police car with its blues and twos on, they would likely have been running away from a gang of youths or just rushing at speed to avoid anyone who wanted to report a crime. Sarcastic stuff here! Thanks to the Government cutbacks.

4Thu05I made a start on this post, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the laundry and titivate around a bit.

I opened the washer and started to clean inside the drum. After three wipes inside the grey rubber seal, I had removed the following: Bits of eggshell, what looked like a piece of metal, and two unrecognisable items of food or waste?

4Thu07Then got the laundry out of the spinner thingy, folded up and into the bag.

Wiped the drum and cleaned out the filter.

Reflux Roger was not helping with his making me take deep breaths in.

Still, at least I know the lungs are still working. Haha!

4Thu08Up and got the togs stored away got the kettle on and had a wee-wee.

Got the computer started, and unfortunately, a Dizzy and out-of-it spell hit me. My EQ told me I was going to suffer today. I have to admit I hate it when these spells occur; I’m so out of self-control with how the mind gets its blanks, and confusion cause memory losses. Still, this one did not last long at all.

Then updated yesterday’s post and sent it off.

There I was, expecting the Morrison delivery to arrive soon, then I got this email.

Whoosie3W01 They have cancelled the delivery, due to ‘operational issues’. Oh dearie me? 4Thu09 I’ll have to try to get out for some stuff today then.

Went on Facebook to get caught up.

Got the ablutions tended to.

Got the bag and set off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation, telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents shed.

Whoosie3W01 From here on things may get a little vague and or confused in places. Sorry about this, but blank spells in the memory took place here and there for the next five hours or so.

I did meet the Willmott-Dixon boss in the lift while going down and we spoke of things I’m not permitted to repeat on my blog by Nottingham City Homes Management. I think it was arranged for someone to call at the flat at 0830hrs in the morning to finish off the kitchen window holes and gaps.

The Social Hours, I think went very well. Much laughter, ribaldry, and even singing took place. (Vague memory)

I think I went on the bus to Arnold with Margaret. Get the feeling that I was talking with Margaret and not in control, confused.

Got some belly pork from Chambers Butchers. The last thing I needed? Went to Fulton Foods and got some BBQ cooking sauces (Neither wanted or needed), and something I did need, some bottles of mineral water.

Pretty sure I met Margret again in Asda. Again, I did not buy things I needed, but many I did not need. More spring water, potato slices, mushrooms, cheese curls, a turnip, and one thing I did mean to get, a packet of oven-bottom muffins. I know this, cause I found the food and receipts when I got home and the Blanks faded. (Vague memory)

I think Margaret and I caught the bus back together. Both loaded up with her trolley and my two heavy bags of fodder.

Whoosie3W01 When we got back to the flats on the bus, Margaret had to wake me up. I do remember feeling a fool!

Can’t recall getting from the bus to the flats, but can remember saying cheerio to Margie in the lift?

I must have put the food away, cause I found it later.

There must be other stuff that I cannot recall that took place.

Health Checks were done, cause I found the results written down ready to go on the computer record.

Not sure about what happened next, but I woke up in the £300 second-hand recliner with a tray of half eaten dinner on my knee, and bits of crumbs etc. all around me, the TV was on. I panicked a bit. The first thing I did was to struggle out of the chair go and check taps, cooker etc. in case I’d left something on. All looked fine. I washed the meal pots.

I was feeling more in control now and remember most of what followed. No more blanks now.

Settled back down, turned off the TV. Then realised I had not checked in the wet room taps and sink, so got back up and did so. All clear in there. Phew!

After getting down in the recliner again, I fell asleep in almost seconds.

Woke with a heavy-head around 2230hrs. I laid there thinking through and making sketchy notes on the pad to use when I update this diary in the morning. A sudden decision was made. I will get up now and do the updating, for I feared if I left it, all the memories of the day would be lost. I found a sign over the Computer to remind me that the workman will be calling at 0830hrs about the window. I could not recall making this sign at all, but I was glad I had. Tsk!

4Thu11So I got up, had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea, got the computer going and started to update this blog.

I was about to take a photo of the evening sky and the lights coming into the kitchen and was surprised to find a picture of last nights meal on the SD card when I downloaded the card onto the computer. I must say, considering I could not remember making this meal, let alone taking a picture of it, I was impressed with how good it looked but amazed that I 4Thu10should have made such a dirty-great big plateful! And, where did I get those fresh garden peas from? Hahaha!

This daytime photograph is yet another mystery. The date on the card told me I took it today at 1350hrs. No recollection of doing so at all.

Had the Aliens, ghosts or another mysterious entity 4Thu13done it for me? Also, like the meal picture, it was of a decent quality, had I actually taken them?

The night’s lights combined with Noisy Herbert’s made a decent shot.

It suddenly dawned on me (This type of dawning does happen occasionally), why I was so fascinated and thought the shot of the 4Thu12kitchen looked so different to other times.

It was the thicker and more numerous frames with having so much light blocked out.

Had another short, sharp wee-wee, and tool last nights medications that I had missed.

I pressed on with the updating, had another wee-wee and then made another mug of tea, as the morning arrived and hopefully, the memories of such a horrendously confusing day of ‘blanks’ was naively, destined never to happen again.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 6th June 2018


Wednesday 6th June 2018

Norwegian: Onsdag 6. Juni 2018

0350hrs: I woke up passing repetitive, most persistent elongated winds from the rear end, the stomach-churning, feeling dizzy and with Shaking Shaun in attendance.

My first thoughts were; “Hello, what’s going on here?”

Within minutes, things had calmed down (Thankfully!). The shakes and dizzies had departed, only the tummy grumbling persevered. Soon to be joined by Anne Gyna.

The early morning struggle to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner was achieved with relative ease today. Off to the kitchen to put the kettle on and get the Health Checks done.

Which had to wait a while, as I noticed the nose had been bleeding again. Off for a wee-wee and clean-up the facial features (Hehe!), and found that Little Inchies fungal lesion had suffered as well. But Harold’s haemorrhoids were not leaking, stinging, but not bleeding.

3Wed06I got the computer started.

Back in the bedroom/front room to get the camera, and I spotted that Noisy Herbert was up and about.

I could see the light from his metal foundry and noise producing room above was lit up and offering a threatening of noise to come scenario. This caused me some concern.

Notice the reflection of the computer screen in the top picture? Unintended.

Back to the kitchen and I managed to manipulate my way through the tangles of security wires, through to the 4-inch gap as I opened the window as far as it would go.

Lumix out, and up to the right, I noticed that Herbert’s balcony floor had been broken. A bit scary to think that all there was keeping the old balcony from falling away while we stood on it, were a few metal rods and 2-inches of cement.

I took a final photograph of the misty morning view.

Then remembering that the staff at the surgery had booked me in for another late appointment at 1140hrs, my spirits drooped. I’m sure they do it on purpose, the swines. If they do it again, I’m going to stop giving them any nibbles. Not that this will make any difference to them.

Eventually, I got to do the Health Checks at last.

The pulse was down even further this time and an odd set of pulse readings up to now this week. Mon 82 – Tues 101 – Wed 73 and now 78. Up and down a bit lately?

I made up the log, so I could take it to the surgery for them to throw it away, ignore it, or use it in the WC.


WDPac Suddenly, crucially and with all haste available, I had to get to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of a panic, I don’t have the foggiest idea how I managed to get there in time. But I did, only just, mind! Messy, sloppy almost liquidified. Splashes and squirts of considerable force meant I lost a lot of time cleaning up afterwards! But, at least the piles had not been bleeding. While doing the cleaning and antisepticalisationing of the wet room contact surfaces, I remembered I must get to the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic at the Queens Medical Centre soon, to get a replacement DVT First Responder Attention Card.

I got the Tuesday Diary finished off and posted. Went to the WordPress Reader, and replied to a comment.

Then began creating this post.

Got the nibble bags made up, paperwork in the jacket pocket, crossword book in the bag and had a wee-wee. I must remember to get to the Chemist as well, for the missing antacid medicine. Got the rubbish bags sorted and ready to take to the chute.

Got the ablutions and medicationalising tended to. Took the black bags with me on the way out. Pressed the call button on the elevators, and watched in amazement as the cages of both lifts, shot up and down missing me off for a good while. Eventually, I saw the doors glide (Well, more a scrape) open, it had arrived.

WDPac Unfortunately, at this time I realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Shmeggege! So back to the apartment and collected them. Got the lift quickly this time, and as I was going through the Foyer, there were Penny and Gladys (I think), two great, lovely ladies.

We had a laugh, joke, and natter for a few minutes. Then I had to set off. I met the plastic mending lad who I expected to arrive yesterday. He said he was poorly yesterday. One Day Man-Flu perhaps? Hahaha!

3Wed09Along Chestnut Walk, and down Winchester Street hill. On to Mansfield Road in Sherwood, where this naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came by a little too close for my comfort.

Give him credit though, after I called out my displeasure at his actions, avoiding using any bad language of course; the lad got off and pushed his bike along until there were no more pedestrians nearby him. Thank you, young 3Wed10man!

I carried on up the hill, and blow me, another Nottingham PAvement Cyclist came passed me even closer and more speedily!

I shouted out a Thank You, and he questioned my parentage and gave the one-finger salute, and just carried on.

3Wed28Got to the surgery and logged in. Another new receptionist was on duty this morning. Shortly after I got the crossword book out, my delight was confirmed, it was Nurse Nichole who called me into her room. A few laughs as she sorted me out, gave her her nibbles bag, thanked her and the then dropped a bag off for the receptionists on the way out.

These flowers in a garden near the surgery had so many odd-looking small dark bees feasting on the pollen. I assumed. If anyone wouldn’t mind telling what flowers they are, I’d appreciate it. So pure white, beautiful!

Down into Carrington and called in the Chemists. I told the young lady about my not getting the bottles of antacid in with my prescriptions last week. She skulked off to talk to the dispensing chemist, who did not speak to me at all. She returned to tell me they have none in stock at the moment, but will order some? My EQ said to me that the naughty little Shaygets of a pharmacist knew the medicine was not on the bag of prescriptions before! She added that I could try Friday or Monday when they should have been delivered. This all sounded dodgy to me! I told them that, “I’d been without any medicine for two days now, so what’re another five days agony to worry about.” I need not have bothered. All I got back was vague, blank, empty, hollow, puzzled expression as she wandered back to the chemist. What a credulous, yet gullible person I am!

3Wed19I left the shop feeling a little like I’d been conned again and went in the Lidl shop. I came out with Strawberry Ice Cream cones, Plain yoghourts some cheese twists, seasoned sliced potatoes and a tray of Hasselback Potatoes. No, I’d never seen or heard of them before. Contents listed as, potatoes, rapeseed, flaxseed, sea salt, black pepper, natural flavourings? Spice extracts and sunflower oil.

I used the self-serve tills and was struggling to find the cheese twists to input, and a young man came to me and calmly showed me where to see them in the system, and inputted them for me. With a smile, no sneering, snorting or dirty looks either! They won’t hang on to him for long, he’s too sociable and helpful for Lidl.
I thanked him, paid the bill and went out to get a bus back into Sherwood.

I got off of the bus and popped over 3Wed20the crossing and called in the Wilko store. I got some Dia-Limit capsules. Stress relief tablets, another bottle of the liquid soap flakes and something for the raffle prizes at the social hour meeting at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Porta-Kabin, tomorrow.

I’ve never seen these before, flowers yes, I got one for Jenny a while ago, but never Tomato seeds are grown in a can?

Could be interesting. Hehe!

I called in the Co-op shop in the hopes of finding some fresh pod peas, and they had some in stock! Yehaa!

3Wed12bCaught the bus up to the flats, and met Cyndy as she got on the bus, a chinwag with a lady on the bench.

Then walked towards the flats and Cathy came out to hand me the DVDs she had been watching, bless her.

It looked like an Air-Conditioning unit was being fitted on the second floor.

3Wed14Of course, it might have been anything really.

The Willmott-Dixon lads looked to be fully occupied and busy, scattered about between the two old courts and the new build.

I hobbled on and got into the building and up in the lift.

When I was getting out of the elevator, I 3Wed15noticed the lights were on inside the shaft. So I took a picture in the gap in the floor, so we know how far we have to go if the lifts fail. Hehe!

To the flat and by then I had to scuttle about a bit to get to have a tinkle in time. All was well, though.

Did the Health Checks. 

I got the food purchased out of the bags and took a photograph or two of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I was doing this, the doorbell rang out. It was the plastic’s lad, come to make a mess for me and leave the curtains where I can’t get them back up or down. Bless the little scallywag!

He was only here for about fifteen minutes or so. Here are the results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But he is a likeable lad and is being driven mad with all the changes and alterations to his schedule, thus moans from tenants, he keeps getting. No complaints from me, though. Oh, maybe the curtains? Hehe!

At last, we can see the progress being made at last. But having the electrician in to do the fitting of the Fire Sprinklers is very unnerving. As I’ve mentioned before, the chap who fitted the wet room for me, was brilliant! Cleaned up as he went along all the time. And he had to take out the bath, drill into the remove the old floor and lay a new one, do the tiles, etc. It took him seven days on his own. The electricians who came to link up the power, and they made more mess in 12 minutes than the other chap made in a week of working.

So it should be understood that I actually fear the electricians being let free in every room and the hallway to fit the sprinkler system. Oy vey!

Then, of course, we have the new fire alarm and the… Never mind!

It looks like a battleground in selected areas. Haha! Only joking folks.


I got on with updating this post, did the last Health Checks and got the meal prepared for digging into with my ever-decreasing number of teeth. Hehehe!

3Wed29aI hope the new Hasselback potatoes are okay. Wasn’t Steven Seagal called Hassleback in the brilliant Under Seige film? I might watch this on DVD tonight instead of the Gogglebox.

Served up the nosh. By gum, those Hasselback spuds were delicious! The garden peas were not as sweet as I expected them to be. The cheese twist was delicious, though.

3Wed30Overall an 8.9/10 taste rating.

I removed the cotton wool and plaster from the blood vein area. I noticed that the tiny black specs on the mole or spot (whatever they are called) above, had returned. Crossing my fingers that this one does not disintegrate and cause problems like the one did last year.

I shan’t bother telling any medical staff at the surgery, I know that I’ll get one of the two regular comments. Either “Keep an eye on it!” or, “What can you expect, with all your problems and being on Warfarin” Hey-ho!

I got settled again and watched the Under Seige film on DVD. Kept falling asleep and having to rewind, but I got through it in the end.

I hoped I don’t become wamblecropt, with eating all those gorgeous potatoes. (Belch!).

Inchcock Today – Sunday 1st April 2018


Sunday 1st April 2018

Africaans: Sondag 1 April 2018

00305hrs: Gor-blimey, I’m feeling rough this morning. Not the usual ailments to blame. I’m just feeling tired and depressed for some reason. Tired, after having an excellent long six-hour dream-filled sleep, and as for why I’m so pessimistic, I have no idea. And, Sister Jane and Pete should be calling to visit later.

Like a robot, I fell out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the Health Checks done. The brewing in readiness for a Porcelain Throne session already bubbling and fermenting away in the innards. It’s going to one heck of an evacuation when it comes, methinks.


7Sun05Made a brew and took the medications.

I took this photo through the balcony door window. It dawned on me, that when the actual balcony is in place outside, I’m not going to able to take shots like this, because of all the small panes of glass and frames that will be installed.

See? I’m already finding faults, to fuel the depression. Tsk!

Computer turned on, and I started this blog. Then went to finish yesterdays. All done and posted off.

WordPress reading next.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy, very much so. Heck of a job cleaning up afterwards. Thinking of cleaning, I decided I’d better get some done in the flat before Sister Jane comes to judge, scrutinise, criticise, probe, and appraise what I’m doing wrong or failing to do. Hehe! Only joking! (I think, we’ll see what occurs during her investigation first?)

0500hrs: Back in a bit.

0748hrs: I’m back. I swept (Don’t want to use the hoover too early in the day, mustn’t upset the neighbours) and mopped the kitchen floor.


WDP03a At one point, I injudiciously got a bowl of water, cloth and put some Flash in it, then bent down on my knees so I could get to clean where it really was dirty behind the door.

7Sun07It took me longer to get back up on my feet than it did to clear-out the corner! And now I have the attention of Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna to put up with. Confoundations!

Apparently, some things were, with the best will in the world, beyond my capabilities to mend, repair or put-right. substantial

  1. The two holes in the kitchen floor and many more on the wall beneath the unwanted new windows. Kindly left for me when the Willmott-Brown engineers installed it, too close to to the cupboard that I could not open the door or drawer.
  2. The new wider-window ledge that blocks my view when looking down to see if any Emergency vehicles are on site when an Alarm goes off. It is already scratched and stained – but is inaccessible to me for cleaning. I cannot get to it cause the window is too broad and far back for me to reach.
  3. The foam filling that the Nottingham City Homes Maintenance & Repair bloke put in to fill the massive hole behind the ventilation cover: Which came out seconds after he had left (in a hurry) and ran down the wall over the tiles and electricity sockets.
  4. – 5. The cracks to the left of the new windows that need plastering. The even bigger and broader holes left to the right of the windows that need plastering. But, they do offer some entertainment as flying insects, with meat flies often appear from deep within the wall.

I just thought I’d mention it.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks early, in case I forget during the Royal Visit. He-He!

WDP03a Back to updating this post. I heard a loud thudding noise, but could not identify where it came from.

WDP03a Went to get the ablutions done. I had a wee-wee, then a good shave. Did the teggies. Then got under the shower. Another high-level noise the sounded like something substantial has been dropped on a hard floor. Had a look around, but found not from where it emanated. Bit worrying this? Then the shower unit started making a loudish bleeping noise, and the water stopped flowing. Lights flashed with Water Supply unavailable and Reset. I could not see a reset button anywhere on the unit. So, I turned off the power supply box and tried again, with the same water failure results?

I gave up. Trust this to happen when there is no one ‘Official’ on site for another 53hrs. I got the rear-end and front bottom medicated after drying off.

0Heat01eWent to make a cup of tea.

Took this shot of the Tree Copse, catching the grotty balcony support that has been stripped down and is awaiting the arrival of some sub-contractor company later in the year, to install the balconies.

I went in the spare room, to have another look to see if I might spot whatever the two earlier noises had been, but could not see anything likely to have been the cause of them.

0Heat01fTaking another photograph of the garages at the end of the road, and an urgent need arose for me to return to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy, but not bloody at all evacuation.

Back to the computerisationing session.

Gone 1100hrs, so Jane and Pete should be here anytime now.

1115hrs: The intercom chirped into life. Jane and Pete had arrived. They had recorded the QMC programme for me to disc, they also gave me a batteryless little torch to put in as a raffle prize for the Social Hour. Hope I remember by Thursday.

We had a Super-Gossip. I must say they both looked grand, I’m glad to report. During which Pete had a look at the heaters, reassured me with a smile on his face, that the plasterers should have no bother in patching up the windows and door. (Him being somewhat of a handyman, Par Excellence). Please don’t let him know I said this. Hehe!) They will not know how much I appreciated the visit. Super-duper!

They departed, and I went as far as the elevator with them, but boy oh boy, was it cold out there, with the wind blowing in the massive vents on the outer walls! Brr! Said our farewells and I returned to the flat and had a wee-wee and tended straight away to the Fungal Lesion as it has started bleeding a while back, but I didn’t want to upset the chinwagging session at the time. Of course, this meant I was too late to wave cheerio to them from the kitchen window. But, with the new full-width ledges, I’m not sure they would have seen me, or me them for that matter. Tsk! Sorted things and medicated with the Daktacort cream.

Then I realised I had not asked Pete to take some photographs for me! Twit!

Back on CorelDraw to do some more work on the draft pictures.

Did the Health Checks.

7Sun39Got the Cumberland Pie covered with extra grated Leicester cheese on top, and into the oven. Added two, one-day out-of-date potato cakes for the last ten minutes. The last of the beef slices, sliced apple and sliced tomatoes were added to the plate.

This went down nicely with the Lemon yoghourt afterwards.

WDP03a Luckily, I had consumed about 85% of this meal, before I dropped off to sleep while eating it! Klutz.

I cleaned up and put on a Goodnight Sweetheart DVD. Stayed awake for two episodes, nodded-off and woke up as the sixth episode was ending.

Once again, I heard a loud noise, but could not identify where it emanated from. But it sounded close. I felt that Anne Gyna had left th body and Duodenal Donald was getting worse.

Within seconds I’d gone to sleep again. Only for Duodenal Donald to keep waking me with his stabbing pains. Tsk! I got up and took an extra pain-killer and a swig of the innefectual antacid medicine.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 7th December 2017: Got in a pickle today. Tsk!


Thursday 7th December 2017

Slovenian: Četrtek, 7. December 2017

0155hrs: I woke with a stomach ache, within seconds the need for the Porcelain Throne arose. Temerariously, I boldly exited the £300 second-hand recliner in one movement before it had lowered all the way and in a hurry. Over I went as I tripped over the small Ottoman. I got up with relative ease for me; due to no doubt, to the urgency of my requirement for the Porcelain Throne usage?; and proceeded to the wet room.

Things were different yet again this morning. Rock hard with accompanying clear liquid? No bleeding, though.

As I washed up afterwards, I found a decent bruise on the knee, and the right elbow had acquired a graze, both from the tumble I expect.

I collected together the second load of washing that I could not get in the machine yesterday, and went down and got them in the washer. Popped out of the foyer door to take this picture.

0220hrs: Up home, and got the updating of the Wednesday dairy.

Down to move the clobber from washer to dryer and back up again.

The stomach ache was getting worse as the morning progressed. I’ll be glad to get to see the Doctor about this. Might not make it to the Social Hour. Sorted the finishing off of yesterday’s dairy and started this one going.

To the laundry room to collect the things. Not a lot, just two dressing gowns, one shirt, one underpants and a pair of socks, oh, and the two towels.

But they took up all the room in the washer and the dryer.

Cleaned the filters and drums, packed the bag and off to the elevator.

The Caretakers are not a happy team at the moment with all the confusion over the upgrade, but when the poor devils see this on lift number one entrance on the ground floor… well!

I took this photograph to show off the Bates Motel towel than Sister Jane got me last year. When it came to putting it on here, it looked like some insects were in evacuation-mode near the left door? Hehe! If I go down later, I’ll have another look. It can’t be ants this time of year… or can it? Maybe the eggs or whatever they are were deposited by the well-known Woodthorpe Court Aliens? Just look at the pattern on those underpants! Haha!

I got the clothes stored away, and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Wet and sludgy this time. No bleeding. Stomach still aching.

Did some WordPress Reading for an hour or so. Then, back to the toilet. Everything different again Tsk! Firmed up and bleeding. Stomach still giving me some bother, though.

Had a bash on Facebooking, then.

Started a TFZer graphic, well, the prep work for it.

To the Throne once again, and different still. Back to near normal – not that it usually is, very often. Only a tiny bit of bleeding.

Back to working on the TFZer ‘Nursery’ graphic. All the lads and some of the gals supervising?


Took a good while, but I hope they comment and like it, and, see the humour in it.

Got the ablutions done. Collated the raffle prizes and nibbles box and ready to set off.

I was going to the doctors, then to get some milk and bread. I needed to make sure the appointment with Doctor Vindla was still on, to get some help with the Trotsky-to-Diahorrea pattern I am suffering with. And stop the need for me wearing protection pants and getting caught out. So I missed the Tenants Hour, just called in and Jenny kindly took the gear off of me for distribution.

Met Roy in the queue and had a laugh and chinwag with him.

Then caught the bus into Arnold to get the shopping bits in.

I called into Chamber’s cooked foods shop to see if they had any of their homemade cooked belly pork slices. They had some in, but they were 80% fat, so I got some cooked pork instead, for tonight’s planned meal of sarnies with trimmings.

Called at Fulton Foods, and got some sterilised milk.

Then to Iceland, but came out without anything.

Up the road to Asda and spent a long time wandering around and buying little. They did have the small part-baked cobs, so I stocked up to last me over the holidays. An Irish Batch loaf, I’ll use this tonight, got it all panned now I’ve got some decent looking tomatoes. I’ll have three slices of buttered bread, sliced tomatoes on each, balsamic sauce, cheese slices and a slice of the cooked pork on each. Then fold them and have some extras added, red onion, pork and mushroom pate, frank, chestnuts and a lemon mousse?

Then I weakened as I passed by the fresh cream cake fridge.

As it happens, I was sorry I bothered. Never has a fresh cream cake before, ever tasted so cardboard and sugar-like! Eurgh!

Paid through the tills and out over the road back to the Shoe Zone. Plenty of time before the bus to Carrington was due, so I looked at the men’s slippers they had on offer. Spotted some that had velcro fasteners and searched for a size eight, without any luck. 6’s, 7’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, yes. So I took a pair of size nines and paid the young lady.

To the bus stop. When I got on, I realised I had not been to the Doctors surgery! What a Plonka!

So, I stayed on the bus into Sherwood and caught one to Carrington.

All was okay with the appointments on Monday. No Doctors or nurses were on site for me to ask advice of. My own silly fault for getting confused and not going earlier.

Caught a bus back to Sherwood, fell asleep and woke-up in Arnold, miles beyond where I meant to alight. I did feel a fool!

Got off at Croft Street, and as luck would have it, an L9 bus back to the flats was due. So I caught that one, the same driver, who gave me a funny sideways glance. Hehehe!

In Sherwood, Roy got on the bus and more banters ensued. Up to the flats and we still were laughing about something as we arrived at the foyer.

When I got into the flat, the noise from the winds was horrendous, yet on the ground, I had not noticed any wind.

I was well shattered with my self-imposed marathon runaround. To the Porcelain Throne, back to the spurting mode.

Did the Health Checks and made a brew. Then got the nosh prepared, no bother cause there was no cooking involved. A lot of crumbs to be located, though.

Apart from the terrible French Horns, everything went down, yes, I ate the lot! And, just as I had planned ingredients wise too!

The mind was a little confused, no, vague might be a better word.

As the darkness fell, the rain came with it. The winds still howling up here.

The sounds of emergency vehicle horns and klaxons were heard for ten minutes or so. I haven’t found out why yet.

Got the Boon DVD on and stayed awake for three episodes.

Put the TV on, and I was off into the land of Nod at the first set of commercials that came on. Early too, even for me.

Woke around midnight and lay there with no chance of getting back to sleep for hours. Nodded off again around 0200hrs, and woke up at 0400hrs.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th December 2017: Embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop from the rear end… Tsk!

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Samoan: Aso Lulu 6 Tesema 2017

 0145hrs: Awoke, with a deep-feeling that my recent years of scaevity, were about to get worse. Maybe, I had been dreaming and couldn’t remember what about, but something had planted this new fear in my brain, and it was not going anywhere.

As I recalled that the meeting about the Heater Controls was at 1000hrs this morning in Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana and Obergefreitereress Julie’s temporary hut; I also remembered that the washing needed doing. So I set about gathering the required things and made my way down to the laundry room.

On my various trips up and down to get the laundry done, I photographed the new posters on the walls outside the lifts on the ground floor.

The only one that concerned me was about Mo’s hubby passing on. The proper wording from Jenny showed respect, I thought. Poor Mo.

Got the machine going and back up in the lift. A Porcelain Throne visit, that was not one of the best I’ve ever had. Wet yet lumpy, with much blood. Set the alarm for going down again.

Down and got the clothes moved from the washer to dryer. Cleaned the filter and casing of the machine. Back up.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications with a mug of Extra-Strong English Breakfast Tea.

Not that it was strong, though.

The readings were not much different to the last few times. Everything was just a little higher than usual, but nothing to concern myself over I think. Made a start updating the Inchcock Today for Tuesday.

Down again in the elevator. Got the clothes out of the dryer and folded them ready to put them in the laundry bag.

Cleaned the filter, drum and casing.

I didn’t notice until I came to my downloading this photo on the left, but it looks like a little more Nottingham Artwork, on the window ledge?

Took this photograph when I got in the apartment, along with another two, I can use them when I update the TFZer Visits Nottingham album.

Got the cleaned togs put away, and got the bag ready with the rest of the things that needs doing tomorrow. Big stuff, towels, dressing gowns, jumpers etc. This is, of course, if I remember.

I got the Tuesday chronicle finished and posted off, then made a start on this one. Not for long though, back to the Porcelain Throne. Painfull and messy, but far less blood this time.

Changed the pants. A costly, but essential wear in my current humiliating and embarrassing circumstances.

I might not have been feeling salubrious exactly, but notwithstanding the earlier EQ warning that things were going to get worse and the Throne dilemma, I felt quite chirpy? I suppose I should have been in a saturnine mood.

I took a break from this diary and did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Another demand fro a Porcelain Throne visit answered. Changed again, no liquids at all, no bleeding at, just a painful evacuation. I’ll be on Senna tablets if this carries on! Haha!

Went on Facebooking.

Off to get the ablutionisationalistalisationing (Hehe!) done now.

All readied, and I set off to the Heating Training at the shed.

Only four of us there, the other three tenants had already got their heaters installed. I considered phoning Lynton Cox up to ask for help! The control box 7″x5″x 4″, for the heaters works all three of them (I think). Apparently, there’s two on-off buttons either end of the radiators, to be left on and lit all the time – until we need to shut down the heaters for summer. One input, one output. A computerised settings box fits on the top as well. Button for turning to make choices, and pressing to select. Three Mode Buttons. A Boost Option that they recommend we don’t use. Oh, dear, I got baffled to start with.

We have to set the four periods of when the heat need turning on for each day of the week? The temperature to set. When we are on holiday (Not that this applies to me of course, Tsk!).

The man was one of those that instead of talking slower, shouted, making understanding him difficult. In the end, he had to do a one on one with me, then I think I got it sort off alright. Nice chap, though.

He dropped a packet into my shopping bag.

I opened it, and wondered why?

I thanked him and made my way out to the bus stop to go up to the Aldi-store.

It had gone a little murky,  and the lamp post near the hut was blowing-about a bit worryingly?

I was chinwagging with Rose and Mary when the rumbling instantaneously started in the breadbasket. I had to abandon my catching the bus, mumbled that I had to go back, Rose knew of my problems and asked me if I had any tablets in-hand and kindly offered to give me some out of her bag. (Bless her Cotton Socks!) I thanked her, told her I had plenty in stock now, and hastily beat a retreat back to the apartment.

Got in and on the Throne. Huh! Things had changed again this time, back to the squirting and spraying! Still, no bleeding so that was good. A cleaning up session followed, and I had to change the pants again. A delicate and embarrassing situation.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks, then took the midday medications. Spilt the tea and made another one.

Opened CorelDraw and made a graphic for fun. It took a few hours, but I enjoyed doing this one and thought it came out humorously. I hope.

Then I did a Morrison order for next week.

Got the nosh going. Canned tomatoes with extra from a jar of tomato and mushroom sauce, oven baked bread roll and the Polish Sausage, cut in three to get it in the pan. (Hehe!) The bread roll was delicious.

The sausage tasted okay, but the skin was thick and sturdy, and it was very fatty. I shall not be having the other one, it’ll have to go.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The sun seemed reluctant to leave us tonight.

Off for another Porcelain Throne session. This time all wind and pith. Got the stomach aches afterwards.

Into the £300 second-hand recliner, got the Boon DVD on and watched two episodes. No nodding off yet.

The noise, tap-tapping from the Erk in the flat above started.

Put the TV on, and that did it, first set of commercials and I was off asleep.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 15th November 2017: Had to install new Firefox – Had to reset all of the defaults on CorelDraw – due to cock-ups from that Nottingham Pensioner Twit!

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 15 листопада 2017

0100hrs: Gave up trying to sleep anymore. A good job I’m an algophilist (Not really), cause the nocive condition of various parts of this obese-body I have to lumber around with me was giving me grief last night, and this morning.

The thighs (No idea what’s causing this) seemed tight muscled and stiffened in seconds of no activity. The regular attendees Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, are a bit frisky too. Still, on the plus side, no Dizzy Dennis’s or Hernia Harold bother.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the toes hurt the moment I stood up. Only to be expected with the toe-stubbing I gave them last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding anywhere near as bad as Tuesday, and the back pain has eased off well. Made a cuppa, took the medications, with another ADRC capsule, for things were still a bit messy. Haha!

Much rubbing in of the pain gel took place.

Did the health checks:

0200hrs: Sorted the photos from yesterday and started to update Tuesday’s post. During which, I needed to work on a graphic to use.  Opened CorelDraw and found that for some reason or other, all the fills I did were coming out as 50% transparent? I had to take off transparency manually each time. I got onto the Corel Help page on the web. After following as best, I could, all the instructions this did not solve the issue. But I did come across advice on how to revert to Default settings for Transparencies. Close-down and open up again holding F8 down. So I tried it. Oh, ‘eck!

It put everything back to Default settings! I had to start from scratch going through setting it all up as I wanted it. I’ve still not got everything done, and it is annoying cause the things I’ve set again in preferences are in different places, and of course, there are many that I have not used yet and will find I’ve got to do many more changes I’m sure.

Got this job done at: wait for it… 0755hrs. Yes, nearly eight hours lost. I bet things like this happen to everyone. But I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. Hehehe! Wot a Plonka!

Got on with updating of the diaries again, and the lads outside started their hoist going, with the accompanying clattering and noise from the blow-torches or whatever they call them.

Minutes later the massive clump and rattle were heard as the hoist come platform stopped right outside of the window.

The noise was awful as they had all that metal to cut off and holes to fill-in.

At the same time, the drilling started from the flat to my right, and the one above as the engineers were fitting, I assume, the radiators in those apartments.

All necessary work mind, if we are to get modernised. A cacophony of essentiality! I like that I might use it somewhere later. Hehehe!

Got yesterday’s diary done and posted, and went on Facebooking.

Blimey, it’s 1030hrs already, Danged CorelDraw Whoopsiedangleplop!

Did some more WordPress reading.

I checked the Emails.

1100hrs: Made another small mug of extra-strong tea and was about to start on some graphicalisationing.

Guess what happened?

I got a message telling me about the latest Firefox. How it was 3-times faster than Chrome and had added features.

Like a fool, I downloaded it and then installed it.

It is slower than the one I was using, and of course, finding things will take extra time now they moved and altered stuff about.

The constant grinding from outside, and drilling an banging inside has produced a mother of a headache for me. It must be worse for some of the younger tenants and those who cannot take their hearing-aids out.

The place is vibrating now. Hehe!

Ah, the lads have broken for their lunch – I hope they have a long one.

Back to the CorelDraw Graphics, with hopes that I can find my way around it alright.

Gawd blimey, the thighs and knees are terrible when I get to stand up and walk. A bit fretfull about this, or rather, what is causing it.

1305hrs: Clang, bang, drill, shake, shudder… the lads are back off of there lunch hour. Tsk! Bless em!

Made another cuppa and took a pain-killer.

Letters arrived through the post box. Exciting selection; This one on the left for Tree Services and Maintenance. A good idea that was, delivering up here – I’m sure they’ll get a lot of trade from us. Haha! The other one was from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the INR Warfarin blood test results.

I got one Diary top photo done and then went onto creating one for the TFZer site.

Looking a bit glum now, and it isn’t late either.

I hope that the workers outside are going to pack up soon, as it is definitely getting too dark to work safely, methinks.

Good ‘heavens, the workmen are busy right above me now. Thudding, drilling, banging, clunking, drilling. Ah-well!

1625hrs: Got the TFZer graphic completed. It took longer than expected due to the new set-up confusing me. Hehe!

Got the oven on to cook the bacon in later. Bacon, seasoned tomatoes and home baked (Well heated up part-cooked ones, Hehe!) cobs (I hope if I get them right).

Did the Health Checks, pain-gelling and took the Medications.

Posted the picture off to the TFZer site and closed down and got the nosh served up.

Canned tomatoes seasoned with balsamic vinegar and basil. Smoked bacon was done in the oven, and I made sure it was not too crisp.

I had to be cunning with the part-cooked cobs though, to get them a little less hard. I warmed them through and sprinkled some olive oil on them and returned them to the oven for a couple of minutes. It didn’t work, but at least I tried. Hehehe!

The noises from outside, the clanging of metal on metal started after the workmen had ceased working.

Then, after washing up the pots and settling in the chair, the damned phone started ringing. I was sure it would be that Pizza guy again, so put the headphones on loud listening to the TV, and watched the ringing-light on the phone. He rang at least eight times. Tsk!

I think, after the hectic day of Whoopsiedangleplops, noise and stress, I must have been exhausted, for I nodded off within minutes.

Inchcock Today: Saturday 21st October 2017: Papplewick Pumping Station – Overdid it, not well now. Tsk!

Saturday 21st October 2017

Luxembourgish: Samschden 21. Oktober 2017

0145hrs: I stirred and lay there pondering on the dream I’d been having, what few bits I could recall faded into the ether in seconds. All I could sense was they were not happy dreams.

My body wanted to pandiculate, but the ailments (Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis) prevented my being brave enough to attempt to.

I thought of my escapades Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas I’d suffered from the buses this past week and some ideas came into the grey-cell box for an ode I might try to do about them.

I struggled to get my scarily pantagruelian body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner. So much so, I went to weigh this whale-like two-legged temple of overweight Falstaffian look-a-like old chap. Oh dear! 

Made a brew and did the Health Checks and took last nights medications that I forgot to take them then. Must remember to take the morning ones later. Tsk!

Made a start on this diary up to here then finalised yesterdays. This work took a while with all the photographicalisations needing sorting. I did not enjoy doing this one, too many Whoopsiedangleplops needed explaining and trying to get the complicated scenarios clear was not easy.

Made a Diary top-graphic and checked the Emails. Then did some WordPress reading. Got some good comments today, and returned my thoughts to them.

Made another mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Took this photo out of the kitchen window, the rain coming down and the wind blew into the flat. There will be a reason for the odd positions of the parked cars. Some residents will need more room to disentangle themselves from the vehicle than others.

Moved onto Facebooking next, fingers crossed that it will let me get something done on it without freezing this time.

Went to brew another mug of tea, and took this attempted Panoramic view of outside.

Not too pleased with it. It was much mistier and grey than how it came out?

Back to Facebooking. Then had a search for the slow-cooker recipes for belly pork. Got the meat sliced and into the Crock-Pot, but unfortunately had a Dizzy Dennis attack while seasoning the brew in the pot. I can’t remember what I put into it. When the head cleared, this is what it looked like.

I found, scattered around the kitchen tops: Light Soy Sauce, garlic paste and tomato and herb tubes, wine vinegar, distilled vinegar and an empty jar of tomato sauce for Italian dishes and a bottle of American BBQ sauce? Surely I couldn’t have put all that in with the pork slices?

Found the timer running down at 3hrs 54minutes, which seemed right, 4 hours slow cooking for pork I think. The controls were on low. Just cannot recall doing it all.

As I put away the flavourings, the thought that I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop of Gargantuan proportions could not be removed from my mind. This is going to be a meal that is going to be uneatable, I’m sure. Rechecked the pot and found I’d added some fresh tomatoes to it as well, a lot of them. Then I saw the empty bottle of Buckwood Maple Syrup in the bin. Oh heck! I could poison myself, Tsk!

It all smelt rather like a, erm, I don’t know. Nothing I’ve ever eaten had had a pong like this one.

Made an order for grocery delivery while the brain was working alright(ish). Hehe!

Doing the Email replying and the phone went. It was BJ asking if I wanted to go to Papplewick Pumping Station, which was nice of him. I thanked him and accepted his offer. But now I have got to rush about to get ready in time. He’ll ring me when he’s on the way so I can get down to meet him in the car.

Turned everything off and got the ablutions done. Midway through and the doorbell chimed out. What an imbroglio as I opened the door with the towel wrapped around my morbidly obese body to find a lady delivery driver stood there. Must have been a terrible shock for her. The parcel was for 72, but at the other block of flats. Back into the wet room and finished off the ablutions.

BJ rang to let me know he and David were on their way.

Got the nibbles in the bag and got down to walk to the end of the road. BJ papped his horn to let me know I’d just walked right past his car. He fooled me by coming in a new car. Hehe! I climbed in, and the three of us conversed en route to the Papplewick Pumping Station.

It was nice to see the volunteers and have a chinwag with a few of them again.

Getting through the gatehouse, the first thing I saw was the BBC Austin Camera Van and a group of people in period costume behind it.

We all made our way to the water storage pond where they were displaying 1939 style firefighting techniques.

BJ asked them if David could have a go at the hoses and they let him.

BJ and David said they would be back at the pond for the mock battle and wandered off.

I hobbled around, taking in the musicians of those years, the old vehicles, the mini train and folk enjoying their ride around the track.

I got back to the pond for the mock battle, but no signs of BJ or David.

It was a very realistic battle this year, what I saw of it.

So many people were watching it, I got pushed further away as they arrived and had to use the strong zoom to get any photographs.

I continued my stroll around met BJ and David and went in the cafe with them so they could have a cuppa and a chinwag.

Off on my own again, I went inside the boiler room, always a favourite of mine this one, without a doubt.

Felt a bit of a Dizzy Dennis coming on, so I went under the trees and sat on a bench, got the crossword book out and spent an hour or so trying to advance with the crosswords I’d got stuck on earlier. There were plenty of them.


I went back into the boiler house and pumphouse for a final wobble around.

The artwork that went into building this place is phenomenal.

I’m going to do a post with all the photographs in later.

BJ rang me to meet them ready to depart, but again I could not find them. BJ is such a charismatic chap that everyone wants to chatter to him, and he had got sidetracked.

Eventually, an hour later than planned, we departed, all content and smiling.

BJ called into the Daybrook Aldi store so David could buy himself some lager. I went in with him to get a pint of milk. Now we know that young Davis is a big a lad, but he amazed me when he bought 2 x 10 bottles of lager, paid for them and put them in a strong carrier bag and went out with him carrying them in one had!

As BJ continued lifting us both, I wondered if the belly pork in the Crock-Pot would be alright.

I thanked him and said my cheerios to the pair of them and made my way up to the apartment. The smell from the cooking pot that greeted me was nice.

Had a wee-wee, got the chips in the oven, returned to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne Session, no problems at all.

So tired and weary now, but the good news was that the belly pork tasted smashing! IT was very soft to masticate too.

Just a shame I can’t remember which seasonings I put in the pot with them! Haha! Whatever they were, they coloured the crock-pot a bright orange that tool a lot of soaking and cleaning afterwards.

Sat with the TV on later, the phone rang, but I was incapable of getting up, I was just done-in. Being around the time that I keep getting a call from some prat telling me he’s  from Chucky-Chicken with a delivery for me, I did not answer the thing.

A throbbing headache appeared out of knowhere.