INCHIE: Thursday 23rd March 3023

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I’d like to report that things were very much better today.
But I can’t!
The agony of worries over the shortages of medications and the tube chaffing from tube; many other things, but the main one was , who was winning the battle with never having been so bad.
, & Sac ensured that my vision was crap and getting worse. Plus, so many hours were spent correcting mistakes. Just thought I’d mention it.

As usual for the last two weeks, frustratingly, there was no night-bag to change. This mystery of the medication’s non-arrival, and unattainable night catcher bags, is the reason for the pain I’m suffering. The night bag gave the day bag a refresh, which I believe helped clear the infection from the bladder. The mega-high Blood Pressure and the darkening urine since these things stopped coming to indicate this to me. But I’m powerless to do anything about them. No District nurse calling; new medications, along with last months medication, supposedly waiting for collection at the pharmacy. No DVT or
Phlebotomy nurse called in weeks now? I’m in bad pain through the lack of tablets. Doreen’s Dementia is affecting my responses. The eyes are making everyday tasks harder and full of accidents and mistakes. Oh, dear! Just thought I’d mention it. Not that it helps, of course.

Fancy that!
But it lightened later.

Morning view

But the blood pressure was horrendous! I did extra checks in the hope that it would come down, but… Nope! Wonder if this is due to the none attainment of, and running out of some medications?

Fingers crossed

Oh the bright side (I had to look very hard, Hehe!), the ankle ulcers were nice and calm. (Says Inchie as he gets grief from the catheter tube via Little Inchie and cleans the blood up changers protection pants,
Then get more stabbings from .

A bad day all round today.
Window-Man Joe called to do them.
I was out of it most of the time with taking so many painkillers, I think.
No idea what had happened for several hours.
I keep mentioning the pain I was in to each Carer.
At least, I think I must have.

Got the meal served up early, I gave up trying to concentrate on the computer. Cooked the meal without any damage. Hehe!

Sat watching TV with subtitles and devouring the pleasantly tasty meal I’d done for myself. Pretend meat (Very nice), beetroot, tomatoes, and potato cubes done in the oven after being sprayed with oil.
Carer Josef arrived mid-feast. Can’t recall what happened, he was soon off, as there was no night bag to change, and I’d already taken the painkillers & Peptac. Nice lad.


2 thoughts on “INCHIE: Thursday 23rd March 3023

  1. The old bags are keeping you in your place. That’s for sure. Great looking meal. You camera is making a tour of California. It got out of the International Distribution Center in Los Angeles and now it’s in San Francisco. I assume it will head for England soon, unless it has to continue its tour up the west coast and visit Portland. OR and Seattle, WA before heading your way. The ways of modern mail delivery are so mysterious.

    • Hi, Tim.
      I had a ready made meal last night, mate. Lamb Mossaka, never tried it before – 8.5/10, very nice. Of course I made some oven cooked potato chunks to go with it. Haha!
      Still no night bags, no medications, no District Nurse, no Christina or other DVA Warfarin blood test, no laundry returned again… I wonder if someone has told them I’ve snuffed it? Little hope of getting them! Humph!
      I should imagine that in the US of A, with it being slightly larger than the UK (Not much, Haha!) needs a different approach? You don’t think it will go via Canada then? Haha!
      Much appreciate your kindness mate. I can take it in my pocket when I go out to hospitals and sneak some shots in? No, I’d better not.

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