INCHIE: Tuesday 21st March

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I woke around 04:20hrs – with the worse ever attack of.
That I’ve ever suffered. The legs, the right one in particular, were warped, with ridges and almost holes showing in the lower legs. Naturally, I was the brave, heroic, high-pain-toleranced, devil-may-care sort of young man that I am; there was no oohing, arghing, or swearing.
In fact, I merely laughed it off.

My feet and ankles were slightly swollen after Colin Cramps gave up on me. And they were looking a lot better, although a little rough looking.

At about 06:00hrs, I ventured to the .
I finished the evacuation, had a rinse, medicated my tenderer areas with Germoloids, Cortisone and Germolene and left the wet room.
.This was an hour after going into e wet room.

The first pouch procedure went rather well, and the urine was clearer than of late.

The ankles were getting a bit meaty looking for some reason?

The Asda order arrived

The helpful driver took the things through to the kitchen for me.
Treats; marshmallows for the old man and pouches of instant chocolate for the nurses and carers. Got some flowers as well.
The highlight was getting some imitation pork at last.
Some sourdough cobs.
Hopefully, I’ll have these with the non-meat meat. With some chips, with a couple of the well butter-veganed sourdough rolls.

Heap trouble with the computer!!! Got this screen telling me it was needed to rescue Firefox? It ran of its own accord???
Not the foggiest what it was all about.
This came up while it was doing its thing…
I Waited in how for… Five hours! But it showed 1.08% done on the first of the five dozen, whatever they were working on.
I lost patience and turned it off and rebooted it.
Since then, I am getting advertisements with the pages I use for the snippets; hundreds came in on the email and could not be closed until after I opened them??? Shit!
This is why I’ve only one snippet on – it’s just too confusing with the pages sending me advertisements all the time!

Although I was stewing about the computer, I loved the sky this evening.

Later on, I took these.

This last one came out better than I thought it would with the sun straight at me. Although I can’t take any credit.

The wee-wee was getting darker again, as per usual in the evenings.

Well, that caught me! An hour later, another
emptying produced this clear as gin result???
Beats me? But most things do.

I made a start sorting the nosh out.
Yet another Inchie-Idiosyncrasy!
Or a failing…
Or .
Or Cock-Up…
I got the plate laid out with the sarnies, added the chips and tomatoes, and took a great photographicalisation of it there on the wheeled server top.

It was in the morning when I realised it was not on the SD card. Humph!

Fare Thee-Well!