INCHIE: Friday 24th March 2023

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Overview, Revue & Waffling Ode
I sat looking at the screen for an age, impotent,
Trying to be creative, but I couldn’t,
The brains power and batteries were absent,

The mind was not interested nor compliant!
But, I was determined to get through this addlement…
This Mind-Blank, with a feeling of being insignificant,
My thought process is uncomplaisant…
Was it Doreen’s Dementia being defiant?
The thoughts fused, terribly absonant…
Focus clarifies a smidgen, then back to blent,
Many hours I’ve just spent…
Doing this ode, although claudicant…
I’ve written very little, originally meant…
Going through denudement, with no denouement!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The urine was another bad colour.

Popped through the letterbox was a leaflet regarding Winwood Heights Social activities. Which was impossible to read due to the small print and, of course, , & are chief suspects as well. My immediate desires inspired, were for me to go on a day trip out to the coast, maybe?
Then, of course, reality kicked in.
How the heck would I cope with the catheter and bag emptying?
Taking the medications? Ans, should be some miracle I made it to Skegness; there would be no way on the planet that I could resist a fish & chip meal!
Then, of course, should I be foolish enough to go on one – there is little doubt that one of the medical procedures I’m on the list for would arrive on the same day! Plenty to choose from; Cataracts, Glaucoma, Saccades, replacement bladder, and DVT vein bleed. Or another one of the Brain Scans.
I’ll have to go into a self-sulk mode and forget about any idea of a day at the seaside; it’s just impracticable! (Is that the right word?)

The Iceland order arrived.

Strawberry treats for the gals. With some different drinks this time. Vanilla ice-cream-flavoured ones. I tried one later from the fridge – very nice!
The especially ‘flattened’ wholemeal rolls. Miraculously, they had some of the cheap kitchen towels in stock for once.

The highlight was a meal I had never tried before.
Looking forward to this.

Good Heavens…

The urine was running a much healthier colour!

Mind Blank Time
One minute I was on the computer, went to the Throne, and found myself five hours later, standing in the kitchen taking photos in the dark? Obviously, Carers had called, but could I remember who and when? No!


Got back to the computer but just could not focus, so packed up and back to take the photos again.

The rain has stopped, and as I went into the kitchenette, the sun found a gap in the clouds, offering me some pareidoliaing time.

Got the oven on heating up for the potato chunks. The ready meal will go in the microwave for nine minutes. So potatoes in when the heat gets to 200, 20 minutes later, I can put the Moussaka in the microwave, and hopefully, they will both be ready at the same time.

Back to the . acci-whoop The messy evacuation needed cleaning up. Then I realised that the WC tank was filling up very slowly – and while doing it, there was no water available from the cold tap on the sink? Friday night again – things always go wrong when there is no one on-site to help! Grumph!

Back to check on the meal to check…
But could not resist these views, a Pareidlia’s delight!

Both of these snaps offered up a multitude of figures for me to identify. The fact is, I was at it so long I overcooked the potatoes – but nae bother, I like them tinged a little brown around the edges.

Gorgeous tasting this one was!
I was sat in the second-hand shop-bought, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickeningly-beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ-producing, falling to pieces, food residue collecting recliner, feasting on this wonderfully flavoured fodder; when, in came Carer Jozef. He was soon off, with no night bag to change and no medications to give – they have still not arrived yet!

Finished off the nosh, washed things up and settled to watch a Jonathan Creek episode on the TV.
But it was not to be...