INCHIE: Saturday 25th March 2023

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I thought this might be a good spot to
show some old used before photographs
of Nottingham Sherwood pavement cyclists
Just to make the point, they are a danger!

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As of now, 17:05hrs, there are still no night catheter pouches, prescription medications or Finasteride tablets for the shrinking of the prostate to allow a trail without the damned painful, annoying, clumsy, messy, painful… Painful, oh, I’ve said that, haven’t I? (Well it is!) catheter, to see if I can have a manual pee once again, delivered to me. So, I’m doomed to agony and discomfort. Not that it bothers me.
Just thought I’d mention it!

The day bag was not a good colour this morning.

Had a sad moment over my not being able to go on one of the trips-out days! Ah, well, “Que sera, sera!”

Spots of morning rain.

The requirements were the same as over the last three days. A first visit – messy to evacuate and clean up.
The tank had to be refilled manually again, which involved fetching water from the cold faucet/tap that works in the kitchenette, carrying it back to the wet room, and pouring it (or at least some of it) into the tank – three times. Then flushing, but it didn’t take all the product – so I had to repeat the actions. again. acci-whoop This time my luck wasn’t so good… I lost grip of the bowl and water from the kitchen – drenched the dressing gown, me and the floor! Naturally, I took it all in my stride and did not get angry or get pissed off, swear, spit or curse! 
Finished cleaning the wet room, then off to the kitchen to do the same in there. I broke the handle on the mop and banged my knuckles on the edge of the radiator! Within minutes of returning to the front room, the 2nd visit was required!
This seems to be the usual pattern nowadays.
The second visit was even messier than the first evacuation. Bu7t at least I didn’t have any spillages. I cunningly only filled the bowl a third full, thus, I could carry it with the one good hand  I have and used Metal Mickey in the other. Crafty eh? but of course, it meant four trips to the kitchen instead of two. The morning was getting into the lunchtime zone with all the farting about that I had to do! Now a hemerine task and risk to add to the others!
What with no new Finasteride medications arriving for the prostrate… I mean prostate, running out of tablets, the constant pain from this and . Then there’s a new problem… although I had been warned it was bound to start. This is from an old friend . Now both or either hand fingers are not letting me grip things or refusing to allow me to let go of things? The cursed Eye-Ailment-Brigade; , and , is making things harder as well. Doing this blog will be too much shortly, I fear. CorelDrawing is easier and can be resized quickly, so all is not fatal yet. No night bags for about a week either, so the bladder cannot have its nightly flushing out of the infection? Still, it was day bags I ran out of last time. Nobody is telling me anything. The After-stroke falls team lady and District nurses have not been for a long time.
Just listen to me! Whingeing, grumbling, grumping, and snivelling-on?

Mid morning.

Afternoon view

Flavoured the baked beans with liquid smoke, BBQ sauce, and a splash of aged malt vinegar.

The changing skies over Sherwood… Chronologically

Beautiful late afternoon puffer clouds.

Pareidolia prompting picture!

Pareidolia prompting picture!
Converted to Sepia.

In yer face, Sun!

Pareidolia prompting picture!

Pareidolia prompting picture!


Sunset Selection…

The oh, so high moon cometh…

Best close up I could manage.
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13 thoughts on “INCHIE: Saturday 25th March 2023

  1. Holy wowsers, kind Sir!
    Been a bit on the busy side, this side of the Atlantic. So, a quick note to let you know that we still think about you every single day. Will write more later on this evening.
    Wishing you well, mon ami. Always!

      • They’ve (WP) reduced my liked by 25%, and not letting me get into the reader section at all! Grrr!
        Still no medications or catheter night bags – me and the carers ar also flummoxed, Billum.
        In constant pain with Anne Gyna – she and Colin Cramps keep waking me throughout the night. The new medications for reducing the soxe of the prostate have not arrived. No INR blood test nurses have called, no ?Stroke Recover nor Falls team folks not been for weeks now.
        We share a fed-upperedness, and frustrations?
        All my love and best wishes, to all at the Manor Laboratories, Sirreth Billum. ♥

  2. I thought I had commented on this post. Hmmm! Did you get your camera? The tracker said it was delivered.

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