Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd March 2018

Friday 2nd March 2018

Greek: Παρασκευή 2 Μαρτίου 2018

0130hrs: Woke several times over, for a minute or so, and seemed to drift off back to sleep? Eventually, the brain engaged and I encouraged the body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne.

I settled down to allow the evacuation procedure. And the thoughts that began emanating from the brain for my considerations were quisquose, disturbing and confusing. They trundled forth and before I could grasp their meaning, along comes another totally unrelated idea, fear or suggestion. Enough, already! As luck would have it, I escaped the thought-battle when I realised the amount of bleeding taking place from the rear-end, thus giving me something else to concentrate on. Duodenal Donald was leaking slightly more than usual. After the session, I had a good clean up and used the gauze and HT cream to ease the flow. It took a while, but I stopped it eventually.

Wiped up and antisepticated the contact areas. To the kitchen and got the Health Checks were done. The sys was up a bit, all else looked fine.

I took a look out of the window to see the situation with the snow, outside. Couldn’t see any fresh snow on top of the resident’s vehicles.

The alcoholic tenants who use their cars to go to fetch their liquor daily are the best indicators. Haha!

Got the medications took.

Started to update Thursday’s Diary. Sent it off.

I had a look at the forecast for today. A yellow warning for snow and ice, same as yesterday. 1°c > -4°c. It added, …but feeling colder! That’s it, I’m hibernating today. And it isn’t exactly snug in the flat.

All the holes left in the building when the builders had to evacuate work due to the weather, ensures us all a high-electricity charges and cold flats!

I must have been snowing late last night, cause the run-marks from all the sleigh routes were covered in the bottom field.

No snow is falling at all at the moment. I looked at the Daily Telegraph website, where they had done us a map of the UK, pointing out the warning areas for snow for today. Glad to see Nottingham is only in the Yellow warning zone. And, the warnings seem to all end (Apart from the Yellow) by 1000hrs. So, the buses might be back on after that time? Mind you, with the temperature prognosticated as being freezing and lower, this white-stuff and ice might take a while to clear, and will more fall tomorrow? Bet your life on it!

Had a look at the BBC site to see what Saturday and next week might bring us. Ah, some more snow. Hehe!

I’d received an email from the surgery. When having the blood test yesterday, I explained to the nurse about getting appointments for Thursdays at 1040hrs, meant I have to miss the one Social Event we have a week, as it runs from 1000hrs to 1100hrs. She said they could make it earlier in the mornings. This cheered me up no end.

Now I get this email telling me my results are as follows: But no INR-Warfarin level results on the page, only next weeks dosages? And, worst of all and very disappointingly, they made the appointment for the next one on Thursday 8th March at 1050hrs – Again! Bummer! Grumph!

I started work on this blog. Got up to here. Made the WordPress Comments, and then I tried to get the Reader to open in FireFox. On the third attempt, it worked. Getting back to the editor, was not so easy.

On Facebook to catch-up.

I made a brew of tea, got some thin slices of Pork Pie, cut up some tomatoes and watched a YouTube car crash thingy while I ate them.

Back to work. CorelDrawing to make up some more diary page headers and then got the drafts started. It proved to be hard work getting them right.

Made another mug of brew and did the Health Checks.

Started to create the drafts. Got them finished at last. Cost me five hours to get these Page Headers done. Can’t display them, otherwise, it will take the edge off their humour when I use them on the ITs (Inchcock Todays).

Turned computers off, and did the Health Checks and medications.

Got the meal served up in no time. Only the potato cakes needed any heating up. Cooked beef and belly pork with herbs, chips, sugar-snap peas, apple and tomatoes were followed with the natural yoghourt to which I added some Maple Syrup.

I fell asleep with the plate and tray mostly eaten, but still on my knee.

The plate and tray of fodder were on the floor when I woke up later, leaving a pretty pattern of chips, tomato-halves and half-chewed sugar-snap peas over me, the recliner, the Ottoman and the carpet! And, there were signs of my nocturnal nibbling in the hour-or-so I was in the land of Nod.Tsk!

I had a cleaning up session. No way could I remember opening the bag of misshaped chocolate brazil nuts? Naughty Inchcock!

I checked on what was on the TV, and once again the same selection of good stuff was showing. Law & Order, the A-Team, Animal Help and two episodes of Hustle. I got half-way through Law & Order before nodding-off. Woke and moved channels to see the A-Team, that lasted about five minutes and I drifted off again. Slept right through the Animal Help, changed to circuit 60 and slept through after watching the first few minutes of Hustle. Waking when the finishing titles were coming on the screen for the second episode. Fell asleep again before I could turn off the TV set.


Inchcock Today – Monday 26th February 2018: Snow good today. Hehehe!

Monday 26th February 2018

Frisian: Tiisdei 27 Febrewaris 2018

0230hrs: Woke up coughing, and gave off a sneeze that Mount Vesuvius would have been proud of. Hehehe! I lay a while, Harold’s Hemorrhoids, the Fungal Lesion and Duodenal Donald all giving me some hassle. I bet they get worse when it comes to my moving. Tsk! On the bright side, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger. Hernia Harry and Anne Gyna were taking a break.

As I extricated my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and the could feel the blood flowing from both front and rear problem areas the moment I moved my ambulocetus-like wobbly body. Straight to the Porcelain Throne room to investigate.

Gawed, it was dang cold in there, shivering and shaking, I’ll be glad when the windows get put in the flat, to block the draughts and the cladding is put up. I put the wall heater on (At least this will please the power company) and removed the jammies and Protection Pants. Utilised the Throne. The session was not bad. The bleeding from Little Inchy and Harold’s Haemorrhoids was not as free-flowing as I had feared, and was relatively easy to clean up. The sharp stinging pains from the piles were the primary ailment to worry about.

No HT cream left! I imagined with me doing an excessive amount of sitting down and not getting outside for exercise over the weekend, is the cause of this dilemma. My sore throat seemed less so as well.

Cleaned everything up.

Another ‘catching me off guard’ sneeze as I left the wet room, must have been heard many floors away, it certainly brought on a headache and started the piles hurting! Oh dear! If I wore false teeth, I’m sure they would have flown out! Haha! I went to the kitchen.

Got the kettle on, and did the Health Checks and got the medications taken. The sys was the lowest its ever been?

I pondered at this stage; Should I go out or not today?

The forecast is showers of rain and sleet possible, a max of 1°c forecast. Am I up to it yet, with this cold and unwell? I decided that I would go out.

I felt that if I didn’t, after days of enforced imprisonment (Hehe!), I need to get out and take some photographicalisations. Anyway, I need to get some HT cream and TCP, to counter Haemorrhoid Harold and the sore throat. Maybe a little walk into Sherwood? I was undecided where to go, but sure (As I could be, not saying a lot I know) that I must get out. The new coat is snug-as-a-bug, and the imitation fur hat could be used. Got the brolly. I hoped I had not made the wrong decision. After all, I do feel a bit easier this morning, the throat has eased off a bit? I know I’m known for my dilly-dallying, tentativeness, ambivalence and indecisiveness. Oh, and lack of confidence in making choices.

Got Excel opened and made last weeks Health Check listing.

Made a start on this diary, then updated yesterdays and got it finished and sent off.

Found a few pictures to use in making graphics for header tops. Had several wee-wees during this work. Oh dearie me!

Made a mug of tea, and had a little while on YouTube.

0715hrs: Herbert started his knocking about early today. Took the hearing aids out, hope there isn’t any alarms sounding.

The ablutions were tended to. After which I made sure that I was well wrapped-up to counter the icy looking snow outside.

I met Olive as I was taking the sorted black bags to the refuse chute. So lovely to see her looking so well and carrying her usual attractive air of being in charge, superior and radiant. Not many lasses would dress so well to do their laundry. Apart from perhaps Jenny, who also manages to look radiant always, whatever she is doing. So does Cindy. I’m sorry I mentioned this.

Dropped the bags off and returned to the flat to do a check that I’d got everything needed, and not left anything on or off that are necessary to be the opposite. Lost that a bit there, sorry. Lights, stove, windows, taps (faucets), hearing aids, mobile and camera in the jacket pocket, fridge and freezer doors closed… I would have consulted my list I made for this task but could not find it.

Imitation Finland-like hat on, (Very warm! – not big enough, but it’ll do for me in this weather) Fingerless gloves. Times like this that I feel lucky to be wearing the Protection Pants, they do keep one warm, Ha-ha!

I was surprised to see the snow had fallen, but from inside it looked terrific.

I took a photo of the car park below and one of the houses opposite.

Well wrapped up and out into the icy-cold to the Warden’s shed.

No taking of any pictures on the route, because manoeuvring along the snow and ice made hobbling-safely my main aim to concentrate on. Got into the hut without any Whoopsiedangleplops of any kind.

This gave Welsh Bill the opportunity to show his sarcasm and wit.

A rather dryly spoken; “Hello Russia!” from Bill followed with a loud roar that made the others laugh, the instant he saw my stupid looking but, oh so warm hat. I like William’s humour. He looked even better than he did on Friday, so his recovery seemed to be ongoing, I’m glad to say. We were joined by a few others, all coming in to shelter against the bitter cold. The smokers braved the weather outside so they could have a drag. Bill went out to join them but came back in seconds later, shivering and saying it was too cold to go out there just for a puff.

The buses, City and Bestwood bound ones arrived, and I joined the others at the end of the queue. I had a little natter with Cindy, she was going on a visit to see her son. As she got off, I wished her a happy time.

The first thing that caught my ‘camera-eye’ was the pigeons on the ledges and tops of the Victoria Centre (Mall). Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ‘The birds’, I thought Hehe!

I took this shot and then popped into the Wilko store in search of the medications to counter my persistent sore throat.

By the time I’d gone potty shopping and had got to the checkout and faced a bill for £27.80, I wondered what the heck I had done! Looking at the receipt I realised amongst the washing accoutrement stuff, I’d bought Ginkgo tablets £1.20, Germoloids, a tiny little tube for £3.50, Nasal decongestant £1.50, TCP liquid £3.50, blood cleaner £4.89 and realised why the cost was so high! Tsk! Shopaholic or what! I need help! Haha!

I called in the Poundland store to see if they had any pork pies in, knowing they would not have.

Came out and saw the new gigantic sign across the road.

There was no missing it.

Walked down Clumber Street, taking this picture of the affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, laid-back, polite, caring, gentle Nottinghamians as they cheerily made their way to the next store to shoplift from, or in search of their next mugging victim or to trip over a rough sleeper begging.

The kids would be playing the new game popular nowadays; Spot-a-Policeman.

I carried on to High Street and walked through the Council House Shopping Arcade. You can see all the mass of shoppers and closed units how popular it is. This delightful old area is not used much by Nottinghamians now. Good job the shops have doors on the outside too.

I exited and made my way through the Slab Square, and foolishly to the other pound shop to see if they had any Pork Farms pies in stock. But no, their fridges, like the ones at the other store, have been filled with bottles of pop for sale. The thought of the end of Pork Farms Pork Pies brought down my spirits. Also, I spend more than intended there as well. I got some wholemeal rolls, chocolate brazils, chocolate almonds and caramelised biscuits in a pack containing seven packets of two.

For some reason, although I had not walked much, the plate-of-meat started to sing. I decided to make my way back as the snow began to fall again.

To Queen Street via the slab square once more, not a police officer in sight, there were a few street sleepers in the doorways of closed retail premises, some people with pit bulls and tattoos and a Big Issue seller who deserved the hand out I gave him for his persistence in the bad weather.

At this stage, it being tomorrow morning while I’m updating this twollop, Virgin went down again! Grrr, Third Time!

Walking up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and popped my head and camera over the railings so I could offer you this picture of some Nottingham Street Art.

The Council claim that Nottingham is the Queen of the Midlands, you know. It makes one wonder.

As I arrived at the shelter, the snow got severe, but only for a couple of minutes. Luckily I took the opportunity to make these shots. In the last one, the L9 bus was arriving, and I had to rush a bit to catch it. Tsk!

As the bus made its way along Upper Parliament Street, I wedged the camera against the window and took some shots as we progressed along.

Cindy from the flats got on at a later stop.

Glad to report that she’d had a grand time visiting her family, and offered me a tale about her 2-year-old granddaughter that made me laugh out loud.

This cheered me up a bit again.

Back at the flats and I took a picture of the sky as the bus turned right into Chestnut Walk.

I thought it came out rather good considering.

Oh, dear, problems with Branson’s Virgin Internet yet again.

Getting fed-up with this now!


This is photographicalisation from the bus window. To the stop and off of the bus and to the apartments in haste, due to the requirements for a wee-wee becoming urgent!

Made it, cleaned up, but a little late. Changed PPs and did the Health Checks.

Went to get the noshing sorted and cooking.

I was surprised at there was more snow in the City Centre than up here on the hill. I’d have expected things to be the opposite way around?

It had nearly all cleared at the flats, but the ice was forming on the windows already, enough to make me worry about tomorrow.

I heated the beef and potato hot-pot and added a beef pastie slice to the tray ten minutes later, hoping they would both be cooked at the same time.

Not too bad a result. Very tasty, not perfect by any means, but a worthy 8/10 rating was given to this effort.

Got the last Health Checks done and medications taken. The Germoloid cream made me jump a bit. Hehehe!

Changed into night attire and settled down to watch some New Tricks on DVD. I soon drifted off, though, very early on.

I suppose I must have needed it.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th February 2018: Fed-up! Hehe!

Sunday 25th February 2018

French: Dimanche 25 février 2018

0200hrs: The head felt like it would explode, innards grumbling and rumbling. Feeling like I have had no sleep at all. Dizzy Dennis seems to have settled in with me permanently. Tsk! I’d been waking every few minutes and having to go for a wee-wee for hours and hours, all night. Earlier, I had a nauseous spell or two. Never have I wee-wee’d so much.

I was determined, not to let myself get morose, dolorous or irritable about things like I did yesterday. I got the medications taken and did the Health Checks.

Made a start on this blog, then finished off yesterdays.

I think I’m going to opt here. One hell of a sore throat now. The throat problem seemed, to come over me instantly? Shivering now! Despite having the woolly hat and dressing gown on.

I did some commenting on WordPress and Reader.

Had a search for suitable funnies to use for the page headers.

Made three up ready, but it took me many hours, as was making mistakes all the time, nipping off for wee-wees and felt so tired. I thought I had some TCP in stock.THen, I could have had a gargle of TCP for the throat, but failed to find any? After I got the TFZ page headers done, I had another look around for it. Searched in everyplace I think, but no luck.

The flat was looking terribly untidy, but I was energyless. Is that a real word?

Another wee-wee and put the kettle on to make a brew in the small mug. Going to have a look at the football results later.

Went to the kitchen to make the tea – and I’d left the hot water tap (Faucet) running earlier! Can’t have a shower now then, until it heats up again. Although, I think that Jenny told me the shower heater is not affected by the boiler. Of course, I might be wrong.

Listless, I viewed the footy results. It would be a Sunday when the throat comes on bad. Tsk! Chemist not open and no buses.

Noisy Herbert has been busy knocking clanging and dropping stuff again.

Did the midday checks and medicationalisationing.

I’m not feeling the slightest bit like eating yet. Perhaps later,  I might use the last of the crustless wholemeal bread to make a few anchovies, cheese and tomato sarnies? Maybe not, with how I feel at this moment.

Poor old sausage. Hehe!

Mate Michael rang the intercom, bless him. Smashing to see him. He’s brought some PPs for me again. He could not stay, but it was a pleasure to see him again, and much appreciated.

Perked me up this short visit did. I turned the oven on to heat it up.

Went for a wee-wee, and noticed I’d suffered a nose-bleed. Must have been a while back, cause it was dark red and dried. A right mess all over my nose moustache and chin. Looked down and found blood on the top shirt as well!

Took a photo of the tree copse. If Michael had not called, I would have still been in a depressed sorry-for-myself mood. Signs of life in the Copse were showing through now. I hope to be up to having a walk through and chatting to the old trees again soon. (Don’t laugh… Hehehe!)

Did the Health Checks and the ablutions. Blimey, it was cold in that wet room. Harold’s Haemorrhoid was in a right poor state, and much bleeding and Ooing and Aring took place during the medicationalising treatment of the same. (Argh!) Into new PPs and clean jammies and off to the kitchen to make the meal.

Got a handful of chips in the oven to cook while I made up some bread, cheese, tomato and anchovy open sandwiches, on three slices of the Scottish Plain bread.

Disappointingly, I could only manage two of the open sandwiches. But I ate more than of the last two meals, so that was a good sign. I reckoned the lack of appetite was down to the throat ache.

Got the plate, spoon and fork in the bowl to soak, and took this photo of Sun-Down at Woodthorpe Court.

Settled to watch the good guys, The A-Team on the goggle-box. I got through the first of the three episodes with only nodding off about ten-times. Huh!

While sat there watching them, I had a dizzy spell and actually thought I might fall out of the recliner!

Then the shivers started again, I hate these. It even went through my warped mind that the Government might be funding Councils to do work on the old folk flats, with the proviso that the heating does not work correctly and they must be left with no cladding for as long as possible with all windows letting in the wind and cold. Thus, helping to save the NHS a lot of dosh when the old gits get pneumonia and kick the bucket?

At least I got to sleep a little easier tonight, but it was dream filled.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th February 2018:

Sunday 18th February 2018

Moari: Rātapu 18 Huitanguru 2018

0130hrs: Another personality woke up this morning. He had no fears, worries or lack of control over his brain’s thoughts. I recognised this condition immediately, but Inchcock’s own mode returned within seconds of this. I suffered dysania as well. I lay, pondering and musing on anything and everything that seemed to have no connection to reality; but soon came out of it, and forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to collate the laundry room needs, then down with the clothing.

Down in the elevator and got the washing into the machine.

Then nipped outside and took a picture of the front of the building looking up.

It didn’t come out very well, I’m afraid. Just a bit nippy out there today.

Back up to the flat and got the Health Checks done.

Took the medications with a mug of water.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! Not good in any department this morning. The lesion had been bleeding, and the evacuation was, so Trotsky affected, I took a Dia capsule afterwards.

Time to go down and move the gear from washer to dryer.

Back again to the flat and took this picture from the kitchen window. I could see aeroplane lights high in the sky as they flew past. But they did not appear in the photograph for some reason.

Too small I expect.

Got on with the diaries. Started this one off up to here, then updated the Saturday post and got it sent off.

Got carried away again, and forgot about retrieving the washing from the dryer! Tsk!

I hurried down to get the washing, taking this photograph of the display board near the elevator doors on the ground floor.

I was a tad confused when I saw the current weather given as Sunny? It was pitch black outside, as the earlier photograph indicates.

At this point, I decided I’d try to get out later today into Woodthorpe Grange Park, to visit the Tropical Gardens and get some photos and a little exercise.

Into the laundry room, I went and emptied the drum of the clothing, folded them and then got them into the bag.

Another Mystery-Odd-Sock scenario! Looked in the drums of both machines and underneath all of them, but no sock.

Back up to the flat and my hopes wervanquished. I carried out an inefficacious search for the absconded grey sock. Humph!

0500hrs: Went on Facebooking, adding to albums and then the TFZers site. Started on the TFZer graphic.

1020hrs: Got it finished at last! Gosh and golly, that took some time to get something like right.

On Facebook again and posted it. I pray they like it.

Sister Jane rang me and, we had a little natter.

Off to get the ablutions done, and then get out to the Tropical Garden. (If it is open today, of course.) The ailment treatments took a bit longer than I thought they would. The lesion had to be negotiated carefully. Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks, then set off out.

This is the route out and back that I took. Not far at all.

As I got around the back of the building into the park. (See the squiggly lines? That’s where it was very muddy, I tried a slightly different route on the way back to void the slipperiest bits.) I had to do a bit of mud-skating to get through the wet sludge so I could take this picture of the back of the new build erection progress. I could see on the camera screen what a mess I’d made of shooting it. No idea what went wrong, but I tried again, and it looked much better – but the photo did not store? Turned off the camera, took the SD card and reinserted it.

Crossed my fingers the other ones will come out alright.

I went up the hill, and within a few yards, Hippy Hilda started kicking-off, nastily too. Of course, with the route there being all uphill, I could not complain, could I? Hehe!

I turned part-way up and tried another effort at the new build block.

Ah, that was a lot better! I hobbled on through the trees, taking in the wonder of nature and the smell of dog poo! Masses of broken-off branches everywhere – but some of the dogs liked them to take home.

There were many people about in the park today, at first I was surprised at how the kids were being so quiet and the dogs not barking much. Then I realised I’d not got the hearing aid in. But the weather was just grand. Not too old at all, no winds to speak of, or rain either.

The crocuses, or croci, using the Latin form, never cease to amaze me every year.

Here we are in February (I’m quick yer know, note I didn’t need to consult the calendar then. Hehe!) and these purple beauties are forcing their way through the soil, broken branches and dog droppings already.

I think they are purple anyway. Being colour shade blind and all that.

Painfully with Anne Gyna now joining Hippy Hilda in giving me some jip, I pressed on, occasionally stopping to give Hilda and Anne a rest.

I wandered slowly through the unkept part of the gardens, arriving at the compound where the Plant shop is located.

Not that I am au fait with gardening in any conceivable way, but I thought their composed and things were a decent price, and they had apparently just had a delivery of the manure and stuff.

Cause it always gets all dirty after it’s been there a while.

When I got through the doors to the Tropical Gardens, I was greeted by the now mended metal Gorilla.

The spectacles misted up in seconds. I’d forgotten how hot it was in here. There was nothing new from last year as far I could tell, but some stuff had been moved around.

Whatever these plants were I don’t know, because they did not have a sign on them as many others had. But, beautiful they were.

They had a smell that reminded me of Camp Coffee when I used to the unscrew the lid? Are they related to coffee in some way?

I watched the Koi Carp for a long time, but could not get a decent photograph of them, no matter how many times I tried.

It dawned on me then that Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna had both relented and departed from my ailment list activations. Hehe, Hurrah!

And they stayed off, all the way back to the flats. Downhill you see!

Had a few minutes more meandering around and then left.

I really did enjoy the almost pain-free walk back down the hill. And the lack of noise from the ankle-snappers, dogs and radios, thanks to my forgetting to take the hearing aids with me. Tsk!

I took another snap of the flat building.

Taking a different way through the woods to get back on to Chestnut Grove.

The feet were beginning to sting a bit as I entered the lobby doors.

Sat there, waiting for a taxi to arrive, were Jenny, Doris and Frank. We had a little natter that I really did enjoy for a minute or two.

Health Checks and medications were done.

Updated this diary. By now it was late for me, so I got the meal sorted.

Pork Knuckle, tomatoes, snap peas, baked beans and the potato Fritters, rated this one at 8.9/10.

All good. Put the tray on the next chair while I cleaned my spectacles. fell asleep.

Woke a couple of hours later, got the pots washed and settled again to watch some TV. Nodded off.

Stirred again around an hour later, thought it was time to get up. Struggled out of the recliner and off for a wee-wee. Bit of bleeding, so I cleansed the lesion and applied the cream. Then I realised the time was 2130hrs!

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner but could not sleep again. So I put on the TV. Drifted off at the first set of commercials.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th February 2018: Tenants Social Hour Cancelled

Thursday 15th February 2018

Chinese Traditional: 2018年2月15日星期四

0100hrs: Woke with the mind full of arbitrary, salmagundi meanderings, fears and sevidical self-recrimination. Boy, whatever I’d been dreaming about, positively got to me this time.

However, as I moved in an attempt to remove my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, I appreciated the lack of interference from Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry and Reflux Roger.  Only stinging from Harold Haemorrhoid and Anne Gyna were active at this time. Very good! Unfortunately, as I got to my feet gingerly, Duodenal Donald started to kick off.

The brain still hadn’t joined with the body in full consciousness yet, but it soon joined in when I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me. Another embarrassing session. Fresh and dried blood from the fungal lesion made things messier and took an awful lot of cleaning up after the Trotsky affected evacuation; that also required extra cleaning up. I’m getting so I dread using the Throne nowadays.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. I realised getting the pots out, I’d missed taking last nights doses. So I just took the Warfarin, Simvastatin and magnesium hydroxide with the morning dosages. Taking an extra Omeprazole to counter Duodenal Donald, who was giving me a good bit of stick now.

Took a photograph of the car parking down below. All looking neat, and, a free space too and as well! Hehe! I couldn’t help but think if this was due to the death of another tenant last week. We seem to be toppling-over at a fair rate of knots recently. I’m not in a hurry, mind. Hehe!

I imagine all these old folks complexes make life easier for the Grim Reaper nowadays. Then again, does the Grim Reaper need a life? Without it, there would be no death, and he would be in a right pickle then, wouldn’t he? I had to terminate my peregrinating thoughts on this one.

Made a mug of tea, on to the computer and updated and finished the Wednesday blog.

The ulcer was not easing off any. I think I might be in for a bad day with it. When I finished the brew, I had a mug of milk, anything to try and help ease the increasing pain. Tsk!

When I went into the kitchen to wash the mug, I realised that the food tray I use was nowhere to be seen? Another mystery! I’d cleaned the pots last night, so the thing must have been taken into the kitchen along with the dishes etc. surely? I looked in anywhere that was capable of my placing the tray into. Bonkersness began to creep into my thoughts, but I could not find that itinerant stray-tray! I gave up searching and returned to the computer with the milk.

Email in from the surgery with INR result, still a little high, but not critical methinks.

Dosages for the next seven days and the next appointment. I send an acknowledging reply, thanking them. Then, made sure I added the appointment-time and date to the Google Calendar and the written diary.

Duodenal Donald was still not getting any more comfortable, so I took few big mouthfuls of the antacid medicine.

I spent about two hours on creating this post, then went into the kitchen to take yet another Omeprazole capsule. But, had the sense not to, having already imbibed one extra earlier in the morning.

 However, I did on this occasion see the crushed fresh cream cake box in the bin, from last night. This got the grey-cells working, and reminded me that after washing the pots from the meal, I took this box with the cakes on the tray to nibble in the chair and catch the crumbs! Back into the computer room but could not see the salva anywhere to start with. When I moved the recliner away from the comfortable chair… There was the tray! Quite how it got down there, I don’t know. But it offered me some exercise, as I had to move the chairs further apart to get to clean up the fallen crumbs from the carpet and chair cover, that I used the tray for in the first place to avoid! Tsk!

I had to go on Chrome to do the WordPress Reading because Firefox will not let me.

Then back to Firefox, because Chrome will not let me save any work in WordPress?

Getting fed-up with this palava! Humph!

0500hrs: Too early for a shower (Noisy for my neighbours), and I have the Morrison delivery arriving twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I had a stand-up wash, teggies cleaned, ears oiled, Little Inchies lesion cleaned and medicated, Rear-end-haemorrhoids the same. Pain gelled the shoulders, wrists, fingers, Hippy Hilda, and the knees. Cleaned the glasses and shaved. The medicationalisationing of the tender areas was not enjoyed. (Oooh! Hehehe!)

Duodenal Donald started to ease-up for me. Spur of the moment job in celebration, I decided to mop the wet room and kitchen.

0548hrs: Back on the computer here, and went on to Facebook to catch-up.

0644hrs: Made a brew and watched some YouTube fun while waiting for the fodder delivery from Morrisons.

The ordered goods arrived, and I was glad for once that I had overdone some of the ordering. Like, extra toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Especially now that Trotsky Terence is back with me, and all the extra cleaning and medicating needed for the lesion and Haemorrhoid Harold).

Got them all stored away, and spent a bit more time watching the police video clips.

I went out to the Obergruppenfureresses Warden’s Shed. I like to give them a Polish Sourdough loaf when I can get one from Morrisons, cause they love the bread and it is a little thank you from me.

The information panel in the lobby near the elevators showed 08:45hrs and a warm for February, 5°c.

I felt positively warm as I poddled along Chestnut Walk.

And the sunshine was radiating some heat today

When I got in the shed, both Wardens were busy in their office. So I just handed the bag with the bread over and gave them a ‘Good Morning’ and departed back to the flat.

Taking this photograph of the progress of the centre build new flats.

Not one of my best efforts, but it did come out a little moody, I think.

Back on the twelfth-floor, I came across a pack of 12 Andrex toilet rolls in the hallway. I’d missed them when I put the purchases away. So, with the nine-pack of Morrisons, I’d also bought, that makes 21 toilet rolls to fight the effects of the Trotskies! HaHa!

Had a wee-wee, then made a cuppa.

Updated this post and then went on to CorelDraw to do some TFZer graphicalisationing. Cobblesticks & Humph! After hours of working away happily, Computer problems and I lost everything I’d done! I could have cried or pulled Bill Gates’ head off.

Gave up and got the dinner started!

No idea what I did wrong with the cheesy baked potatoes; but bland and tasteless they were.

And here’s me, once proud of my efforts in making these treats.

Now, a broken man! Hehehe!

Still, the husks, clementine juice and tomatoes were excellent.

I washed the pots and settled down waiting for the Strobe Fire Alarm activation before I got to sleep. But it fooled me tonight and didn’t go off.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th February 2018:

Sunday 11th February 2018

Bengali: রবিবার 11 ই ফেব্রুয়ারি 2018

0155hrs: After an extended period of uhtceare, ending with feelings of disquietude and nervosity firmly established in my psyche, I recognised the winds were howling fiercely. A knocking or clanging noises were coming from somewhere. Looking out of the window, I could see that ‘Noisy Herbert’s’ front room light was on, and ungraciously assumed that the noise was emanating from his apartment. I realised this was an unfair assumption and chastised myself inwardly for concluding things without knowing for sure.  After all, I thought, the builders have been doing work on the cladding all week. It may well be something swaying in the wind that is the reason for the clattering and not Herbert at all. Sorry, Herbert.

The grey-cells seemed to have lost their quotidian tendency for poriomania and felt quite concentrated this morning. This soon ended, as soon as I tried to move physically; I knew I needed to check out the lower region, the fungal lesion when I felt that dreadfully disconcerting warm, wet sensation. By the time I had got myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright position, I’d recognised various ailment were in bad moods. Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Valve Roger, all seemed to kick-off at the same time. Tsk! Off to the Porcelain Throne.

Oh dearie me; Rather a lot of bleeding had soaked the PPs front and back. And to make the discomfort worse, Trotsky Terence was back, and Dizzy Dennis paid a visit after the movement was achieved. After so many days virtually free of so many of these ailments, I think I knew they had to return. I just wasn’t prepared for so many simultaneously. Humph! I had a stand-up wash and changed into a new pair of PPs. During which I managed to avoid any toe-stubbing or to topple over. So, all hope for the day was not lost. Hehehe!

Into the kitchen and got the Health Checks completed. Nothing to fret over in the results methinks.

Got the medication pots done up for next week.

The winds seemed to die down outside, and a spot or two of rain descended.

I realised I’d not taken the morning medications yet, and had half a mug of cold tea handy to imbibe them with.

Looked at the scribble-pad before starting to do any of the diaries. The third item on this list was unreadable I’m afraid.

I made a fresh brew of tea and onto the computer, to start doing this post and got as far as here.

Went on WordPress Reader. But it would not let me get into it again, just a blank screen. So I tried on Chrome (I was using Firefox). This allowed me to use the reader. I tried updating this post in Chrome. But it would not go through on saving. Back to Firefox.

Made another brew, and took this picture zoomed-in from the main room.

It didn’t come out well at all. Tsk!

Tried to make the comments on WordPress. Firefox permitted me this time. It all gets me confused, you know!

0258hrs: Went on to start and finish yesterdays blog.

0530hrs: Got it all done an posted off. Had a look at the local weather forecast for today and tomorrow. Heck! Not very good that!

Still, the computer is playing up now and then. The left foot big toe is stinging from the stubbings I gave it last night. (Fool!) Anne Gyna persists with her tight twinges. Duodenal Donald was so vicious; so I took an extra omeprazole capsule to counter it.

Did Facebooking, WoprdPressing and a bit of Facebooking.

Several hours on YouTube. I got carried away with watching so many clips and videos of traffic incidents and accidents. Then got into the conspiracy ones over the disappearance of poor little Madeleine McCann. I still feel something is wrong with the parent’s actions and am suspicious of their implications.

I read about the child killer Jon Venables. I do think it is disgusting that James Bulger. One site declared that this monster has had over £5m pounds spent on keeping him since was jailed in1993. I feel sick in the stomach.

Watching these programmes for hours on end did me no good at all.

I got the nosh done early. Lovely sausages, horrible potatoes, great tomatoes, apple slices and raw onions, terrible, bland bread and wonderful lemon curd yoghourt. The Australian BBQ sauce was excellent.

After consuming the vittles, I placed the tray on the other chair arm. Turned the TV on, and fell asleep for ten hours!

I suppose I must have needed it?

When I woke up, I thought it was time to get up. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner… and knocked the tray over, Tsk! Cleaned things up and realised what time it was.

I thought, well, there’s no way I can get to sleep again now after all that kipping. Washed the pots. Had a wee-wee. Got a mug of clementine juice and sat down.

Put the TV on, and I was off, into the land of nod again!

Woke up to this on the TV screen.

I’d missed most of the day. Mind you, being a Sunday it didn’t matter.

A 1949 film with Jack Warner in it was on, and I went off… to sleep yet again.

Should I be worried? Hehe!

Inchcock Today: Friday 9th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018

Sethoso: Labohlano la 9 February 2018

0045hrs: Woke up, awaited the same of the brain and observed my woolly-hat on the bigfoot Ottoman. The cover from the same on the carpet. An empty flavoured mineral water bottle on the floor in the corner of the room. I could see one slipper on the swivel chair, I had the other one on the wrong foot. An unopened tub of nibbles on the small Ottoman. Cheese curl crumbs scattered over me and the chair cover.

Then as moments past by and I thought about tackling the job of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner, realised I was in a twisted, bent position that it would be impossible for me to get into if I was awake. As I painstakingly and sorely untangled myself, I came across the remote control for the TV between my legs!

My ponderings and confusion on how all this had taken place without my knowledge, soon ended. They were replaced with the warm wet sensation from the lower regions to fret over.

Off to the wet room. Taking off the protection pants needed care. For both front and back were blood smeared. I was awake sufficient enough to realise the rear Haemorrhoid Harold area haemoglobin was from the intrusive examination, so I didn’t worry about this, it was to be expected. Little Inchies lesion and the rear-end were cleaned up and medicated. I had a clean around afterwards with the antiseptic wipes. Felt a lot more comfortable now. Back and cleaned up the room. The cause of all this untidiness and nocturnal rearranging of the items in the room was unfathomable to me. But could I recall having any dreams at all?

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Nothing to fret about with these readings methinks. Gobbled the medications with water and made an excellent tasty mug of tea.

I was clearing up afterwards and came across another aberration committed sometime during the night. At least I think it took place then.

The mystery of why I should have placed a new Bic disposable razor next to the vegetable tray in the kitchen?

It’s time for me to do my best to convince the Doctor that these things are happening and more often lately. She seems to think it is normal and is unconcerned when I tell her of these occurrences. Then again, maybe it is only me who discloses such things? Hehe!

An instant burst of bubbling, growling and agitations from the rear-end arrived.

In my haste to get to the Porcelain Throne in time, I stubbed my toe on the door frame. Oh, blow it! I said. The evacuation was one of the best for months, far less messy. But, more bloody. You can’t win them all. Cleaned up, changed the PPs again.

Onto the computer. It’s running a little slow and sticking now and then. I got the Thursday diary finished off and posted. Made a start on this one.

Went to perused the WordPress Reader. But it would not let me open it? I turned off the tab and opened WordPress again, but still no access? Closed everything down and restarted and tried again. Nope, that didn’t work!

Turned everything off and rebooted. Another failure! Tried running on Chrome instead of Firefox. Nope, no joy there either.

Opened the new WordPress on Chrome, and got into the Reader! Hurrah! But it would not let me work on this post. So I went back to Firefox to try there again. I fear I might lose everything soon.

Tried to make the comments on WordPress. It allowed me to.

0355hrs: Went on CorelDraw to start making the Day Headers in advance.

0645.hrs: Only got four done. Got carried away designing them.

A knock at the door, t’was the postman. I had received a box of nougat and lovely note and card from a Cyber-friend. That was so kind of Tracey. ♥♥♥ Made an Email of thanks and appreciation for the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinarily caring thought.

Ablutions tended to next. All good.

Readied things and set off to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens Temporary Shed.

A ganglet of other residents passed me, leaving me standing on their way to the bus stop. Shopping trolleys in hand, on their way into Sherwood.

I took this picture through the centre building compound gates. I bet the lucky jammy tenants who move into these new flats will enjoy themselves.

I pondered (I do that a lot you know, Hehe), on how Wardens Deana and Julie, Jenny and the caretakers will manage with the 40-odd new flats and 60 or 70 extra residents to cope with after they move in? They seem rushed and busy already.

Called in the cabin to keep warm and dry before the bus arrives. Three other tenants in there, we had a laugh. Minutes later there were nine of us oldies in there. The sarcasm, insults, moans and fun followed for the few minutes before we made our way out to the bus stop. We joined about six other residents, the smokers, at the stop, and was joined by five or six more. I wonder how we’ll cope when we get the lucky new folks in situ.

Caught the bus into Daybrook and got off at the Sainsbury store. I had planned to walk into Arnold and look at the trousers and go to Asda. However, Dizzy Dennis hit me a few times as I hobbled around the store. So I decided to get a bus back ASAP. I got some lovely sourdough bread, and the lady sliced it for me. Cheesy Curls, Apache potatoes, sugar-snap peas, sea salt, lemon curd tarts, fresh tomatoes and lemon slices.

Paid the lady who was polite-to-me at the checkout and out, over the road and caught the L9 bus back to where I came from, Woodthorpe Court. Conveniently the rain that poured down when I got on the bus, stopped as I got off of the bus on Chestnut Walk 30-minutes later.

Dizzy Dennis had another go at me as I walked to the Court. But Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis were very good to me.

Had a wee-wee when I got in and changed PPs again after cleaning things up.

Staggeringly to me, the fatigue and weariness came on earlier than it had ever done.

I made some buttered ham and sliced tomato sandwiches with the Sourdough bread. (Beautiful!) Added a few sugar-snap peas (Nice), sliced apple (Okay). A Marmite flavoured cheese chunk (Fair), potato chips (Tangy) and a pot of lemon curd yoghourt (Very morish). Settled down with it on the tray on my knee and feasted away merrily. Pestered by the dizzies even then though.

I fell asleep with the emptied-of-food tray on my lap. Woke an hour or so later, the platter still balancing precariously on my knee. I freed my pathetically wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner and went to wash the things up in the kitchen.

I have now solved the issue of whether to use the green or white milk jug. RIP the green milk jug. Still, dropping and breaking the thing had saved me having to wash it up I suppose. Hehe!

I’m afraid a Memory Lapse occurred then. Blank spots of what took place following this incident are patchy for a few hours. When things seemed to fall into place again, and I recall falling back asleep trying to watch a film about the White House being attacked.

A funny thing, the memory!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Samoan: Aso Lua 6 Fepuari 2018

0230hrs: Woke with the brain in a right fertummelt. Whatever it was that I’d been dreaming of, I sensed it contained frustrations and past failures within the theme. But nothing concrete memory-wise. I spent a good while trying to recall details, without any success.

As I began the process of detaching my lumbering wobbly compact body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware that there were no signs of nocturnal-nibbling. However, there was an empty bottle of flavoured springwater and another with just a drop left in it. I must have had a thirst on last night.

Why had I got a kitchen knife, a pair of new Protection Pants and a full-packet of Bisoprolol Beta-blockers laying neatly-spaced out on the Ottoman? An enigmatical question.

I put the things away and went to make a mug of tea. During which, the innards burst into life, rumbling away. I made my way to the wet room and onto the Porcelain Throne.

A terribly saturnine Porcelain Throne session ensued.

  Leaving a rare-for-me, appetency, desirous of being freed from my ailments. But I soon lost attention on that thought, as I stood up from the throne and stubbed my toe against floor cupboard. No bad language, not even in my mind, just a deferential, submissive, self-effacing, unassertive acceptance of my spiritlessness, inabilities, futilities and liabilities. Huh!

Feeling just a little down now, I carried out the Health Checks.

Made a big mug of tea. I put this jar of black bean sauce next to it, to remind me to ask a question when I got around to putting it on the blog. “How am I supposed to use it with my pork shoulder steaks, which I intend to cook in the Crock-Pot”. Do I cook the meat in the sauce, or part-water and the sauce, or do I prepare the steak, as usual, drain it and then put it in a saucepan cover it with sauce to warm the sauce up? Any help would be appreciated by someone in the know. Might be best if I do it in the oven today, after all. Fank you!

Took the medications and took these photographs of the rain-free morning outside. Looked like a touch of frost was in the air.

Computer started, and this post began, then on to finishing off the Monday effort. This took a coup;e of hours

Went to make another brew, and how the scene outside had changed!

0545hrs: Put some TFZer graphics on my Pinterest pages. Gerald’s Pinterest Pages.

These are they:

WordPress comments replied-to. Visited the WordPress Reader.

0800hrs: Oh, dearie

Off back to the kitchen for another brew,

And blimey what a different view,

So I took these piccies to show to you,

I guess they said, the snow was due,

Through the clouds, the sky was red and blue,

From inside, the view cheered me, that was long overdue!

But going out in it? Too much of a hullabaloo!

Herbert is making a lot of noise this morning. Does he think it is a Sunday and not Monday? Oh, it’s Tuesday innit?

The workers of drilling away on the outside of the building. Can’t be too helpful for them out there in this weather.

0840hrs: I stopped updating this page and went on CorelDraw, to try and catch up with doing the last of the TFZer Transport Fun Graphics. If it will let me, of course. Back in a bit.

1420hrs: Shattered now, got the last of the TFZer series done.

A few of these I am proud of (Smug Mode Adopted).

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

The shoulder pork, I’d done in the oven. Tasted a little bland. So I hope to use the other two pieces done in the crock-pot and seasoned with some Black Bean Sauce. The curried beans were grand, tasty and morish in the extreme!

‘Herbert’ above was I think, working on some heavier modelling than usual. The clunks of whatever it is he keeps dropping sounded louder, more thuddish. This was no bother, as the workers were drilling and banging away outside and one just plodded on, hoping that in eight months or so, this noise (Not Herbert’s of course) will cease. Then I can hire workmen to put right the kitchen floor, holes in the wall, redecorate… I’m getting in a panic again! Haha!

Remembered to do a Wristlet Alarm Battery Check with the Nottingham City Homes team. All good.

Health Checks and medications were sorted.

I put on a DVD of Dr Who, got the headphones on and settled to watch it… two minutes later, disentangled myself from the cables and recliner then off to the Porcelain Throne. I’m getting fed-up with Little Inchies lesion bleeding. Or rather, having to clean up and medicate things down there. Painful and embarrassing job. I must ask the Doctor, (Not Dr Who, Doctor Vindla. Hehe!) if she can rush the appointment with the GUM clinic for me.

Back to the recliner, turned off the goggle-box and lay there for hours. Just fretting over everything and stewing in self-loathing and pity. I Drifted off eventually.

I woke as my bum hit the floor as I had somehow managed to slip out of the £300 second-hand recliner. I lay there back against the recliner, bum on the floor and legs up on the Ottoman. I did feel a right twit! Good job there are no CCTV cameras in the flat! I effected a nifty getting up again session, without too much trouble at all, surprised myself at how well I coped, and without any pain worth mentioning.

Had I been dreaming, a nightmare or what?

As I stood and turned to look for any clues on the chair, I trod on the TV remote control! Hope it still works later.

Confused, but no sooner had I returned my obese, short wobbly body onto the recliner, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

Oddities, mysteries, panics, fears and failures I need not,

But I get them regularly, so that’s my unlucky lot,

It’s no wonder I’m a nervous senile silly old clot!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 30 Eanáir 2018

0205hrs: Woke up and found scribble on the notepad about a dream I had earlier. Seems a bit disorientated but this writing is all I had to go on: Dead, not unhappy… searching for someone to talk to. Found hundreds in a long queue… none would speak to me, all feeling sad and missing friends and family – felt sorry for them… Started playing hopscotch in the hope they would join in and cheer up; they lifted me and threw me down a builder’s rubbish funnel… I landed on the recliner in the flat, minus a leg, but had a wooden stump painted in red white and blue? Odd!

The ailments this morning were mostly very kind to me. Only the Inchies Lesion and Harry Hernia were any bothers. I sat there pondering, clutching for something I knew that needed attention today, but the grey-cells must have been still asleep. Irritating this is.

Eventually, I removed the unwilling bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications etc. I noticed that the pulse was slowly getting lower? 100 – 92 – 84, now 81. I hope the battery isn’t running out inside the ticker? Hehe!

Made a brew and quaffed the medications.

I had used one of the Assam tea bags this time and left it to stew and brew for three minutes before drinking any of it. Very nice! But I had to let it go cold, as the innards abruptly started churning and rumbling, and off on an urgent mission to the Porcelain Throne room!

A terribly tricky and long messy affair. Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies Lesion both bleeding, compounded the tortuous, yucky, disagreeable situation even more. By the time I’d sorted and cleaned everything after the evacuation, and got back to the kitchen, the mug of tea was stone-cold!

I brewed another mug of tea. The Twinings Extra Strong Old English this time. Another great tasting one.

Got the computer on and finished off the Monday Diary, then started this one going.

I got as far as here and then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader. Some great posts on here, today.

Moved on to comment responding next.

0510hrs: Made another brew and went on Facebook, a lot of catching up to do on it required to be done.

Had to finish a little prematurely, to get the ablutions tended to. The shave and doing the teggies went alright, but it was a wretched medicalisationing session. The shower was grand.

I took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

I doddered down to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut, the feet we soon hurting, but the ailments were all, each and every one of them being kind to me! The EQ was worried and, apprehensiveness about this incredible event. Hehe!

In the shed were about eight tenants, all keeping warm while they awaited the arrival of the bus. Outside, stood six smoker-residents at the stop.

Those residents inside were given the story of my farce with the jacket zip from yesterday. Nice to see them laughing. I listened to the gossip of the day, and we all went to the request stop together. I must say, I’ve never seen so many folks at the flats get on a bus before.

I, along with three others, got off the bus at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill. Turned left on Mansfield Road down the incline and visited the Continental Food Shop. Made my way straight to the cooked meat counter and bought three slices of Polish roasted pork. Then to the bread section and got a small slice loaf. They are expensive at £1.59 for 400g, but they do taste wonderfully satisfying. I had a walk around the shelves and purchased a can of beef and vegetable stew. Paid the man and departed up the hill and to the Wilko Store.

Where I have to admit, I got carried away repurchasing things. I spent a long time pottering around but got some things that they were out of last week, while they had them in stock. Washing Fabric Softener and Two Fragrance Enhancers, both scented with Freesia & Y-Lang, which I find very pleasant when used in the laundry. A Lemon scented floor cleaner liquid. Anti-bacterial Lemon-impregnated floor cleaner sheets. Ginko tablets on offer at £1.20. Three of the small Citrus men’s deodorant sprays, and three packets of nuts. Nearly £20 gone. Overspent again! Tsk!

I got a call on the mobile while walking up the hill. Nottingham City Homes to tell me they are calling on Thursday to have another look at the Strobe and Pillow Alarm.

I called in at the Dentist Stalag Surgery to confirm my next appointment date and time. But came out after seeing the length of the queue of fellow patients at the desk. This was the reason for my withdrawal; combined with the coughing and sneezing from the people and the intimidating scowls from the receptionists that indicated to me they would be happier if I sodded-off. So, I did!

Up to the Sherwood bus stop. The board indicated it was 20 minutes past the hour. The L9 bus being due at 27 minutes gone the hour, I thought I’d catch it. But no, of course not!

I waited until 38 minutes past, then started to walk it back to the flats. A touch confused at this.

I took the route over the hill, down to the gate and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Apart from the heavy weight of the bag and its contents, plus the feet hurting and stinging most uncomfortably (Agony almost, well, maybe not, but positively painful, Hehe!), I did enjoy the hobble back through the greenery and seeing the dogs taking their owner for a walk.

And the sun came out, giving me an opportunity to try and take a moody photo at the top of the footpath. It came out not too bad as it happened.

I turned right and saw the poor Tree Copse in front of me, looking all bare, abandoned and somewhat forlorn.

I reckoned it would be a good idea if I walked down the hill through the Copse and took some photographs as I walked down and came out at the bottom field.

I got to the entry of the path through the trees and nearly had a Whoopsidangleplop or Accifauxpa as I slipped and very-nearly slipped  over on the muddy surface

So I rerouted and used the gravel footpath, instead!

I got some flaring on the photo I took half-way down to the flats.

A little disappointed with this I was. Humph!

A bit tricky at the bottom of the path, with mud and what looked like oil across the trail?

I got indoors and up to the apartment, and put the unwanted, unnecessary and unneeded purchases away.

Got the computer on, and two hours later I’d updated this load of blather up to here.

Got the Health Checks and medications taken. Updated the Diaries, written and Google.

Then I tended to the nosh and got the chips in the oven cooking.

Had a go at Facebooking while I waited.

Delicious pork and tomato sandwiches. Stilton cheese, potato & bacon balls and chips, sliced apple and beetroot.

Lemon Curd yoghourts for dessert.

I ate the lot of it! With a certain relish as well!

Rang Brother-in-law Pete, it’s his 70th today. Had a good gossip, cut short by the wet warm sensation from my lower regions.

More bleeding, I’m getting bleeding fed-up with this!

‘Herbert’ banging away merrily up above.

Weariness and fatigue come again.

I settled down to watch some TV and waited for the Strobe Pillow Alarm to activate. Either it didn’t, or I was too tired and deep in sleep to feel it. For I was in the land of Nod very soon.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th January 2018:

Sunday 28th January 2018

Italiano: Domenica 28 Gennaio 2018

0025hrs: Awake thanks to the earlier Strobe & Pillow Alarm Activations, and feeling excessively concerned about my state of health, physical and mental. From last nights early settling down, the memories are, to say the least vague. If it were not for the notes I’d scribbled on the pad, I would not recall anything at all?

The usual ailments, (Apart from later finding Little Inchies lesion bleeding profusely and painfully), had taken a back seat, very odd this. A headache, rumbling innards, ear-ache, tight chest and the occasional shivering/shaking had replaced the usual infirmities (I could have just said a cold, couldn’t I? Hehe!). I dread to think how I’d feel if Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry or Anne Gyna kicked off now, as well. I wonder if I can claim Man-Flu? Haha!

I blew my nose and nearly lacerated the skin on the hands. The stubble on the chin was so thick! I had not done any ablutions last night with the falling asleep – waking-up routine that was imposed on me. Tsk!

Unbelievable how easy I found it getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright stance. I began to think that maybe I was dreaming it all?

Into the kitchen, and as I opened the door, Gawd, it was cold in there! Made me shiver for a second or two.

I got the kettle on, nipped to the wet room for a wee-wee. Oh, heck! Little Inchies lesion had been and was pouring thick blood. Cleaned things up best I could. I’ve never known such pain before from this injury. Took a while, but I think I’ve stopped the flow. The swelling was worse, and the colouration had changed to deep purple/amethyst. Swapped Protection Pants and began to feel sorry for me again. Tsk!

The flat is generally getting messy, untidy and needs a good clean up. It’s in this state cause I keep falling asleep (In between noise from Herbert above, the workers and the Strobe Fire Alarms) so effortlessly and irresistibly lately.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer going (Very slow, I fear the worst!). To start this post off.

I’m finding concentrating the mind on any one subject or topic is difficult. I did see in the notes I’d made in the night, a reminder to Email the surgery for a blood test. The shakes and slow computer are making typing a task. I requested the appointment and one with the Doctor to arrange to have the Lesion looked at again, properly. Sent Email to mate Mike.

I seemed to lose track of things, cause I wondered off to the kitchen to make up next weeks medical pots?

During which, I felt the warm damp sensation down below in the PPs (Protection Pants) Little Inchies lesion was bleeding again. Finished the tubs off, and trotted to the wet room to medicalise and cleanse things again.

Not as bad as the last session, but still not pleasant. I nearly had a bad Accifauxpa, though, but just stopped myself.

After cleaning Inchy up, I reached for the Daktarin cream and picked up the toothpaste in mistake. You’ll see in this photograph, on top of the WC, the cream and toothpaste next to each other to the right of the carbolic soap. Different sizes, colouring and thickness. How I nearly used the toothpaste on the lesion, I don’t know. Just glad I noticed in time. Tsk!

Made another cuppa and back on the computer. Updated this load of tosh, then did a Morrison order for Thursday next week.

0425hrs: Snapped this photo as I refilled the tea mug and went to the WordPress Reader. Then a few comments responded to.

Opened CorelDraw and did some Inchcock Today top photo’s in advance. Suddenly realised I had not finished the Sunday post yet – Fool! – so I tended to it.

Back on CorelDraw to do a few page tops again. Didn’t want to spend too much time doing this, cause I wanted to have a hobble (No buses on Sundays) up to Mapperley Top and get some chips and lemon curd yoghourts. I don’t want to show them yet, as it might spoil it for when they get used in the diary.

And I am aware that recently I have been flagging earlier each day.

Ablutions tended to, black bags to the chute on the way out.I noticed the state of the carpeting outside the lift doors in the foyer on our floor. Huh!

Down in the shuddering elevator, and out and along Chestnut Walk, at a steady come slow pace.

As I got to the end of the Walk, I thought this photographicalisation, might come out in a bit of a ‘Moody’ Style.

But it didn’t.

Shame. But this made me more determined to get at least one ‘Moody’ taken today.

I moved onto Winchester Street Hill at the top.

By Jimminee, Anne Gyna started as soon as I got on the steeper part. So I slowed right down and tool smaller steps, and I got to the top with only a couple of pauses and recovery stops. Hehe!

At last!

I got a decent ‘Moody’ picture taken as got to the crest of the hill.

I might try to make this with a trial Sepia conversion later?

Then again, will I find the time and stay awake long enough? Tsk!

I was a little early arriving at the store, so I wandered on further along Woodborough Road and turned left down Porchester Road, a few hundred yards down and took this cracking ‘Moody’ effort. I was pleased with this one.

Started to walk back towards the Aldi store.

This young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as he sped by close to my struggling body mass.

Got in the store and had a wander around for a good while. Got five items of fodder and paid the chap on the check-out, who was a fantastic multi-tasker as it turned out. The lad could talk to someone stacking shelves at the same time as ignoring this pensioner and undercharging me by 35p.

I departed and made my way back to the flats.

Part-way down Winchester Street Hill, I took this photo showing the housing estates in the background, with the wet road and cars struggling up the last steep bit of the hill.

It wasn’t too cold or windy, and the heatless sun persisted for a while.

I came across this bit of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement, I’d missed on my way up the road earlier. “Smoking increases the risk of blindness” is a new warning on the cigarette packets I’ve not seen before?

As I turned into Chestnut Walk and the flats came into view, the sun had another visit.

The feet were aching a little as I made my way in and up the lift to the apartment.

Where on entering, I noticed a letter stuck under the radiator opposite the door.

I put the bits away and opened the mail. It was from the Nottingham City Council Mobility Centre and had been forwarded from the old address. Glad I paid for this service now. My bus-pass needed to be renewed, and the location of the office had moved into the Victoria Centre Car Park White Zone. I got the computer on to try and get the siting of it, so I could call tomorrow and update my beloved pensioner’s freebie pass. But could not find the exact location anywhere. So, in the AM, I’ll have a hunt around and inquire. I need various things it tells me; Recent utility bill, bank statement and the eight digit number from my Senior Smartcard. I’ll sort it in the morning. (Little did I know what a challenge and hassle this was going to be!)

Off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. More medicationalisationing and antisepticising. Tsk!

Got the meal done, and again lost the photo in the ether from the camera – then realised later, I did not have the SD card in the thing when I took the picture. Huh!

The usual fatigue dawned, even earlier than usual.

Incapable and inadequate to do anything else, I washed the pots, took the medications early and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some episodes of Dr No before expecting to nod-off. Oh, that should have been Dr Who, sorry. To the accompaniment of Herbert’s banging about above. But it didn’t last for long.

No Alarm Strobe or Pillow Shaker activations tonight. But I think I kept waking up waiting for them? Hehe!