Inchcock Today – Friday 30 March 2018

Friday 30 March 2018

Armenian: Ուրբաթ 30 Մարտի 2018

0235hrs: Woke feeling a bit cold and coughing. Then realised, as the brain slowly stuttered into a life of sorts, I was wearing my trousers and not the jammie bottoms? Remembered then, about last night’s farce, and understood why. The mind refused to operate logically, but the body seemed to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner of its own accord. Off for a wee-wee. The brain engaged when the lesion started bleeding. Cleaned and medicated things and to the kitchen.

5Fri001Kettle on, and took this photo of the morning view. The blue moon sneaking through the thick clouds. The lift from the new build site seemingly pointing this out to me.

The ailments were all being nice to me. A bit worrying this. Hehe!

5Fri001bMade a mug of tea, nipped back to the wet room for another wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks. With the INR Warfarin results suddenly being so high, at 4.6, from last weeks 1.1, I hoped the excessive bleeding would not start again.


When I did the graph update for the DVT unit, I noticed that the pulse had been gradually going down for a few days: 98 – 88 – 87 and today down further to 81. I could not help but wonder if this is a sign that the mechanical ticker might be running down? Just a thought.

I got the computer on and began to update the Wednesday diary. Didn’t get it finished until gone 0500hrs.

A sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne was responded to. There was minimal bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. However, when the evacuation was completed the resultant lingering malodorously mephitic aroma had even me, coughing and spluttering.

Started this blog off up to here. Then did some WordPress Reading.


5Fri005There I was, sat sitting waiting and hoping that the Virgin Internet might come back on, and I noticed an incredible looking bird out through the window, that was perched on the scaffolding. I whipped out the SD card from the computer and got it in the camera ready to take its picture. The feathered beast looked like an ornament, all smooth, it was coloured grey with black and white markings at its tail end and around its neck. Only a small creature, about the size of a sparrow. Maybe a little larger. As I began to focus and zoom in on it, in a flash, it was gone! It was like I blinked, seeing it beforehand and it was gone by the time the wink had finished. (Hope that makes sense?) I didn’t even notice it fly off. I’ll have to look up some birds on the internet later. Because this fascinated me.

With it being the holiday weekend, I went to check on the L9 buses and days they will be operating. But…


So I need to get some fresh foods in stock. I must remember to try and see Jenny, and give her some of the meals from the fridge for the poorly lady, Doris I think.

Did the next Health Checks to save time later. Time to get the ablutions done now. Had an excellent scrub-up and got the black bins sorted and dropped in the waste chute. Got prepared and off out to call at the Social Shed to see if Doris might need some of the meals. I can ask Obergruppenfurheress Deana, Untersturmbanfuhrer Julie or Jenny if any one of them is in the hut.

5Fri006Took this photo of the compound, cause I thought it might come out as a ‘Moody’ one. But it didn’t. Hey-ho!

I strolled come limped along slowly to the Warden’s hut. No one there all locked up.

So I proceeded in a downhill Northerly direct on Winchester Street. (Haha!)

This morning the clouds were hidden by a light eerie mist high up in the sky.

Only the plates-of-meat (feet) were giving me any hassle on the way down. They were in a terrible state. However, none of the other ailments caused me any concern at all.

Right and up Mansfield Road and into the Co-op store to see what fresh tomatoes they had on offer. All Spanish (Not tasty, their vegetables this time of year from España) Come think of it, they are pretty lousy tasting any time of the year!

So, I left and hobbled up to the Wilko Store, cunningly avoiding the avaricious Big Issue Seller outside the Co-op. It’s just that someone with three mobile phones asking for money finds me a little unresponsive. I wanted to see how much they (Wilko) charged for Germolid cream if they stocked it, and the same with the dust covers. I can use these in the following upcoming messy jobs to be done in the flat.

I ended up spending £24.70 in the shop! But, I did get a bottle of liquid soap, Garlic capsules, Nasal decongestant, a large Tarpaulin cover, two smaller thinner dust covers, a roll of 40mm black bags, a packet of yoghourt covered peanuts and a small tube of Germoloid Triple Action cream. That cost me £3.50 for a tiny 25g tube. I did a search earlier in-between The Virgin Media Internet going down. Germaloid 25g Triple Actions require payment of £3.99 at Boots, £3.79 at Hyperdrug, 2 for £11.29 on Amazon, and £3.19 plus delivery, whatever that will cost online at Express Chemists. And at BluKoo, they want £5.40 a tube! So, I think I got a bargain. Sadly a deal I shouldn’t have needed, having now received the tube of Anusol Haemorrhoid cream yesterday, that my kind Doctor Vindla supplied for me via a prescription on Thursday. I’ve tried it three times now, but find it very disappointing, ineffective I’m afraid. The Germoloid cream, although I have to pay for it, is so much more useful for me, where the Anusol is not anywhere as beneficial in giving relief, for my Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

I paid the lady on the checkout, and left, walking back down the hill, on the outside of the pavement, thus avoiding the ‘Three Phone’ Big Issue seller again, and to Winchester Street Hill, and started the uphill trek back to the flats. Within a couple of minutes, Anne Gyna let me know her displeasure. I had to keep stopping all the way up the steep, long hill. But, it gave me many opportunities to take some local photographicalisations.


As soon as I turned left onto Chestnut Walk, Anne Gyna started to ease off. And I appreciated this so much, as I slowly returned to my usual magnificently muscled ripped body and energy, and jogged along at a rapid rate of knots, to the Wardens Shed. 1Mon01a Hehehe!

As I found the place still locked-up, it slowly dawned on this Coup de maître of memory-loss, that it was a holiday, Good Friday! Chuffing heck: has Inchcock the Nottingham pensioner lost it or is he still just in the process of losing it?

So, that is the reason why there are no workers or staff on site today! This also means a Saturday bus service today, none on Sunday and none on Monday! What a memerisationalistical nincompoop I am!

5Fri010Feeling discouraged and disappointed in myself, I pressed on limping back to the flat, without seeing a soul around.

I perked up a bit when I saw the electronic information board next to the lifts, though. Seems I did the whole trip down, shopping and got back up the challenging Winchester Street Hill, all in a just over two hours. Although it felt like four hours. Haha!

Got the covers and bits of food stored away, and started to update this diary. For a while anyway, because…


Got on with the last, very early Health Checks.


The pulse-rate continues to fall still. Mmm?

The internet came back on after resetting failed, my turning it all off and starting again solved it.

I tried to go on TFZers on Facebook, but it was so slow, and then, once again…


5Fri012I turned it all off and went into the kitchen, to sort out what would be for dinner later. I opted for bacon and sausage in tomatoes. Had a wee-wee. Checked the door for any mail. An envelope with £2 in it had been posted through the box. It was from Jenny. I assume it was payment as she insisted yesterday, for the Fresh Cream Scones I handed her. Bless her Cotton Socks!

I took the medications and went back to the computer, and it was working again. Updated this blog. It took me ages to get up to here.

Mate BJ rang. Wanted to know if I’d like to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station Steaming with him and David on Sunday. Proof once again of my rotten luck, ill-fortunes and merciless everyday disasters! If Sister Jane and Pete had not changed their day to visit me from Friday to Sunday, I would have jumped at the chance for a half-day out at the PPS and enjoyed it so, I’m sure. Ah well. Too late now. I had to explain things to John, and felt terrible about it.

There was then a dirty-great whooshing sound from somewhere close. I could not make out where from or what it was. Of course, it is impossible with the new windows, to look out and down, although I tried. A little later there were drilling noises from somewhere. I know the workers have the next four days off (Friday to Tuesday) so it won’t be them. It might be Big Bad John? But if it is, he’ll be making the noise in a different room, I think.

Got the bacon in the oven while I worked on the computer. Then when cooked, I added it to the tomatoes in the saucepan, while I wrapped up the computer working.


I savoured the nosh of canned chopped tomatoes with added Balsamic Vinegar and basil, smoked streaky bacon and hot dog sausages with two slices of the Lancashire Thorough Bread.

Put the tray on the other chair and drifted off to sleep while trying to watch something, oh yes, The A-Team, on TV.

6Sat001Woke, and got the pots washed-up.

An eerie mist descended upon Sherwood.

Back to the recliner with a mug of Fresh Orange Juice.

Settled and saw that some Hetty Wainthropp Investigates was coming up on the goggle-box. But, I nodded off when the first set of adverts came on.

Woke as the credits were scrolling down the screen at the end of the last episode of the Hetty Wainthropp Investigates finished. Sacré bleu!

Hearing noises from Big Bad John in the flat above again, put me in a low-mood. Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 30 March 2018

  1. Good Friday is bad if you want services. Looked like the streets were pretty much devoid of humanity. Ace Inspector Inchcock? Sounds like a good murder mystery series. I can see it now.

    Ace Inspector Inchcock comes in on the scene of a murder. “What do you think Ace Inspector?” asks one of the officers on the scene. “I think I have to wee wee.” Replies Ace Inspector Inchcock. While standing at the urinal waiting for his prostate and bladder to reach an agreement, he looks up at the ceiling and reads “What are you looking up here for? The joke’s in your hand!” After a few chuckles, Ace Inspector Inchcock says “That’s it!” “What’s it?” the officer asked as he walked into the wet room. “The Joker!” Replied Ace Inspector Inchcock. “The Joker did it.” And the brilliant Ace Inspector Inchcock solved another murder.

    Ok it might not be a best seller, but you never know. That was a good looking Good Friday dinner.

  2. The place was a bit barren, Tim.
    Hehe! I have to pop this one about Ace, on my blog.
    Not feeling too good this morning mate. Sister Jane and hubby Pete will be calling on me in a while. I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing wrong, should have been doing and how many tellings-off I get from them later.

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