Inchcock: Up all night, food delivery at 06:00hrs, then the Dentist!

MONDAY 25th JULY 2022

Due to so much time lost faffing about at the Sherwood Dentist, shopping and finding empty shelves, missing the bus back up the hill, and so many wee-wees, I must be in line to be Champion Wee-Weewer; this diary will only be a sketchy one. It’s a good job I spent all night getting the graphics done!

In between the repetitive wee-weeing.Tsk!

0515hrs: I’ve been up all night! Got the ablutionisationing done. Came out to get the kettle on, bleary-eyed! The odd wee-wee was taken.

I got out the Chinese sphygmomanometer and got on with the sphygmomanometerisationing. Hahaha!

The Blood pressure was; SYS 146, DIA 71, and the Pulse at 71bpm. Obviously, the Pulse had dropped a little from the last two days. The body temperature was not bad at all, at 33.5°f.

I checked the time available, and I decided to visit the (NHS) National Health Services DVT patients check site. It came out as a smidgeon higher in the red than yesterday’s test did. Made this graphicalisation on CorelDraw, then began to ready things for the hobble top Sherwood, remembering to use the homemade checklist.


Richard arrived. We managed a decent natter, and he checked the medication drawer. Selected a cold plonk from the fridge, and he departed a tired lad, taking the waste bags with him to the shute for me. I got the list of things needed for the hobble into Sherwood for the Dentist visit. Then prepped things, making sure things were in the jacket pockets or the Walker-Trolley. Walked to Sherwood. As you can see, I forgot to put the woolly hat in the basket, Humph!

So, I set off out and took the lift down to the ground floor. Taking this selfie as I did so. Of course, I wanted to go down via the 12-floors of the concrete fire escape route, just to keep myself in shape, with a body like what mine is; one likes to look after it. Plus, with me being a young, athletic fitness fanatic… alright then! Don’t laugh! Haha! You understand.
I made my way along the inner link corridor and made a fool of myself… it’s easily done for me, looking a plonker. Even easier nowadays since Vascular Doreen Dementia took up residence in my brain. I started to ask Deana and Julie (Wardens) in their office if they could ask Meridian’s Natalie if she’s heard anything from the Diabetes people about where the courses are and the transport from Nottingham Community place. It all came out wrong, and the girls were more confused than before I’d started talking!

I hobbled down Winchester Street, turned left down Mansfield Road and visited the Oran Food Stores Cash-Point. My brain froze as I got my card out – oddly enough, I remembered the number but was flummoxed as to which way round to put the card in the machine! I felt a right-chump going in to ask the lady in the shop! The look on her face said something like, “He shouldn’t be out on his own!” But she gave me a twinkling of a smile (derision, or sympathy-based, I’m not sure!) as I thanked her and returned to get some money from the ATM. Back in the shop, but they didn’t 3 of the 4 things that I’d hoped to get. As I mentioned the other day, It’s crumbling, the UK!

I limped back up the Mansfield Road incline over Winchester Street at the traffic lights junction, and I called into the Wilko store. They didn’t have a single one of the items on their sad, all-but-bare shelves! Humph! e. I needed some Wilko Fresher granules and washing-up liquid, Zoflora lemon, and their own brand 15-litre blue waste bags. I carried on, feeling a smidgeon pee’d off at my lack of success. The wind was cool and getting up a little, a summer portend of rain to come?

I called into two charity shops to see if any bobble or flat caps were on sale. No!

This surgery always gives bother of some sort or another, a few of them this time. Getting up the three chunky, concrete steps with the walker was not going well! I was rescued and helped a chap just arriving. A lady phoned me yesterday and asked that I get to the surgery early. Well, I had done 20 minutes despite the fortress defences having to be fought through.
The receptionist was hard to hear, and ten minutes or so late, I was commanded to take a seat; someone will fetch you! “Thank you!”

I sat down and had the battle to see the crossword clues as the lighting was terrible and the cataract. They had left a door open in the waiting room, which usually would not bother one… but I had a further 50 minutes before I was seen by a dentist… I’ll explain.

A lady came to me and asked if I could manage to get up the two flights of stairs to my dentist? As calmly as possible, I replied: “Each time I come, this happens, no I can’t get up the stairs, as I told staff last time, and the previous five times, and still you book me in with the top-floor wallah!” Lady (Doing her best), “It will be a while before we can re-sort a ground floor surgery for you” – Me: “Six months ago, I was told that I’d automatically be on the ground floor from now on, but no!” “We’ll sort it out…” “Oh, good, thanks!” Back to struggling with the cool breeze and the crossword book.

Forty minutes later, I was led, well, more marched, to the far front surgery. The whole examination couldn’t have lasted longer than five or six minutes! I again asked if it was possible to have all the teeth out? Reply? “I don’t think so! I mentioned the loose tooth at the front next to where its former neighbour fell out seven months ago. Reply? “Do you want me to pull it?” Me: “Well, now you, mention it…” Interrupted: “No, it should last until the next visit”.

Aghast at how I’d been treated, I asked her for a prescription for some more of the Duraphat toothpaste. She gave me a prescription that had to be stamped to legalise it at the reception when you pay. So I went to pay up. Now you can add another five minutes or more while the three receptionists were all on the phone, no clients anywhere? But I needed the Duraphat, so I stood there in silence. Eventually, one of the receptionists signalled with a backward flipped head-nod for me to pay my dues and stamped the prescription for me. I needed help again, this time in getting me and the trolley down the steps on the way out. It’s hard to believe all that just happened, but it did.

Up to the top of the hill, to the Lloyds Chemists, to get the Duraphat. I bought some Germolene, being as the chemist had some in stock! I bought the last two tubes. But nothing is too good for Little Inches Fungal Lesion! Hehehe!
Paid up, out and back down to the bus stop. A long time since I used this, and I tried to read the timetable for the 40 bus – mission impossible!
A lady arrived, who I thought I’d seen at the flats, and we got into a good nattering session. Great sense of humour; I must try to see her again!
The bus arrived, and we were soon back up at the flats. The next ten minutes proved how much I’d been missing getting out. As I met Margaret, who I’ve not seen for months now. We had a gossip. Then another bus came in, and Chrissie got off, Margaret got on the bus, and we walked through the inner route through Winchester and Winwood Courts back to our Woodthorpe Court.

Two people chatted as they passed Chrissie and me by. Then Natalie from Meridian stopped to tell me she was sorting out a lift for the Diabetes course. No details yet. Then I met Cheeky Charley, the carer, and Chrissie and I got the lift up to our flats.

A bit embarrassing:, with the excitement of seeing people, I got confused as to which floor we were on and when the doors opened, I stood there waiting for Chrissie to get out of the cage… it was my floor – Oh, I did feel a fool! Bade farewell to Chrissie. ♥ And red-facedly, I made haste to my apartment.
No sooner had I got the trolley into the flat than the need for a wee-wee had me scrambling into the wet room. The timing and mot getting caught out while I was in Sherwood, Truly Amazing! Of course, I was wise not to go into Smug-Status because the AMS must have lasted for a good five or six minutes!
I got the things put away. I’m looking forward to the vegan franks again; I’ve had some earlier in the year, and they were good. If I’ve got any chips in the freezer, I may have them with the sausages – eventually.

I got on with the blogging at long last. But not before I took these shots as the sky suddenly brightened up. There’s something about the beautiful to me, clouds.

Of course, I do enjoy my pareidolia. I saw a face mask and eyes in these photographs, traces of a face as well. Do you see them?
On with the blogging. I really need some sleep, but the blog must go on! Hehehe!

♫Oh, Susana♫ came from the door chime, and I got up to answer it; it was dear Josie bringing back her weekend meal tray and pots. She volunteered how much she liked them this week. Which was nice to hear.
The right foot was hurting somewhat when I took the things off of Josie, so I took a look at the plates and ankle. Sure enough, the right leg and foot looked like they were swelling up again? Ah, that might be due to the little hobble I took earlier? See how quick I was there? I can be like lightning at times! Hahaha!
The Evening Carer could be here at any time from now. I’ll make a start on the day’s ode, I think.
Hello, the rains starting! By the time I’d got the camera out to take a snap of it, it had stopped. Ah, well, every little bit helps!

I was just about to mention that the wee-weeing had stopped.   But no, more annoying, after-dribbling wee-wees are back again.
I’ve changed my mind and am going to get something to eat instead.

The doggie hot dog sausages I’d cooked had a tough plastic skin on them that I’d not noticed before. I had to skin them before eating. They looked terribly pale then, and the smooth texture, that was not appealing whatsoever to look at.
But my gum, they tasted delicious! The sliced potatoes and tomatoes were disappointing. The part-baked bread was gorgeous! And the No-Bull vegan ice cream to follow, as you know by now, I loved! The overall Taste Rating was 8.2/10. I washed the pots and got down in the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working recliner. Put the TV on, and I promptly drifted off into the land of Nod. For half an hour or so…

I was rudely awakened by the tune of ♫ Oh, Susan ♫, and Carer Sarah (I might have the wrong name there, sorry if so) came in. Soon got the medications sorted for me. Selected a cold can of G&T for her choice of treats from the fridge, picked up the waste bag, and off she went. Thank you!

Could I get back to sleep again? Well, yes, I did this time! I think it was sheer exhaustion, the upsetting farce, and the hobble the dentist helped. I slept right through until about 01:00hrs, no jumping awakes, no wee-wees needed. Grrreat! In fact, as I made my way to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), I sensed the need for the Porcelain Throne.
. It turned out the Constipation Conrad had taken over the innards functions, and despite my best efforts to move things, nothing evacuated from the rear end. However, an FPBWW (Forceful-Painful-Blasting) marathon of a wee-wee flowed out as if from a hose pipe! I washed the dandies and things and returned to my chair, hoping to get some sleep again.

Amazingly, I soon got to kip and was dreaming of being on a big wheel, with an old girlfriend… and jumped awake so violently, with wind escaping flutteringly, from my rear end. Dang, Dang…Dang Dang! The race was on to get back to the Throne! Tearing free of the pyjama bottoms, I plonked my elephantine-bellied body down on the seat… the biggest, longest, and it is possible, making a raspberry-sounding-like release that shook the foundations of my insides!
Then, this time, a wee-wee session arrived; in the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible Trickling) style. Each I felt it was coming to an end, the trickle refreshed! Well, if nothing else, I was getting a variety of WC and Throne visits. Hehehe!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


An Inchcock Today Special…

I’ve forgotten what it is, but,

if I remember or find any notes

on the scribble pad…

I’ll let you know… Sorry!

Inchcock Today Diary – In part Ode

Concept Mobile Graphic Wot I Dun

I got carried away making it. Hehe!

Thursday 20th January 2022

Inchcock Today Diary

Later, I found this photo of last evenings meal,
Chilli beans, Cornish pastie, potatoes, no big deal…
I recall eating it with a particular zeal…
And dropping the cutlery… painful when I had to kneel!
Then, sleeping began to appeal!

The nocturnal wee-wees had come back…
I woke up in a flap,
Dentists and all that,
Had to clean the flat,
Lost me bobble hat…
My mind was all over, what a prat!
I walked into the doorframe hurt my back!

Suffered on the Porcelain Throne – diarrhoeal!
Cut me a few times shaving; things were not ideal!
Clouted the back of the right heel…
That didn’t make me feel very genteel!
Carer Richard called, made time for a bit of spiel,
After he’d gone, an Accifauxpa made me squeal!
Rushing in my panic to get readied in time, rhinorrhoeal!
By hitting my nose opening the cupboard door – Schlemiel!

07:30hrs, I set out on my hobble down to Sherwood,

On my mission to the Dentist, I pursued…
Time for some shopping, into the Co-op I perused…
No fresh peas, fish sauce or smoked ham, I perceived…
So I put the bananas back, and swiftly I did leave!

I called into Wilko, which is on Mansfield Road,
Did I buy much? Nope, out of stock on things a load!
No bleach, mixing bowls, much stuff I don’t need or use,
This caused some silently muttered verbalistics!

I arrived in time for the Dentist’s appointment. Struggled up the two 12″ steps into the hallway with the trolley and hobbled into the hallway and the reception area. Bruised from the effort to gain entry! I can’t cope with doing this part of my journey in Ode.

Reported to the Obergruppenfürheress ladies behind the smash-proof, bank-like counter. I was instructed to take a seat, so I took a seat. Got the crossword book out after 15 minutes of trying to read the labels on disinfectants I’d bought from Wilko. At least I could just make out the clues. I got stuck into the crossword and realised I’d been there for almost an hour beyond the appointment time?

While I was building up the courage to ask one of the ladies… one came over to me. Bless her, she was very patient with me:

“Your Dentist is two floors up the stairs, and we don’t think you are going to make it…” I rudely interrupted and explained: “I’ve not been up to there for the last five visits? I’ve been in the ground floor front surgery, I assumed that my disablement was the reason, so how do I find myself back up in Gods?” (Smilingly)

She said, “It depends on which Dentist is in on the day and the procedure needing to be done.” If you don’t mind, waiting for another half hour, we can get you in the front then?” My reply was, “Fair enough, thank you very kindly.” And back to the crossword-puzzling, I went.

Sure enough, true to her word, a nurse came to collect me, and into the front surgery, I was led. I was being careful not to hit anyone with the walker trolley. We got in, and down in the seat come chair thingy, I was met with this face of the Doctor…

No messing about with this Dentist. As she was filling the tooth in, she gently moved the loose one at the front that I was concerned about and declared it should last another six months, so make an appointment on your way out. She’d filled the Teggy in, in less than five minutes! What? Can I have her next time? Hahaha!

Paid my dues, and the kind receptionist who spoke with me earlier escorted me to the front door and held it open for me. Then helped me down the external steps with the trolley. Thank you, kind lady, ♥

At the bus stop, I met Esther. Who caught the same bus up to the flats with me. Caroline, from the end care home, also joined us. Hahaha! And I found myself trying to talk with two women at the same time… that was oddly lovely for me. Esther said she would call to see me later. Back to the flat…

I sorted out the bits I’d bought and prepped the meal for tonight; the Meridian manager, Natalie, called on me. About six weeks ago, Jillie asked if they could do my washing once a week on a Friday. They can, but it will cost. Naturally! And in the meantime, I’ve had Esther doing the laundry for me? Tsk! We’ve heard nothing back until today.

When Esther arrived, she got in touch with a chap about my missing TV remote control, and when she called on me later, noticed the state of the desks and counter, and set too, cleaning the TV and desk up for me. Then… She called the gentleman after she got the numbers off the TV set, and the man gave her a number of the remote I would need to get. And I went on Amazon and found one. I ordered it straight away. I know I only usually watch an hour a day (Heartbeat), but I often leave it on when I cannot get to sleep, which does sometimes help. Now how kind was that! I know she is a cleaning lady, but above and beyond was her kindness today.

Hahaha! The remote looks just like the throne I lost, so finding the button and which to use should be easy now that I can’t read them. In fact, the print had been rubbed off with so much use over the many years in the old one. Haha!.

First Sundown Photo

Around about 14:00hrs, I began to do this blog. It is now gone 19:00hrs, and I’m only up to here… Sad, innit?

Carer Elena Called

The gal was in a hurry tonight. But Elena checked the medications taking well and caught me dropping two tablets after taking them. Thank You, petal Elena. ♥ She was soon off again after doing an excellent job on me… Medications, I mean, of course!

Sundown Photo Over an hour

Beautiful – Despite the freezing weather!

State of Mind Report

A changeable day, I’ve tried to go with the flow,
A few times today, I’ve stubbed a toe…
Met folks by chance; that was nice, though…
But the teeth and eyes are about to go…
Operations in line, it’s no good moaning, you know…
I’ll stay a thick, demented, happy old so and so…
By the way… the bus driver called me gringo!.

Hey-Ho, Hey-Ho,
To the Porcelain Throne, I’ll go,
Try to control the evacuations flow…
And, without even stubbing any toe!
I’ll insist on being calm and mellow,
I’ll finish this blog after business in the bog…
Although my mind is in a hazy fog…
I’ll make a meal, eat it, and lay in the chair – doggo!


Inchcocks Wednesday of Whoopsiedangleploppery

I’ll start at the beginning, (Sounds logical to me? – Hehe!) Perhaps I might learn to spell as well… tomorrow…Tsk!

I woke around 03:00hrs and rose gingerly to my feet,
But the knees and legs bothered me most, mate…
Just look at ’em on the left here… What a state!
Still had Arthur Itis giving pain and the flat feet…
Without pains, a life I would think would be incomplete?

The regular fluid retention that usually sinks into the feet seemed now stuck in the top of the legs. My patellas are all knobbly?  But I’m not complaining (then anyway).

I began to think through the needs and actions of the potentially hectic mornings requirement. Which, as I noted, were:

  • Get the ablutions done early, like straight away…
  • Make sure I do not use the shower as early as this in the morning, so I’ll have a stand-up session at the sink.
  • Get the teeth done first.
  • De-coke the nasals.
  • Saccades eye drops in. (Try to get some of the medication into the eye this time!)
  • Before shaving, don’t forget to say your little prayer to the Peripheral Neuropathy God. And make sure the aftershave is handy to stop any bleeding.
  • Do take care medicationalisationing. I can tell already that Little Inchies final lesion has been bleeding cause as soon as I moved, the dried blood cracked as the P.P.’s were adjusted… So be prepared for agony, and brave it out, mate!
  • Now cometh something that will be as much hassle and pain as anything…
  • Yes, the sock-glide has to be used for the first time in months! Sorry, but it’s just too cold to go out to the Dentist, barefooted in my shoes this time!
  • I wish you all the best of luck with carrying out this fearful, scare-making task! But, it’s got to be done!
  • Things went relatively well as it happened.
  • As expected. The worst by far was the tender application of the dreaded, feared, always tear bringing…
  • Tender in the extreme and extra painful cause one has to get to things in the first place… 😢
  • The Sock-Glide won the ‘Most Hated’, The Most Feared’ awards. But the fungal lesioning retained its status as ‘King of the Excruciating Medicalisationings!’
  • I was so glad that I got these done and out of the way early on… I even Smug-Moded about it for a while!

I made my first brew of tea, finished off yesterday’s blog, and got it posted off. The Carer came nice and early, so that was nice… her seeing the photo of my legs on the computer screen was a bit harrowing for the gal, though. Hahaha! Me too!

I thanked the girl and offered some nibbles or drinkies in thanks, but she wouldn’t have any. I fang-you! Off she went taking my waste bags to the chute with her.

The computer turned off, and I got down to getting things ready in earnest. Let’s have a think now…

Bus pass to get back home with, yes! Camera, check. Cash card… okay. Keys, Alert bands, Warfarin I.D., yes… Somethings missing, methinks? Aha, shopping list and cash card, Gorrit!  By the time I was all ready to go, it was about 08:15hrs as I set out. I got into the lift and down to the ground floor…

Then went back up to the 12th-floor and the flat and got a face mask adorned. Nearly made another cock-up there!


Down and outside, over the road, Accifauxpas, nought!
I turned around, to the view of Winwood Court,
I took a photo of it… well, I thought I aught!
But the gravel hill up into the park made me fraught…

Made it up the hill in one go – but I was heavily breathing,
A dog came from nowhere, barking at me; I was seething!
Nearly ended up mucking my underclothing!
The dog owner arrived, she was chunky, fortysomething…
I fell in love again… the mouth was frothing…

I limped my way through the twitchel no one was about,
I was a little nervy, so I still kept a lookout,
Had a look around as I came out…
That twitchel has an ominous aura, there’s no doubt!.

Down the hill, as far as Elmswood Gardens, then right…
And alongst it. I plodded towards the traffic light…
Mansfield Road road, the spending did start!

Too early for the Dentist, I called into the Wilko store,
Laundry booster, Zoflora and Trots tablets… Yes, some more!
The tablets were easy to get, four feet from the floor…
The booster too high, out of reach, to my displeasure!
I ask a lady for help, at her leisure…
The Zoflora, bottom shelf, I ended up on the floor!
But the ladies laughed and helped me up some more!

Out just in time to get to the Dentist,
They treated me well, although they were pressed…
A new gal training on the reception desk…
I was soon fetched to see the Dentist Oola Bogusz,
As she leant over me, I could sense her firm left bust…
She smiled at me a lot, was I going mad or what?
She and the nurse actually joked with me???
Toothpaste prescription, Something amiss here, just you see!
In no time, I was treated and set free!

I had a funny turn while paying my dues…
Well, I had it when I first joined the queues
These were also patient with me… another ruse?
I have to work this out at home, have a muse…
Why the change? They all usually have a short fuse!

Not many folks about? Most of them had not got facemasks on. Even in the Dentist and Wilko. What’s the matter with them?

Down to the Co-op, to get some cans of their delightful own brand chilli-con-carne… why the tastebuds were salivating at the thought of getting some more cans… But No! The assistant asked the manager for me, and I found that they had stopped stocking this product, Grrr! Gnatwrangles! Damn them! Curses! Flibblegonkackles! Gits! Slobs! Flibblegonkackles! May they go bankrupt! And may whoever it was who decided to stop stocking my beloved cans of Chilli; Get festering, fungal-lesions bursting out slowly all over their body, for at least a full year, before they finally rot away; in absolute agony!  Not that it overly bothers me, mind!

Then up to the top of the road to Lloyds Chemist,
Oh, Pharmacy nowadays, sorry, how remiss!
I got the prescription toothpaste from Alice,
Leaving, I trapped my finger in the door…
My Saccades vision is now feeble & poor…
And the left index finger is bloody sore!


I got to the bus stop and met Esther, we had a natter, as she was on her way to the flats to do someones cleaning. Nice to see her. We walked through the link passages together – they can’t touch me for that! Hahaha! (Can they?)

Home Sweet Home!

Well, things didn’t go too bad, well, maybe… erm… either way, I did enjoy the getting out of the flat bit. Although it cost me a lot of dosh, a little blood, frustration and had moments of utter confusion… that’s life, you see… Well, it is for me!

My Route Taken

Yellow on foot – Purple on the bus.

I unloaded the bits of stuff purchased. Of course, there would have been more; had the lousy, stinking, crap-ridden, overcharging, dog-breath,  Klunglefrazzled Co-op had some their ‘Honest Value’ Chili-Con Carnie to sell me. But never mind. Shit!

I soon settled into a routine that matched the rest of the day,
Drinking spring water, tea and a pee; what a thirst I’d got on me,
I may not have been contented, but not depressed, exactly,
I started the mammoth task of doing this blog artistically!
In between blogging, I even had two callers, socially!
A lovely carer to drop off a Christmas card, nice & early.

Even got a phone call from the Doctors surgery,
Wanting to arrange a booster shot for me…
I explained I’m having it done at the chemist this Saturday,
Adding, I’ll see you tomorrow anyway…
Why is that? she did say, ‘For medical, the yearly…’
No, you’re not booked in, evidently?
I’ll check, hang on, she said wearily…
I’ve got it on my calendar, my dearie?
Have I got it wrong again? Am I illusory?
Nothing on our records, she added hastily…
Oh, a free day for me then, that’s satisfactory…
Maybe I can have a hassle-free day?
Yes, well, I’ll see, you may be hearing again from me?

The feet, after not wearing socks for months, continuous…
Felt okay, but the legs were feeling somewhat lethiferous,
So, I wound up the trouser legs, oh, the fuss…

What a change to earlier ones, more flush,
Still swollen, at the top, but fatter lower down?
Will the fluid flow with a gush?
Will things spurt in a rush?
Will the legs turn to a sodden mush?
Will the world, these limbs discuss?
Will the cause be revealed, as dracunculus?

Look what I found in the middle of the kitchen floor!
A rock hard escapee garden pea, what is more…
The miracle is, how I hadn’t noticed it before?
Has my eyesight, really got that poor?
Am I going potty? I’m not sure…

Camera Out – Balcony Utilised!

To take some snaps of the wonderful view.
The amazing sky, shown in the first two…

In a couple of shots of Chestnut walk, you won’t see any queue,
The place is sparse of people. what can I do?
Are they all inside, eating sausages, fish or making a fondue?
Mayhap some are trying on their Christmas tutu?
Or on holiday in Bulwell, Cardiff or Timbuktu?
Perhaps absent, gone off on a romantic rendezvous?
It’s possible a few could be feeling sozzled or blue?
Out buying food, but the panic buyers are in the queue?
Or in town, with their free bus passes to renew?
I’d speculate more; if only I knew…
Where they have all gone, what are they up to?
Ah, gorrit! Christmas! They’ll be making their homebrew!

Well, I’d better get some food – salad or a stew?
No, vegetarian sausages and root potatoes… that’ll do,
I’ll take a photo of it later, just for you to have a peekaboo!

Worra Nosh!

Vegetarian! Royal grown potatoes, root vegetable mash, tomatoes, Nigerian podded peas, Veggie sausages, cheese and bean pastie, with orange jelly and spray cream for dessert!

Taste Rating: 7.9/10 – Delicious!

Part of ‘The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe In Rhyme’

To all my thousands of fans throughout the world, I wish you all good fortune, fun, festivities, euphoria and future financial prosperity! (To both of you!)


Inchcockski – Thurs 5 Nov 20 (Bonfire Night): The Computer, Dentist and let-downs, resulted in Konrad Confusion

TFZer Chefs – Alcohol to hand! ♥

Thursday 5th November 2020

Welsh: Dydd Iau 5ed Tachwedd 2020

He was a little monkey, that Guy Fawkes!

02:15hrs: Woke and remembered the computer not working and letting me add any photographs.

And my depression returned, immediately. Down in the dumps before I’d even thought about getting up out of the recliner! Sickeningly sorry for myself! Not interested in getting up at all, then I recalled that it’s the dentist visit early today. And that got me even more discouraged! Things ain’t going very well at the moment!

Then the double need of a wee-wee and the porcelain Throne arrived together. A funny, rare feeling that! So, off to the wet room. For one of the messiest-ever evacuations. It seems that Trotsky Terence is fighting back! Tsk!

I had a lengthy cleaning up spell, ashed and went to the kitchenette to do the Health Checks and make a brew. The BP was SYS 75, Dia62, and Pulse 85. The thermometer reading was 34.4°c. The shame of not being able to photograph them, no point if the bloody computer is not going to recognise the drives. I sank even lower into the darkness of depression.

On the computer to make a template, and even that wasn’t easy. Various ailment attacked and completed the job lengthy, hard work, and got on my goat!

  Then a Porcelain Throne No.2 was needed. Not as bad as the first one, but still messy.

Back to the computer and eventually got the updating done, emailed the link, Facebook and WordPress Reader section visited. This task took me a few hours to achieve.

Then, the Porcelain Throne No.3 was needed. Back to chronic Trotsky Terence’s control; a mess and cleaning up gain. What’s happening?

Did a start to this blog, but time beat me, I was too slow to achieve much, thanks to SSS and Nicolas, mainly. Now, I had to get the ablutions done, or I may be late for the dentist, and I know that the shaving must not be rushed, my EQ has just warned me? Hehe! Back in a bit, I hope…

(Continued from arriving home after the Dentist’s visit and some shopping, and a miracle, the photos are now being read and accepted again?!?!)

Ablutiuonalisationing: I did take my time in shaving, and no cuts at all. A few dropsies overall, about ten, but no injuries whatsoever! But no showering cause it was too early, a stand-up bath of sorts. A Swank and Smug Mode Adopted! Fair enough, there was just the one walking into the door frame on leaving, but of no consequence, a feather-duster blow.

I got some bags made up and taken to the waste-chute. And before leaving to go to the dentist, I started Computer Katie and tried to load the photos again, Well I was flabbergasted, my flab has never been so ghasted! They were accepted! So, not feeling confident about this, I uploaded yesterday’s pictures to CorelDraw straight away.

Which meant I needed to hurry a little now, before setting out on my trip to Mansfield Road, Sherwood taking the gravel hill up into Woodthorpe Grange. The layered evening sky shots, one to the left, straight ahead and to my right.

The others were of the Chilli-Con-Carni evening meal I had, then the and well enjoyed evening meal. I added some passata, mil chilli seasoning, bags of potatoes and some Balsamic vinegar to the mix.

If I recall correctly, it was an 8.5/10 for flavour rating! Hence the well scraped with the bread thins dish. A lemon mousse dessert, and I even left a slice of the bread uneaten. But then again, I’d put a load of spuds in with it. Hehehe! Slurp!

Yee-Ha! But I’ll wait until I try putting the ones on taken today before I get too excited! I took the little Canon camera with me, and as I went out of the lobby door, I spotted my first photographable thing, a large moth I think, on the glass of the filthy lobby windows.

I got a message on the camera ‘This card needs formatting and clearing before using’. Oh, ‘ecky thump! So I went back into the flat and swapped it for an old SD card, and tried that, I’m glad to say, it was accepted. Phew!

I thought I was doing well, I got down in the lift to the lobby, and out across Chestnut Walk and started up the gravel path, into Woodthorpe Grange Park. I got about half-way up, and the breathing was difficult, and I took my first breather. Had to have another break as well before I got up to the top.

But things improved once I was on level ground. In fact, it sloped a bit, and my scrawny, Clopidogrel pot-marked, short little legs got a belt on then, and no breathing problems.

The weather was not bad at all, and I soon found myself at the bottom and turning left along Mansfield Road.

Where I saw this Pavement Cyclist coming towards me, and he just rode on the road against traffic, and right in front of a white van coming out of Trevose Gardens, then back on the pavement and I had manoeuvre out of his way! As he shot by me close, he shouted ‘Couldn’t’… Ah, I see now, it was most likely a naughty word that sounded similar!

The poor mite was likely scared to death to go on the road, but the fungal-face, frigging, flipping, fuck-tard, facinorous, factious, foul-mouthed, fellow can’t help himself, I wished I could have helped him – to fall into the road and get ran-over! But I jest, of course. I think. Scumball! Gragglespitgurgler!

Up the hill, and down to the Co-op Store, where my weakness for food shopping was controlled to a degree! But when they have Sourdough batches on sale, and Frazzles in stock, one is going to be tempted! Hehehe!

Back up the hill, timing it well, (it was just good luck that I wasn’t late) to get there on time. The first challenge for me was bringing up the three steps with the walker-guide and shopping bag, walking stick and umbrella, not to mention the stuff bought at the Co-op shop. Hehehe! I made a hash of it, and some staff came to have a look what the noise and kerfuffle, was all about.

It was fun trying to talk with the receptionist, though. I’m not sure who heard less of what the other was saying! Anyway, they told me to sit down, and came over to me with questions, etc., the major embarrassment was my not knowing my landline number. Went through medical changes from the last visit – she was sorry she asked me, I think, I did go on a bit telling her of the Peripheral Neuropathy, the Stroke, the Diabetes and Saccades Sandra.

I got the crossword book out, and the other receptionist came over, asking if I could manage the stairs up the two floors to the surgery. I said its a struggle, but I made it last time. The other lady joined us, and she told me she’d arranged for me to go into the ground floor room to be done. But it will not be my usual dentist. I hid the beaming smile under my facemask, I’ve never liked him anyway, he’s curt and uninterested, plus he enjoys testing the teeth with venom and gusto, and only stops after I have cringed or said ‘Ow!’ This news cheered me up a tad!

A minute or so later, a young lady (I still notice these things you know! Haha!), arrived and escorted me to a surgery; where the female dentist set about asking the right questions, (whether she was absorbing the answers, I don’t know) but she was a lot gentler with her prodding. I pointed out the tooth that was giving me a little pain, and that there was a hole in the tooth. This didn’t seem to bother her, and she took some X-rays and declared my teggies as being okay. She gave me paperwork to hand to the receptionist when I pay her. I thanked her and wobbled to the reception desk.No receipt for the money spent, mind?

Now hear this – for it is the truth: The receptionist said she had arranged for a ground floor surgery to be used on my next visit, took the money and gave me an appointment on a Thursday, for 13th May 2021 @ 09:00hrs. Then, the other receptionist came out and helped me down the lethal steps, bless her, and a chap passing by came and steadied me when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances as I was going down the steps. All very embarrassing, yet heartwarming at the same time. ♥

I made my way to the Ozan Continental Food store. Where I lost it completely with all that food around me, and got carried away without a care in the world about whether I needed the stuff or just fancied it! I came across the Krakus canned Boczek and bought a tin, the none of Golonkowa, erm, then a Lopatka and Moussaka… a can of Monalisa Foul Mecames, a can of sausage and beans and Roasted fresh Meat Loaf. I must curtail my fondness of food foraging!

The meatloaf Ingredients: Pork 40%, Chicken meal 20%, drinking water with root vegetables, carrots, parsnips, & peas, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, nitrate salt, marjoram, and burnt sugar. Well, I’ll give it a go with some of the Sourdough bread later I got, later…

♫ Oh, the good life, full of food seems to be the ideal,
Mmm, The good life lets you eat Marmite and cow-heel,
You won’t fall in love for you can’t take the chance
Overeat and destroy romance, and lose your balance… ♫

A little bit of silliness there, sorry, no charge! Hehehe!

I strode up Mansfield Road and right onto, Winchester Street to await a bus up the hill back home. Thinking, well dreaming, of little other than the meatloaf I’d bought, and the butter to go on the sourdough bread batch, and tomatoes…

The pipping of the car horns brought me out of my foodstuffs-reverie. A dirty astonishing massive lorry was trying to turn around on Winchester Street to make a delivery perhaps, or had he seen how steep the road was and had a lot of weight one? I know about having a lot of weight on, you know!

The bus driveress, handed me a leaflet to read, about a service where we can travel for half-fare and get picked up from the flats, well that’s worth looking into.

We were soon back at Winwood Heights, and someone unknown helped me off at the bus stop. Thank you, muchly ♥.

I hobbled along and called in at the ILC’s (Independent Living Coordinators), holding cell, interrogation room and office, to have a word with Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden Deana. No one in. I’ll ring, later on, and I must ask her to ring the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, to make sure they are not going to let me down with the medications again.

I poddled along to Woodthorpe Court and into the lift cage, hello, some wet on the floor I found. No idea what it was, so I avoided treading in it.

Up to the 12th floor, and out and into the apartment. I had a wee-wee first, (How surprising, Hehe!)

Then I got the purchases stored away, after checking them out.

On closer inspection, I was greatly disappointed to see that the roasted meatloaf I’d purchased, had a use-by date of only three days! Never mind, I intended to eat it tonight, so no problem. It’s just that I now fancied some Chilli-Con-Carne instead. Humph!

I telephoned Dean later, and she will come to see me later on this afternoon, she has an important meeting on first.

I made a brew and got on with updating this blog. Thankfully, the computer is currently accepting and recognising the SD card reader.

I spotted the note wot I wrote to remind me about the dentist. A good job I remembered innit?

I had a look at the ‘YourArea’ email magazine thingy, for any up to date Coronavirus figures. This is all I found, but the Red Alert has been removed from the site.

This is for Nottinghamshire.

Well, no Deana yet, and it’s now gone my meal start time, and I’ll need to get some kip in soon. I’ll bet the meeting Deana’s at is one of those on-and-on sessions. I want to wash and strip off ready, but it would be too much of a shock for the gal if she came then. Hahaha!

But, I need to know about the medications soon, especially with the new ones supposedly going on the monthly list. I’m surprised that Chemist owner Deepak hasn’t answered my email, it was him that told me to send one when I was three days away from running out? Well, now in the morning, I’ll only have sufficed medications in stock, for tomorrow alone. Oh, dear!

I want to get the nosh prepared, but, oh, well. Sleep escapes me again. My fault for going to kip so early, mind you, but not today!

Got the meal prepared. I opened the meatloaf, and got it slices, and tried a nibble, in case I was not too fond of it. The vegetables were chunky, the garlic and chilli in the meat were strongish (for my tastes), but I quite liked it all the same.

Got the Sourdough bread sliced (No cut fingers, although a few dropsies doing it). Put the beans with the mild chilly seasoning and tomatoes from the saucepan into the dish—a flavour rating of 7/10. But the meatloaf was tasty enough.

I got the TV on to accompany me while I ate the fodder, and as I noted a Kitchen Nightmare was coming up soon, so as I finished the food, I went and got the washing up done.

The view from the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view-blocking kitchen windows was impressive. I took a couple of photos, and one down onto Chestnut Walk.

The iconic IRCMS (International Red Car Monitoring Services) (Ohio Branch), top head supremo, Billumski Zeighyler, will note there are three red vehicles on this Chestnut Walk view tonight. One moving a bit rapidly? Yes!

Doing the pot washing resulted in a few, I’m afraid to say.

  • I know have one less, nae, in fact, no drinking glasses left now – doomed to be smashed on the floor, thanks to Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failure!
  • Carefully I collected the glass, taking particular care not get any cuts.
  • But I did clout my shoulder against the sink getting back up again from the floor. Huh!
  • Emptying the bowl, SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley started, and the floor had to be mopped dry, and body towelled. Oy, Oy, Oy!
  • The only painful part, was when I banged the Cartilage Cathy little finger on the tap (faucet). That stung a bit!

I eventually got down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rachitic, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery, senescent, hoary, worn-out, rickety recliner, and turned on the TV. 

Nokia My £889, Nokia 8.3 5G, with 171.9 x 78.56 x 8.99mm, 220g Side fingerprint scanner, and Google Assistant button, Punch hole camera, LCD 21:9, 60Hz, and 6.81-inch display, mobile rang forth and flashed. (This may not describe exactly, the model of my mobile, but near enough, Hahaha!)

A distant sounding voice, that seemed possibly Polish or Latvian, (No lousy language heard) began to mouth-off, moaning about a taxi or something. By the time I got into the one-way conversation and told the man, I was not a taxi company; he rang off immediately. Ah, well! I hope the gentleman got his cab after all.

Resettled in the recliner once again, I took the medications, and the Gordon Ramsay programme came on. I’d seen it before, so turned off the set. This was when the Thought-Storms exploded, with concerns and worries. Will the cpmputer still recongnise the Card reader? – Why did the dentist tell me the tooth was alright; when it obviously isn’t? – Will I remember to try and catch Deana again to ask her to ring the chemist for me about the prescriptions? – Why on earth did I buy the meatloaf? How do I find someone to cut my ever longer and getting warped toe-nails? – I must get to call in the opticians to get my glasses adjusted – Why did I go a complete day without a leg-dance of any note? (not complaining though) – There is someting else I had to remember for Friday, I know there is, but what?

But SSS shook me out of the mindset I was in, and in doing so, I knocked the TV remote and tablet tray that was resting in the folds of my flabby-stomach belly down between the recliner and chair – And they can stay there!


Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd March 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Cebuano: Huwebes Marso 22, 2018

0300hrs: I instantly stirred into imitation life of sorts. The brain caught up, and I mused over the day required actions. Get up and crack on with finishing the two-part Wednesday blog. Morrison delivery is due twixt 0630>0730hrs. Dentist appointment at 0930hrs. This was enough to fully engage the available grey-cells for the moment. Looking around at the mess from the upgrade work, prevented me from welcoming the day.

An ethereality lingered and tormented me. A feeling of certainty of the absence of any afflatus’ or creative impulses or ideas, ensured my characteristics and attitude would start off as one of diffidence and floccinaucinihilipilification. (I knew one day this word would fit the bill to use one of my blogs, Hehe!).

I unwillingly coerced and disencumbered my aged-body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Quite how the dust from the window upgrading had gotten into the tablet compartments with closed lids and placed in a drawer, will have to remain a conundrum for now.

Huh! Now I have to dust the tablets, capsules and pills before I can take them!

I managed to get the camera out of the crack in the window to take a shot down below. But the new ledge outside is far too broad and long for me to be able to get a clear shot.

04Thur04Off to the Porcelain Throne. A little less bleeding this morning from the front end, but the usual for the last two days. Then the flood from the rear end from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Got the computer on. It’s Lynda Lores Birthday today, I must make time to do a Happy Birthday graphic and hope the Facebook lets me work, for the lass.

Made a start on the first part of the Wednesday double post. Got it finished and then did the second part. Posted them both off.

Did the second Health Checks

The Morrison delivery arrived. No substitutions. Showed the driver the state of the flat. Got some sympathy from him, bless his cotton socks.

04Thur050810hrs: All readied, and I set off for the Dentists.

Over the road, and up the gravel hill, passing the tree copse on the way.

A lot of dogs taking their owners for a walk. One of them allowed me to fuss their terrier when it came to me. I have to say I enjoyed doing this and seeing her little tail wagging.

04Thur07Down the park path onto Mansfield Road, up over the crest and down to the dentists.

A confusion, come maze of plastic fencing greeted me. Some roadworks were in operation.

Luckily they had left just enough room for me to follow the fencing to the dentist front door.

I only got up the steps and two paces further, and I found myself at the end of the queue of patients in line, waiting to record their presence with the receptionists. As this column slowly got shorter, a nurse came down the stair and called out a ladies name, to go up with her to one of the surgeries. A woman behind me answered: “I’m here, still waiting to sign in!” Hehe! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, mayhem is there!

After a while, I got to the desk and discovered that these receptionist are nearly in the same class as the Lidl and Audio Centre staff. Not as down-putting as the Lidl ones are, and they do not have similar quality sneers as the Audio ones, pretty snotty and they have a decent “Don’t bother me ‘unspoken’ stare” that is pretty intimidating. Also, their Smirks and Sideways Glances were excellent. After she told me I was too early and gave me some forms to fill-in, feeling penitential and ashamed of myself, I sat down and got on with doing a crossword.

A threatening looking dentist assistant with tattoos on both arms approached me and instructed me to follow her. When she saw I was struggling a bit with my efforts to stand and walk, she offered to carry my bag upstairs for me.

In the surgery, the male dentist Dr Vitesh Patel greeted me with all the false-enthusiasm of Jeremy Clarkson when not being fed! He quickly got me on the chair and leaning backwards and checked the teggies. As last time six months earlier, he carried out his fetish on the same tooth with the same words, as he did his best to break through with one of his metal probes. On about his fifth stab at it: “There is a tiny hole in this tooth, it might need a filling” I replied: “I’m not surprised, if you don’t stop sticking that thing into it, it’ll be a big hole!” He was not impressed and lost interest. Just like the last visit, he took some X-rays of the same teeth as on that visit. He looked at the gap in the missing tooth at the front and said. Does this bother you? No, I replied. “Okay I’ll leave it then” he responded. Telling me things are okay and assisted me out of the chair.

After ten minutes, if that, I was back downstairs paying the Oberleutnantess receptionist £20.60 for the pleasure. I asked if they could make the appointment for 12 months instead of six. “Not without the Dentists instructions and permission I can’t” Backed-up with a look of incredulousness mingled with a hint of scepticalness. I lied outright and said he did say so! Eventually, after much pondering, she made it for nine months.

I said my farewells and made my way limpingly out into the daylight. Yesterday’s marathon was beginning to make the plates-of-meat really tender and painful now. I dawdled slowly along back the way I came. To the park, and up the footpath. Another dog approached me for some fuss. A long-haired black terrier of some sort. He got plenty from me, and the lady owner said thank you to me as I moved on? Truly amazing, that’s three unknown to me dogs in a few days that have sought me out for some fuss?

04Thur08Up to the top of the hill, and near the tree copse, I stopped on the bottom of the gravel path to take this photograph of the hoist and workers on my floor of the apartments.

The feet were even worse now, really stinging.

But it’s my own fault for walking so far yesterday, innit? Hehe!

I got to the flat, and picked up the raffle prizes and box of nibbles, and back out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Jenny was looking particularly pretty this morning. Cindy was in good form. Cath was too. Everyone there, apart from Big John, seemed in better spirits than of late. I had a chinwag with each of them in turn. (Well, not Big John!). Handed the raffle prize in, and took the nibble-box around, having a laugh here and there as I did so. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out to others. Stayed beyond the hour this time. Enjoyed it.

Back to the flat, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks.


Got the food in the oven tray ready to cook later, turned the oven on to warm up. A ready-made vegetarian moussaka. I added tons of extra grated cheese and some sliced tomatoes on top of it. Some battered onions ready to add later. Got a few red onion slices on the plate.

P1270930Started to do this blog. After a few hours the door chime rang-out. It was young bloke from Willmot-Brown. Came to measure the gap left at the bottom of the balcony door.

I let him in and started telling him about the curtain not being replaced and how I could not manage it on the steps. This made no impression, other than he asked which team did the window. I didn’t know, did I.

He finished measuring and said he would be back tomorrow to fill in the holes in the floor and apply the plastic board on top.

I updated the calendar and diary with the dates for the next dentist visit, Wednesdays INR blood test and the Morrison delivery.

Did the Health Checks etc.

Back to updating this diary.

Went to the WordPress reader page. Then did some commenting.

Facebook no letting me import to photo albums. Going too slow and sticking. Grr! Poor Lynda Lore! Well, I can wish her love and happiness for her Special Day, with a cyber cuddle and gentle non-intrusive massage too! XXX ♥♥♥

Got the oven on.

Nosh – Nice but far too many courgettes and aubergines, especially with the INR Warfarin level being so low.

I picked a lot of them out of the meal, to be on the safe side.

I bought these, cause they were on offer at 3 for £6. I’ll have to give the other two away if we have any vegetarians in the block.

Utterly shattered and tired out, I fell asleep after eating the meal. Woke and got up around 0200hrs!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 7th November 2017: Wet Day

Tuesday 7th November 2017

I didn’t wake up this morning. Hehe! I’d had a terrible night, woke up by the phone, then the Fire Alarm Shaker going off, and felt so attritional and ashamed at my getting things wrong, forgetting, being confused and this giving others hassle. The sense of compunction has eased slightly, but some guilt remains, churning away in my grey-cells. Couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got on with finishing the diary for Monday.

The most surprising thing is all the many hours I’ve been up and about so-as-to-speak, no call to the Porcelain Throne yet.

0140hrs: Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks.

Medications were taken then. I’ve got some pain-killers now, but things were not painful, so I decided to leave half of them off the dosage imbibed. I did take an extra Magnesium though, the cramps were giving signs of wanting to enjoy themselves. Haha!

I feel a right milquetoast this morning. Confidence, what bit I had, has evanesced. Along with and traces of get-up-and-go and drive.

I robotically did the WordPress Reading. Some good stuff on there again today. The mood lightened a little with my reading the amusing things some bloggers had posted.

I then went on Facebooking.

Still no call to the Throne?

CorelDraw prep work was done.

0830hrs: Got the ablutions tended to and adorned the daywear clobber, then set off for the bus stop. The rain was drizzling on and off, and it was not too warm with it either. Masses of tenants in the queue this morning. Gossips, moans and laughter ensued.

Caught the Bestwood Bound Bus and dropped off with many others in Sherwood. Three of the gals on the bus, all good uns, was also going to Mansfield this morning, Doris told me where to catch the bus back from as we parted, bless her.

Over to the Dentists. It turned out the appointment for today had been cancelled in the melee over trying to get the teeth done over the last eight weeks or so. Back out and over the road to catch the Masfieldbus, and the three gals from the flats were there. A gossip was started that only stopped when a bus arrived much later. The girls said one was missing that’s why they were still there.

The bus was full, and I had to sit on a side seat. Most uncomfortable and had the risk of me sliding off of it all the way there. Hehe!

The ladies got off at the Sainsbury Store, I went on to Mansfield Bus Station and got the brolly up. Walked down through the underpass and took this picture.

I haven’t touched it up or played with it at all, this is how it was down there. Eerie lighting?

I might save this to do a funny graphic with later.

B&M Store and Pound Stretcher stores visited. Treated me to some chocolate nougat, and could not find any of the screw-lid tubs in either shop. Called into the paper shop to get a TV Magazine.

So sad here, with a complete row of retail units and a pub, all closed down.

As I hobbled towards the passageway back to the station, Dizzy Dennis visited and a bad one it was. I decided to make my way home straight away, I was feeling tired anyway.

Caught the bus without much delay and the rain came down fiercely, en route.

When I downloaded this photo next morning, I thought there was a telephone pole coming down on the left that I had not noticed. But it was a sticker on the bus window. Hehe!

The heavy rain kindly stopped and reduced to a few spots when I dropped off the vehicle in Sherwood.

Up and over the hill and right up through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, right and down the gravel footpath to the flats.

I bit dodgy with the wet soil, but I got down without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas, I’m glad to report.

Mind you, the shoes socks and feet were a bit wet by the time I got in. Tsk!

The support cages or whatever they are called being put up by the workmen was now up to the top of the flats.

I hung out of the kitchen window to take these shots. While doing this, an urgent demand came from the innards for a Porcelain Throne visit. (At last!)

Messy again, took a while cleaning things up. I changed into the nightwear and put the wet clothes into the laundry bag for me to do in the morning. Dizzy Dennis had departed for the rest of the evening, bless him.

Got the meal cooking and took these shots, one from the front room and one from the kitchen again, of what the erection looks like under the balcony that will soon, not be a balcony? Haha!

Got the meal served up. A good mix tonight. Farls with cheese topping, beef steak pie, garden peas, Marmite Crisps and sliced boiled potato with vegemite and Balsamic sauce dotted about. Hehe! The teeth suffered when masticating a little, but it tasted so good.

Having the wash and cleaning the teeth were bleeding a fair bit from the loose one. My own fault for having the crispy sharp cheddar cheese on the Farls! Then took the medications and carried out the Health Checks

Sister Jane called me to tell me she had informed the Pegasus people for me. I thanked her. She is going into hospital for a neck X-ray in preparation for her operation. I hope she rings me to let me know how things went for her. I’ll stay in all day tomorrow, then I shouldn’t miss any call from her.

The heavy rain suddenly stopped.

Washed the pots and got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner.

Watched some TV on Channel 20. They are currently showing lots of the old stuff I like to watch. Unfortunately, I nodded off while Hetty Wainthrope Investigates was on, waking up two hours or so later – with the flipping Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker going off again! I dare not ignore it. So, I went through the same schedule at the day before. Disentangled my body from the recliner, a quick look out of the window (No sign of emergency vehicles). Went to the front door, rested the handle with the back of my hand for any heat (None – in fact it was cold). Head out into the passageway, no alarms sounding outside at all. Back in the flat and checked both the other room in my mansion (belated).

Poured a cup of clementine juice and got back down in the chair, not now being able to sleep (I thought), I started to watch whatever it was on the gogglebox. Nodded-off within minutes.

Inchcock Today – Friday 13th October 2017: Laundry – Dentist – New Alien Blob discovered in lift

Friday 13th October 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 13 Deireadh Fómhair 2017

0140hrs: I stirred differently this morning, slowly. The reluctant to open eye-lids tentatively fluttered into an open position. I waited a few moments for the brain to catch up and assume a status of readiness for activity. It took a few minutes longer, but it got there. The thoughts bouncing about in my mind were depressing, tristiloquy-like ridden. Luckily, they were forgotten about and abandoned when the overwhelming demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

I fought the pain from Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis, disentangling my aching limbs and body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and into the wet room. Only to find there were no evacuation materials to rid me of, just splurting winds.

I had a wee-wee.

I spotted the note I’d left to remind me of the Dentist Appointment at 0945hrs this morning.

I’d added about doing the laundry onto it.

0158hrs: I gathered the washing bag and accoutrements and made my way down to the laundry room.

Only the one lift was working, number one that holds the Wachlino – The Alien Blob. That has been in there resisting all attempts to kill and clean it up, for four weeks now. I’d got the camera with me and decided to do an updated photograph of the little creature. When I got inside the elevator, I took a photo to use later in making a graphicalisation.

I hoped that the other two new marks on the floor were not further alien amoeba about to give birth?

Got the washer going and back up to the flat.

Made a start on finalising yesterdays post for half an hour or so, and it was time to go down to move the stuff into the dryer.

I must say, I was pleased with how the oven thingy, mitt or whatever it is called, came out nice and clean despite its thickness.

Turned the dryer on and then back up in the lift.

Well, then I noticed something of further interest on the floor near the corner in the shadows under the fold-up seat!

Yes indeed – A new Alien Omeaba? A lot fresher looking than the old one now. Another Watchelino Mark2!

Got back up and set about making a graphic for a bit of fun.

Got this done, then finalised the Thursday chronicle and started this one off for an hour or so.

Then back down to clean the machines and collect the laundry.

Folded the stuff and got it into the bag. Then wiped the machines and cleaned the filters. Had a spray around with the freshener. Pleased to report that I had no Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas down there this morning.

Proceeded with updating today’s log.

Checked Email got a message from Jenny, thanking me for the flowers. She used the Facebook thing, but my computer freezes when I use it so I could not reply.

Time to get the ablutions done, and readied for the dentist visit. Oh, I do hope they can sort it today.

Sorted the waste bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Got ready for the dentist and set off. Both lifts were operating now, but I got in number one and took the opportunity to get some better shots of the ‘New Alien Blob’. I forced the flash on the camera to work, and the results were better this time. Made this graphic later when I got back home.

Out the foyer doors and up the gravel hill into the park, left down to Mansfield Road.

I had nasty Dizzy Dennis attack as I neared the gates. Had to stop near a bench and hold onto it. Not all bad though, cause it gave me the chance to watch dogs playing with their owner and I spotted this insect, whatever it is on the top back of the seat.

Dizzy only bothered me for about five minutes, and then I set off slowly hobbling to the dentist place.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best, I entered and bravely bothered the Obergefrieteress receptionists. Took a seat and got the crossword book out. A young assistant came to fetch me half an hour so later and carried the bag for me as I tackled the steep stairs to the treatment room. The Dentist needed to see the actual INR blood level figure from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, which I didn’t have of course. Not that it would have helped me get my teeth done, because the level was only 1.5 on it, and the dentist would not do any work until it was 2.5 to 3,5 anyway,  as she explained. So, now I have to wait until next Tuesday to have a blood test. Then wait until the DVT record comes to me. Then it has to be in range. Then I have to go to the surgery within 24hrs and try to get an appointment within the next 24 hours of visiting them and informing them. But they cannot guarantee me one. The dentist came down with me to speak to the receptionists about the situation. But even she got dirty looks from the Commandantess receptionist; I just got ignored.

So, what chance have I got of ever getting the teeth done? I thanked them and left with a despondent, dejected air about me.

Outside, just about coped with the two steep steps down to the sidewalk and things took a turn for the worse for me as a blooming Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came to close to me for comfort as he sped by.


Limped down to the Wilko store and got some duck food, bleach and fabric softener.

Back up the hill, still feeling depressed. Roy and Doris were at the bus stop, and we had a little chinwag and laughed as we waited. Not an easy thing to do when all three of us are hard of hearing! Hahaha!

Got in and prepped th things for a meal of the day.

Smoked Basi fish fillets, garden peas, orange flavoured beetroot and three small potatoes boiled. I’m goingto try some of the Fish Sauce with it, see if I like it.

Onto the computer to update this diary.

Quick check on the Emails.

Jenny rang me thanked me for her flowers and we had a nice chinwag. She told me to ring her when I needed ny help with moving things when the upgrade started. So kind of her.

Nosh eaten, but I took a photo of it without a cars in th e camera, and don’t know how to get it off the camera?

Porcelain Throne session; Meat Balls come to mind. Haha!

Flaked out so early after doing Health Checks and taking medications.

Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd September 2017:

Friday 22nd September

0425hrs: After many wake-ups and nodding back off again, I rose from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to visit the Porcelain Throne. Far less messy this morning, glad to say.

Made a mug of tea took the medications and did the Health Checks. The weight had gone down a bit. (He says smugly, Hehe!)
14.84 St. Mind you, I have not been eating so much, what with the Suzie incisor teeth situation.

Not bad again the ailments, apart from the tooth and Hernia Harry, the day has started very well indeed. (Big mouth?)

A pleasant sight this morning, a chimney, out of all those in view, and there are hundreds of them, actually being used to heat the house! Most rare nowadays, a solid fuel fire.

The distant scene, looked to me, with the mist and all, that the sea and coastline, that could be seen through the fog.

Got onto the computer and finalised the Thursday diary and got it posted off. Then checked the Emails.

A touch of guilt came over me as I went to make another cuppa, and I saw the state of the kitchen floor.

No sooner had I swept it and started to mop it up, Craig Cramps attacked the left hand and both set of fingers.

Never mind, I rubbed in some of the Phorpain Gel to ease the fingers. Dare not take an extra Codeine cause I’m using some to deaden the Incisor Suzie Teggies, already.

A bash on Facebooking, and WordPress reading for a couple of hours.

During the Facebooking, someone asked what they will do with the old Police Stations site on High Street, in Arnold behind the Asda store.

I looked it up on the web.

Went off for a wee-wee.

Stubbed my toe and swore.

Returned and discovered that it is to be a Petrol Station with three pumps, six individual service accesses.

I found the planning permission on the Gedling Borough Council pages, and also edited the Google page which showed that the Police Station was still there and working. Got an email back from Google thanking me. Nice that!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Onto CorelDraw to do TFZer graphics. Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Drained now, got the nosh going, rinsed and suddenly the flipping tooth started off for no apparent reason as far as I could see.

I was careful about what I prepared tonight. Instant potatoes, made thinner than I usually would mash them, they were soft. The tinned BBQ mackerel I knew should be safe, cause it has no bones or hard bits in it normally. The surimi fish sticks not hard at all, the garden peas were safe, and the fish sticks I cut up into tiny pieces before I put them into my mouth.

All this effort and it was still a pain, literally, to eat the meal. But, I downed all of it, slowly. Had the evening medications along with it, followed by the lemon fool and meringue mousse.

Settled to watch a film on the box. I reckon I must have seen it with fifteen nod-offs. When I woke after the last one, I could not change the volume at all? I tried all the usual things, going into the options thingy and all that.

Fell asleep again, and woke with the teeth not half giving me some bother. Got up and took an extra pain-killer and rubbed some Phorpain gel in the hands that were stiffening and cramping a bit. As I got back into the £300 second-hand recliner, it dawned on me, that I had not checked the plug connection on the headphones to the TV set. So I did – Yes, it had come lose. Tsk!

By the time I was about to nod-off, the nocivity from the teggies had started to ease a bit. Phew!