Inchcock Today Diary – In part Ode

Concept Mobile Graphic Wot I Dun

I got carried away making it. Hehe!

Thursday 20th January 2022

Inchcock Today Diary

Later, I found this photo of last evenings meal,
Chilli beans, Cornish pastie, potatoes, no big deal…
I recall eating it with a particular zeal…
And dropping the cutlery… painful when I had to kneel!
Then, sleeping began to appeal!

The nocturnal wee-wees had come back…
I woke up in a flap,
Dentists and all that,
Had to clean the flat,
Lost me bobble hat…
My mind was all over, what a prat!
I walked into the doorframe hurt my back!

Suffered on the Porcelain Throne – diarrhoeal!
Cut me a few times shaving; things were not ideal!
Clouted the back of the right heel…
That didn’t make me feel very genteel!
Carer Richard called, made time for a bit of spiel,
After he’d gone, an Accifauxpa made me squeal!
Rushing in my panic to get readied in time, rhinorrhoeal!
By hitting my nose opening the cupboard door – Schlemiel!

07:30hrs, I set out on my hobble down to Sherwood,

On my mission to the Dentist, I pursued…
Time for some shopping, into the Co-op I perused…
No fresh peas, fish sauce or smoked ham, I perceived…
So I put the bananas back, and swiftly I did leave!

I called into Wilko, which is on Mansfield Road,
Did I buy much? Nope, out of stock on things a load!
No bleach, mixing bowls, much stuff I don’t need or use,
This caused some silently muttered verbalistics!

I arrived in time for the Dentist’s appointment. Struggled up the two 12″ steps into the hallway with the trolley and hobbled into the hallway and the reception area. Bruised from the effort to gain entry! I can’t cope with doing this part of my journey in Ode.

Reported to the Obergruppenfürheress ladies behind the smash-proof, bank-like counter. I was instructed to take a seat, so I took a seat. Got the crossword book out after 15 minutes of trying to read the labels on disinfectants I’d bought from Wilko. At least I could just make out the clues. I got stuck into the crossword and realised I’d been there for almost an hour beyond the appointment time?

While I was building up the courage to ask one of the ladies… one came over to me. Bless her, she was very patient with me:

“Your Dentist is two floors up the stairs, and we don’t think you are going to make it…” I rudely interrupted and explained: “I’ve not been up to there for the last five visits? I’ve been in the ground floor front surgery, I assumed that my disablement was the reason, so how do I find myself back up in Gods?” (Smilingly)

She said, “It depends on which Dentist is in on the day and the procedure needing to be done.” If you don’t mind, waiting for another half hour, we can get you in the front then?” My reply was, “Fair enough, thank you very kindly.” And back to the crossword-puzzling, I went.

Sure enough, true to her word, a nurse came to collect me, and into the front surgery, I was led. I was being careful not to hit anyone with the walker trolley. We got in, and down in the seat come chair thingy, I was met with this face of the Doctor…

No messing about with this Dentist. As she was filling the tooth in, she gently moved the loose one at the front that I was concerned about and declared it should last another six months, so make an appointment on your way out. She’d filled the Teggy in, in less than five minutes! What? Can I have her next time? Hahaha!

Paid my dues, and the kind receptionist who spoke with me earlier escorted me to the front door and held it open for me. Then helped me down the external steps with the trolley. Thank you, kind lady, ♥

At the bus stop, I met Esther. Who caught the same bus up to the flats with me. Caroline, from the end care home, also joined us. Hahaha! And I found myself trying to talk with two women at the same time… that was oddly lovely for me. Esther said she would call to see me later. Back to the flat…

I sorted out the bits I’d bought and prepped the meal for tonight; the Meridian manager, Natalie, called on me. About six weeks ago, Jillie asked if they could do my washing once a week on a Friday. They can, but it will cost. Naturally! And in the meantime, I’ve had Esther doing the laundry for me? Tsk! We’ve heard nothing back until today.

When Esther arrived, she got in touch with a chap about my missing TV remote control, and when she called on me later, noticed the state of the desks and counter, and set too, cleaning the TV and desk up for me. Then… She called the gentleman after she got the numbers off the TV set, and the man gave her a number of the remote I would need to get. And I went on Amazon and found one. I ordered it straight away. I know I only usually watch an hour a day (Heartbeat), but I often leave it on when I cannot get to sleep, which does sometimes help. Now how kind was that! I know she is a cleaning lady, but above and beyond was her kindness today.

Hahaha! The remote looks just like the throne I lost, so finding the button and which to use should be easy now that I can’t read them. In fact, the print had been rubbed off with so much use over the many years in the old one. Haha!.

First Sundown Photo

Around about 14:00hrs, I began to do this blog. It is now gone 19:00hrs, and I’m only up to here… Sad, innit?

Carer Elena Called

The gal was in a hurry tonight. But Elena checked the medications taking well and caught me dropping two tablets after taking them. Thank You, petal Elena. ♥ She was soon off again after doing an excellent job on me… Medications, I mean, of course!

Sundown Photo Over an hour

Beautiful – Despite the freezing weather!

State of Mind Report

A changeable day, I’ve tried to go with the flow,
A few times today, I’ve stubbed a toe…
Met folks by chance; that was nice, though…
But the teeth and eyes are about to go…
Operations in line, it’s no good moaning, you know…
I’ll stay a thick, demented, happy old so and so…
By the way… the bus driver called me gringo!.

Hey-Ho, Hey-Ho,
To the Porcelain Throne, I’ll go,
Try to control the evacuations flow…
And, without even stubbing any toe!
I’ll insist on being calm and mellow,
I’ll finish this blog after business in the bog…
Although my mind is in a hazy fog…
I’ll make a meal, eat it, and lay in the chair – doggo!


8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Diary – In part Ode

  1. A well-organized and at least semi-successful journey into the external universe is wot yer’ve achieved. I’ve found another thing we have in common, it’s getting to become quite a long list, nicht wahr?: I have a sensitive spot on the right side of my right foot. Once had it treated about 30 years ago, the surgeon referred it to a blood cyst that would very likely return. Well, it very likely did indeed return. Upon bumping it on anything solid, it sends a signal to the control in my brain to avoid doing that in future. I do not like walking about inside in shoes, so it happens frequently enough.
    Nice finding a competent dentist on the first floor of the office address. Might even qualify as a capital stroke of good fortune, mighten it?
    I like that concept phone, might substitute as a back-up remote?
    Those beans would have quite a job getting over those potatoes, well conceived and conducted, Sir!
    Nothing like wearing the numbers and letters off a remote control mechanism. The other day, I cleaned up my rather dirty keyboard, but seem to (well, it’s not “seem to” because I actually DID) have destroyed the numbers 4,5, and 6. I can’t be trusted with nice things, perhaps why one of my nicknames is “Leftover Man.” Ah well, looks like purchasing another board WILL be in my future. However, I could just tap a 1 and a 3 key to make a 4. Tap a 2 and a 3 to make a 5. Tap a 3 and 3 to make a 6. Nope, I’m going straight away to getting a new board, this one is ancient anyway.
    A fine Friday to yer, Sir.

    • It certainly is Billum!
      A back-up remote, hahaha!
      I purchased some sticky letters and numbers from Amazon Sir. What a brilliant idea I thought. And, they didn’t fall off for at least three days! One, the E, actually lasted for five days! When will I learn to not to trust Amazon? Ever?
      With the eyes fading fast, I purchased some big print books from then. A crossword book which lays here beside me, being swore at mostly… the grid is massive, the lettereing the same sie as my current book. I got a couple of extra ones, and added them to the parcel that surely will arrive at HRH’s Palace soon? If Julia has posted it for me. I have confidence in that gal. ♥ I’ll not mention what they are, but only thin almost pamphlet type, but with Big Letters. Old England, but within our memories. I hope to live long enough to have the memory of them gettting delivered.
      Carers to charge me extra fopr doing the laundry. Shop[s with empty shelves, crime rife! Another murder again in Nottingham. I waffle again…
      Thanks Billum.

      • The letter E is common, so five days is an achievement, more reliable than Amazonia.
        Big print is a worthy option. HRH and I work the online New York Times crossword with Auto Correct selected, if you figure out an answer (or guess well) the letter gets locked in. Every large trick helps when yer in the advanced years.
        I shall now find a bit and commence champing on it now that the thin pamphlet could be aheading this way. Becoming semi-adept in the best dialect of Engrish will become my next goal. Big letters always welcomed.
        Everyone seems to include an additional fee or three these days. But put them all together and you arrive at a deliciousious waffle.

      • As dialectics go, you must be in the championship quarter Sir!
        Slipping the arrant R in there was clever stuff, too!
        Ending with a waffle too! Hahaha!

  2. Beautiful sunset photos. You’re going to get another six months out of your loose tooth? That’s cheeky of your dentist who did a quickie on you filling in your tooth. You seem satisfied. I hope she was. Your stocking cap looks like and army helmet. Life is a battle so it’s very fitting. Decent looking meal you found a photo of.

    • To be honest, Tim, I’m more worried about the eyes, than teeth. So many procedures get booked, then the wait for an appointment… You can bet they woll not do both eyes on the same day, which means more hassle. I must look up what they do for Glaucoma and Saccades, after the Cateracts are done, then the others, I might be in line for my 100th birthday… on the other hand… Hahaha!
      Cheers, Sire Tim.

  3. I just have to say how much I love you and you are gentle and tolerant. I’m happy when you are treated with the dignity and compassion you so richly deserve! Hugs and pecks from your little friend so far away! I sent you some pictures on face book to give you a view of what its like over these parts!

    • Bless you heart, gal. ♥♥♥ Me luv U too!
      No carer arrived again this morning. Got a chill methinks, Lisa. Sore throat, dizzies, cough, and the eyes are making things difficult this morning. Doingthe graphics is takin all my time, but I do love doing them, so will do them, it is easier to zoom in CorelDraw. I do hope they can do both eyes at the same time, if they as I was warned, do them seperately it is going to take ages, and involve alot of time and travelling again. Then providing the new plastic cataracts work, I’ve got the dentist waiting, and treatment for the glaucoma (what it involves I don’t know, drops I should think?) and Saccades in just the right eye. No time to get the hearing done in between.
      They say that I will not be able to go home after the operations, if there is no one to collect me take me home and stay with me for 24hrs??? Carers for 24 hours (Twice), and taxis would be too cost prohibitive. Oh, terribly sorry Angel, I’m waffling again aren’t I? No one else to talk to, please forgive my lowering the tone. ♥XXX

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