Inchcock Today – Just a graphic wot I made

Billum treats Inchcocks Ailments!

Bill & HRH

Lobotomy Sorted Out The Problems

HRH Lisa, Problem Sorter Outer, Ether-Carer to Inchcock, Electrician & Nurse (and a cracking looker) was at hand throughout the operation. First Aid box at the ready. Backing up professor Billum all the way.
The electrics and life monitorings were handled by Alan.

Billum prepared for the removal of the brain. Amazingly, Inchcock felt not a single pain! He was put at rest, by HRH covering his head area in Phorpain, and giving him an iced lolly.
The kindness showed by Billum, was gobsmacking. (They actually had to smack his gob to bring him round later, when refitting the brain and reattaching his head; but that’s for part two to come later.) Billum had thought of everything beforehand, he’d been planning this procedure for over two days, in his glasshouse laboratory.
He explained that when the brain comes out, Inchcock may not notice any difference, but not to worry.

Because a false moustache, spectacles, hearing aids, a missing many teeth plastic mouth, and a BO spray would be adorned on the brain straight away; so that it would feel at home without Inchcocks mass of blubber and accoutrements surrounding it.
He even supplied mini-walking sticks, crutches, and had the foresight to keep giving the brain a clout now and then, so, as he named him, Brian the Brain would not miss Inchcocks pains from tumbles, walking into things ad the desperate pain from the overactive bladder, Brilliant!

I’m afraid this will have to be caught up with later, because Inchcock’s eyes are too bad to continue, sorry. He may have to skip a blog or two, or just put a few words on. The poor old git is not too good at the moment. The eyes and bladder are the two main reasons.

Professor Billum started with Inchcock’s worst affected area, naturally the brain, but Billum had to take it out first.

Cheers, each.

27 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Just a graphic wot I made

  1. We had to use the largest lobotomicomical laboratory available here to complete all the procedures and brain-specific operations necessary to assure a satisfactorical outcome. Fortunately, we were able to acquire quite confidential extraterrestrial equipment borrowed from Area 51 in Nevada. ’twas a godsend that A 51 had an alien brain in stock. Everything went off without a hitch.

    • I really enjoyed that, Sir! With no carer yet, Dizzy Dennis at me again, sore throat, coughing and general depression; You cheered up the impossible with this commentski. I fank You!

      • We are happy to work at the best lab, it’s better than the one in Young Frankenstein. Glad to perform the impossible with the aid of a great la BOR itory (according to Boris Karlof)

      • He abandoned me last night, mateski. More time awaking than sleeping, seemed like every ten-minutes I springing awake. Still, he has been so kind for two nights, so beter not annoy him.
        I hope he returns to visit you both. ♥
        Arevo, arrevw… Cheers!

      • Lisa slept well this morning an can spare you some quality sleeping hours this evening with Sweet Morpheus. Our cat Nibbles had a bad case of the zoomies the night before last. (quick update: it went on like that for six days.OMG…) Nibbles runs like a loon up the hall, over to the loving room, then to the kitchen, finally capping the entire trip with a bounce onto HRH. At that point, a massive series of paw claps onto her belly. Nibbles never tires of this sport. So, last night the door remained closed.

      • Nibbles sounds so much like Cyril used to be, brought back good memories that did. However, the shutting of the door was nesscessary, if it helped Lisa and Sweet Morpheus to blend together – thats Great! ♥
        Love the loving room! Haha!
        Love to all the clan.

      • I’ve only heard good things about your much missed Cyril. Sweet Morpheus was generous to HRH. But then he disappears into a pub or some such and then takes his time returning. Loved that “loving room* typo. A loving room is by far the betterer term.
        All and each send you much love.

      • We got on well together Cyril and me. The long hours I was working, he’s visit the neighbours cat for his fodder, then theyu would both arriveth, like wagging tail dogs to greet me as I pushed my motorbike down the twitchel. If Cyruk was on his own, he’s jumo up and hit me on the chest claws attached and throwing purrs at me! I could hear the purring through my helmet – which I had wisely not taken off. Hahaha!
        I’d love a loving room!

      • Cyril was a great cat, and remains so in the shared memories of everyone who knew him or know of him, such as meself. Say there, twitchel is a new word for me and much better than the one we use in these climes: alley way — it’s where the alley cats sing at night.
        Yes, loving room is a far betterer word, one that I shall now use:

        ‘tother side of the loving-room wall, you’ll find the twitchel. It’s where I keep me motorbike. There’s a twit what lives in the twitchel, the dumpster is ‘is loving room.

      • Again more smiles encouraged, fanking you. Having to ‘go’ regular today. Might be missing the tablets. Oh, dearie me, painful too.

      • HRH has been trying to set a new record on consecutive days without sleep. At the moment, SM is doing his level best to induce somnamulation. We’re thinking of renting some sheep to walk circles around her bed, seems a viable solution at this point. 🙂

      • Ahh, poor Lisa. SM does not like us. Last night I woke up so many times, I gave up and got up.
        I’ll have a word with Lisa’s white sheep, see if he can help. (Orange eyed Horis) ♥♥♥

      • Lisa was again up all night and also quite active, now sleeping. SM is very unfairly kind to me, the git! Many thanks for asking Orange-eye’s help. Sounds like Horis can help. Sheep know much about proper sleep.

      • I’m finding that Horis is a good communicators when I have my morning chats with the family. (Todays Uncaring Carer could not understand, when I told her. Hehe!)
        SH should look after us all, the fiend! But best start with Lisa, methinks. Crossing my fingers. (Not literally of course, Colin Cramps and Arthur Itis won’t let me… Hahaha!)
        Fond love to all!♥

      • Horis has now become a good friend. The Uncarer might be of Germanic extraction, Germans have quite a different sense of humuor. Understatement puzzles them. Lisa continues with SM in an SM-REM state of sleep.

      • The Carer concerned, makes me nervous.
        When on excercise on Exmoor with German and Swiss troops(I think they were Swiss, they all had long hair and looked scruffy. I recall the witisms falling on confused ears.
        HRH: GGGreat news! Perked me up a bit that has!
        I omitted to say that you’ve got the Nott’m slang off already, Sir!
        Keepeth safe all, cuddle for Lisa and the furries, please. ♥

      • SM seems to know how to torment you and HRH with abandon. Ten minutes at a time, it’s like sleeping on a torture rack (well, actually you describe circa 1968 in just such terms). Now I have just noticed that SM also stands for sado-masochist. Perhaps SM takes on both personalities, the split variety.

      • Having perused your assessment on SM, I think you’ve nailed it, Sir! I never not thought of that Sado Masochist (Just looking it up…) Blimey! And I thought he was just a little tease! Haaha!

  2. You boys get up to all sorts of naughty things like brainectomisig, playing with live wires and wearing poor old Inchies eyes out! Now, you just lie down and while I settle Billums down on the cold side of my bed to watch the great Canadian bake off, I will slip through the ether with a cupof Lisa’s organic cocoa sweetened with organic moist brown sugar and floating SIX small pink peppermint marshmallows and settle you down with some bineural beats guided sleep meditation where you will soon join me and Bill on a tropical island free of all bad bugs , fauna and flora. It is made to order for our little troop while away our other world connections together. No pains or ailments will be allowed in this little meeting of the good friends wirh their conciousnesses aloft while our bodies welcome a respite with Sweet Morpheus.

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