Inchcock Today

Inchcock Today

Fings ain’t too good. But I’m absolutely fed up with hearing myself moan and waffle on about things. So, I won’t!

Photos from yesterday and today…

Carer… erm… Sorry, I’ve forgotten her name.

Intercom screen (Yes, it worked!)


Got up late today. Then, remembered that the Iceland delivery came yesterday! Thought the Iceland delivery was due, so took this snap of the bitterly cold mornings view and shot (Hehe!), well hobbled into the wet room to ready the things for the ablutioning.

Back into the kitchen to make a brew of Glengettie. Took another snap of the moon I spotted. I sometimes notice these things!

Ten minutes or so later, I spotted that I had not turned on the kettle at the power socket. Various words of self-derision were spouted.

Waiting for the kettle again, I took this snap of the City Hospital in the morning mist. I made the brew and took it with me into the wet room to save time. As the Carer is due shortly. So I still had to rush the session a  bit. But it didn’t help; in fact, it took me longer than it usually does. The task of stopping the bleeding from one particular shaving cut took yonks. Then, I needed the Porcelain Throne.

Harold’s Haemorrhoids had been bleeding so much I cracked the dried blood as I took off the Protection Pants! But they did a great job of holding things in. Good job. I hadn’t put the Morrison ones on; I think they would not have coped with this flood. Of course, another half-hour lost sorting, medicating and cleaning up! Hey-Ho

Waiting for the somewhat late Carer to arrive, I went on CorelDraw to make some graphics up. Gawd, I spent hours on it. Everything took even longer than usual, and I made a couple of cock-ups by shaking in my right hand. And they were sorted out with pure luck. I’d frozen CorelDraw altogether! Not the foggiest idea how I did so; just blessedly relieved that I managed to.

A landline call came in. I thought it might be Sister Jane. But no! It was Meridian Care’s top office. The Carer would be late coming. Nay bothers, I pressed on with the graphicationalisationing and Accifauxpas making. But did manage to do a couple of graphics done in advance. Before two, I say two carers arrived. Never been done so quickly. Treated the gals, and off they shot off, taking my waste bags to the chute with them. I thank you!

Already late in the day now, I pressed on with another graphic. I don’t want to show them directly, or it just might spoil the enjoyment of my multitudinous host of followers. Sometimes they both visit my site on the same day.


As I proceeded in a Westerly direction, to my dismay…
Towards the front room with the food on the tray…
Do I really need to say?
Shaking Shaun arrived, and my grip on the tray gave way…
I dropped the lot, ruining hopes for this horrible Saturday!
I don’t think I reacted ballistically…
But, my self-annoyance rose dramatically!
Fetched the cleaning stuff from the wet room quickly…
Where I saw my undrunk cold mug of Glengettie!
I got the cleaning up done, very carefully,
The job was painful, annoying, and most stressfully…
I didn’t get Humpty, only with myself, quite rightly…
But things changed to almost getting tearfully…

I stubbed my toe getting back up off of the floor!
Hit my elbow in doing so; now that was also sore!
The Dark Depression took over, to my discomfiture!
I was testing my own mental infrastructure…
Am I mad, I thought… everything I do, withers, for sure!
Silly thoughts reigned… about my constant failure…
The rest of the day, the depression was wearing and dour!
Huh! I suddenly realised I’d not taken a shower!

Moments ago, went in to make another brew, indeed…
So, now I’ve got to sort myself out with another feed…
My energy, concentration limits I exceed…
First, there is another job to do, a regular need…
Even if my logicality and thought power do recede…
Got to finish and post this Ode, I must heed,
I hope that shortly, sanity will intercede?
Whoops, it’s time that I wee’d!

The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today

  1. That behemoth of a red van likes to park on those hashed lines, and he is as big as two regular horseless carriages. The moon, is it waxing or waning, I forgets how to tell. Something to do with a mnemomic thay involves the letters DOC
    The hospital looks to be within walking distance, but when yer need to go there it is out of the question to try that?
    A hello to the unnamed carer, glad she is wearing a mask because I am less than a foot from the computer screen. Better silly than sorry, saith Sir Billum to the dismissed Tony Blair.
    Have yer tried using the microwave when the Glengettie cools?

    TTFNSKI, fine Sir! I consider yer a knight of the hood, of course.

    • DOC. Word innit?
      Wheneth I could walk, long agoeth, it tooke me 1 hour and 5mins to get there. I timed missen.
      You should taketh care in photomagraphed maskers, I’ve heard how dangerous they can be.
      Blah, to Blair!
      I has tried rewarming me tea, Sireth Billum. But it ruined the flavour and taste to me, I fear. Burnt me lip too. Hehe!
      A a hood of the night, I’m gladeth about that, Sire. ♥

      • DOC is supposed to be a handy to remember whether the moon is waning away or waxing up. D lets yer know that the right side of the moon is illuminated.
        O represents a full moon.
        C should let yer know that the left side of the moon is illuminated.
        D might represent waxing, C might represent waning.
        Still mostly confusing to me. I must look it up on Dr. Google’s Mooning Facts and Knowleges.

        I can understand how photographing pro-maskers or anti-maskers might result in injury to the nose.

        It’s Tony Blah then. 🙂

        Tea burns on the upper lip may result in a stiff upper lip. A cautionary.

      • Blah does fall out of the mouth with a certain upper-crustedness, do it not?

        German has a great word for describing someone with a face that’s begging to be slapped, such as Tony Blair — Backpfeifengesicht

      • I think Billum a sort of disgustedness too. Highly suitable.
        Looked ‘Backpfeifengesicht’ up, I must try to remember that to use later.

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