Medieval Two-Sleeps – With Ode to it

I am not a historian, intellectual, or even satisfactorily educated Nottinghamian. But for some reason, I clicked on this when I opened the computer. I was fascinated with this medieval habit of taking two sleeps. And finding out why they did so. I just had to share the link below. I put in the first few paragraphs.

BBC Two Sleeps

By Zaria Gorvett – 10th January 2020

The forgotten medieval habit of ‘two periods of sleep

I hope you can time to have a nip through this. It has kicked off a desire for me to find out more.


I came across this fascinating article, by chance,
Despite twixt me and education, there’s no relevance,
It got my brain going with interest and considerance,
To learn more of how mankind lived, in its nascence
Detailed facts of what they had to experience…

No drains, running water, out of the window with the effluence!
Of course, there were murders, muggings and fraudulence…
Someone tipping pee on you would cause some incongruence?
They’d not recognise it, but there must have been dissonance?
They’d send you to the madhouse without any evidence…
The local barber would pull your teeth without competence!
Then charge you as much as threepence!

I imagine the pubs would have a smell of abhorrence?
But they’d all stink, so it made little difference…
The brewers cleaned the vats with bleach: Commonsense?
Many citizens died, as a consequence,
Death Certificated: ‘Death by flatulence!’
In a highly abbreviated form of Latin, hence… poignance,
Not that many could read English, no chance!

Back to the Two-Sleep Theme

I wish I could have had two last night…
I nodded of quick enough and woke at midnight…
From then on, sleeping for more than five minutes was a fight!
I lost count of the wakening, expecting to see the dawnlight,
Each waking, I felt pretty sprite,
Not a single wee-wee, something wasn’t right!
The minutes crawled, tried to get back to sleep… well, I might!
My silently-mouthed cursing was pretty unerudite,
Waking up every ten-minute, made me annoyed and contrite,
Still, Little Inchie unused, the fungal lesion, caused disquiet,
I was awake more than asleep in hindsight – it made me uptight!
Not had such a lousy night for at least a fortnight…
Nattering to myself, nonsense mostly, proper blatherskite!
I wish I could have had just a two-minutes-sleep last night…

A Few Recent Photos

Last Nights Sunset.

Last Nights Sunset.

The J, Sainsbury’s Order Arrived. What came was nice enough, reasonable dates on those I could manage to read the date of.

But just look at the unavailable items!

A rainbow, around midday.


Another toothed came out of its own accord.

Got to phone the Cardiac DVT Unit. I might be back, as Arni Said! Oh, no, that was I will be back! Tsk!

18 thoughts on “Medieval Two-Sleeps – With Ode to it

  1. There was also a time when people would wake up around 2:00 am and do various things for an hour or tow and go back to bed.

  2. I had not known about that two-sleep solution. Now is a good time to reinstate the custom and keep a log on how it is working out. According to what I think I might understand, the sun has been rising in the west since the day of the Winter Solstice. A remarkable to happen, and something I had no noticed before, well I can’t keep up with everything and now wonder how long this shenanigan has been going on. Life is strange, innit?

    • Haha! So right Bilumski. Another smile brought the needy!
      I’m afraid with so many procedured and ops in the offering, I’m losing it… not that thing were all that good to start with you understand, Sir. I got lost reading it. Hehehe!
      Love and best wishes to all β™₯…
      Oh, another carer Julie id dtsking over the magazine postagesisationing for me. Natalie has not had the time she says. Julie is the American gal, and sooo beutiful in mind and body. So, I’m hoping for some progress in the posting stakes… again,
      Story of the nrntists visit in the blog today mate. Not too encouraging, did yours go well?

      • If I bring yer a smile, my mission is accomplished. At some point a good samaritan will arrive unexpectedly to get postagesisationing accomplished. Meanwhile, I will keep finding ways to bring yer a smile. Of course, that is another quest we share in common, finding a way to bring a smile or even a larf to those who need them the most. And we’re good at it. πŸ™‚

      • Julia has taken them with her, so my hop[es are high, Billum. Not that they are anything to get too excited about. But may be of interest. Particularly the smaller one, me-hopes.Tara midduck, better gerron with me nosh now. Cheers.

      • I shall also trust Julia with the mission on the strength (only one vowel in that word) of yer faith in the dear lady. Going to see if Google Translate can handle “Tara midduck, better gerron with me nosh now.” πŸ™‚

      • I’m keeping my fongers crossed, Sire Billum. Your, indeed, out faiths, I hope are juststified. But I do feel it will mature. She’s took the books with her as she departed. Cracking looking Florida gal as well, if I may say so?
        ou Nottinghamese sneaked in there, well, Billum! Love to all. β™₯

      • I shall cross my fingers as wel… … … perfle xitye, it be hard to type wif me fingers crossed, but it’s all for good luck. Thanket youeth for the update, Sir!
        Cracking girls in Florida, yes I have heard that but have not yet to visit that state. I have been to California and can attest that the gals there are very low on the ugly scale. πŸ™‚

      • Thanking you.
        Tonights carer missed two tablets I dropped! And there were two of them (Carers). Tsk!
        I bets you get England in any of yur States multiple times?
        Julie should be callign Tuesday, on paper anyway, but we’ll seeeth.
        I fang you!

      • Two tablets dropped by yer kind self and nary a one retrieved by two Carers. Wot a record AND a public scandal.
        We have a region of the country that is called New England, they are to the northeast of “New” York City. However, I can’t think of any geographical area named for England. Nonetheless, I have asked Goo Google about it and had the following suggested:

        My regards and wishings of well to Julie (which just happens to be the name of one of Lisa’s sisters. By sheer coincidence, Lisa’s sister is also my sister-in-law. Small world, innit?

      • Meridian Care? They having agrred to charge me to collect and do the washing every Friday – No Show! No dropped tablets noticed. No one there bothered!
        Well, I didn’t know you had a Manchester out there, Billum. I live and learn.
        Should be Julie calling tomorrow – we’ll see, Sir.
        Minsiasc… Minus… Small world, yes. Hahaha!
        I shall showeth this to Julie when… hopefully, he calls, Sir.
        I fanketh yers! TTFN

      • Get settled – Get sorted, put right.
        Nottingham – Saskatchewan, that’ll need looking into for graphics to use.
        SM was unkind to me again… Ayup… off to the throne…

      • A place for everything and everything in its place. I need to find a counselor for SM, he needs to work on being more generous to his clients. Waking a client every 10 minutes for 8 hours is annoying. I need to take him aside and work with hm to stop waking his sleep-deprived customers 6 times per hour. Who hired this guy? Loki the trickster?

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