Inchcockski – Thurs 5 Nov 20 (Bonfire Night): The Computer, Dentist and let-downs, resulted in Konrad Confusion

TFZer Chefs – Alcohol to hand! ♥

Thursday 5th November 2020

Welsh: Dydd Iau 5ed Tachwedd 2020

He was a little monkey, that Guy Fawkes!

02:15hrs: Woke and remembered the computer not working and letting me add any photographs.

And my depression returned, immediately. Down in the dumps before I’d even thought about getting up out of the recliner! Sickeningly sorry for myself! Not interested in getting up at all, then I recalled that it’s the dentist visit early today. And that got me even more discouraged! Things ain’t going very well at the moment!

Then the double need of a wee-wee and the porcelain Throne arrived together. A funny, rare feeling that! So, off to the wet room. For one of the messiest-ever evacuations. It seems that Trotsky Terence is fighting back! Tsk!

I had a lengthy cleaning up spell, ashed and went to the kitchenette to do the Health Checks and make a brew. The BP was SYS 75, Dia62, and Pulse 85. The thermometer reading was 34.4°c. The shame of not being able to photograph them, no point if the bloody computer is not going to recognise the drives. I sank even lower into the darkness of depression.

On the computer to make a template, and even that wasn’t easy. Various ailment attacked and completed the job lengthy, hard work, and got on my goat!

  Then a Porcelain Throne No.2 was needed. Not as bad as the first one, but still messy.

Back to the computer and eventually got the updating done, emailed the link, Facebook and WordPress Reader section visited. This task took me a few hours to achieve.

Then, the Porcelain Throne No.3 was needed. Back to chronic Trotsky Terence’s control; a mess and cleaning up gain. What’s happening?

Did a start to this blog, but time beat me, I was too slow to achieve much, thanks to SSS and Nicolas, mainly. Now, I had to get the ablutions done, or I may be late for the dentist, and I know that the shaving must not be rushed, my EQ has just warned me? Hehe! Back in a bit, I hope…

(Continued from arriving home after the Dentist’s visit and some shopping, and a miracle, the photos are now being read and accepted again?!?!)

Ablutiuonalisationing: I did take my time in shaving, and no cuts at all. A few dropsies overall, about ten, but no injuries whatsoever! But no showering cause it was too early, a stand-up bath of sorts. A Swank and Smug Mode Adopted! Fair enough, there was just the one walking into the door frame on leaving, but of no consequence, a feather-duster blow.

I got some bags made up and taken to the waste-chute. And before leaving to go to the dentist, I started Computer Katie and tried to load the photos again, Well I was flabbergasted, my flab has never been so ghasted! They were accepted! So, not feeling confident about this, I uploaded yesterday’s pictures to CorelDraw straight away.

Which meant I needed to hurry a little now, before setting out on my trip to Mansfield Road, Sherwood taking the gravel hill up into Woodthorpe Grange. The layered evening sky shots, one to the left, straight ahead and to my right.

The others were of the Chilli-Con-Carni evening meal I had, then the and well enjoyed evening meal. I added some passata, mil chilli seasoning, bags of potatoes and some Balsamic vinegar to the mix.

If I recall correctly, it was an 8.5/10 for flavour rating! Hence the well scraped with the bread thins dish. A lemon mousse dessert, and I even left a slice of the bread uneaten. But then again, I’d put a load of spuds in with it. Hehehe! Slurp!

Yee-Ha! But I’ll wait until I try putting the ones on taken today before I get too excited! I took the little Canon camera with me, and as I went out of the lobby door, I spotted my first photographable thing, a large moth I think, on the glass of the filthy lobby windows.

I got a message on the camera ‘This card needs formatting and clearing before using’. Oh, ‘ecky thump! So I went back into the flat and swapped it for an old SD card, and tried that, I’m glad to say, it was accepted. Phew!

I thought I was doing well, I got down in the lift to the lobby, and out across Chestnut Walk and started up the gravel path, into Woodthorpe Grange Park. I got about half-way up, and the breathing was difficult, and I took my first breather. Had to have another break as well before I got up to the top.

But things improved once I was on level ground. In fact, it sloped a bit, and my scrawny, Clopidogrel pot-marked, short little legs got a belt on then, and no breathing problems.

The weather was not bad at all, and I soon found myself at the bottom and turning left along Mansfield Road.

Where I saw this Pavement Cyclist coming towards me, and he just rode on the road against traffic, and right in front of a white van coming out of Trevose Gardens, then back on the pavement and I had manoeuvre out of his way! As he shot by me close, he shouted ‘Couldn’t’… Ah, I see now, it was most likely a naughty word that sounded similar!

The poor mite was likely scared to death to go on the road, but the fungal-face, frigging, flipping, fuck-tard, facinorous, factious, foul-mouthed, fellow can’t help himself, I wished I could have helped him – to fall into the road and get ran-over! But I jest, of course. I think. Scumball! Gragglespitgurgler!

Up the hill, and down to the Co-op Store, where my weakness for food shopping was controlled to a degree! But when they have Sourdough batches on sale, and Frazzles in stock, one is going to be tempted! Hehehe!

Back up the hill, timing it well, (it was just good luck that I wasn’t late) to get there on time. The first challenge for me was bringing up the three steps with the walker-guide and shopping bag, walking stick and umbrella, not to mention the stuff bought at the Co-op shop. Hehehe! I made a hash of it, and some staff came to have a look what the noise and kerfuffle, was all about.

It was fun trying to talk with the receptionist, though. I’m not sure who heard less of what the other was saying! Anyway, they told me to sit down, and came over to me with questions, etc., the major embarrassment was my not knowing my landline number. Went through medical changes from the last visit – she was sorry she asked me, I think, I did go on a bit telling her of the Peripheral Neuropathy, the Stroke, the Diabetes and Saccades Sandra.

I got the crossword book out, and the other receptionist came over, asking if I could manage the stairs up the two floors to the surgery. I said its a struggle, but I made it last time. The other lady joined us, and she told me she’d arranged for me to go into the ground floor room to be done. But it will not be my usual dentist. I hid the beaming smile under my facemask, I’ve never liked him anyway, he’s curt and uninterested, plus he enjoys testing the teeth with venom and gusto, and only stops after I have cringed or said ‘Ow!’ This news cheered me up a tad!

A minute or so later, a young lady (I still notice these things you know! Haha!), arrived and escorted me to a surgery; where the female dentist set about asking the right questions, (whether she was absorbing the answers, I don’t know) but she was a lot gentler with her prodding. I pointed out the tooth that was giving me a little pain, and that there was a hole in the tooth. This didn’t seem to bother her, and she took some X-rays and declared my teggies as being okay. She gave me paperwork to hand to the receptionist when I pay her. I thanked her and wobbled to the reception desk.No receipt for the money spent, mind?

Now hear this – for it is the truth: The receptionist said she had arranged for a ground floor surgery to be used on my next visit, took the money and gave me an appointment on a Thursday, for 13th May 2021 @ 09:00hrs. Then, the other receptionist came out and helped me down the lethal steps, bless her, and a chap passing by came and steadied me when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances as I was going down the steps. All very embarrassing, yet heartwarming at the same time. ♥

I made my way to the Ozan Continental Food store. Where I lost it completely with all that food around me, and got carried away without a care in the world about whether I needed the stuff or just fancied it! I came across the Krakus canned Boczek and bought a tin, the none of Golonkowa, erm, then a Lopatka and Moussaka… a can of Monalisa Foul Mecames, a can of sausage and beans and Roasted fresh Meat Loaf. I must curtail my fondness of food foraging!

The meatloaf Ingredients: Pork 40%, Chicken meal 20%, drinking water with root vegetables, carrots, parsnips, & peas, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, nitrate salt, marjoram, and burnt sugar. Well, I’ll give it a go with some of the Sourdough bread later I got, later…

♫ Oh, the good life, full of food seems to be the ideal,
Mmm, The good life lets you eat Marmite and cow-heel,
You won’t fall in love for you can’t take the chance
Overeat and destroy romance, and lose your balance… ♫

A little bit of silliness there, sorry, no charge! Hehehe!

I strode up Mansfield Road and right onto, Winchester Street to await a bus up the hill back home. Thinking, well dreaming, of little other than the meatloaf I’d bought, and the butter to go on the sourdough bread batch, and tomatoes…

The pipping of the car horns brought me out of my foodstuffs-reverie. A dirty astonishing massive lorry was trying to turn around on Winchester Street to make a delivery perhaps, or had he seen how steep the road was and had a lot of weight one? I know about having a lot of weight on, you know!

The bus driveress, handed me a leaflet to read, about a service where we can travel for half-fare and get picked up from the flats, well that’s worth looking into.

We were soon back at Winwood Heights, and someone unknown helped me off at the bus stop. Thank you, muchly ♥.

I hobbled along and called in at the ILC’s (Independent Living Coordinators), holding cell, interrogation room and office, to have a word with Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden Deana. No one in. I’ll ring, later on, and I must ask her to ring the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, to make sure they are not going to let me down with the medications again.

I poddled along to Woodthorpe Court and into the lift cage, hello, some wet on the floor I found. No idea what it was, so I avoided treading in it.

Up to the 12th floor, and out and into the apartment. I had a wee-wee first, (How surprising, Hehe!)

Then I got the purchases stored away, after checking them out.

On closer inspection, I was greatly disappointed to see that the roasted meatloaf I’d purchased, had a use-by date of only three days! Never mind, I intended to eat it tonight, so no problem. It’s just that I now fancied some Chilli-Con-Carne instead. Humph!

I telephoned Dean later, and she will come to see me later on this afternoon, she has an important meeting on first.

I made a brew and got on with updating this blog. Thankfully, the computer is currently accepting and recognising the SD card reader.

I spotted the note wot I wrote to remind me about the dentist. A good job I remembered innit?

I had a look at the ‘YourArea’ email magazine thingy, for any up to date Coronavirus figures. This is all I found, but the Red Alert has been removed from the site.

This is for Nottinghamshire.

Well, no Deana yet, and it’s now gone my meal start time, and I’ll need to get some kip in soon. I’ll bet the meeting Deana’s at is one of those on-and-on sessions. I want to wash and strip off ready, but it would be too much of a shock for the gal if she came then. Hahaha!

But, I need to know about the medications soon, especially with the new ones supposedly going on the monthly list. I’m surprised that Chemist owner Deepak hasn’t answered my email, it was him that told me to send one when I was three days away from running out? Well, now in the morning, I’ll only have sufficed medications in stock, for tomorrow alone. Oh, dear!

I want to get the nosh prepared, but, oh, well. Sleep escapes me again. My fault for going to kip so early, mind you, but not today!

Got the meal prepared. I opened the meatloaf, and got it slices, and tried a nibble, in case I was not too fond of it. The vegetables were chunky, the garlic and chilli in the meat were strongish (for my tastes), but I quite liked it all the same.

Got the Sourdough bread sliced (No cut fingers, although a few dropsies doing it). Put the beans with the mild chilly seasoning and tomatoes from the saucepan into the dish—a flavour rating of 7/10. But the meatloaf was tasty enough.

I got the TV on to accompany me while I ate the fodder, and as I noted a Kitchen Nightmare was coming up soon, so as I finished the food, I went and got the washing up done.

The view from the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view-blocking kitchen windows was impressive. I took a couple of photos, and one down onto Chestnut Walk.

The iconic IRCMS (International Red Car Monitoring Services) (Ohio Branch), top head supremo, Billumski Zeighyler, will note there are three red vehicles on this Chestnut Walk view tonight. One moving a bit rapidly? Yes!

Doing the pot washing resulted in a few, I’m afraid to say.

  • I know have one less, nae, in fact, no drinking glasses left now – doomed to be smashed on the floor, thanks to Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failure!
  • Carefully I collected the glass, taking particular care not get any cuts.
  • But I did clout my shoulder against the sink getting back up again from the floor. Huh!
  • Emptying the bowl, SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley started, and the floor had to be mopped dry, and body towelled. Oy, Oy, Oy!
  • The only painful part, was when I banged the Cartilage Cathy little finger on the tap (faucet). That stung a bit!

I eventually got down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rachitic, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery, senescent, hoary, worn-out, rickety recliner, and turned on the TV. 

Nokia My £889, Nokia 8.3 5G, with 171.9 x 78.56 x 8.99mm, 220g Side fingerprint scanner, and Google Assistant button, Punch hole camera, LCD 21:9, 60Hz, and 6.81-inch display, mobile rang forth and flashed. (This may not describe exactly, the model of my mobile, but near enough, Hahaha!)

A distant sounding voice, that seemed possibly Polish or Latvian, (No lousy language heard) began to mouth-off, moaning about a taxi or something. By the time I got into the one-way conversation and told the man, I was not a taxi company; he rang off immediately. Ah, well! I hope the gentleman got his cab after all.

Resettled in the recliner once again, I took the medications, and the Gordon Ramsay programme came on. I’d seen it before, so turned off the set. This was when the Thought-Storms exploded, with concerns and worries. Will the cpmputer still recongnise the Card reader? – Why did the dentist tell me the tooth was alright; when it obviously isn’t? – Will I remember to try and catch Deana again to ask her to ring the chemist for me about the prescriptions? – Why on earth did I buy the meatloaf? How do I find someone to cut my ever longer and getting warped toe-nails? – I must get to call in the opticians to get my glasses adjusted – Why did I go a complete day without a leg-dance of any note? (not complaining though) – There is someting else I had to remember for Friday, I know there is, but what?

But SSS shook me out of the mindset I was in, and in doing so, I knocked the TV remote and tablet tray that was resting in the folds of my flabby-stomach belly down between the recliner and chair – And they can stay there!


21 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Thurs 5 Nov 20 (Bonfire Night): The Computer, Dentist and let-downs, resulted in Konrad Confusion

  1. That was quite a day. “Fuck-tarde” I love it. The dentist folks were right nice. May 2021 for your next appointment. Never mind the tooth pain? I had to get a crown recently. Otherwise, I don’t go to the dentist. They just make my mouth hurt. . Meat loaf with chili and garlic? sounds great. I like food that’s hot and garlicky. Calling the Inchcock Taxi Service. That’s funny.

    • I meant to look that up on Mr Google but forgot, hand on a sec. I’ve do it now… Nope, apart some some crude Portugese words. I’ll have a deeper search when I get time, mate. Chinese aparently, according to the label, no English on it at all. I’ll do it noe: Mona Lisa Foul Medammas Large Beans – 400g Butter Beans they are, I can try some of them in the Chilli-Con-Carne does you think, mate?

      Wise thoughts on the dentist, Tim. I had to go and have the teeth checked before they would do the heart op, had a heck of a job finding one to see me, I’d not been to one for years and years.

      I didn’t think a Tazxi company would use a mobile number, maybe a single one man operation, though?

      You being a gastronome of mega-hot Chillis, may have helped you keep away from dentists? Hehe!

      All the bestest, Tim

      • Butter beans? Not sure what kind of beans they are, but they will probably work. It’s hard work holding back farts in the dentist’s chair. The problem is, when you suppress farts, they eventually make their way up and out of your mouth. Poor dentist.

  2. I forgot to mention. I read other posts on the Gunpowder plot. Since you can’t get out to enjoy a bonfire, you could light farts in effigy. Well that might not be a very good idea after all. Might be a little too explosive. Just saying.

    • Hahaha! Oddly enough, since I’ve been up today, no summonings to the Porcelain Throne in the six hours I’ve been semi-awake? But I can feel and almost hear the rumblings within… brewing away.
      Maybe the veg in the meatloaf? I enjoyed it though, now might be the time to pay for it? Hehehe!
      I’ve got a box of matches somewhere om the flat, from when I moved it, I think.

  3. International Red Car Monitoring Services
    Yes. The one, the only IRCMS. Fits me to a T it does. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty hiring sufficient staff to
    1. Count cars of red,
    2. Log locations by latitude and longitude — this provides sufficient information for Monitoring Services from Tierra del Fuego to Chestnut Walk. Cross-referencing capability permits each remote station the means to record random comments regarding red-car incidence and attendant tracking observations.
    3. Contribute suggestions for the IRCMS mission statement. So far, no one has the slightest clue on the raison d’etre of this far-flung folly.
    4. Inquire into the existence of any Blue Car Monitoring Services.
    A possible slogan: It’s a tough job, but nobody has to do it.
    Fank you to none and all!

    • Hehehe! Had me tickled that opne Billumski, Merci Mon Ami.

      Wait till you see my photo of the first check for the red devils this morning, that foggy I couldn’t see the ground, Haha!

      Fare thee well, or have a tipple.


      • Gellerise, I belive once stated as, A laguage For Your Cold War Schadenfreude Enjoyment. I read that or something similar somewhere. Just thought it would be agood idea to slip it in, so I don’t sound as ignorant and uneducated as I actually am.

      • Gellerese always brought a good laugh to schadenfreude enjoyment, didn’t it?
        If you are ignorant and uneducated, how come you are so well spoken and knowledgeable? Your vocabulary finds me seeking assistance from Lord Google every day!

      • Ah, all late studying for no reason when I retired, Sir.
        English was the only subject I was any good at, hey-ho!
        Another food disaster today “Read all abarght it! Read all abarght it!” in the IT… when I get around to updating it in the morning.
        Gordon Google is a help for checking things I’m not sure about, I like it!

      • Looking forward to reading abarght it real soon now. Sir Gordon Google kind find the most curious things in 0.45 seconds or less! 🙂
        Hey, Lisa majored in English.

      • I just wasn’t as bad at Englsh as everything else, Billum Hehehe!
        Mind you, I had a 100% record at school boxing, oh, Yes!
        I lost every bout!
        Hope Lisa is keeping alright, cheers, Sir.

      • I always made a point of majoring in fields that offered the fewest employment opportunities — Geography, and then German. My Canadian friend admitted to fellow motley sorts (in the West Germany of 1972) that he had majored in Philosophy, stating “I may never get a job, but I sure am smart!”
        Lisa is catching up on some very much needed sleep — she is “able” to stay continuously awake for days on end.
        Cheers from us, Sir!

      • Thank heavens she is Sweet Morpheusing, Sir.
        Grizelda was a police ossifer there around the same time. You can’t have missed, 6’4″ of muscle she was… but I fell in love with her when she came over here!
        You’ve done it now, I can’t concentrate for thinking back to… well, erm, happier times.

      • Wot is definite: kip deficiency causes sleep deficit. Sweet Morpheus is a Superhero!

        Grizelda. Was she from the land down under?

        “Buying bread from a man in Brussels
        He was six-foot-four and full of muscle
        I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
        And he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.”

        Memories make many a day.

      • Hahaha! Brought a much needed smile that did, Billum.
        A memoryless man, misses a lot, olde stuff we recall, new things not easily at all, I think, perhaps, or maybe not at all?
        I’ll join the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society, I think.

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