Inchcock Today – Wednesday 4th November 2020: End of the day Computer Disaster! I could cry – well, I did!

Fame for our TFZer Waltzers!

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Swahili: Jumatano Novemba 4, 2020

00:20hrs: I woke, wanting the standard, as is to be expected nowadays, wee-wee. Extracting my scarily-flobby, Brobdingnagian-sized, stomached-body from the warmth of the second-hand, pre-owned, £300, c1968, recliner, was a little more difficult this morning. I had a visit from Arthur Itis and PKCCP (Proximal Knee-Cap-Cartilage-Pain) at the same time. Which caused some difficulty in gaining my balance, not to mention the agony… oh, I did mention it! Hehehe!

Once I started hobbling to the wet room, things eased off a smidge, although I did clout my elbow against the door, it was only a trivial, half-hearted affair. Nae bothers, no bruises, no bleeding at all. Nothing, to a brave-hero type, and stalwart like wot I am. Ahem!

When I’d finished the surprisingly-spirited wee-wee, I washed and returned to the recliner, to check for any signs of nocturnal nibblings that needed cleaning up, and or pens, pencils, spoons, spectacles, hearing aids, batteries or tablets that had been dropped. (It does happen regularly!)

As I walked to look between the chairs for escaped objects… ARGH!

I trod (bare-footed of course, it had to be, didn’t it) on what belt like t tin-tack or ball-bearing! By Gawd, it made me smart, wince and mutter an oath silently! See the p[itcure of the offending item on the right? I’ll tell you the story: Weeks ago, no, months ago now, I managed to sit watching the TV, and to pod some fresh peas into the saucepan. (I did report this on the Inchcock Today). The amazing thing about this day was that I only dropped one pea! But I could not find it and gave up the search. Now, here it appears again, rock-solid, and on the carpet in front of the recliner? I mused over how this could be, and came to a conclusion, it was fell either in the stomach fold or the belly button, and I’d been carrying it around with me until this morning when I got up, and it fell out… No, no, that’s too far fetched! Or, it had fallen on the quilt and hybernated there… No, not that either, cause I washed the quilt a fortnight ago?

It will have to go down, and be blames on the ghosts, spirits, spectres, wraiths, apparitions. Phantasms, departed-souls, eidola, bogies, hallucinations, materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations, vampires, zombies, hobgoblins, succubi, grotesqueries, urchins, scapegraces, or alien lambs of the devil, that seem determined to enforce and watching me get confused, worried and crumbling into a mental wreck? But, maybe not.

At long last, I got on with the Health Checks. The no contact thermometer showed 32.7°c, the ear-hole on, 34.1°c.

I keep doing this using them both; I think in vain and silly hope the contact-free Amazon bought one might suddenly come good and work right? Why? I am a fool!

I go the Boot’s sphygmomanometer into use, next. The SYS had gone back up a little.

A sudden and needy call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. No hesitation was shown, I hobbled to the wet room and got down on the Throne, remembering the knee-raiser to use. What a cracking session! Quick, only discomfort, no real pain at all! Not a sign of any bleeding, and to top up the miracle, no mess!

These Dioctyl stool softeners take a while to work, built they are effective, now!

It was a slow, frustrating job; various ailments seemed to be taking in turn to give me some bother. But hey, that’s much better than them ganging up at the same time. Hours later, I got the updating finished, and the Tuesday post sent off. Emailed the link. Pinterested some photos. Updated the Facebooking and visited the Winwood Heights pages.

The landline flashed, it was Matron Jackie. She was with the Doctor, and asked how I was, and about the dizzies and walking into things. After a discussion, she asked if she could get the Doctor to arrange some specialist examinations. Bless Her! I agreed, of course.

I rang off and then, I thought I’d ring Deana, about ringing the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, to see if they are going to let me down again and leave me without any medications. But, the landline was dead! Recorded messages kept coming and repeating from Alarm Alert box “Your telephone is disconnected”… Oh, dearie me!

I got some black bags made up and took them to the waste chute. THen went down in te elevator to go and see Deana.

The top picture of the lobby entrance on my way out; looked like this one, later I lightened a copy so the unfinished electrics and holes in the wall and ceilings could be seen betterer. Hehe!

I hobbled up to Winwood Court and the Wardens holding-cell. She knew about the Virgin (It had to be them!) lines being down, and Virgin had told her everyone had had a letter telling them it was going down today. I hadn’t and many other tenants as well. We had a natter, and I forgot all about asking her to ring the chemist for me. Tsk!

I got back and carried out the ablutions. It went well today!

I got back and concentrated on my blogging, but it wasn’t easy. Hours later, the weariness came over me. I must remember the Dentist in the morning. I’ll leave a note for myself; I’ll do it now! Done!

I took a photo of the park play area behind the flats I was using the Kodak. It wasn’t a very good one.

Then made another effort of the end car park. That wasn’t so good either, Tsk!

Dang Kodak camera!

I had a quick look at the Your Area email magazine.

Found some bits relating to the Coronavirus figures, not that I understood them all. Getting awfully tired and beginning to lose my concentration, now!

I got up to check on the chilli-con-carne, it was alright, just needed a stirring, and went to wash my hands, and the dammed Dizzy Dennis had me over! Fell against a plastic bin, thus saving ant serious injury that was lucky, but I’ll need a new waste bin now.

But it doesn’t bother me in the least. Pickleglobknobs! Boulderclumps! Brunglebogs!, Fungleboggles! Gruffungrobblings! Skullclogglebonks! Kluggledanks! Klunglefrazzles! Grangleclogs Expuslivications! Puggleclumpdimwit! Flagtoggles! Gragnangles! Grogglebonksworth, Granglesbognessbuggerit! Criggleblogglesworthisms! Grumblemoanski! Knackwrangles! and Schluberdubersnarl! Turned off the computer, and got the nosh sorted.

Ate nosh, and nodded off.

All the photographs I took after this, I attempted to put on the computer in the morning. But, I failed miserably… these are the picklement snips from Windows. I just cannot get any photographs on at all.

I’m pretty low and depessed now!


Now I’m miffed, lost, puzzled, angry, feeling sorry for myself, frustrated and have had enough!

In need of help with this, but lock-down prevents anyone calling to assist me! Humph!