Inchcock – Saturday 7th November 2020: Panic Stations! Shortage of cans of Chilli Con Carne!

TFZeress and hubby – Moving home?

Saturday 7th November 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 7fed Tachwedd 2020

01:30hrs: Woke wanting a wee-wee. I wrenched my wonderfully-fit, firm, fat-free, furuncleless, amazingly muscled, massively-genitally-gifted body from the brand new, recliner, and singing-out-loud, ♫ Oh what a beautiful morning ♫, Gordon MacRae, style, as I skipped jollily to the wet room, without walking into anything, a dizzy spell, or any leg dancing! Ahem!

I thought I’d start today’s I.T. with a whopping great long series of terminological inexactitudes, cause I was in a decent frame of mind for a change. Knowing that after all the hassle, help from Matron Jackie, and panicking yesterday, I knew I’d got some Bisopropol (Beta-Blocker) tablets to take this morning. So I felt the urge to share my temporary satisfaction/sanity mode, with you, to raise a laugh. Hahaha!

I exited the wet-room, uninjured, and poddled to the kitchenette. Got the kettle filled, and started the Health Checks. First the temperature, and look at it! Much higher, and I think within range too! Swank-Mode-Adopted!

The old Boot’s BP sphygmomanometer gave forth more heartening figures. The SYS was down to 163. I increased my Smug-Mode to DefCon-3! Hahaha!

Then went to make a brew. Unaccountably, I decided to have a mug of the healthier, well, better for bladder and diabetes, so they tell me. Decaffeinated Morrison’s tea. But it was a disaster. Weak, insipid rubbish! I might as well have had just a drink of warm, water, it was terrible!

I went back to the kitchen and made a brew of the Yorkshire brand Decaffeinated slop; I mean tea. (Although maybe not!) It looked a lot stronger and tastier…

Nae, that’s a fib, that tea was horrible too! But was only just,  barely passable… Eurgh!  Still, I drank some of it, to take the medications with. The new trial Cephalexin, anti-bacterial infection capsule, instead of the Amoxicillin was taken for the first time with the regular medications. Phorpain gel applied to the knees, to counter Arthur Itis and PKCCP (Proximal Knee-Cap-Cartilage-Pain), Sounds all knowledgable, don’t it, Hahaha! I’ll have a go at the other areas when I get the ablutions done.

I had two tries at getting a decent shot of the view, as the fog came down outside. The first one was in the ‘Night Landscape’ setting: the second in Aperture Priority. Neither looked anything like what my eyes were seeing. Tsk!

It was a long slog, but getting the updating done, with the occasional veering off-track and doing some graphics on CorelDraw for templates, took me many an hour.

I had a break and made a proper good mug of proper Glengettie tea. Aye, by Jiminnee, that was more like it! Then got the Saturday, (no you fool!) Friday post sent off. Emailed the link off, and Pinterested some snaps. Went on Facebooking, then the WordPress Reader. The fog is deepening a tad.

Reluctantly I made an order for Sainsbury delivery. Unfortunate that, because after the last order, with its stupid substitutes, overcharging, and damaged good, I thought I’d never use them again. But I cannot get any pickled eggs (Apart from Amazon, but they charge even more than Sainsbury’s, over a quid more than JS do, for jars of just five eggs. Mind you, if I buy a jar of approx., guessing by the photo, they are sold by weight (2.25kg), about 25 eggs, was only £25!!! No point though, it would not fit in the fridge. The first date available for me was Saturday next, 14th November, at 13>1400hrs. Not worried about it though, I’ve got a Morrison one coming for next Tuesday, I’ll not starve (He says hopefully, Hehehe!) 

Aha, the fog is turning into a mist now.

I continued working on the blogging of today’s diary. Managed to get one graphic done in advance, on CorelDraw. Pathetic, but better than none!

The mist is lingering somewhat this morning. And I am wee-weeing well, but only little teeny-weening jobs. Haha!  

Feeling shackered now, time for me to get the nosh prepared. Got the Princes canned Chilli-Con-Carne on the go, sliced some tomatoes to go in. I bravely added some gravy to the mix, with Chilli seasoning in it. Only a little mind.

As I was turning of Computer Cameron, I came across the latest Coronvirus figures for Nottingham.

They are not publishing them so clearly or often nowadays – this is an opportunity for the Conspiracy Theorists to use, surely?

I’d taken the bread thins out of the freezer earlier, and they were ready to be used with rather hotter than a planned bowl of Chilli dinner. A pot of lemon mousse and aa Cox’s Pippin apple added to the tray, and I got settled o watch a ‘New Tricks’ DVD while eating the fodder on my knee. Luxury!

On the first forkful of Chilli, I ate – I thought; “Hello, you’ve made this too hot mate!”. But oddly as I carried on, it seemed to be highly acceptable, and I ended up loving it. I ate all of the bread thins as well, a lot of extra gravy to mop-up, Hahaha!

A decent flavour-rating of 7/10 was granted (The bread thins had thawed out with hard edges, Tsk!) Ah, well! Just a shame that this Princes Chilli-Con-Carne from Iceland costs twice the price of Sainsbury’s Hubbard’s or Morrison’s own label!

: Did the pots, and I made a check on my stocks of canned CCC (Chilli-Con-Carne). I could only find three cans! This will have to be investigated in the morning. Panic-Mode-Adopted!